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Wedding Day Astrology: Barack and Ann Dunham Obama

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You know the scoop: Stanley Ann Dunham of Witchita, Kansas married fellow Russian language student Barack Obama Sr on February 2, 1961 while students at University of Hawaii Manoa ‘just outside downtown Honolulu.’

No time or details for the ceremony have been found by this astrologer and I’m setting the horoscope for the location of the University of Hawaii at Manoa near Honolulu where they met (since charts have to be ‘set’ somewhere on earth in order to be calculated.)

Bio details are snagged from the Wiki profile of President Barack Obama if you care to check them out.

But What Is a Wedding Day Astrology Report?

As you know, the combination of luminaries, Sun and Moon, represent on one level the male (Sun) and female (Moon) principles in Astrology and their blend is a marriage indicator especially when a Sun/Moon midpoint is found at Midheaven.

The following Wedding Day Astrology Report is written in general terms to see if we can get a view of the condition of our current President’s parental relationship which was broken by divorce in 1964. And since Mr. President was born on August 4, 1961, some quick math indicates that he may very well have been present as a ‘bun in the oven’ during his parents’ nuptials which is not an unsual occurrence, of course!

For the 24-hour period of Feb 2, 1961, the Moon remained in Virgo, sign of health and indicating the bride’s delicate condition. On that date, Luna ranged from 1Vir06 to 13Vir05; Sun ranged from 13AQ20 to 14AQ21 which conjoins with asteroid Hidalgo 14AQ37 as the day ends.

(If you’ve seen the chart for the BP-Gulf Oil blowout you know that shortly before 10:00 pm on April 20, 2010, Hidalgo was rising. No biggie, I’m just sayin’. Unless you think there’s no such thing as coincidences in which case, you may be an astrologer.)

The wedding Sun position in the zodiac opposes President Obama’s natal Sun in Leo, and wedding Moon in early Virgo squares the President’s natal Moon in early Gemini, assuming that his birth data is correct (August 4, 1961, 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu.)

The couple’s Sun-Moon relationship itself is in quincunxial aspect (150 degrees) by sign which is more conducive to major adjustments and problems getting along than with a harmonious union. Not impossible to navigate yet as we know, they soon parted when Obama Sr left to attend Harvard; divorce followed.

Sun AQ-Moon Virgo is an Air-Earth blend of energies which when working in harmony produces a rational, innovative, and productive entity. It melds abstract thought with down-to-earth issues of getting on in the world…quite a scientific combination actually since Virgo loves to classify.

This indicates a marriage of practical idealism planning a course of action and following through on it. An Air Sun (here, AQ) is often out of touch with emotions and sharing feelings is not its strong suit; I suspect this was the case with Obama Sr. Rational rapport is what is sought by Air-Earth blends, and a Virgo Moon can be practically supportive. Aquarian Suns have been known to ‘tick off’ their feelings when in close relationships, often by the minute: ‘now I love you, now I don’t’.

Now let’s consider this combo in particular:

Sun AQ-Moon Virgo is something of a puritan blend with the temperament of a social worker and studious, intellectual truth seeker. There’s a paradoxical radical but uptight/rebellious yet conventional vibe which I find interesting in that it somewhat mirrors their famous son’s natal conjunction of staid Saturn in its own sign of tradition-loving Capricorn with his progressive, broad-viewing Aquarian Jupiter.

Sun AQ-Moon Virgo is a humanitarian blend and had they remained together they might have worked in social services in the world as a couple – Aquarius with its larger view of humanity and the wider world, she with Virgo’s nurturing care of people’s practical needs.

Yes, intimate relationships pose huge challenges for this blend and even though there may be devotion and kind-heartedness, overt shows of emotion are unwelcome or disconcerting. There’s a certain naive quality to love for this blend for even though the affections may be sincere, there can be a bumbling what-next flavor involved.

Devotion to ideals and a willingness to do what needs to be done are strengths with this combo though nit-picking and over-criticism interferes with relationship harmony. Now Virgo is the sign of The Critic, yes, but Aquarius can be ‘up in his head’ and taking himself too seriously which also interferes with a young wife’s and child’s needs.

All in all, it sounds to me as if the short partnership of the Obamas would have functioned better as a working relationship with similar intellectual pursuits, or as a friendship rather than as a marriage.

Images for Integration: A psychiatrist makes an accurate analysis of a neurotic’s symptoms and then works patiently, devotedly, consistently to facilitate the patient’s return to health…Aliens extract human genes to breed and rebuild the human race on a planet of superior design. (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles & Suzy Harvey.)

Zeeks! The 2nd Image sounds rather creepy to me especially considering all the questions some folks have concerning the true origins of President Barack Obama!

For more clues let’s look at the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Series the Obamas’ wedding fell into, the 17 New North…paraphrasing Brady’s Predictive Astrology: ‘impulsive energy brought to events; financial and relationship issues; hectic socializing; passionate and exciting energy concerned with having fun’.

Hawaii! ;p


The 17NN Series last manifested on Oct 12, 1996 @ ’20 Libra’; next occurrence will be on Oct 23, 2014 @ ‘1 Scorpio.’ See this blog’s sidebar of alphabetized Pages for more Wedding Day Astrology Reports.


Written by Jude Cowell

July 8, 2010 at 9:42 pm

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