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George Bush has ‘self-awareness of a bison’

With former cheerleader and bullhorn handler George W. Bush appearing everywhere these days to promote his rewrite-history book, there are some folk who feel sorry for his dim-wittedness and lack of self-awareness.

Matthew Norman’s How Did This Wastrel Ever Find His Way to the White House? has an interesting point of view.

My own p.o.v. on Dubya is not as generous since Bush, a cog in the Bush Dynastry syndicate, was installed in the White House by a complicit Supreme Court and served at the behest and enabling of the global power elite who used him for 8 years as a “propaganda catapulter”, as Bush described himself while in office.

If he hadn’t pleased them by making ‘decisions’ with few, if any, known facts and by his actions, he would have somehow been de-presidented with a newer, more accomodating model put in place.

In his interview with Matt Lauer, I did hear Bush admit to remembering that the financial crash and TARP both occurred under his watch. I see Financial Collapse 2008 as a crescendo at the end of the Bush Years of Wastrelhood, don’t you?

Bush’s last words: warning or threat?

The War on Terror is a Hoax

By Paul Craig Roberts

According to US government propaganda, terrorist cells are spread throughout America, making it necessary for the government to spy on all Americans and violate most other constitutional protections. Among President Bush’s last words as he left office was the warning that America would soon be struck again by Muslim terrorists.


Written by Jude Cowell

February 5, 2009 at 2:57 pm

Bush’s parting finger to the American people

Good Riddance to the Smirker-in-Chief

~Good Riddance to the Smirker-in-Chief!~
No, this may not be Bush’s last ‘parting finger’ extended toward the populace of the US – you know, the ones whose ‘business’ he was supposedly taking care of these 8 years (see: economy, see: US reputation in the world, see: Bill of Rights, see: Justice Dept, etc, etc), but it definitely qualifies for your consideration:


Bolshevik crimes old and new

An article by Andrew Nagorski caught my eye concerning Sean McMeekin’s book, ‘History’s Greatest Heist: the Looting of Russia by the Bolsheviks’ which tells in harrowing detail the rise of the Bolsheviks in Russia, their plundering of the country to finance their power-grabbing plans, and the institution of Communism.

The story reminds me of Bush’s current looting of America especially considering the Sabian Symbol for George Bush’s Ascendant degree, ‘8 Leo’…

“A Bolshevik Propagandist.”

(‘Sabian Symbols in Astrology’ Marc Edmund Jones.)

By 1917, a bottomless pit had opened under the lives, power, and wealth of Europe and when US President Woodrow Wilson tipped the balance by entering the formerly neutral America into the fray, war was declared on the Central Powers (now Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria.)

Wilson called it the “war to end all wars'”(not) and said it would “make the world safe for democracy” which is a promise war never fulfills. In fact, WWI was the seed for the wars that have followed. Well, at least those were Wilson’s public justifications for taking America to war – sound familiar yet?

And when the transiting South Node, a separative point of neurotic behavior, reached ‘8Leo’ the Solar Eclipse of Feb 3, 1916 manifested as a catastrophic Total Eclipse in Aquarius (13:30) – conj disaster-prone Uranus and opposing warring instigator Mars.

This Eclipse marks the outbreak of the Battle of Verdun on Feb 21, and is in the 8 North Series (‘new-found inspiration; prophetic dreams; visions.’  -Brady; last occurred: Mar 29, 2006, ‘9Ari.’)

And a Great Conjunction of Saturn-Pluto had kicked off the loss, hardship, and cruelty in 1914-15:

1. Oct 4, 1914;  2Can14:

2.  Nov 1, 1914;  2Can04

3. May 19, 1915; 00Can54, a World Point where major events tend to occur which affect large numbers of the world’s population.

Plus, 2 to 3 Cancer is conj US natal Venus, as you notice.

So the rise of the Bolsheviks and other dictatorships indicates that the world wasn’t rendered “safe for democracy” after all, and as diplomatic Jupiter met with idealistic Neptune (as they will again 3x in 2009), the planet’s hope for peace resided with the League of Nations, a Jupiter-Neptune entity, as is the United Nations, founded in 1945.

(Jupiter conjuncted Neptune on Sept 22, 1945 at 5Lib54, which is the degree of George Bush’s natal Neptune, btw.)

This implies that 2009’s three conjunctions of the speculator/wastrel pair, Jupiter-Neptune, will bring the UN up for more attention and use in spite of their past “peacekeeper” problems  (raping, robbing, and evicting those they were supposedly sent to protect.)

Hopefully, you will not let a little Astrology as given herein dissuade you from reading Nagorski’s article for you may gain insight into what Bush-Paulson & Co have been up to and how – as if you hadn’t noticed already!


Then there’s the story of  Bush’s grandpa diverting millions in gold to Germany to aid Hitler’s rise to power in the 1930s – but that must be a tale for another post.

Bush Bushisms the Great Depression

Bushisms! Everyone loves or is horrified by them. Does he mangle the English language on purpose? Who knows?

There have been times during the last eight years that I thought it was a useful diversionary tactic for a free-press-hatin’ propaganda-catapulter.

Be that as it may, you might wish to read this Bushism about the US economy and Great Depression, then follow a link to a video of the mangler spouting off in his own words:


Written by Jude Cowell

December 31, 2008 at 10:16 pm

Bush’s response to Katrina his legacy

Former aides to George Bush are telling a few tales and explaining his sorry presidential performances.

The re-writing of Bush-Cheney-maul-the-White-House has begun, but this article loosens the lid on the ususal spin thanks to former aides sharing their perspectives on the Bush presidency.

Tidbits include: Bush’s lack of handling of Hurricane Katrina was the ‘nail in the coffin’ and Cheney was VP before Bush ‘picked’ him…read more at:



Well, astrologically, Hurricane Katrina at the end of August, 2005, was Bush’s Saturn-to-natal-Ascendant transit, one of the more important transits which comes around approximately every 30 years – for everyone.

Now 30 years of life is time enough for most people to ‘get it’ in the Saturn department – responsibility, accountability, authority issues, that sort of thing. He was 59 years old then – did George Bush get it by August 2005 ?

Saturn to Ascendant  is a period of time when we are forced to face ourselves honestly, the more honestly the better. And being the Ascendant, self-image and how others view us are in for change – plus, something karmic may come along to up the stakes as past actions are revealed for what they really are.

Kind of a second chance for Bush to ‘be’ Saturn – the authority with clout, the one who accepts the buck when it stops at his desk – in his case, a presidential desk. This is a ‘moment of truth’ transit and the entire nation – indeed, the whole world – saw in stark relief how little Bush valued fellow citizens’ lives and property. They also saw how governmental offices that had worked admirably before were diverted by the Bush administration into keystone-cop-chaos.

To my eyes in 2005, it seemed that if class warfare were ever going to be noticed by the previously unaware, this would be the time, and in that department Bush did not disappoint – his racism was obvious, imo.  The haves vs the have-nots in need, and George bailed and failed.

Bush’s complicity in undermining the social fabric of America by letting down the people of the Gulf Coast unto death, and his dismantling  of our government was on-view during Katrina – we remember that Bush-Cheney insisted that FEMA be absorbed by Homeland Security Dept…absorbed and ruined in time for Katrina.

Perhaps Ronald Reagan, their touchstone, would have been proud. Newt Gingrich may have been impressed as the ‘Contract Against America’ played out. But few others were proud or impressed with Mr. Bush’s performance.

Saturn to Ascendant brings more responsibilities along and a chance to step up as events require that personal attention be paid.

Meanwhile, Bush was celebrating John McCain’s birthday by cutting the cake as the people of New Orleans drowned and the nation and world looked on in horror.

Saturn brings high rewards for correct actions and this transit is no exception – it embodies the higher lessons that Saturn insists we face in our lives – even George Bush with his natal 12th house Saturn in self-protective Cancer.

So he’d had a Saturn Return in summer 2005 indicating similar Saturnian themes. Saturn in 12th house is led to believe no responsibility is required, and being a Water house, the 12th house of the Unconscious and Karma tells the tale here of a weakened Saturn in need of many lessons. But it is the nation paying for them.

And while Saturn to Ascendant can result in an impressive display of maturity and finesse, it’s safe to say that George Bush at Katrina time was AWOL  just as he’s been before…and Saturn doesn’t like to be disappointed and let down like an old man (Saturn) left to drown in an attic or miserably stranded on a rooftop with no help in sight – while the fatcats play and wink.

Yes, Katrina highlighted Bush’s lack of compassion and showed where his heart would be if he had one for anyone but himself. Makes me want to throw an umbrella at his head if I’m ever unfortunate enough to see him pontificating from a podium about tacos or freedom.

Iraqi Shoe Hurler before judge

One thing that annoys me about this whole thing 
is their using the law against attempting to 
kill an Iraqi or other president. 
Al-Zaidi didn't attempt to 'kill' Bush.

He attempted to insult him and succeeded.

Check out the story from abroad in the Irish Times...

Court appearance for Iraqi who threw shoes at Bush:

"Al-Zaidi was brought today before the investigating judge in
the presence of a defence lawyer and a prosecutor," Birqadr
said. "He admits the action he carried out."

Written by Jude Cowell

December 17, 2008 at 4:53 pm

Can Bush pardon himself?

Will the Obama administration pardon George W. Bush and his partners in crime with a ‘blanket pardon’?

My lands!! It will have to be a gi-huge blanket.

Since Ford pardoned Nixon it’s seemed to me that the new prez pardons the old so when the new is the old, he may expect the same treatment.

Things are not so simple, however, and the article linked below details the arguments that are on the rise as to whether Obama will pardon the outlaw with a blanket (which won’t fool anyone), or whether Bush can pardon himself and what sort of precedence this would set.

As usual with Bush, it would be a negative one, with no incentive for abiding by the law (although he apparently had no incentive in the first place…remember how Dubya promised to bring “integrity” back to the White House? How he and his minions must chuckle over that one now. Integrity!)

Yes, when you inhabit the White Lodge…er, House, there’s a serious need for whole lot of pardoning so it will surprise me if the Obama administration holds Bush accountable for his many crimes against humanity, the US Constitution, our used-to-be Bill of Rights, or for his emptying of the US Treasury. And that’s not mentioning torture and pre-emptive war.

It’s not a question of ‘vengenace’ as Obama has intimated, it’s a question of law. By refusing to hold Bush accountable, is Obama lowering our expectations as he prepares to do similar things that Bush did against us?

It seems the Nixon model, “it isn’t illegal if the president does it” is alive and flourishing in Washington, but you’d think the new film ‘Frost-Nixon’  would point out the hubris of the kingly attitude well enough for anyone to marvel if Bush-Cheney receive a Get Out Of Jail Free card from the Obama administration.

For eight years Bush, Cheney, and their attorneys ran riot over US laws and freedoms…can Barack Obama believe it’s in the American people’s best interest to let the bandits go scott-free?

Or has a deal been made which only presidents can understand and appreciate?


Bush says Bible ‘probably not literally true’

Here, George Bush, the Christian, demonstrates his lackadaisical beliefs about God and his spotty understanding of Scripture:


Could his words be interpretated as a last shot across the evangelical bow? 

Besides, it’s difficult to imagine Bush accepting anyone or anything as an authority over him. Plus, Christians are as Christians do…and bombing the Cradle of Civilization is completely out-of-bounds on that score. You know it.

Well, I’m calling his Scriptural revelations and pontifications ‘the lukewarm equivocations of George W. Bush.’

For it’s much better to be completely cold or very hot than to be wishy washily lukewarm on these matters.

Written by Jude Cowell

December 9, 2008 at 6:37 am

Bush was ‘unprepared for war’!

George Bush’s interview with Charles Gibson will soon air in a wimpy attempt to salvage Bush’s skeletal  ‘legacy.’

But you, lone reader, always recognize bull poo when you smell it – do you recognize it when you hear or read it?


Now I seem to remember Bush crowing about being a ‘war president’ so you’d think he wouldn’t catapult such propaganda about himself and his warring ways. And remember his early days in Washington when he talked about going to Mars?

Mars, the planet named after the god of war, that is. Somehow it seemed so….perfect a place for him, and I generously offered to give him a ride to Cape Canaveral if he’d get onboard for a blast-off (my offer did not include a return trip  – I’m on a budget here.)

Then there’s the astrological fact that Bush invaded Iraq during a Jupiter Retrograde period…a ‘bottomless pit in the money department’ was how I phrased it at Stars Over Washington. Please don’t do it, George, most of the world pleaded, this reluctant astrologer included.  Jupiter the General is Rx, for cryin’ out loud, I wrote, somebody stop him and the neocon jingoists from this tragic folly.

And Rx Jupiter has resulted in interrupted service as generals fell politically by the wayside. We’ve also seen Jupiter’s Rx effects with retired generals speaking out against the Iraq Occupation and the Bush administration’s politically driven decisions and maneuvers.

But Dubya was gung-ho to go.

Bush and Cheney’s ‘mandate’ for office was very shaky then because of the SCOTUS bump into the White House they received by hook and crook. The US economy was unstable from the dot com bubble burst, too. But a ‘new Pearl Harbor’ arrived on 9/11/01, and the neocons were off to the races, with war drums loud and proud, and obscene profits to be made. ‘Twas the start of something big – the Iraq War.

So as we watch or read Bush’s interview which attempts a rewrite of history on this score, remember how Mr. Gung-Ho wouldn’t listen to anyone but the voices in his head, one of which was Dick Dark Side Cheney. And remember the millions of anti-war protesters in streets across the globe during the lead up to war and beyond.

They were correct.

Bush was wrong.

And no amount of belated, thespianistic hand-wringing or network propaganda can ever change that fact.

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