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Clinton, Reno, and the Siege at Waco

If you’re interested in a Mundane Astrology post (written in plain English) on subjects such as Insider Trading on 9/11 and what then-Atty General Janet Reno may have held over President Bill Clinton’s head concerning the Siege at Waco, info which made him reappoint her for a 2nd term as US Attorney General, whisk your way to Stars Over Washington with little, if any, measurable delay.

Even if the words ‘false flag ops’ mean nothing to you, do check it out, if you wish, since that particular controversial phrase is not mentioned in my post, I PROMISe!

You’ll discover there a video with Sean Hannity and Dick Morris talking about Reno and her boss, Bill Clinton. In fact, watching the video is what spurred my post in the first place.

And here’s a similar view that President Clinton, not Janet Reno, was the orchestrator of the Waco tragedy.

Written by Jude Cowell

April 23, 2010 at 11:08 pm

Horoscope of Black Tuesday 1929


Very few notes today…out of town company just left and things must be put back together from a 3-year-old’s rearrangements…still, I wanted to splash up this chart for noon of ‘Black Tuesday 1929’ for you, set for NYC.

Click to enlarge for a few of my chicken- scratch notations.

Update Aug 23, 2009: trouble with WordPress? click here for an enlargeable chart image. Thanks. jc

Back to my original post:

Sun at Midheaven (Mc)…’6Sco’…”A Gold Rush” (!!); Moon 1Lib42..’2Lib’…”The Light of the Sixth Race Transmuted to the Seventh” – plus, the Moon is in a karmic spot in 8th house (of Shared Resources; Credit; Debit; Inheritance; Legacies; Insurance, Transformations; Death; the Occult, etc) near 9th cusp.

Moon is conjunct US natal Mc by one degree if you use America’s so-called Sibly chart (July 4, 1776; 5:10 pm LMT; Philadelphia, Pa; Sag rising.)

1929’s North Node and Chiron are conjunct as they are now, but without Neptune’s company as now…asteroid Midas, who is always around where there are big piles of gold to hoard…is conjunct Chiron-North Node, and also conjunct the midpoint of Jupiter-Uranus = ‘the big break; boundless optimism; success’ at’13Tau’…”A Man Handling Baggage.”

Well, the stock market crash of 1929 meant a ‘big break’ for a few select people – very few. The rest were then, as now, left out of Jupiter’s largesse.

Here is a success-filled midpoint picture from the above-pictured chart:

Pluto-NN = Jupiter: forcing oneself into a power position; attaining success through others; self-promotion.

Pluto-NN (powerful associations) = Pluto/Chiron (plutocracy; corporatism; racism; violence, oppression, ++ = expansive Jupiter (Mr. Moneybags, with FDR and ‘the Fed’ soon on the way. President Herbert Hoover was inaugurated March 4, 1929, so Hoover was at the helm just as…well, you know the varmint’s name…he and his saddlebags full of money have turned his pony, Paint, toward the West and ultimately toward the Bush compound in Paraguay.)


Now what about the Sun Sco-Moon Libra blend’s Images for Integration?

‘A criminal lawyer auditions for the lead part in a new play about heroes of the second-world-war resistance movement…A passionate poet leads the “Poets for Peace” mass demonstration.’ (‘Sun Sign – Moon Sign’, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Okay, so WWII hadn’t occurred yet, but it’s the essence of the day we’re seeking here, and perhaps 1929’s ‘criminal lawyer’ is still trying to tell us something!

Cracking down on ‘selling away’

Well, I must say the world of high finance has many descriptive terms for their sly practices which were unknown to me until the ongoing financial crisis brought them up from the bottom of Fraudulent Ocean:


You know, the love of money is the root of all evil – not money per se, but the LOVE of it. So there and here we are…selling away on Fraudulent Ocean and tacking toward a secret island concealing a few offshore accounts.

And the secure password is:  iamacrook2008.

Not my password, silly – the bandits’. If I were a money-lover, I suppose I’d have a bunch more of it than I do. Or so my daughter tells me!

Written by Jude Cowell

January 6, 2009 at 10:59 pm

Bernard Madoff Apr 29, 1938

Update Apr 24, 2009:

Details on Madoff’s business dealings and personality are now surfacing as his former right-hand man, Frank DiPascali, agrees to name names, and former employees bean-spill about Bernie’s odd behaviors which smack of unconscious Virgo/Pisces issues.

Seems the cleanliness freak, Mr. Madoff, is a seeker of the parallel and the perpendicular…in a word, the ‘perfectionism’ of the Virgo archtype. The only natal planet in either Virgo or Pisces in Madoff’s chart is Neptune 18Vig37 Rx, a degree triggered by the Solar Eclipse of Sept 11, 2007 in the 9 New South Series.

This Series is about bringing worries to the surface about loved ones, health, or issues that concern paperwork and/or communications that ‘come home to roost.’ (Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.’)

And roost they have for Mr. Madoff, his family, and colleagues as illusive, self-deceptive Neptune unveils Bernie’s secrets.

Original post begins here:

Checking out the planets for April 29, 1938, we see that the Moon began in Aries and entered Taurus around 9 am.

Born during a Balsamic phase, Mr. Madoff was a bit of a prophet which stood him well in his investment company…until the jig was up on Dec 12, 2008 when Madoff was arrested for securities fraud.

Balsamic personalities tend to find themselves coming upon the scene – whether it’s a job or project of some kind – when others have just left. This tendency is echoed by Madoff’s Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (12 North) which has a similar flavor:

opportunities to accept greater responsibilities come suddenly; new commitments arrive due to another’s being unable to carry on; events may be difficult but outcomes are good. (‘Brady’s Predictive Astrology.’)

Since Madoff founded his investment company in 1960, I have no idea how this may figure in his life, I’m just peeking at his natal planets.

The 12N Series last occurred Jan 4, 1992 (14Cap) and will next manifest Jan 15, 2010 (25Cap.)

So he has either Moon in Aries or in Taurus with his Taurean Sun…

Earth/Fire – Sun Tau-Moon Aries:  forceful and determined; steadfastly ambitious; powerful and independent; strong desire to go for what you want; great panache; can be quarrelsome and ride roughshod over others.

Images for Integration:

‘A pirate’s chest full of gold is discovered, which adds to the empire of Genghis Khan…An orgy of love on a carpet of bluebells.’

Earth-Earth – Sun Tau-Moon Tau:  love of nature; practical and supportive; seeks certainties; good business sense; natural couselor; dictatorial and possessive; unflappable; logical; kind; ability to call a spade a spade; stubbornness and intolerance.

Images for Integration:

‘A successful baker is surrounded by delighted children eating fresh bread rolls…A loving teacher resolves an angry dispute.’ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Well, the Sun Tau-Moon Aries word picture is tempting for its mention of chests of gold, yet Madoff’s family members  joined him in working in the business, and one assumes he was their mentor, if not teacher.

Then there’s his 55-foot fishing boat moored in Palm Beach, Florida, named ‘Bull’ – so the double Taurus emphasis and the ‘bulls’ of Wall Street he ‘ran with’ might indicate the latter personality blend.

Guess I’ll go for Sun Taurus-Moon Taurus, a sign of greed at its worst, and lover of comfort and luxury. 

Any ideas?

More details on Madoff, the Ponzi schemer:


Is NYSE to merge?

With their long term planning said to be abandoned now that the financial cat is let out of the monopoly bag, merger rumors still fly under the radar: 


In America, we tend to think the NYSE is the be-all and the end-all (well, perhaps the end-all part is true. ) But looking at the global picture shows that it just ain’t so.

Maybe this relates to the August 1, 2008 Solar Eclipse (10 South, 10 Leo) which is in the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the NYSE…

Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology’ says the 10S Series is one of  ‘breaking out of a very negative situation where no hope can be seen to a more positive space containing many options; a worry may suddenly clear as the cosmos shows a solution which must be taken up without too much delay.’

Now we know the recent ‘Bailouts’ may fulfill this meaning, yet I wonder if merging with a larger European stock exchange may be just what the doctor from the Netherlands ordered…as in New World Order.

Well,  Der Spiegel has the yes-no-maybe-so merger details, so click the link to read a view from abroad.

G20 gang sips discount wine with tonight’s dinner

Tres symbolique!

Laura Bush says not to fret over tonight’s dinner wine being tres pricey.

It’s being savoringly sipped at the G20 economic summit’s dinner in Washington – but don’t stress – the White House gets a discount on all its fermented grape beverages. ‘Hillside Select’ Cabernet 2003 never sounded so delicious, rrright?

And there are some mighty good recipes in your future if you choose to recreate this evening’s fare.

My first choice must be the Thyme-roasted Rack of Lamb which reminds me of decades-long new economic world order plans and the way implementing them now requires roasting The Sheeple on the rack of loss and bankruptcy. That’s probably just me though. I would think that.

Besides, who am I to disgruntle the assembled ‘world leaders’ (or those figureheads who play the role) out of a decent meal with Lame W. Bush – at least their dinner doesn’t involve barbeque, tacos, ducks, or hamburgers. Not that there’s anything Wrong with those gastronomic temptations, no sirree bobtail. And I think the Fruitwood-smoked Quail tonight would attest to that (if he could.)

Yes, I’m quite willing to graciously allow our gastronomically pampered economic geniuses to have their after-dinner brandy as well if it will gird them for tomorrow’s summit which the media has promoted as having low expectations on the financial improvement front.

So check out the rest of tonight’s fancy menu while you put a Ramen packet in the microwave – unless you’ve already advanced to the vegetable course – fake-buttered popcorn?



TARP: helping or undermining markets?

Down this morning, now up a bit, the DOW and other markets continue their bouncing about the place as investors react in kneejerk fashion from moment to moment, and troubling reports are released continually with the media riding high on the ‘things are very very bad’ bandwagon.

As you know, Paulson’s about-face on the use of TARP monies this week isn’t helping one wit. Was that his intention?

So is it any wonder consumers aren’t spending? And of course my own tune remains the same: it’s all about jobs, loss of jobs, outsourcing of jobs, being underemployed, downsized, etc…that’s why people are missing payments and not shopping. Looks like Santa is on a diet for Christmas so save your doughnuts, cookies’n’milk – if you have any.

At the moment I’m working on another subject, while listening to Radiohead, but I did run across an article on George Washington’s Blog concerning Paulson, Bernanke, and governmental botching of the economic crisis which you may wish to check out for it’s full of linky richness:


And speaking astrologically, with all the financial bad news and lack of confidence in markets, a new meaning may have accrued to America’s progressed Mars retrograde and its Sabian Symbol for ’18Libra’…”Two Men Placed Under Arrest” – a sentiment some are expressing about Paulson and Bernanke.

In fact, if you read the above-linked article, you may find just that sentiment expressed.

Of course, nowadays most Americans can think of several men who should be placed under arrest, can’t we?

One controversial idea to make room for the culprits in our overcrowded prison system: release all non-violent weed lovers currently serving under draconian laws and we’ll have gracious plenty space for the bandits and criminals who have sold America down the tubes by undermining our and the world’s economies!

Suits me – how about you?

Hedge fund margin calls force stock sells

Shoes are dropping all around, so a lot of people must be barefoot by now…and some are saying that hedge fund margin calls are leading to a stock rout:


Then there’s leading economist Nouriel Roubini who says that “one connot rule out that some systemically important hedge fund may get into trouble with systemic consequences.”

Has anyone else been waitng for the ‘East-buys-West-then-pulls-rug-out-from-under’ shoe to drop? Because there’s no way I’m the only one.

Today’s Sun Libra-Moon Aquarius 10.9.08

Today, Oct 9, 2008, there’s a spirit of cooperation in the air as Sun in Libra, Moon in Aquarius – both mental Air signs – create a sense of fraternity and friendliness.

The Wachovia Wars are on hold today as a ‘truce’ is called between the financial suitors of this Charlotte NC-based bank.

NPR has announced that Hank Paulson is to give help once again to the ailing AIG, and of course, we’re expecting the coordinated interest rate cut by six central banks yesterday to give some cushion to the mess the world’s financial ‘experts’ caused, if not right away, then soon.

Sun Libra-Moon Aquarius may not be the most practical of combinations but it cannot be accused of bad intentions. There’s a natural sense of justice and social conscience which is sadly lacking in the more material types such as those found on Wall Street (or more fairly I should say those who pull the strings on Wall Street.)

Belonging to the human family, forgiveness, and being open to new ideas are pluses of this blend though emotions are somewhat detached – perhaps a good thing after all the emotional agony of the last weeks, for generally speaking, today’s emotional climate should be calmer and more rational. I hope so for the world can imagine itself into more of a quandary than things have to be – things need to calm down!

And speaking of “imagine” Sun Libra-Moon AQ is the natal Sun-Moon blend of John Lennon. The refined artisitic tastes and love of truth and beauty of this combo can be seen in Lennon’s personality – and personally I still count it as a grave loss to the world that he was assassinated – and in tandem with the 1980/81 Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn (5 – 10 Libra; Dec 31, 1980; Mar 3, 1981; July 24, 1981.) Jupiter and Saturn are the societal planets and are intimately involved with financial cycles.

Sun Libra-Moon AQ is an idealistic and communicative combo with a universal point of view which will hopefully give us all a bit of a break from the roller coaster rides we’ve been on of late, and I’ve heard that today the market in NY is set to open on a high since IBM affirmed its positive outlook. That it may keep it all day is another tale, but hopefully things will be calmer before Friday’s big meeting of financial wizards in New York.

From Charles and Suzy Harvey’s ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ we see two interesting Images for Integration for combining left and right brains thus using this blend to advantage:

“A group of literary radicals stage a love-in to protest government military policy…In an elegant opera house, a trendy jazz musician performs a rag time with a symphony orchestra.”

Fascist Coup in Progress: don’t look away, America

One of my favorite reporters, Larisa Alexandrovna, has an article at Huffington Post exposing the financial crisis, or market ‘meltdown’ if you prefer, as the fascist take-over that it is:


We-the-People may have only until Friday, Sept 26, to make our displeasure known concerning the ‘corporatism + state = fascism’ turn our nation has been led into before Congress acts on these plans that will forever transform America. Bush’s changes to date have set the stage, and the coup is almost complete.

You know, this plan of the global elite may actually explain the void-of-course Moon of Jan 20, 2009.

At noon on that day, when the expected Inaugural Oath should be taken, the Moon’s VOC status would indicate plans which one had no intention of fulfilling (or: events proceeding without interference – but that’s not necessarily what I’m thinking here based on the conditions mentioned in Alexandrovna’s article. But it could be some combination of both.)

So if you, like many others, have a “bad feeling” about what Washington pocket-liners are about to perpetrate upon us, please read the above-linked article and do what you can. Crimes have been committed by the powerful, and above all — 

Don’t look away! Czar Paulson is knocking at the door.


Bloomberg has an article on how Hank Paulson designed this plan for unchecked power with courts being barred from reviewing their actions…aka, fascism:


Sept 21 Update 3:55 am edt: look what I found: confirmation that Hank Paulson works for the devil – and posted on April 1, 2008 (written March 31):


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