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France Sep 21, 1792 NS

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First meeting of the National Convention; Abolition of the Monarchy, establishment of the Republic; Sep 21, 1792; 3:30 pm LMT, Paris, France; from public record.

ASC 25Cap33, chart-ruler Saturn Rx in Taurus, contacting Sun in 8th house, see below.

Moon Hour, changes and fluctuations, Moon 4Sag06 in public 10th house…Robespierre & colleagues wanted this to be a public display, as were guillotinings meant to create fear, cower the people – and rid the power-graspers of personal enemies.

Hopefully you can see my notes scribbled upon the chart including a telling and violent T-Square, marked in Red:

Uranus/Pluto = Mars = Midheaven, the Goal Point of the chart, and ‘the mania of destruction’ is a good basic description of the entire proceedings. And…

Ura/Pluto = MC: reforms and innovations; restlessness; vision.

Another T-square with the societal planets, Jupiter/Saturn in opposition points accusingly at wounded Chiron 25Can30 with Chiron setting; Cancer relates to The People and the Homeland.

Saturn Rx 00Tau55 conjuncts 3rd cusp of the Lower Mind, Communications, and Siblings.

Taurus is one of the ‘beastly’ signs and rules the Neck and Shoulders – and authoritative Saturn put a stop to one’s neck remaining connected to one’s shoulders. The 1st house of Self and Physical Body, ruled by Saturn, is at risk; plus, Secret Hand and Saboteur Pluto 21AQ36 Rx, is rising in 1st house against the Monarchy (Leonine Uranus in 7th h.)

Yes, secret societies were instigators of France’s Reign of Terror, as they have been behind other revolutions, past and present. And future, one must say.

Plus, down to our modern times, a 3rd house Saturn in stubborn Taurus indicates France’s continued refusal to learn other languages (generally speaking) and the hold of the French Academy upon the purity of their language (Taurus relates to the voice, too.)

Yet the French people do love to travel with 10th house Moon in adventuresome Sagittarius!

At IC, the Foundation and Drain of the chart (and the event it decribes) are two violent Fixed Stars, Algol and Capulus. Excessive violence permitted the coup and led to its eventual ending with many of the terrorist conspirators (including M. Robespierre) meeting the same sharp and gruesome Taurean fate as they had meted out.

As you see, Jupiter and Neptune are in process of a conjunction with Neptune still in Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice…deluded scales, as we know, with attendant fraud and corruptions.

It was kind of a “where’d all the money go?” feeling then as now with the first of Jupiter and Neptune’s Great Conjunctions of ‘Grand Plans and Speculations’ approaching us on May 27, 2009. And somehow I suspect that some of the same elite varmints have garnered all the riches now as they (Pluto) did then.

The only applying aspect to 1792’s Sun (‘leader’ in a national chart) is an inconjunct with Saturn, planet of control and authority. This indicates paranoia, with a ‘fear of power’ complex; ‘abuse of power’ was the way the leaders chose to deal with it.

Highlighted in blue, you see a Grand Cross which is dissociate due to Saturn’s placement in an Earth sign, but with a Cardinal Neptune, Chiron, and ASC/DESC axis. The dissociate condition probably minimized people’s opposition to the changes being ruthlessly forced upon them by making issues more difficult to define.

Besides, defining issues from the belly of a dark dungeon is quite useless…

Saturn/Neptune = ASC: limitation of personal freedom; feeling confined; oppressive family circumstances; emotional suffering caused by others; sense of being ‘out of the group.’

(This is one group I’m glad to have been out of, intriguing to study though it may be. As a Saturnian astrologer, I assure you I was NOT Marie Antoinette in a ‘former life’!)

The negative side of Sun Vir/Moon Sag gives moral certitude (as long as its someone else’s head rolling?) and a desire for ‘reasonable’ answers in the face of human suffering. (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’, Chas and Suzi Harvey.)

Pretty handy when You’re the Ones Causing the Suffering and feeling morally certified (justified) in harming others.

Of course, the monarchy had acted in the same way for generations – a big mistake for French kings and queens in 1792, as it turned out.

Well, this Page with France’s Republic Chart is being placed here for future reference, so I hope it’s of some use to you in the meantime.

My plan is to add notes as schedule and events permit expecially in light of Saturn’s current transit through Virgo approaching France’s natal 8th cusp of Debt, Credit, and Shared Resources.

And Mr. Reality is on track for mowing through natal Mercury, NN, Sun, and Venus 11Lib45, a degree which Saturn will first reach during the last week of Oct/first week of Nov, 2010.


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Written by Jude Cowell

May 5, 2009 at 12:07 am

3 Responses

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  1. Since 1792 one Adolf Hitler was born and attempted (with US financial backing) to set up his version of a ‘new world order’. 00Taurus, his natal Sun degree, has become known as a degree of violence.


    Jude Cowell

    January 9, 2015 at 3:52 pm

  2. this has nothing to do with frances chart – Saturn/Neptune = ASC: limitation of personal freedom; feeling confined; oppressive family circumstances; emotional suffering caused by others; sense of being ‘out of the group.’

    (This is one group I’m glad to have been out of, intriguing to study though it may be. As a Saturnian astrologer, I assure you I was NOT Marie Antoinette in a ‘former life’!)

    not sure why these 2 lines are in this post, but it is probably a good thing you are a saturn astrologer as you will take the fact that saturn/neptune does not equal asc from someone who enjoys reading an uranian approach to astrology as well as any other approach so long as it is based off the chart!!



    April 24, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    • Hi James, thanks for taking time to comment.

      Looking at the Sept 21, 1792 horoscope’s midpoint list in my Solar Fire software, the midpoint of Saturn and Neptune = 29Can42, a critical/crisis degree which actually falls upon wounded/wounding Chiron, setting at DESC while opposing ASC. This is why I’ve read the chart as Saturn/Neptune = ASC, and perhaps you’ll agree that ‘limitation of freedom’ does describe many events of that period along w the other potentials for the karmic duo of loss and suffering, Saturn and Neptune. They also may pertain to deluded or deceptive (Nep) leaders (Sat.) The 25Cap33 ASC, of course, continued to rise in the minutes after 3:30 pm until 29Cap42 was soon the case.

      I’m glad to be ‘out of the group’ because I wouldn’t have wanted to participate in their Reign of Terror, either as victim or perpetrator. False accusations and guillotines are never my preference. Such asides placed in parentheses are my way of posting a note for regular readers who know and possibly share my views on certain topics. Plus, we unfortunately have our own terror reigning now, esp since 9/11/01.

      Some New Millennium, huh? Jude


      Jude Cowell

      April 25, 2012 at 12:13 am

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