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Inauguration 2009’s horoscope

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 Jan 20 2009 noon est DC

Update Jan 20, 2009: TV is reporting that the actual time scheduled for the Oath-taking is 11:56 am est. Bush’s term officially ends at noon.

This changes Moon to 29Sco43 (from 29:45) but the main changes it makes are with house cusps:

11:56 am ASC 12Tau40 (from noon’s 14Tau03: “15Tau”…”A Man in a Rakish Silk Hat.”)

“13Tau”…”A Man Handling Baggage”; “14Tau”…”Shellfish Groping and Children Playing.”

Midheaven, the Goal Point of the chart and Inauguration, changes one degree from “27Cap”…”A Mountain Pilgrimage” to 11:56 am’s Mc 25Cap13….”26Cap”…”A Water Sprite.”

All other cusps are one to two degrees earlier than on the noon chart, and with IC (Foundation Point) changed to 25Can13 the US natal Mercury is made closer to the Ic.

Here’s Dane Rudhyar:

US natal Mercury Rx “25Can”…”A Will-full Man Is Overshadowed by a Descent of Superior Power”…Keynote: The response of spiritual forces to the integration of personality through positive will-full endeavors”…ENDOWMENT…

We are dealing here with a man who uses his will and positive imagination in facing life’s problems. To him comes a pentecostal descent of power. He receives the “mantle of power,” the grace (‘baraka’ in Sufi philosophy) or the Providential assisstance which can make him a true leader in his culture.

Baraka Barack!

Original post begins here:

January 20, 2009; noon EST; Capitol Building, Washington,  DC  USA–Oath of Office for US Presidency:

Pluto/Chiron = Midheaven.

You see, with Astrology to spell things out, we don’t have to be fooled–control bwo plutocracy IS the Goal. This is not, nor has it ever been, a cakewalk. It’s a world coup.

*Scorpio Moon (the People or populace; the public; women; publicity) is at the “A Halloween jester” degree which Dane Rudhyar gives as:

“Children in Halloween Costumes Indulge in Various Pranks”..

Keynote: The periodic outlets society furnishes within traditional limits to still-immature energies.

…we see individuals beginning to be involved in the collective life of a large city….Wherever this symbol is found, the need foir such outlets is shown to exist. But the rules of the game have to be followed.”

Rudhyar goes on to say that “in any feeling experience of collective living and interhuman relationships one has to deal with unregenerated and centrifugal elements. These should be carefully managed. They can also be controlled by the power of the mind–the Sagittarian way. This symbol points to an imaginative RELIEF FROM TENSION. (‘An Astrological Mandala’ by Dane Rudhyar.)

Vote rigging? Young voters out in force? Female voters making the difference? It’ll take a landslide large enough not be kept hidden. Legal snafus are possible as well, and we’ve certainly seen them before. And we’ve got the hyper-worldly, easy to disrupt D and R Conventions to get through first!

And yet for this particular Inauguration, Moon is in an obsessive-compulsive Quindecile aspect (165 degr) with the Ascendant (ASC) which is the office of president itself. (Nowadays the ASC is often at 14Tau+ as you see in the chart–up from 13Tau+ initially. This was changed during FDR’s “watch” when Mar 4, 1933 next became Jan 20, 1937 for taking the Oath of Office.)

Moon QD ASC = emotional dependency upon others; driven to have one’s feelings and emotions seen and acknowledged by others; unpredictable and moody; emotional convictions are prominent.

Pass the sans lotion Puffs, I’m tearing up!

Sounds to me as if the electorate, aka the unwashed masses, will be having fits of the rolling vapors on Jan 20, especially with Barack Obama’s natal Jupiter conjoined with Sun and Mercury Rx for the Inaugural ceremony. (Well, the Public ceremony anyway. Wouldn’t this reluctant astrologer love to know the date, time, and place of the Secret oath?)

You’ll remember that Obama’s Jupiter Return occurs Jan 9, 2009 so we’ll see how his Jupiter Reward Cycle benefits him. (Every 12 years give or take a month or so–we all have them.)

Still McCain’s natal Moon/Pluto opposition is in the mix for Jan 20, 2009  with his natal Moon in ambitious Capricorn at Mc (with US n Pluto) and his natal Pluto in Cancer at its base. Moon/Pluto links such as McCain’s give an ability to sway the masses through emotional appeals.

So as you see in the chart, Jupiter is at 3AQ+ AND I may tell you that Jupiter, the rich man/Republican/professor/confessor, is conjunct a personal name asteroid…and funny, but it’s name is ‘Bill.’

Richardson? Clinton? Kristol? Hello? Who’s there? We shall have to see and when we know, we’ll know, won’t we?

*The 2009 Inaugural Moon conjuncts the natal PLUTO of Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian sect of the Illuminati, a group which directs more in the world than is admitted or usually known…and is possibly responsible for the esoteric design of America’s Great Seal–you see these things on the US dollar bill with its eye of Horus at top of the 13 stepped pyramid, and in the other Scorpionic, wiccan symbols on our “greenbacks” which the much-touted FDR traded for America’s gold and defrauded the American people out of $3 billion while doing it…”New Deal”…is it part of the New World Order agenda, m’peops? Seems the “new New Deal” is.

In 1929, the mysterious “they” created the crash, then “fixed” it just as they’ve done with the subprime housing market crash 2007/08–and who do we see profiting once again? The power hierarchy which includes, of course, the world banking system.

As “The Halloween Jester” returns on Jan 20, 2009, we know that Moon/Pluto contacts give an “exaggerated new plans; zeal and intensity of self-application” flavor, and in addition, here’s an interesting tidbit to be noted…

Jan 20, 2009 ‘happens’ to be the upcoming Jupiter Return of…adept and Satan worhipper, Adam Weishaupt.


Written by Jude Cowell

April 11, 2008 at 6:48 pm

4 Responses

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  1. Forgot to add to the above that there was a bomb explosion on Wall Street in 1920, killing some 30 people, injuring about 100 more, and doing damaging totaling about $2,000,000. It’s been a different kind of explosion – so far – under the current Sat-Vir/Uran-Pisc opp, but it’s certainly persuasive that history is repeating itself on Wall Street, may do so re this presidential election/term of office.



    September 29, 2008 at 3:27 am

  2. Jude, look forward to more from you re Election/Inauguration. The stock market scandal, which happened so fast yet took long to develop, certainly fits the Sat/Uran opp. Wonder if that has a connection to the explosiveness of the Election Day chart. What’s interesting to me is that both parties’ candidates as well as H. Clinton are affected big time by the aspects of Election Day. You may recall that Super Tuesday – I think; California went with Clinton in a big way rather surprisingly on the day I’m thinking of – involved the moon changing from Cap to Aqu during the voting.. Certainly for astrologers, this election will be one for the books.

    No, I don’t have a blog – just not my thing. But you have my email if you have questions/comments after your brain recovers . . . congrats to the wedding couple!



    September 26, 2008 at 1:00 am

  3. Hi Patti, great insights, thanks!

    The VOC Inaugural Moon ’09 is worrisome all right -good for things you don’t want to work out OR for things proceeding without interference (as on 9/11/01) – and i’ve wondered for some time how its link to Biden’s Sco planets would work out.

    And Jan 20 2009’s resonance with 1920 isn’t comforting either, is it?

    Neither is the McCain/Palin: ‘change is coming’ prediction. It all adds up to paranoia continuing and I’ve said previously more than I like about possible danger to one candidate in particular…the Sat/Uranus opposition affects Obama’s n Mars.

    (Hope my fretting is baseless – sometimes one prefers to be wrong.)

    It’s time for me to get back with candidates’ charts and the Nov 4 and Inaugural charts so I’ll take a peek in a little while. If I can add anything, I’ll comment here or perhaps write a wee post, if not this evening, perhaps Monday…family wedding time is sneaking up on me so my time isn’t going to be as free as usual until Oct – although next up is seeing Craig Ferguson in person next Friday – yayy!

    TV’s Craig really gave America what-for last week about why more of us don’t vote – and as a newly minted American citizen he invited us all to join him in the DUTY of voting Nov 4!

    Patti, do you have a blog/site link to leave? If not, you should! Or do I have it already? (Weddings addle my brain!) jude



    September 14, 2008 at 10:08 pm

  4. Jude, what do you make of the transit of the Moon in Scorpio over Biden’s stellium in the sign that morning which includes a transiting new moon for him? The moon at the scheduled time for the Oath to be taken by the incoming President is about as void of course as a moon can be. Given the explosive aspects of Election Day, I have to wonder what new undertaking is in store for Biden re the lunar transit of Inauguration Day. Does the VP become President? If so, does Scorpio Hillary Clinton become his VP?

    History is repeating itself astrologically for the 2008 election in that the election of 1920 , a turbulent year in general, was during the transit of Saturn in Virgo with Uranus in Pisces. The electorate, fed up with Democrat Woodrow Wilson, chose Warren G. Harding. It was the first presidential election in which women were permitted to vote, and Harding (who had a mistress, I’ve heard a presidential historian make note) was a supporter of women’s suffrage; but his business ethic was harsh on the poor, working, and middle class. His wife, who was ambitious for her husband, nonetheless predicted tragedy for his term. Harding would suddenly fall ill and die during his third year in office while travelling with his wife on a train out West. Had he lived, he was facing the consequences of an administration riddled with scandal, especially the Teapot Dome scandal. Election Day’s aspect certainly fit the bill for scandal.

    I think the last opposition of Saturn in Virgo to Uranus in Pisces during this administration is near the middle of 2010. All may not be said and done re the issue of change both candidates are now embracing with the changing of faces scheduled to begin taking place at high noon, January 20. What loops might you anticipate being thrown?



    September 14, 2008 at 9:28 pm

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