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2009’s two Solar Eclipses: 11 North/11 South (Jan–July)

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2009\'s Solar Ecls Jan--July 11N/11S This posting of our upcoming Solar Eclipses for 2009–Jan 26 and July 21 (not ‘July 22’ in edt, DC!)–is pictured here in thumbnail for enlarging at your command.

Lower left is a map of the first celestial event which falls within the 11 North (11N) Series, Jan 26, 2:55:12 am, Washington DC time (est) so perhaps it may herald the White House’s propagandized “3 am call” (on the Batphone) which we’ve heard so much about.

I semi-jest, yet the Jan Eclipse does manifest a mere 6 days after Inauguration Day 2009, and 2 weeks after Barack Obama’s Jupiter Return, with his natal Jupiter conjunct US Inaugural Sun (the leader)–and on Jan 20, 2009, Obama’s Jupiter conjoins Inaugural Mercury as well (00AQ–2AQ.)

11N and 11S Eclipses last occurred in 1991–on Jan 15 and July 11 respectively–26Cap and 19 Cancer. Soon to publish a book on world crime syndicates (with direct focus on promis software for financial spying and thefts worldwide) writer Danny Casolaro was murdered during the 11S season…you’ll see the difficult influence of this Series just below.

You see, 19 Cancer is the natal position of Casolaro’s Mercury, planet of writing and telling the news. This degree seems prominent in many of the injurious types of charts I study whether of violence, assassinations, accidents, etc, and though it is tropically in the sign of the Crab, the perfidy and loss seem to come from amongst the mercurial stars of the Gemini constellation where brothers Castor and Pollux hold sway.

Both the Twins infuse creativity and the spark of understanding when flavoring a chart, yet one from a right-handed way, the other in a more shadowy way. Shadows came out of the woodwork for Danny Casolaro who trusted the wrong people the weekend of his assassination, the time of a New Moon at 17Leo+.

Castor gives a keen intellect and is considered the lighter of the two. Many famous writers have had both or either of these ‘writers’ stars’ prominent in their charts, as did Casolaro, but he had been digging too deeply into the crevasses of the dragon’s lair…he termed these hidden wheeler dealers, the Octopus. Perhaps you’ve heard of the creature’s tentacles?

All that to say this: an eclipse from the same Series occurs on July 22, 2009 (July 21 in Washington DC at 10:34:32 pm edt) and here’s how Bernadette Brady describes it in her ‘Predictive Astrology’…and it isn’t pretty:

the need for sudden reforms as old methods or ideas fail and new systems are required to deal with events; new ways of handling issues may mean that any blocks could be violently or tragically removed.

Now Casolaro was blocked by a poorly staged suicide with his papers mysteriously disappearing after.

In 2009, it sounds like a new president with a lot in his trough to manage and old methods have certainly grown old with the populace, haven’t they? But will there be improvements, or more underhanded means artfully rationalized to do the job?

But First!

The Jan 26 Solar Eclipse of 2009 from the 11N Series is gentle by comparison to the 11S…

11N speaks of people who wish to switch groups with which they mix either through travel, ideas, or both. The separations implied are wont to bring positive results as someone decides to make greater commitments in relationship.

Oath of Office? Being initiated into a secret society that guides the presidency of the United States? Both and then some?

(But you can see why I’ve called this manifestation of the 11N Series ‘the New President Eclipse.’)

With those queries, it’s time for me to mosey for the evening, Lone Reader. I expect to add details on this Page as the rest of the 2008 campaign season grinds forward through the debris of politics, and careening inexorably toward a more perfect union of common good considerations and concerns of the American people who need to mix with a better crowd of Washington politicians than the last several years have bestowed upon us by hook’n’crook.

Plenty of crooks we got, but hooks to retire them must come in part from our grown-dingy White House of tarnished and distrusted secret government fame.

See NASA details on 2009’s Eclipses – dates, times, and paths of totality and visibility here:


Update July 10, 2009: it’s almost time for the Eclipse of July 21, 2009 and I’ve not really added much on the Page, but other posts are available so if you search for ‘Eclipses’ you should land all right.

So far, reputed ‘hackers’ have infiltrated computer systems in the US – a little something we like to call ‘the Treasury Department’ and who knows what else, and systems in South Korea (possibly elsewhere, too.)

July 2009 news reports say that the cyber-attacks began on July 5, but after studying charts of the time frame, it looks to me as if they began in the US on July 4, a symbolic date that makes some sense in the dark humor category.

Further studies indicate the possibility that women may be involved, and a community of some sort held together by friendship and shared philosophy. jc


Written by Jude Cowell

June 2, 2008 at 1:41 am

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