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Wall Street will fleece you now

The Looting of America, an article by Barry Grey (4.10.09), details some of what I’ve been saying about the risk of joining in with 2009’s Great Conjunction/s of Jupiter and Neptune, the speculator pair, and how they will conjunct US natal Moon (the people; the public – Sibly chart) all three times they meet.

Jupiter-Neptune = Moon: losing oneself in plans; becoming involved in speculation; instability; wastefulness; little sense of reality; going with the wind; an emotional swoon. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Once again, here are the dates and degrees of their exact conjunctions, all in 2009:

1. May 27 – 26AQ29;

2. July 10 – 26AQ02;

3. Dec 21 – 24AQ19.

Their cycle is approximately 13 years long, so the last time The Speculators met was on Jan 9, 1997 (during Pres. Clinton’s de-regulation days) at 27Cap09 – conjunct US natal Pluto.

Jupiter-Neptune = Pluto: self-projection out of hand; major adjustment of life circumstances; far-reaching speculations; plans that are unreasonable beyond measure; a great loss.

Excess liquidity in markets is their calling card!

Now we’re seeing and experiencing where the 1997 conjunction led while the transiting midpoint of Pluto-Chiron, the corporatism/class warfare/disenfranchising duo, has landed upon US natal Pluto – and thus upon 1997’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction degree.

So if you’re one of those “small investors” that Wall Street and the Treasury Dept now have within their raptor’s gazes and you’re feeling ripe for further fleecing (see article), please think twice and then some before you ‘go with the wind’ of Jupiter-Neptune’s grandly speculative ways for the win-win is always on the upper class’ side.


If you like truth straight up check out Robert Ellman’s post on David Korten’s book and views on saying goodbye to Wall Street.

DOW drops lowest in Inaugural Day history

You know Barack Obama has been inaugurated 44th president unless you’re still hiding under that rock.

And perhaps you heard that the DOW did the naughtiest thing today:


Written by Jude Cowell

January 20, 2009 at 10:07 pm

Is NYSE to merge?

With their long term planning said to be abandoned now that the financial cat is let out of the monopoly bag, merger rumors still fly under the radar: 


In America, we tend to think the NYSE is the be-all and the end-all (well, perhaps the end-all part is true. ) But looking at the global picture shows that it just ain’t so.

Maybe this relates to the August 1, 2008 Solar Eclipse (10 South, 10 Leo) which is in the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the NYSE…

Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology’ says the 10S Series is one of  ‘breaking out of a very negative situation where no hope can be seen to a more positive space containing many options; a worry may suddenly clear as the cosmos shows a solution which must be taken up without too much delay.’

Now we know the recent ‘Bailouts’ may fulfill this meaning, yet I wonder if merging with a larger European stock exchange may be just what the doctor from the Netherlands ordered…as in New World Order.

Well,  Der Spiegel has the yes-no-maybe-so merger details, so click the link to read a view from abroad.

Hedge fund margin calls force stock sells

Shoes are dropping all around, so a lot of people must be barefoot by now…and some are saying that hedge fund margin calls are leading to a stock rout:


Then there’s leading economist Nouriel Roubini who says that “one connot rule out that some systemically important hedge fund may get into trouble with systemic consequences.”

Has anyone else been waitng for the ‘East-buys-West-then-pulls-rug-out-from-under’ shoe to drop? Because there’s no way I’m the only one.

Today’s Sun Libra-Moon Aquarius 10.9.08

Today, Oct 9, 2008, there’s a spirit of cooperation in the air as Sun in Libra, Moon in Aquarius – both mental Air signs – create a sense of fraternity and friendliness.

The Wachovia Wars are on hold today as a ‘truce’ is called between the financial suitors of this Charlotte NC-based bank.

NPR has announced that Hank Paulson is to give help once again to the ailing AIG, and of course, we’re expecting the coordinated interest rate cut by six central banks yesterday to give some cushion to the mess the world’s financial ‘experts’ caused, if not right away, then soon.

Sun Libra-Moon Aquarius may not be the most practical of combinations but it cannot be accused of bad intentions. There’s a natural sense of justice and social conscience which is sadly lacking in the more material types such as those found on Wall Street (or more fairly I should say those who pull the strings on Wall Street.)

Belonging to the human family, forgiveness, and being open to new ideas are pluses of this blend though emotions are somewhat detached – perhaps a good thing after all the emotional agony of the last weeks, for generally speaking, today’s emotional climate should be calmer and more rational. I hope so for the world can imagine itself into more of a quandary than things have to be – things need to calm down!

And speaking of “imagine” Sun Libra-Moon AQ is the natal Sun-Moon blend of John Lennon. The refined artisitic tastes and love of truth and beauty of this combo can be seen in Lennon’s personality – and personally I still count it as a grave loss to the world that he was assassinated – and in tandem with the 1980/81 Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn (5 – 10 Libra; Dec 31, 1980; Mar 3, 1981; July 24, 1981.) Jupiter and Saturn are the societal planets and are intimately involved with financial cycles.

Sun Libra-Moon AQ is an idealistic and communicative combo with a universal point of view which will hopefully give us all a bit of a break from the roller coaster rides we’ve been on of late, and I’ve heard that today the market in NY is set to open on a high since IBM affirmed its positive outlook. That it may keep it all day is another tale, but hopefully things will be calmer before Friday’s big meeting of financial wizards in New York.

From Charles and Suzy Harvey’s ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ we see two interesting Images for Integration for combining left and right brains thus using this blend to advantage:

“A group of literary radicals stage a love-in to protest government military policy…In an elegant opera house, a trendy jazz musician performs a rag time with a symphony orchestra.”

BBC’s ‘Credit Crunch’ Timeline

Now available in my sidebar, you’ll find a Page with a bit o’grousing along with the BBC’s link to the ‘Credit Crunch’ Timeline, which is a listing of the whole financial swill in order of occurrence and including names and amounts…so that you may…

View them in their splendor! Marvel at their brazenness! Decry their greed and perfidy! But holding the slight-of-handers to account is the hard part.

And whoo-o-o-se term did this occur and erupt under? That’d be George Just Go Shopping Bush.

Bush touts Wall Street welfare tonight 9:00 pm edt

Looking at the horoscope for Bush’s Wall Street bailout touting, Sun 2Lib20 is still conj asteroid, Hebe (‘co-dependency’), and Moon 9Leo04 is conj Bush’s and the GOP’s natal  Mercuries and triggering the Solar Eclipse degree of August 1, 2008.

You remember that’s the 10 South Eclipse Series (9Leo32) which is the Pre-natal Series of the NYSE and of John McCain. Perhaps that’s why he’s ‘suspending’ his campaign and rushing pell mell back to Washington to ‘help’ with the Wall Street bailout.

As McCain has said, “you’re looking at the greatest deregulator you’ll ever see.”

Maybe so, but he’s got a lot of company in Washington, doesn’t he? They couldn’t fall over themselves fast enough to loosen the grip of sensibility and accountability, but now their claws have been caught in the golden cookie jar which is, according to Paulson, Bernanke, and tonight Bush, in a special presentation – now the cookie jar is empty and needs mama to bake trillions of cookies ‘cos Papa needs a new Mercedes (his Lexus is lonely.)

So you also remember that the flavor of the 10S Eclipse Series is: breaking out of a very negative situation where no hope can be seen; a lingering worry will suddenly clear; the cosmos shows the solution which must be taken up without too much delay (paraphrasing Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology’.)

At 9:00 pm, Midheaven, the Aspiration/Goal Point of the speech is 00AQ00, “An Old Adobe Mission.” That Bush has been revved up with a sense of mission, I have no doubt. But on whose behalf is a different kettle of fish. US Inaugural Suns on Jan 20 are always in the 1AQ degree area, and 2009’s has Mercury Rx there as well. Thespian Bush is playing President tonight.

That the whole financial shebang and the current plea for 700 billion dollars is connected with the next president (and tying his hands financially so social programs will have their plugs pulled) is my first thought seeing this degree at Mc.

The Images for Integration for tonight’s tout are interesting…see if you think one or two of them apply as Bush puts on his solemn tone and tries to gain the support of the American people for this, another boondoggle to ‘aid’ his rich friends; or you could just watch his old rush-to-war routine by taking out the words “Iraq” and “WMDs” and subsitute “Wall Street” and “bank failures”…

*Sun Lib- Moon Leo: “A political idealist is crowned leader by adoring followers…The managing director throws a birthday party…”  and last, but definitely not least…”A performance of ‘The Importance of Being Earnest.”

Political Theater, Dahlink!

At 9:30 pm, Bush’s natal Ascendant is at Ic in DC; at 10:01 pm, a retrograde, gold-loving MIDAS rises seeking billions. Midas can never hoard enough. In fact, none of Bush’s natal pl;anets are upper for this performance…only his “24Aries” Midheaven is in 11th house…”An open  window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia”…for sure!

Marc Edmund Jones’ negative (what I call the unconscious or shadow side) interprestation for this degree: ‘a smug and petty self-importance in dispensing favors to others.

But see who he favors, America! This degree’s keyword is: MUNIFICENCE.

If you prefer to round up Bush’s natal Midheaven degree, we can look at that, too…”25Aries”…

“A double promise reveals its inner and outer meaning”…SENSIBILITY…

neg/shadow side: compromising insincerity and a lean to chicanery n all human relationships.’

So will Bush make the sale to the American people without having to give in to too many ‘unacceptable’ compromises?

He shouldn’t be able to for reasons you know and he will ignore, all the while pretending to address them tonight. He’s the trump card in the deck, and we’re represented by The Fool. 9:00 pm is a Mercury Hour, a good time for speeches and announcements, but Mercury is Rx.

Yes, I do have a feeling these wily varmints will get their way in the end – perhaps by Sunday. Especially with McCain riding to the rescue on his hi ho Silver.

Besides, no matter what they say or which roles they play, I always look to the results of Congress’ actions or inactions, for there’s where the pudding’s proof hides.

At 9:00 pm edt in Washington, as Bush begins to catapult the propaganda, 19Tau28 is rising, and ‘more persuasive’ arguments must be come up with. Constituents at home are hoppin’ mad so perhaps George can smooth ruffled feathers. Puh.

Thing is, wherever you have 19 Taurus, opposite you have “the accursed degree in the accursed sign” of 19 Scorpio, in this case setting. You also have in the neighborhood two Fixed Stars: Alpha Serpentis (aka Unukalhai): misfortune; tragedy.

Not so nice, but then there’s North Scale: wealth; distinction; intelligence; a good organizer; hasty words cause problems; success in war, law, religion, writing, sports; tragedy; violence. 

So tonight it will be Fixed Stars, Solar Eclipses, and hi ho Silver on the menu so you know I’m getting ready for some serious terror-promoting as only the Bush administration can do.


*’Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzy Harvey.

UPDATE: How perfect! Bush began at 9:01 pm edt, and finished speaking at 9:14 pm with the Jupiter-Neptune midpoint directly at Midheaven. They’re the Speculator pair, as you know, and will conjunct three times through 2009, beginning a new cycle of activity.

Jup/Neptune = Mc: a speculator, visionary, spendthrift, or squanderer; harm or damage through thoughtlessness; a philanthropist; the potential for all kinds of indulgence.

Fascist Coup in Progress: don’t look away, America

One of my favorite reporters, Larisa Alexandrovna, has an article at Huffington Post exposing the financial crisis, or market ‘meltdown’ if you prefer, as the fascist take-over that it is:


We-the-People may have only until Friday, Sept 26, to make our displeasure known concerning the ‘corporatism + state = fascism’ turn our nation has been led into before Congress acts on these plans that will forever transform America. Bush’s changes to date have set the stage, and the coup is almost complete.

You know, this plan of the global elite may actually explain the void-of-course Moon of Jan 20, 2009.

At noon on that day, when the expected Inaugural Oath should be taken, the Moon’s VOC status would indicate plans which one had no intention of fulfilling (or: events proceeding without interference – but that’s not necessarily what I’m thinking here based on the conditions mentioned in Alexandrovna’s article. But it could be some combination of both.)

So if you, like many others, have a “bad feeling” about what Washington pocket-liners are about to perpetrate upon us, please read the above-linked article and do what you can. Crimes have been committed by the powerful, and above all — 

Don’t look away! Czar Paulson is knocking at the door.


Bloomberg has an article on how Hank Paulson designed this plan for unchecked power with courts being barred from reviewing their actions…aka, fascism:


Sept 21 Update 3:55 am edt: look what I found: confirmation that Hank Paulson works for the devil – and posted on April 1, 2008 (written March 31):


MSM: uh…the sky has fallen…who knew?

The MSM Jumps on the Economic Bandwagon

By Kathy Sanborn

So the US economy is on the brink? Yawn. Tell me something I didn’t know at least two years ago.

Now the mainstream media have been given the green light to announce, bold as you
please, that we are in for some pretty tough times, but Internet news and blog
readers have known about our faltering financial system for a long, long time.
Now, in the mainstream press, it has become popular to state the obvious: the
country is broke.



And astrologers have been telling the news for years, too!

With the massive publishing failure going on at Blogger again today (to which its owners have yet to respond or repair – perhaps they’re busy as bees now) it seems I’m fortunate to have published one entry last evening concerning Lehman Brothers crisis of 1984. Article’s link is in previous post…

This economic crisis falls under the Terror Promoters campaign – kind of a Code Chicken Yellow, would you say?

Well, at least tonight’s the night I’ll see Craig Ferguson and forget my woes for an hour or so…wish YOU, lone reader, could come!

Paulson and Bernanke

No interest rate cut today – inflation still a possiblility, the Fed said.

Since I was skulking around my other politically flavored blog, Stars Over Washington, for financial posts and tidbits, I ran across an entry from the day before Ben Bernanke gave his first stateement as Fed chairman – written in expectation of it, in fact.

Then Hank Paulson took a demotion from Goldman-Sachs to US Secretary of the Treasury, so a few natal chart details were called for, so I nosed into Paulson’s ‘maverick’ status…and here again is a link for you with a quote on “the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations” from Thomas Jefferson closing out the post.

Something tells me Thom would be disappointed in how America has turned out on that score…


And here’s the one about Ben’s first shout out as Fedhead…


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