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GOP tax cuts and Inauguration 2009 reconsidered

Here’s a new post with a brief reconsideration of the Inauguration 2009 horoscope as inspired by President Obama’s caving in to the GOP over the tax cut extension for the haves.

You know who ‘the haves’ are in America, right?

They’re the folk who turned out en masse on November 2, 2010 to vote for the protection of the 2% – no matter how their anti-entitlement agenda damages the common good and well-being of 98% of the American people.

January 20, 2009 noon est Capitol Building, Washington DC

Like most astrologers, I shuddered at the void-of-course Inaugural Moon at a critical (crisis) degree 29Sco45 which promised trouble for the nation and a falling away from President Obama (midterms 2010) with his presidential agenda not going as planned.

Perhaps that was one of the underlying reasons Mr. Obama took a second presidential oath later on…undercover of a retrograde Inaugural Mercury!

US Economy and the 2009 Inaugural Moon

Among other things, the slowness of the Obama stimulus package’s implementation and good effects may be attributed to the Void-of-Course Moon at a crisis-ridden, impatient 29th degree of Scorpio on Jan 20, 2009.

Most common folk know that the wrong end of the street was ‘bailed out’ which is leading to a leaden feeling in the bottom of checking accounts all over the country.

So it’s no big surprise that greed for outsized returns on investments is gumming up the works on the bank capitalization front as we await the start of the lending (the sharing of our own money with us!) to begin.

VOC Moons indicate that things won’t work out as planned or will have unexpected results if they do.

It may even be considered ‘too late’ for actions to make much if any difference (late Scorpio) by the people (Moon), highlighting the sheep being at the mercy of the wolves, in this political case.

There may even be something sinister about the situation especially at ’29 degrees’ of ‘Scorpio’ a sign of Fixed (rigid) energy.

And there’s the next degree after Scorpio ends, ‘1 Sagittarius’…the “A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire” degree which tells me that Uncle Sam Wants YOU, the unemployed.

Yet if bailed out banks chose to act as if they understood from whom the gifted billions cameth, would they then lend out said money to the very people who would actually put loaned funds to good use thereby stimulating the economy?

Like a micro-loan, loanees would be idiots not to pay up on a fairly written and negotiated loan based on real income. This assumes that banks will begin to settle for returns on paid-off deals rather than outrageous profits issuing in part from thin and fraudulent air.

How beggared do rich aristos and their minions have to make the populations of each nation before we say, that’s my money, hands off. You’ve got yours and then some. In fact, you’ve got a piece of every action, oh global crime syndicates now joining forces more than ever before.

(Okay, I confess – that’s what I saw this week when Presidents Obama and Medvedev shook hands – crime syndicates putting aside their petty differences long enough to embrace joint achievement – and underneath an Apollo sun-god sunburst symbol, too! So I ask myself: why would Russia want the US to be successful in Afghanistan after the Soviet army’s humiliating defeat years ago? Charity? Kindness of their hearts? Puh!)

Well, if you or someone you love have paid taxes in the US any of these last decades, you must know that you’ve paid for war, more war, building of a worldwide network (system) of military bases in order to police the world.

Of course you know that!

So I figure the global power players must have most of the gold and other commodities all saved up since they don’t need our tax dollars much longer (massive unemployment numbers; devalued dollar.)

The starvation of city and state governments is part of the charade, too. Break ’em down after the coffers are pilfered, trickle in fewer taxes due to unemployment and lack of retail sales, and you won’t long need a state coffer. And of course – you simply can’t do Anything for the people because you’re broke.

Then sell the emptied coffer for its metal content and we’ll all enter Utopia together where it’s pass the loincloths, hold the civilization – centralization rules!

For as Barry Goldwater once said, “A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away.”

Senator Goldwater’s pronouncement was meant as a warning to a more sinister extent that a majority of we Americans ever believed about ‘our’ government, touted as the fairest in the world and the best the world has ever known.

Which tells you how others through the centuries have sucked.

So that’s what they’re in process of doing now with bail outs for the rich who then socialize their costs and losses and stick us with the bill.

They’re beggaring America.

Inauguration 2009’s Mercury Return Feb 15

Astrological Mercury = communications of all kinds; thinking; planning; commerce and trade; travel including flight; messages; announcements; oration; agreements; contracts; bills for the president’s desk, the signing of bills, etc…all the things of interest to the Good News-carrying planet of the astrological pantheon.

Are you keeping tabs on the number of back-ups and mea culpas that have been performed and uttered by the Democrats since the inauguration of Jan 20, 2009 with its retrograde Mercury too close to the Sun to think objectively?

Well, Jan 20’s Mercury Rx was actually # 2 in the three-part Return series…00AQ41 was first visited by The Messenger on New Years Day 2009 — then the degree was ‘crossed’ at Inauguration 2009. Soon after, with very little of AQ to traverse, Mercury retread himself back into Capricorn only to turn Station Direct moving forward until he meets 00Aq41 once more on Feb 15, 2009.

Setting the horoscope chart for Washington DC, we find frisky Mercury in 2nd house of Earning Ability and Values with 2nd cusp 10Cap46 (Placidus house system always used unless otherwise specified.)

This puts America’s Cancer trio, Venus-Jupiter-Sun, snuggly around the 8th cusp of Shared Resources, Insurance, Debt, Credit, etc.

But you don’t need Astrology to tell you how many stories in the news concern finances and Ponzi schemes – they’re all around us.

Ponzi-schemes-r-us! And foreign investors have run away in droves! Liquidation is the game these days…10 for a dollar, buy one get a second one free.

Now Mercury makes only three applying aspects in the Return #3 chart of Feb 15, 2009 (2:06 am est, Washington, DC):

1. conj Mars (7A34);

2. conj NN (meetings; public contact) (8A28);

3. conj Jupiter (Mr. Moneybags; guru; preacher; professor; teacher; Republican Party) (8A53.)

And I’m certain you know that applying aspects show what’s coming up for, in this case, Mercury. The numbers are the degrees and minutes they are apart in the Return chart…looking at the conj with Jupiter, 8 can represent 8 minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, etc; 28 can signify 28 seconds, minutes, etc.

So Inaugural 2009 Mercury will fare well or foul by the tenor of his meetings or encounters with first Mars, then NN (an announcement, decision,  appointment?), then Jupiter, the chart’s ruler in Airy Aquarius…ASC 8Sag08.

We may also say that Mars-Jupiter = NN:  good cooperation dynamics.

And we may soon add –  Mars-Jupiter = Mercury: a wealth of plans; far-sightedness; an ability to make fortunate arrangements; the realization of plans; the stage of rethinking an engagement.

Glad to note that Pres. Obama signed the GOP-stalled and much awaited SCHIP legislation today on behalf of our children yet…

there is some indication of ‘being misunderstood’ and/or ”health threats’ with the Sun/Saturn midpoint = ASC. This could relate to US  healthcare issues at the crisis point and in need of immediate address.

‘Fortunate arrangements’ and ‘realization of plans’ sound good to me as long as those plans are in the best interests of the American people and our nation as it gives us a break from the vultures.

And if the plans are on behalf of the common good, then I, for one, will be happy as a puppy with two tails!

Therefore, perhaps the Stimulus Bill or Package Will reach the president’s desk for signing by Feb 15 or 16…just as Obama planned.

Written by Jude Cowell

February 5, 2009 at 1:20 am

Oath of Office do-over!

Yes, with Mercury retrograde, Inauguration Day’s Oath of Office was mangled by Chief Justice John Roberts with a little help from Barack Obama.

But out of “an abundance of caution” the Oath has been recited and answered flawlessly so all is well. Of course, Obama became president at noon Tuesday when George Bush’s term ended, but you never know. Some ill-tempered blogger or reporter might take exception down the line.

Obama. In the map room. With a raised hand.

Actually, I don’t know if they used the Lincoln Bible again…perhaps so. I do know that 00Vir26 was rising with Obama’s natal Mars in tow, 25Tau33 was on the Midheaven, and transiting Mercury Rx 28Cap59  has left AQ of Inauguration Day and backed into Capricorn, sign of law, politics, and business.

In Cap now, Mercury is conjunct the president’s natal Saturn and, for the time being, is between Obama’s natal Jupiter 00AQ56 (and Saturn)  so basically we may view a midpoint picture formed by transiting Mercury, planet of oaths, agreements, planning, thinking, commerce, Blackberry and other communications, and orations…

Jupiter-Saturn = Mercury: a desire to make changes; speaking with great maturity; studying hard, asking the right questions. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Sounds about right, yes? And having Mercury Rx on Inauguration Day was sure to cause some sort of glitch in the mercurial department! No astrologer was surprised by that.

Jan 21, 2009, 7:35 pm est: Oath #2’s Sun 2AQ07 (nearing conjunction with judge Jupiter on Friday, Jan 23, 4AQ+), and the Moon was at 15Sag23…

Sun AQ-Moon Sag’s Images for Integration:

‘Indiana Jones founds a new university in the heart of the jungle…A distinguished sociology professor throws a fancy-dress party for her best friends…’Alice in Wonderland.’ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Here it is from TPM:


America after King’s assassination

Robert Ellman has published a great feature concerning Clay Risen’s book, ‘A Nation On Fire: America in the Wake of the King Assassination’ which you may wish to check out:


The period of time between LBJ’s refusal to run for president in 1968, Dr. King’s assassination, and the signing by LBJ of the Civil Rights Act,  are more fully covered than usual by Mr. Risen, a former editor of The New Republic.

Riots broke out within hours after MLK’s death: the US Army occupied three major American cities, our National Guard patrolled a dozen others, and looting – one of the traditional yet ineffectual refuges of the disenfranchised – was rampant.

Plus, Clay Risen is founder of ‘Democracy: A Journal of Ideas’ which may be accessed here:


And you may wish to view an image of Dr. King’s natal chart with a few details which I published in Jan 2008 in honor of MLK Day which is upon us once again tomorrow, Monday, Jan 19:


Personally, I will be using MLK Day as a Prayer Day for America and for the American people who could use some extraordinary help  after the 8-year dredging we’ve gotten from the Bush-Cheney regime!

To paraphrase what Barack Obama keeps saying: he can’t do it all by his lonesome…now we all have ‘skin in the game’…and the color of that skin is emphatically Not the Point!

Inauguration 2009’s Void of Course Moon

Update Feb 9, 2009: the Inauguration’s VOC Moon has resulted in unintended results already. Pres. Obama is on TV now giving his first presser as prez and we’ve seen everything from two Oaths of Office, to stand-offs with Republicans on the economic stimulus package. Then there’s Rush Limbaugh’s kerfluffle from last week saying that he wants Obama “to fail.”

And the rest of the country, too, it would seem. #

Update Jan 20, 2009: seems the frail health of Senators Kennedy and Byrd are related to the critical-degreed Inaugural Moon – the astrological Moon can relate to the physical body and medical issues.

Plus, there were some SNAFUs at security gates earlier, too, which we will hear about at some point from the disgruntled. So far those are the only crisis situations I know of occurring on this Inauguration Day 2009…unless you were one of the attendees standing in the bitter cold since 3:00 am! #

Original post begins here:

Between William Lilly and Bonatus, astrologers of old, there are unfortunate difficulties implied with a void-of-course Moon (VOC.)

A round-up of their opinions appears in Anthony Louis’ book, ‘Horary Astrology’  for that is the branch of Astrology where we most often hear the term, VOC.

Since the Moon 29Sco45 for Jan 20, 2009, noon EST, Capitol Building, Washington DC, applies to no major (Ptolemaic) aspect with another planet while the Moon remains in Scorpio, it is being considered as having no course, or is ‘void of course.’

Indications for a VOC Moon are: impediments; things will not come to a good end except with great toil and trouble; good time for festivities (Bonatus); matters go hardly unless Moon is in Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, or Pisces; business seldom goes ‘handsomely forward’ ; nothing will come of the matter; no significant changes (Lilly.) 

Yet in modern terms, Alphee Lavoie says that a VOC Moon means that a conclusion is already manifested, the outcome is already known, and/or there’s ‘nothing to worry about’!

One reason to hope for the best come Inauguration Day 2009  is that modern interpretations take into account whether the VOC Moon is applying closely with other planets from the sign she’s in – such as we see with Jan 20’s Moon sextiling the 10th house Sun/Mercury conjunction 00AQ+…which also happens to be Barack Obama’s natal Jupiter degree.

Well, we know that 29 degrees of any sign is a Critical/Crisis Degree and in the case of 2009’s Inaugural Moon in Scorpio, I’m relating the Moon’s condition (VOC) and degree (29) to the financial and medical crises the American people continue to suffer ungladly.

Plus, spying and surveillance relate to Scorpio, along with Big Finance, and for certain a whole lotta surveillance will be going on in the inaugural city, and a whole pack of till-raiding financial crooks are on the loose.

So…nothing to worry about? Dunno about that although some folk seem to feel (unrealistically) that having Obama, a Democrat, in the White House will solve everything. At least he isn’t a dratted Republican, right?

Will this Moon’s condition make the down-to-earth transit of restrictive Saturn to US natal Neptune (ideals; dreams) more of a shock…or will it bring solidity and realization (Saturn) to our ideals and dreams (Neptune)? (Saturn to  US Neptune August-Sept 2009.)

But I suspect 2009’s Inaugural Moon is reaching forward into Sagittarius (which sextiles Aquarius) toward the change and hope of a new presidency’s promise to put the American people’s needs first in line over monied interests. Sextiles are aspects of opportunity, but willing efforts must be made in order to benefit from them.

Whether the ‘reaching forward’ results in eventual improvements for we-the-people is a question for the future to answer.

That there will be delays and difficulties in implementing plans is a given, but I pray the ineffectuality of a traditional VOC Moon doesn’t rule the day or the modern presidential term of Barack Obama which will be, we hope, on behalf of we-the-people.

May the festivities begin!

No stimulus plan by Jan 20

That’s right, folks. No stimulus plan for a President Barack Obama to sign when taking office January 20 – Congress just can’t manage to get it passed by both houses and the bill on Obama’s desk by then.

Must wonder to self: self, is it because the money is for the people? Because Congress moved speedily and with HASTE when the gigantic package of money was to pad their banker buds’ off shore accounts and pay off foreign creditors.

In fact, didn’t they work all night long and through a few weekends to maneuver the fraudulent “Bailout Bill”?

Well, you may as well check out Fox News’ propaganda on the subject – the continuing dramatic performances at the Capitol Hill Theater, opening soon (reconvening  Tuesday, January 6 actually.)

Will John McCain have to rush himself back to DC with no time to spare just to save the American people from the abyss?

Will Barack Obama and Steny Hoyer get off to a rough start? Will your neighbor be evicted and your business have to shut down before Congress’ February recess?

Do kids who never do their homework or pass a test deserve a recess?

Oh please DO read the sorry tale of how their get-alongs suddenly have hitches in them – – when it comes to you and me window shopping on Main Street, that is:


Bill Richardson withdraws from Obama team

Due to investigation into a certain unnamed company’s donations to Gov Bill Richardson’s “political activities,” the Obama adminstration-in-waiting has announced Richardson’s withdrawal from the  proffered Commerce Secretary position:


Don’t suppose Illinois Gov Blagojevich is available yet? He does like to sell things, right?


Here you may view Richardson’s natal chart with a few details, if you wish:


2009 Inauguration: YOD pattern forms 12:30 pm et

Venus Aphrodite

‘Venus Aphrodite’
Here’s a bit I wrote just now concerning the YOD pattern (‘Finger of God’) which forms around 12:30 pm ET on Inauguration Day 2009, and which points to America’s natal Venus (3Can06), and forms a YOD configuration even more closely with Barack Obama’s natal Venus (1Can34, using BHO’s ‘7:24 pm’ birth time.)


~:~ This one’s for You, Donna D, for kindly asking! ;p

Bush to leave White House – secrets to go with him

Guess this White House’s so-obvious demonstration in its waning months that there are many secrets to squash and piled-up bodies to hide escapes our Mr. Skull & Bonesman Bush:


January 20, 2009: I can see Bush and Cheney now in my mind’s eye…high-tailin’ it from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and down the street…a long, long, long line of skeletons in tow like a shadowy conga line…

Did I mention the conga line is long?

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