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Barack Obama Aug 4, 1961 7:24 pm

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11 pm AHST

Update 4.3.11: Finally thought to update this post-iwth-whiskers with what seems to be Mr. Obama’s correct birth time from his B.C.: 7:24 pm AHST. The following post and natal horoscope will not be edited; Aquarius remains his Ascending sign at 7:24 pm with 18AQ+ rising.

Chart: Senator Barack Obama, Aug 4, 1961 Honolulu, Hawaii, newly uncovered birth hour: “7:11 pm” AHST (not! Midpoint pictures remain the same as well at the corrected hour of 7:24 pm. jc)

Breaking News Update Oct 13, 2008: it’s started again: some grumblings of Obama actually being born in Coast Provincial Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya, same date.  Barack Obama sure was born a lot. More on this later if the story has legs…

~Original post begins here:

By now you’ve heard that astrologer Joni Palfrey announced ‘7:11 pm’ as Barack Obama’s correct birth time at the UAC Conference in Denver this week, garnered from a client with campaign connections.

Perhaps the disclosure was okayed by the candidate himself!

Please click to enlarge the chart and read the midpoint pictures if you wish, two of which sit upon his Mc, the Goals/Aspirations/Career/Public Status Point of the any chart. The third picture listed is pointing to natal Uranus 25Leo16 in 7th house of Partnerships, and more fully it’s:

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself; sudden adjustment to new circumstances; new individual perspectives; rebellion.

7:11 pm AHST in Honolulu gives his birth as occurring during a Mars Hour, suitable for Martian things, and although technically his Uranus/Pluto midpoint doesn’t hit exactly upon natal North Node, a point of connection to the public, it has by progressions, so we see:

Uranus/Pluto = NN: untiring colleague; teamwork pays off but one’s own ego is put first in line; desire to accomplish immense tasks with others; sharing upsets or excitement with others.

Also around the outside of this chart you see US natal Neptune 22Vir25 and its link to Obama’s natal Mars (his perceived ‘rockstar status’ as the media calls it) and which may be called ‘activating (Mars) America’s ideals and dreams (Neptune.)’

This is, of course, part of his massive appeal–along with his inspirational orating abilities (see: “Mercuries of the Candidates: Barack Obama”)–plus, there is another glamorous Neptunian connection–his natal Neptune 8Sco36 conjuncts US natal ASC in the Scorpio Rising chart. Those with Neptune in Scorpio have magnetic appeal galore and often a dreamy sexiness.

As you see here, the 7:11 pm birth time gives Obama an Aquarian ASC–just as I had wondered out loud about previously–his Abe Lincoln-esque ears gave him away for me since the ASC tells about the physical body, and Lincoln has 00AQ+ Rising–and 00AQ+  conjuncts Obama’s natal Jupiter.

Natural politicians tend to have 12th house placements (which describe their unconscious arrogance) so we see that his out-of-sign conj of Saturn, strong in its own sign of Capricorn (sign of government, politics, law, and business) is in 12th house with his Aquarian Jupiter, a placement I have discussed here previously.

An AQ ASC means that Saturn is chart-ruler, or if you prefer using outer planets as rulers (I don’t), Uranus becomes chart-ruler. Still, this makes Uranus tres important in his chart and life, and Uranus in 7th can bring loss through opponents and public contests esp if nearby Pluto in Virgo so desires–and transiting Saturn (Hillary? or someone else in the Dem Party?) has been playing about with Obama’s Pluto of late.

Now having your chart-ruler in 12th house and Rx isn’t such a helpful thing, but Obama’s situation is mitigated by having protective Jupiter there as well–the two societal planets together, a strong indication of ambition and determination toward success.

Yet Saturn in 12th house indicates secret enemies working for his downfall, and the headlines tell us this week that 2004’s “Swiftboaters” are now on his case and intend to “viciously attack” him. (Hope his 12th house Jupiter softens the results of their dirty tricks.)

After I saw this chart for 7:11 pm, you know I was soon viewing composites of it with the US Sco Rising chart, and the Inauaguration 2009 chart (Jan 20, noon, DC.) The composite of natal with the Inaugural chart was disturbing–an 8th house full of planets in Scorpio.

Other composite chart factors were worrying as well, and I have stated before that if Obama does gain the White House–and chart indications are that he could if The People have their way–he may not finish the full 4 years. Sometimes you like to be wrong, and I prefer that this be the case–for his and for America’s sake.

Another Jan 20, 2009 indication is that his natal chart has the Sun/ASC midpoint conj Inaugural ASC 14Tau, and his fortunate Jupiter/NN midpoint 14Sco05 is opposite and thus conj Inaugural DESC.

But perhaps the strongest link for any candidate indicating success in gaining the office of US president is having planets in the 24-28 degree range of Leo or AQ–opposite or conjunct US natal Moon (The People) – because so many presidents have had this degree area active natally and/or by progression.

(And the US Scorpio chart’s ASC link with his idealistic Neptune–although it may turn out to be disillusioning or full of loss–is an indicator of potential success as well, tenuous link though it may be.)

As you see, Obama has Uranus and NN within the 24–28 range in Leo which places his SN conj US natal Moon in 1st house of Self.

Will this help him win the Democrat’s nom and perhaps White House tenure?

Moon/SN links have karmic implications and a wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time flavor along with bad timing issues. To me this supports my misgivings that he would be able to complete his term in the Oval Office if elected–and it may also weaken his prez case with the American people.

OR….Moon/SN could simply mean that he reminds us of someone from our nation’s past–a previous president such as Abe Lincoln or JFK? What do you think?

Stay tuned, m’peops, for I intend using this particular *7:11 pm chart “going forward” as the politiicans are so inordinately fond of saying, and will give more credit to what I discover as the campaign year proceeds.

*UPDATE: now using his ‘7:24 pm’ chart most often, a time from his birth certificate…guess the campaign worker who cited ‘7:11 pm’ had it wrong. But with either chart, the August Solar and Lunar Eclipses will affect Obama on or near his ASC/DESC axis within the 1/7 polarity of Partnerships, Legal Affairs, and the Public.


Written by Jude Cowell

May 17, 2008 at 8:46 pm

19 Responses

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  1. So glad I found this site. Have been websurfing for an astrological website which at least mentions the possibly of his birthplace being in Kenya. A Tropical/Placidus chart erected for Aug. 4, 1961, 7:24 pm for the Mombasa, Kenya location is very interesting. It gives a Taurus moon in the 3rd house (which would give an Gemini flavor). My obervation of Obama is this seems a better “fit” than the early Gemini moon in the Honolulu chart. He has a reputation of being a “calming influence” (classic Taurus).
    I made a personal note of the following adjectives which were used by TV news commentors directly following the announcement of his winning the election:
    1) Cautious (Saturn Capricorn)
    2) Analytical (Mars Virgo)
    3) Methodic (Mars Trine Saturn)
    4) Deliberate (Moon Taurus)
    Along with the steadying influence of Taurus, this placement of the Moon would give him a grand trine with a Capricorn Saturn and Virgo Mars. The Kenya chart is also an eye opener because it places South Node conjunct Ascendant and Mars/Pluto in 7th house (open enemies). Of course, all of this may come to naught but it’s interesting to ponder.


    PM/Personal Musings

    February 1, 2009 at 10:32 pm

    • Sounds extremely plausible, PM/Personal Musings. Thanks for adding these details. I had looked at the Taurus Moon recently due to Obama’s emotionally ‘cool factor’ but hadn’t taken time to update…the Kenyan birthplace does thicken the soup though, doesn’t it? Of course Hawaii at an earlier time gives a Taurus Moon as well so we’re at the mercy of people who don’t mind adjusting data when it suits their agenda. Success at any cost! Machiavellians everywhere are proud of another American coup.

      A highly placed personage ordered an amended birth certificate if that’s indeed what occurred – when the Bilderbergers, Trilateralists, and others (who shall remain nameless) want a shill in the White Lodge…er, I mean House…then by golly gumption, they’ll get the one they want and make us think we like it at the same time! jude



      February 2, 2009 at 2:23 am

  2. Thanks, Bobbi! I appreciate your thoughts and the link…will check it out, jude


    Yes! the power of thought and prayer from Uranus’ creative speark through our little Mercuries is a great idea, thanks!

    And we are to Pray for the Peace of Israel as well.




    January 24, 2009 at 11:57 pm

  3. Though this comes in late…with the inauguration a lovely memory, I’d like to posit the thought that spiritual minded Americans can diffuse the possibility of safety issues by taking time each day to wish safety for President Obama, his family and his co-workers/staff. The power of thought is perhaps a lovely gift from Mercury’s higher octave Uranus?



    January 24, 2009 at 11:23 pm

  4. Hi Jude , very nice work. As a vedic astrologer i have also been following the ontest. One of the things I use is what is known as the Moon “pada” Each nakshatra has 4 padas and within those padas (each 3 degrees 20 minutes) the native has certain qualities.
    This is how i do a rectification. now when I heard the Barack Obama new time, I looked at it and at 3 degrees 19 minutes Taurus (vedic0 the native is described as” good looking but with impolite speech” definitely not Barry.
    Now, noquarterusa.net
    has been following the story for months now that the birth certificate he posted on his website is a photo-shop fraud and has been verified to be a fraud by a forensic expert.
    Now, there are also a number of reasons why some suspect he was not born in the US, but Kenya or Canada. If you do a chart for him with that time ( 19:24) for Kenya, the Moon will be at 10 degrees 19 minutes and the native is “an instigator” I also believe he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder due to the NN 10th aspect to the Moon. His mother had the Moon and NN conjunct within a degree, in Leo.

    Keep up the good work



    July 22, 2008 at 12:10 am

  5. Thanks, Royden, the latest I have for BHO is supposedly from his BC but frankly the subject has grown tiresome so I’ll be sticking with ‘7:24 pm’ until further notice!!

    Perhaps he or one of his advisers has knowledge of Astrology and has confused this issue on purpose, eh? ;p



    July 19, 2008 at 5:27 am

  6. Hi,
    Check birth time – its incorrect. As by Barack’s birth certificate.
    4 August 1961 at 19:25 in Honolulu, HI (US)

    Royden Irvine


    royden irvine

    July 19, 2008 at 4:09 am

  7. Thanks for your comment, E.G.

    This BHO birth time dilemma hardly accounts for Astrology not being taken seriously–there are many more underlying reasons, imho. After an early interest, I put it aside for 20 years until I tried it seriously and found that it ‘works.’ That’s for each person to do for themselves, if they so desire.

    As to objective analysis, that’s not what my 2 blogs are for–being ‘personal weblogs’ I use Astrology (shamelessly, I add) to inform personal comments. Some don’t like the style and thankfully have millions of freebie blogs to read elsewhere which are for the purpose of teaching, etc.

    I remain a ‘reluctant astrologer’ and have no desire or time to enter the mainstream of astrological style or interests.

    As to Obama’s birth time:

    I didn’t publish his chart or make many comments on his planets (and stuck to his Solar chart) until the last few months when the subject of his birth time was all over the internet–then I joined in with my own specualtions as part of an ongoing discussion. The above post falls squarely into that category (and I hope you soon recover from reading it.) ;p

    The May announcement of “7:11 pm” at the UAC Conference I assure you was no blame or credit to me–the 7:24 pm time is said to be from his BC and I would be remiss not to mention him at all.

    You have a right to your opinions and so do I-even in the Astrology & Politics departments of life.

    Be well, jude



    July 13, 2008 at 8:33 pm

  8. It is embarrassing to read all of the comments based on a completely unverified “birth time” of a presidential candidate. This is the the reason that astrology isn’t taken seriously. It is also disturbing to read all the political wishes mixed in with what is supposed to be objective analysis. All of your speculations mean nothing until you have the long form from the hospital in your hand. E.G. Craig


    E G Craig

    July 13, 2008 at 5:28 pm

  9. Aquarian Moon Child! (do you have a nickname?) ;p

    Thanks for your comment and for the info, esp about the Crow Nation–I had heard of Obama’s new ceremonial name but had not had a chance to follow up on it.

    I’ll be interested in checking out the link you provide, thanks a bunch!

    Scorpio, eh?

    Obama’s n Scorpionic Neptune is conj the ASC of the US Scorpionic natal chart, one which perhaps you’ve used as the primary US natal chart–or for clandestine activities and organizations only. It’s the chart closest to Ben Franklin’s monetarily enshrined testimony with Independence Hall’s clock pointing to 2:21 pm (LMT, of course.)

    Hmmm….not a comforting prospect for those who are concerned for his safety on one level (secret service protection better be on firmer ground than a Nep/ASC link can provide), and

    on another level, spiritual links and social service abound esp with his Chiron in self-sacrificing Pisces–which is perhaps another fret flag. jc



    June 7, 2008 at 7:56 pm

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