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New and Full Moons of May 2011

Well, the month of May has begun surprisingly with the alleged raid and kill of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan by US Special Forces undercover of the dark of the Moon phase. It’s all over the news since late last evening – you can’t miss it and aren’t meant to. (If this is a political scam, wonder who came up with the ‘buried at sea’ excuse which should be good for many scoffings d’amusement from late-night comedians!)

Meanwhile, there’s a New Moon 12Tau30 on May 3rd and a Full Moon on May 17th @ 26Sco13. Let’s consider the Earth-Earth Sun Tau-Moon Tau of the New Moon and the Full Moon’s Earth-Water Sun Tau-Moon Sco blends for May 2011.

Sun Tau-Moon Tau tends toward sensuality v self-control issues yet is practical and unflappable with a miscievous sense of humor and an explosive temper. It seeks certainties (which reminds me of bin Laden’s DNA evidence which was suppsedly ‘taken’ yet could have been taken years ago when he was being trained by our CIA); security is also a deep concern for this pragmatic combo of energies.

Passionate hatreds, stubborn rigidity, and possessiveness are the negative traits. Sun Tau-Moon Tau is shared natally by Karl Marx who is well-known for saying, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” (This conveniently leaves out who’s at the top and decides these things for everyone else.)

The Sun Tau-Moon Sco blend of the May 17th Full Moon adds Scorpio intensity to the mix. It retains the famous Taurean stubbornness, passion, and posessiveness while adding intense creativity, independence, and egotism. This blend does not have an inferiority complex! Instincts for self-preservation are high, and a powerful fighting spirit lies within.

The combo describes something of a bon viveur with big appetites and people intuit that it’s best to have those with this energy as an ally rather than an enemy. Scorpio brings in the primeval life force and this combo can be generous one minute, very demanding the next.

Sun Tau-Moon Sco is the natal blend of President Harry Truman who instructively remarked, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

Whether you choose to remain in the kitchen or not, you’ll find more info concerning the May 3 New Moon and May 17 Full Moon of 2011 by accepting my cordial invitation to view both Horoscopes set for Washington DC along with details such as Sabian Symbols, aspects, and more at Stars Over Washington where I regularly peek at squirmy Politics through the useful lens of Astrology.


ps: BBC News is now reporting that the US does have photos of bin Laden. How releasing them will play across the globe is anyone’s guess.

Most info above from ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Full Moon Jan 19, 2011 welcomes Hu Jintao to the US

After publishing the horoscope with details of Wednesday January 19, 2011’s Full Moon 29Can27 on Stars Over Washington, I thought you might be interested in having a peek.

As you know, a 29th degree is considered to be a crisis or critical degree and certainly no one discounts the many problems existing between America and China such as trade imbalance and yuan-dollar currency rifts.

This Wednesday’s Full Moon is important as well for it occurs after January 4, 2011’s Solar Eclipse @ 13Cap38 which opposes US natal Sun (the leader in a mundane chart) and represents the culmination/fulfillment stage of the prior Eclipse (New Moon.)

Yes, it’s a big week in Washington DC with President Hu Jintao’s historic visit so I hope you’ll take a minute to check out the horoscope of the Full Moon of January 19, 2011…click the chart image to enlarge, and add your comments and opinions as you see fit.

Clinton, Reno, and the Siege at Waco

If you’re interested in a Mundane Astrology post (written in plain English) on subjects such as Insider Trading on 9/11 and what then-Atty General Janet Reno may have held over President Bill Clinton’s head concerning the Siege at Waco, info which made him reappoint her for a 2nd term as US Attorney General, whisk your way to Stars Over Washington with little, if any, measurable delay.

Even if the words ‘false flag ops’ mean nothing to you, do check it out, if you wish, since that particular controversial phrase is not mentioned in my post, I PROMISe!

You’ll discover there a video with Sean Hannity and Dick Morris talking about Reno and her boss, Bill Clinton. In fact, watching the video is what spurred my post in the first place.

And here’s a similar view that President Clinton, not Janet Reno, was the orchestrator of the Waco tragedy.

Written by Jude Cowell

April 23, 2010 at 11:08 pm

A 2nd opinion on the Spring EQ 2010 horoscope

Since 2007 I have posted on this blog concerning equinox and solstice charts but for the March 20 Spring Equinox 2010 horoscope, I’ve used Stars Over Washington.

You may have heard by now that the weekend of the Aries Ingress (Sun 00Aries00) – aka, Spring Equinox – will be a very busy one in our nation’s capital for multiple Anti-War protests are planned. Hopefully, demonstrations of our displeasure with Washington will be effective yet safe for all participants.

So do click to read a second analysis written by one of SO’W’s regular readers, a young astrologer named Jonathan W, who has interesting things to say about the 2010 Ingress chart and the direction of our nation.

Written by Jude Cowell

February 17, 2010 at 12:34 am

Obama meets Lama w/ Chiron conj Neptune Feb 18 2010

President Obama plans to meet with the Dalai Lama on Thursday, February 18, 2010, unless I misunderstand their intention or someone’s schedule changes.

Perhaps this is only a political mystery play to mask the real deal – but the White House is said to be in refusal mode over cancelling the get-together (which is probably Not to be a Brewskyfest w the Prez) so I’m having a brief peek at the charts for that date from 12:00 am est to 11:59:59 pm, and using a chart set for noon…the spiritual and mystical duo, Chiron and Neptune, are conjoined once again, with ‘hierophant-guru-shaman-yogi-professor-moneybags’ Jupiter 7Pis23 near Venus 9Pis01. Is money on the table?

North Node, a point of encounter, is @ critical or crisis degree, 20Cap18, leaving this Dragon’s Tail to swish about at its opposite degree 20Can18, also a critical degree. If current world leaders are desiring to bring the planet to a point of world war, they’re doing an excellent job of it these days – and it’s not as if it hasn’t been done before.

Chartwise, from the looks of things, relationship breakups and the June 2004 Venus Transit degree ’18Gem’ (occurring during the G-8 Summit on Sea Island, GA) are in focus; @ Noon the ASC = ’18Gem’ = “Two Chinese Men Speaking Chinese in a Western Crowd.”

Another interesting factor at Noon of Feb 18, 2010 (White House):

Sun/Moon = Uranus 25Pis05: sudden developments; possible breakup in relationship (possibly Tibet and China yet that’s old news so – Dalai Lama and Obama?); intensification of independence within relationships.

(Midpoint pictures: Noel Tyl.)

Disruptive Uranus and the 11th cusp of Groups and Associations are conjoined @ Noon @ ’26Pis’ = “A New Moon That Divides Its Influence” and we just had a New Moon on Feb 13, 2010 @ ’26AQ’ conjunct US natal Moon; is the US dividing her loyalties (to the extent that America can be said to have loyalties) between China and Tibet? It’s an old argument, that’s for cetain, US involvement or no.

Yes, the possibility of ‘intensification of independence’ sounds more like Tibet’s desire for independence from the Mother Country, doesn’t it? But with transiting asteroid Nemesis 21Gem03 (‘unbeatable foe; divine retribution’) rising in the Noon chart – and conjunct US natal Mars simultaneously – I don’t personally like the sound of it, do you? For the sake of World Peace, I mean, which is my continual concern for everyone, my own descendants included.

Then there’s the transiting Moon/Saturn midpoint conjunct US natal Sun (‘the leader’) on Feb 18, 2010…

Moon/Saturn = Sun: sobering times; enforced controls; possible separation in relationship (there it is again.)

And ‘sobering times’? Oh yeah. That.

At Noon, President Obama’s natal ASC degree ’19AQ’ (in his ‘7:24 pm’ AHST birth chart; August 4, 1961 Honolulu, Hawaii) forms a couple of midpoint pictures which may be of interest…as usual with midpoint pictures ‘any, all, or none may apply’…

Tr Mercury/Neptune = n ASC: potential overreaction to others; being exploited. (Or with Politics, perhaps it’s a mutual exploitation.)

Tr Mercury/Mc = n ASC: change brewing; losing contact with others.

Feb 18’s ‘Moon @ Noon’ conjoins/reflects US natal Chiron (the wound; the wounded) in Aries, sign of the pioneer and warrior, which may be whispering to us that America’s strength is wounded and our politicians have been seemingly promoting and engineering this national wounding for years now, bankrupting our Treasury ‘in order’ to police the world at our considerable expense (and collapse America in the bargain.)

Well, we don’t need Astrology to tell us that America’s soaring eagle has a broken wing or two. Plus, her tail feathers are on the ragged side, aren’t they? That ‘phoenix vs eagle’ thing is for the birds, imo.

And understandably, China has her own ideas for controlling the world, part of the reason I feel that the globe is caught between the crosshairs of a gigantic crime syndicate war between factions where the last nation standing gets to man the helm of the NWO – kind of like warring Al Capone on Valentine’s Day 1929.

Well, I’m working in Art mode today so I’ll mosey for now – let me know by leaving a Comment here if you want to discuss the situation and/or have something to add astrologically, okay? Guess we’ll find out later this week whether and when the Obama-Lama sit-down actually takes place. And I’m certain we’ll be told just what they want us to know.

Now here are the ‘Images for Integration’ for the two Sun-Moon blends of Feb 18, 2010 since Sun enters Pisces from Aquarius, so we have:

Sun AQ/Moon Aries: ‘A court jester mocks the social injustices of the realm…Robin Hood and his band of merry men outwit the evil King John once again.’

Sun Pis/Moon Aries: ‘In tattered rags, the small, obscure young servant named Arthur pulls the sword from the stone and becomes king of Camelot.’

Semi-amusing how both blends have an English flavor to them, eh what?


‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Astrology of the president’s war escalation in Afghanistan

UPDATE Nov 30, 2009: am adding a quote from presidential candidate Barack Obama for those who say he didn’t ‘promise’ to end the illegally prosecuted war in Iraq:

“I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am president, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank.” Barack Obama, October 27, 2007

Well, a majority of American voters took his promise to election booths across the nation in Nov 2008, but when we took it “to the bank” in 2009, we found that hawkish neocon war profiteers had overdrafted our Peace Account and, as it turns out, they’d closed out President Obama’s trustworthiness with it.

Original post begins here:

‘Glee’ is on TV now so this is only a brief heads-up:

The horoscope for Dec 1, 2009 @ 8:00 pm est, West Point, NY is now published with notes concerning the TV address of President Obama on his decision for troop escalation in Afghanistan, if you’d care to check it out.

Lately WordPress doesn’t always allow me to tag my posts (like right now) so this heads-up will have to turn up by Category only. The above-linked article represents several hours of work so I hope it will.

Written by Jude Cowell

November 26, 2009 at 2:36 am

New Moon Monday: Nov 16, 2009 @2:13 pm est

Since the feed for Stars Over Washington was added quite a while ago to the sidebar of this blog, I seldom post ‘shout-outs’ any more to what I publish there in the Political/Mundane Astrology department.

But tomorrow afternoon, Nov 16, 2009, there’s a new cycle of activity beginning with a Scorpio New Moon @ 24Sco34, if you’d care to snag yourself a peek.

As you know, the sign of Scorpio has to do with things such as: surgeries and regeneration, other precision activities, spying and surveillance, betrayals, and our deepest passions – hidden and otherwise.

Why, just the Sun Sco-Moon Sco info alone may be worth your click!

Written by Jude Cowell

November 15, 2009 at 11:48 pm

Solar Eclipses of 1989

With today’s 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, I got nosey about which Eclipse influences were around for the year 1989 and thus possibly affecting events of a world-shattering kind.

Nov 9, 1989 falls within the second Solar Eclipse of the year, but for background, let’s consider the first 1989 Solar Eclipse of March 7 @ ’17Pis’ from the 9 New North Series. Let’s also note the date of the Initial Eclipse for both Series in case a history student drops by later for a cup of tea and wishes to link events of 1989 with the Eclipse dates on which the Series began and continued.

9 New North: March 7, 1989 @ ’17Pis’; Initial Eclipse August 21, 1664 @ 28Leo50; last manifested March 19, 2007 @ ’28Pis.’ ‘Accidents, sudden physical events, great efforts, or violence, but can be positive such as a first skiing experience; safety must be cautioned.

The Fall of the Wall occurred during the 9 New South Series:

9 New South: August 31, 1989 @ ‘8Vir’; Initial Eclipse July 19, 1917 @ 25Can51 – conj US natal Mercury Rx thus triggering our US natal Mercury/Pluto opposition (NPR reported today that in the US our politicians were worried (Merc/Pluto) about what the Wall’s Fall would entail and attempted to slow down the process – beezy chastards); last manifested on Sep 11, 2007 @ ’18Vir’ – this Eclipse was basically a Solar Return for the ‘attacks of 9.11.01’ chart.

‘Long-term worries about loved ones, health, or communication issues and paperwork are brought to the surface; a worrying piece of news arrives, or paperwork responsibilities come home to roost; news has a sense of fatedness about it.’ (Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.’)

Fated like a big political wall seemingly falling down like London Bridge?

Many people I know or hear from by email or through blog comments experienced the 9 New South of 2007 as a difficult period to get through, and those with direct or personal links to 9/11 especially and understandably did.

Well, there’s 1989 in an Eclipse nutshell. Issues repeated on some levels, in some way, in 2007. Yet the 20th anniversary of the Wall’s Fall allows resonation somehow through the above Eclipse flavor and I suspect that if one had time one could discover both obvious and discreet connections between the years 1664, 1917, 1935, 1953, 1971, 1989, 2007 – the years in which 9 New South manifested since it began in 1917 (all in all, not a very good year.)

The next Solar Eclipse in this Series: Sep 21, 2025 @ the critical degree of ’29Vir’ in case you’re wondering.

Astrology: House passage of Health Reform Bill 11.7.09

When the House passed Health Care legislation last evening officially at 11:15 pm est (at 11:07 pm the vote count reached the required 218 votes), the Sun Sco/Moon Cancer blend was indicating these ‘Images for Integration’…

‘A mother eagle defends her babies with immense courage…A surgeon develops life-saving methods…A mother passionately defends her delinquent child and pleads for a compassionate verdict.’ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas and Suzi Harvey.)

This Water-Water combo is the ‘mailed fist in a velvet glove’ blend of energies – and Sun @ ’15Sco’? That’s the Eagle Point degree as noted in the Images above. There are resilience, intuition, and emotional tenacity along with an ability to “feel where things are at” within this combo.

And while this may describe the Democratic leadership or certain members of the party concerning this legislation, I believe it describes even more closely President Obama whose phone call – ‘feeling where things are at’ – may have ‘turned’ the one Republican who voted ‘yea’ after hearing Mr. Obama’s dulcet tones (or after receiving a back-scratching promise of some kind?)

If you wish to read more of my astrologically based comments on last evening’s chart and bill passage, try House Passes Health Bill with Hygeia Rising for details. Hint: the key is which Fixed Star arose with the Sun at Eagle Point on Nov 7, 2009, one day after transiting Saturn, planet of the Democratic Party in Mundane Astrology, precisely hit the US natal Midheaven (00Lib53 in the nation’s ‘Sibly’ natal chart.)

Saturnian Democrats are on top!

Progressed charts of the R and D Parties for 10.31.09

This is only a brief heads-up alert concerning a freshly written post on the Horoscopes of the Ds’ and Rs’ Progressions set for today, Oct 31, 2009, at noon in Washington DC – just to see how they’re progressing in an evolutionary sense.

A dual-wheel of the two progressed charts is displayed with my text which took hours to type for you so that I am now out of blogging time altogether for today!

So please check it out, if you wish, for both parties have their Secondary Progressed Suns in fiery Sagittarius, sign of The Archer, but their Secondary Moons oppose one another – one Moon fiery, one airy.

As a Fire sign, Sag gives them power to transform (whether we like it or not) yet it is unstable, unpredictable Mutable energy. Fire sign folks need to be in control and in the center of their lives – perfect for politicians.

The Harveys, in their excellent book ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’, give the Fire-Fire Sun/Moon blend as having keenly felt beliefs and visions of what could be, and of what truth is to them. In fact, the double-Fire types can become so in tune with their inner realities that they become completely insensitive to others.

Brashness and arrogance may abound – but I’ll let you figure out which party you think it describes! Its shadow side is pessimism, despair, and angry rebellion against the confines of the mortal condition, and much self-dramatization occurs.

The other party has a Fire-Air blend which describes a ‘live wire’ personality full of exciting ideas which are expressed with great zeal, yet bombast and bluster are cautions. Long-windedness is prevalent as one gets carried away with one’s own rhetoric.

This combo is the visonary Utopian idealist who may be too impractical to get much done in the real world…yet again, I’ll let you decide which party is being described!

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