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McCain’s Secondary Progressions: 4.9.08

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John McCain Sec Prog\'d  04.09.08

John McCain’s Secondary Progressed chart set for Capitol Building, DC, April 9, 2008 since he was recently sighted on Committee.

Based on our Natal Charts, our Secondary Progressed Chart (Sec) are calculated based on the Scriptural day-for-a-year method of looking ahead in one’s life.

Secondary Progressions–I call them Secondaries, abbreviated to ‘Sec’ or ‘Secs’ primarily because I sometimes use ‘Minor’ and ‘Tertiary’ Progressions as well–that’s my shorthand for Minor Progressions and Tertiary Progressons–Minor/s and Tert/s.

Minors represent the mental/causal plane; Terts the emotional/intuitive/spiritual plane; Secs are the Physical plane as stated by astrologer Robert Blaschke’s book on Progressions with their 27:!3:1 ratio. Leave a Comment if you want the smidge of info I have on the subject and I’ll type stuff in.

Bernadette Brady has described Progressions as “specializing in making the personal the universal.” (‘Predictive Astrology’ p. 100; paperback.)

They relate to downloading both bwo heredity, and at birth and going forward.

Yes, there is romance in McCain’s Sec chart, along with tremendously powerful connections and career ambitions.

Progressing his Natal chart while keeping its natal location (Coco Solo Airbase, Panama Canal) or relocating the Sec chart to Washington, DC, keeps this powerful midpoint picture…

Uranus/ASC = Pluto: commanding success; use of force; desire to obtain success even under the most difficult circumstances.

When the Uranus/ASC midpoint is triggered there could easily be a geographic relocation, and you know that Pluto is the power-behind-the-throne, among other forceful things. A move into the White House would be the pinnacle of most any situation, but does McCain have enough steam to reach the station?

As for the chart’s threesome, the combination of Mars/Neptune on its own may indicate several things–all, some, or none of the below:

Inspiration; imagination made applicable; personal magnetism; going where the grass seems greener; losing focus; weakness; irritability; misdirected powers and capabilities (also in a criminal sense–Ebertin); having many plans; susceptibility to infection.

Quite problematic possibilities for Mars/Neptune.

Then there’re the basic ‘activity paralyzed,’ ‘deceptive male’ or ‘inspired actions’ for Neptune’s influencing Mars. For Mars influencing Neptune: ‘active expression of ideals’ or ‘innoculation of drugs’ come to mind. No reflection intended concerning John McCain–unless there’s been a Vietnam/CIA drug ring connection somewhere in his past. But hey–who hasn’t, right?  (Finally watched ‘American Gangster’–can you tell?)

The Sec chart also telling us how we’re progressing (assuming that we are) in an evolutionary way by describing our inner landscapes which hopefully prepare us for external events that come along.  We may actually attract them from this level as in the concepts of karma, or reaping what was sown.

As a man thinks, so he becomes, says Scripture.

So, the Minor chart can give us such ‘thought’ details since it reveals psychological processes and ideas as they rise to consciousness to be made manifest (or at least an attempt may be made to accomplish the imagined genius) OR it shows thoughts which should be tamped down if one is to act in one’s true self-interest and/or in the interests of others.

And one may simply choose not to act on a thought, or feel too lazy to do so. Or decide it’s a bad idea or that it needs more consideration for acting upn later.

External events are shown more clearly by:

Transits, which are the current angular relationships between where planets are located in the zodiac now, yesterday, when-as-they-say-Ever…and on a particular level, Solar Arc Directions, another progression method with an external flavor and based on the Natal chart. In this method, all the planets and points in the Natal chart are moved forward by the same amount–only zodiacal signs change.

To calculate and view all the techniques one must consider when one’s evaluation is on the line is a time-consuming task of many hours. Some shorthand is necessary, some essentials must be depended on.

With these Pages–the ease of which I appreciate very much, WordPress, good show!–the phrase “to be cont’d…” is being too often employed by the author, and I’m satisfied that if all tech difficulties were equal in this unfair world, a silver lining would soon appear.

~~;~You Did Say, John McCain, Didn’t You?~~:~

Now the image you see before you is the Sec chart for Senator John McCain, set for the Capitol Building (since he elbowed his way in for a bit of a sound bite op a la Petraeus. My choice of April 9, 2008, is the time is when I suddenly thought to generate the chart for our nosy viewing. But so it goes when you aspire to be in and stay in the public eye. There ya go.

The threesome of planets in 9th house near the Midheaven or Career Point of the chart, is a line-up indicating a lay-day, pehaps from political activity or organisations. This is a Virgoan lady, Moon 22Vir14, and if you peek at the chart you see that…

Mars/Neptune = Moon: indecision; emotional sensitivity; feeling off-course or inferior; nervous weakness; weak, ill, or moody women; the danger of infection; crooks.

Crooks. As in, “I am NOT a crook”? That kinda crook?

And there at Sec MC (the Goal; Career or Public Status) is a critical 29th degree of Virgo with America’s natal MC 00Lib+ about to be pounced upon by Senator McCain (‘pounced’ ya might say.) This puts the Aries Point at the IC, or Foundation of the chart. These are aka World Points where globe-affecting things tend to occur.

As you may already know, I’m concerned with McCain’s natal Moon/Pluto opposition being on the USA”s Pluto axis 27Can/27Cap degrees. He has many ways of speaking to the public emotionally, but we may as well call it emotional manipulation on a massive and collective (Pluto) scale so obviously and understandably enhanced by his Hanoi captivity.

It’s more of that propaganda catapultin’ as Bush unconsciously admitted once. And it always seemed to me that his handlers and rehearsers had just as soon he not have spilled those particular and queerly spotted beans.

Please enlarge the chart if you must, and direct your attention to the lower right corner…asteroid Pandora is at “11Aries”…”The President of the country.”

The negative inference of this word picture or Sabian Symbol is ‘military government.’

Military Government.

Is that what Americans want to live under? ‘More’ under, I should say. And if you don’t see the trend, I don’t know if there’s any help for ya. None at all.

Besides, Hope (that one little ray of it remaining in the corner of Pandora’s Box of unintended consequences) is already what’s left for the common good’s gruel bowl…it’s all we have now. Will another warmonger in the White House bring us more if we want it? Be careful what you ask for, my America.

Yes it’s true!

The attacks of 9/11/01 weren’t “out-of-the-blue” but payback from one oil/crime syndicate to another. Blowback, payback, wrong track…THIS is the world under so-called neocons, this is emotional manipulation of a great many people. Quick! Orwell needs a good pillow fluffing while he’s up.

Therefore, never do I forget the Symbol for George Bush’s natal Ascendant, “8Leo”…”A bolshevik propagandist.” The ASC is his nibs himself, the WHAT? Point of any chart, the boobullah himself, being what he is.

Our political charades play on as history repeats with various flavors because cycles are never quite the same. But even the puppetmasters, their shills, and witty and witless enablers are subject to the tick of the universal clock–and that’s the sort of unique information which only Astrology can bring to the Know Thyself table…the Time Factor.

…which leads us back to Progressions = a *day-for-a-year.

to be cont’d…


*day-for-a-year: if you were born when the Sun was at the 00Aries point and you’re 20 years old, your Secondary Progressed Sun’s degree is now approximately 20Aries. In about 10 years, your Sec Sun will reach 00Taurus and you will become more conscious of your earthy Taurean nature because everyone has all the zodiacal signs which iincludes their archetypes–or myths–in his/her psyches. Ex; Taurus the Bull, Aries the Ram, Gemini the Twins, etc.

The ‘new’ degrees formed when the Natal chart is progressed–by whatever method–may then be examined in light of such things as Sabian Symbols, new aspects created, chart angles crossed, midpoint pictures triggered, etc. That’s a midpoint picture formed above for McCain with the fastest-moving trigger of all right in the middle of Mars and Neptune…Secondary Moon.

Which is why i thought you might like to know in case McCain has a new relationship coming to light, or a lady in his life becomes ill or impaired in some way.

Certainly not wishing it–just letting you, The Buyer in November, know.

~;~ My dratty pc problems continue but seem to have abated a bit now. We’ll see if this little entry publishes, for tech savvy I am not. I am NOT a techie. Say it loud, say it proud and you can not be one, too.


Written by Jude Cowell

April 10, 2008 at 12:09 am

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