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International bankers enabling Nazis

As I flitted around Twitter just now I ran across a blog that is new to me called American’s Journey.

One recent post stands out for its analysis of the circuitous subject of international bankers and their Nazi enablings which you may wish to check out especially if you have history interests or simply want our current crop of warmongering thieves to melt into the Hades from which they came.

Dots are connected between WWI, WWII, and the current mess they’ve engineered for the planet using their bogus, cruel anti-society ‘destroy in order to save’ mentality.

Written by Jude Cowell

February 13, 2010 at 2:36 am

Fascist Coup in Progress: don’t look away, America

One of my favorite reporters, Larisa Alexandrovna, has an article at Huffington Post exposing the financial crisis, or market ‘meltdown’ if you prefer, as the fascist take-over that it is:


We-the-People may have only until Friday, Sept 26, to make our displeasure known concerning the ‘corporatism + state = fascism’ turn our nation has been led into before Congress acts on these plans that will forever transform America. Bush’s changes to date have set the stage, and the coup is almost complete.

You know, this plan of the global elite may actually explain the void-of-course Moon of Jan 20, 2009.

At noon on that day, when the expected Inaugural Oath should be taken, the Moon’s VOC status would indicate plans which one had no intention of fulfilling (or: events proceeding without interference – but that’s not necessarily what I’m thinking here based on the conditions mentioned in Alexandrovna’s article. But it could be some combination of both.)

So if you, like many others, have a “bad feeling” about what Washington pocket-liners are about to perpetrate upon us, please read the above-linked article and do what you can. Crimes have been committed by the powerful, and above all — 

Don’t look away! Czar Paulson is knocking at the door.


Bloomberg has an article on how Hank Paulson designed this plan for unchecked power with courts being barred from reviewing their actions…aka, fascism:


Sept 21 Update 3:55 am edt: look what I found: confirmation that Hank Paulson works for the devil – and posted on April 1, 2008 (written March 31):


McCain’s Moon/Pluto opposition (uh oh)

Powerful Propaganda! talk about deep, passionate emotions, a demanding personality, and primal rage comin’ atcha, it’s John McCain, m’am, self-effacing hero from your youth.

John McCain was born when the mother archetype in an Astrology chart, the Moon, was opposing Pluto, planet of Psychology, coping ability, betrayal issues, and hidden things. At this time, America was having her Pluto Half-Return so things were Plutonian and atomic–infused with death, manipulations, propaganda, the occult….you get the picture: 1936.

It’s worthwhile remembering that McCain was born into the 10 South Solar Eclipse Series (10S) which will repeat on August 1, 2008 (9Leo32.) Therefore, similar issues may resurface (as the supernal light of an Eclipse may reveal) from the year 1936. Life is a series of lessons and this is our chance to manage things better this time around. Otherwise it’s blind leading blind within an endless round of revenge and heads bashing against brick walls.

The 10S Series offers one the opportunity to break out of a very negative situation where no hope can be seen to better options and then…voila! Solutions turn up compliments of guidance from the Cosmos!

Wish it could be used to redirect our occupying yet brave troops from Middle East regions. “Regrouping forces to plan–and fight–anew” is not cowardice, it’s strategy based on realism. The I Ching has know it for centuries, tunnel-loving criminals know it in practice, yet the US military is blind as a bat on the subject preferring to maintain a posture of infallibility which–surprise!–fell away with the Emperor’s Clothes.

Besides being the PE of the NYSE, Condi Rice, Jules Verne, and explorer Merriwether Lewis (who commmited suicide because accounts came due and he was in arrears), this Eclipse degree is conjunct the Natal Mercuries of: Bush, Gonzales, and the GOP. Apparently the Lone Ranger is riding Roy Rogers’ Trigger and all are on their way to Seal the deal–is history looping? See the lasso mentioned just below.

You recently heard McCain say that he’s “not ready to go to war with Iran” which is a fine thing for a potential US prez to say…ye olde “all options on the table” as it were. Or under the table which may work better in the short run for most situations. It’s a known fact: bullies must talk tough no matter their hub of influence, mustn’t they? The Gorillas of Government have pontificated.

~:The Power of Pluto:

Just prior to or during America’s Pluto/Pluto opposition, when secret hand fought secret claw’n’hoof, transit Pluto had to have conjoined US natal Mercury Rx “25Cancer”…”A leader of men wrapped in an invisible mantle of power.”

Well, yuh! It is my belief that this Sabain Symbol for America’s Mercury (thinking; planning; thought processes; young people; the scribe; the orator; the author, writer, communicator, teacher; trade and commerce, a trickster element, etc) may well represent the Mystery Man on his gallant horse who is said to have appeared one night, legend tells, and met with Thomas Jefferson around midnight in order to supply what turned out to be the perfect design for our Masonic nation’s Great Seal.

~:More Founding Father lore, or: how many libations had been passed around, did you say?:

Jefferson, Franklin and others had been wrestling with what to do/what to do, and understanding the massive value of a good icon whose overt and obvert meanings had to be represented in an obscured way, they messily tumbled about until the Mystery Man romantically rode up from the darkness (one of the domains of Pluto, darkness is.)

In the US chart (July 4, 1776) Pluto is unaspected and thus on a separate circuit of activity and connection, and it is well known that secret societies such as the Freemasons and Weishaupt’s Illuminati were directing the set-up hereabouts. (Haggers’ ‘The Secret History of the West.’)

This Pluto of Hades fame has quite a resume: abductor, rapist, plunderer, spy, investigator, miner, plumber, saboteur, assassin…in a word, Dragon. And the writhing Dragon is also signified by the Nodal Axis–North and South Nodes of the Moon.  John McCain was born when the North end of the Nodal Axis, the Dragon’s head, was pointing toward 1Cap+ which is, synchronistically, where Pluto of the Invisible Helmet, is now visiting just in time for the US election-selection and the Jan 2009 Inauguration of what may be, if we don’t stop him, John McCain.

Why am I babbling about this? Because with McCain, we get Pluto/NN = “1Cap” = “An Indian Chief Claims Recognition and Power from the Assembled Tribe.” Uh oh, not again.

This is the “Pluto as Destiny of the Masses” combo. To me, allowing this plutonic energy to take over the Oval Office qualifies as ‘handing ammunition to the enemy’ for the People which the Bush-Cheney crew have managed to do ad nauseum in Iraq and Afghanistan–for profit, one assumes. Why create societal chaos if you can’t then exploit it for selfish interests?

Lynda Hill’s book, ‘360 Degrees of Wisdom,’ which gives modern interpretations for each Symbol, has this Caution for “1Cap”, the hook-up degree of secret hand Pluto and McCain’s NN, a place of associations and unions…’powerful connections; destiny of the masses.’ (Ebertin.)

“Caution: power tripping and struggles; overinflated views of oneself; the continual need to quieten power battles; being challenged by those left and right; demanding attention and that others follow orders; taking over; selfish and ego-driven; too many chiefs.” (Lynda Hill.)

Sounds totally diverting from the People’s Business, doesn’t it? And ‘common good’ need not apply, it seems.

The quickest way to scare up an enemy for confrontation purposes is to BE an enemy. McCain will do nicely at this as did plucky streetfighter, W.  As long as it takes to create the world revolution so that total control–including from space–may be triggered and implemented, and you know that they’ll spare no pains, esp if it’s yours and mine.

A new world? Family is to be replaced by State…but the Collective has sashayed down this path many times before…the 30s and 40s being one of our deepest imprints. Atomic Pluto was discovered in 1930, of course, and now, in the New Millennium, they’ve cheekily tried to hide Mr. Permanent Transformation from view by deleting his ‘planet’ status as if America’s Pluto Return upcoming won’t be noticed by astrologers–fat chance!

John McCain, born in 1936, is a reminder of those totalitarian times, and his Moon/Pluto opposition shows very deep scars that have never healed and affect him on the emotional and physical sides bwo his Moon. His past (Moon) Hanoi Hilton stay with its torture and death threats (Pluto) is a manifestation of this extreme force and brutality, and going to fight in Vietnam was a good way to confront it within himself and externally.

Sadly, it’s not the kind of energy or experience one ever completely leaves behind.

Did I hear you say….finger on The Button?

Yes, consolidation of power shall go on with a McCain presidency so if you’re leaning toward voting for him, I have to ask you this: why more of same? especially with a hotheaded, megalomaniacal maverick with tyranting tendencies and a naked need to lead us off the cliff of sanity into the valley of death’s abyss…are you that self-destructive, too?


note: Planning to publish America’s ‘Arsenal of Democracy’ chart asap so stay tuned for that–it’s when the US became cop o’the world…I say ‘asap’ because my pc is behaving poorly, thanks. And now it’s time for a brief word to my ISP: some folk have no option other than dial-up so quit bedeviling me…I can’t upgrade (which never works out well anyway. In fact, you suck. You didn’t used to, but now you do. And I’ve grown weary of making excuses for you, you may as well know.)



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