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Thousands march in London against war in Afghanistan

Yes, in a peaceful show of solidarity of purpose, Thousands March in London in protest against the war in Afghanistan, a country well known to be “the graveyard of empires.”

Once again, today’s Europeans show several generations of Americans that lounging about on the sofa watching TV commercials simply won’t suffice in today’s political atmosphere!

Of course, millions of protesters the world over have marched against the Bush-Cheney administration’s illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and the Republicans (and enabling Democrats) successfully ignored our massive opposition to their global domination plans.

Guess it’s obvious that there’s a higher authority whose Vulcan voice the White House listens to, and it definitely does not belong to we-the-people.


George Bush has ‘self-awareness of a bison’

With former cheerleader and bullhorn handler George W. Bush appearing everywhere these days to promote his rewrite-history book, there are some folk who feel sorry for his dim-wittedness and lack of self-awareness.

Matthew Norman’s How Did This Wastrel Ever Find His Way to the White House? has an interesting point of view.

My own p.o.v. on Dubya is not as generous since Bush, a cog in the Bush Dynastry syndicate, was installed in the White House by a complicit Supreme Court and served at the behest and enabling of the global power elite who used him for 8 years as a “propaganda catapulter”, as Bush described himself while in office.

If he hadn’t pleased them by making ‘decisions’ with few, if any, known facts and by his actions, he would have somehow been de-presidented with a newer, more accomodating model put in place.

In his interview with Matt Lauer, I did hear Bush admit to remembering that the financial crash and TARP both occurred under his watch. I see Financial Collapse 2008 as a crescendo at the end of the Bush Years of Wastrelhood, don’t you?

Recalling the beautiful mind of Barbara Bush

“But why should we hear about body bags, and deaths, and how many, what day it’s gonna happen, and how many this or what do you suppose? Or, I mean, it’s, it’s not relevant. So, why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?”

Barbara Bush on ABC’s Good Morning America, March 18, 2003

Mmmm…let me guess: because your husband and son helped fill so many of those body bags? Because you’re a human being and part of the human race? Because you are your brother’s keeper?

Or, because normal people tend to have consciences?

“Beautiful mind” or “pretty mind,” it’s difficult for me to see how such a cold attitude could ever be considered attractive by anyone!

And it couldn’t be true, of course (evidence notwithstanding) that Barbara Bush’s father is actually a certain scandalous personage…could it? A Mysterious Someone who would have passed down DNA that could make her haughtiness more…understandable, even as it stinks up the place?


This famous quote brought to you by Information Clearing House.

Sibel Edmonds: US used Bin Laden up to 9.11.01

Having just found that whistleblower Sibel Edmonds is speaking out on the Bin Laden-US relationship and 9/11, I’m still clicking links, reading, and investigating it myself.

But I thought that you should have a chance to do the same, in case you haven’t heard of the recent revelations from Ms. Edmonds whose gag order must be treated gingerly.

Well, a cozy US-Bin Laden relationship would explain why Bush called off the hounds at Tora Bora in Dec 2001 when our trackers were ~thisclose~ to nabbing the tall, gaunt so-in-so.

Even at the time, I felt as if Bush never wanted to catch him. It seemed quite clear actually.

And do you remember my confession that at 1:00 pm edt on 9/11/01 I took a break from Astrology charts long enough to ask the Tarot: Who did this?

And the answer? “Ask the Sphinx.”

Which is, in itself, a very sphinx-like answer, is it not? But you know which Middle Eastern country came to mind, don’t you now?

I knew it was You, Bush

Remember in March 2004 the ‘thuggish’ strong-arming that occurred at the hospital bedside of then-Attorney-General John Ashcroft to get him to authorize the government’s illegal activities?

It was ordered by – gasp! – George Bush during his War Of Terror regime.

Written by Jude Cowell

July 10, 2009 at 10:14 pm

Remembering Alexander Litvinenko

In 2007, not long after I posted quite a few entries concerning the November 2006 poisoning of Russian spy and defector Alexander Litvinenko, my articles became invisible to the general public on my Political Astrology blog even though the posts were set for Public Viewing.

Later on, when I realized the extent of the mysteriously invisible posts which were still not displaying, I published a shout-out with a Links List to the missing articles and I hereby do so again in memory of a man who, though imperfect, didn’t deserve such a miserable end by an assassin’s hand – or by a president’s order.

Note: some of the posts do include my astrological comments and anaylisis but not to fret – they’re written in English.

FEMA videographer on 9/11 speaks out

FEMA’s videographer at Ground Zero on Sept 11, 2001 and for a month afterwards, Kurt Sonnenfeld, has written a book and is living in exile since 2003 with his wife and family.

Questions linger about the attacks of 9/11 and it’s important to consider that the 911 Commission was a white-wash of events and of the culprits’ true identities and motives.

Mr. Sonnenfeld was one of very few people allowed into the rubble of buildings in 2001 and has his video tapes showing certain anomalies with him. Yes, his home, his computer, and other files were ransacked and confiscated by US authorities years ago, but he asserts that he has the tapes and is ready to share them with experts.

The Astrology of 9/11/01’s attacks has long informed me of the dubious nature of the official story, and they very possibly qualify as a ‘false flag op’ – so I have linked here previously to VP Cheney’s progressed chart set for the morning of the attacks which primarily concerns Cheney’s Pluto/Chiron midpoint at Midheaven, the Goal Point of any chart.

So on behalf of my much-loved and native America I must echo one of the statements of 9/11’s video eye-witness Sonnenfeld in his above-linked interview, “Things are not what they seem.”

Elizabeth de la Vega on Prosecuting Torture

You won’t want to miss Robert Ellman’s interview with former federal prosecutor Elizabeth de la Vega who favors public inquiry over President Obama’s appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the Bush administration’s secret and not-so-secret torture policies.

What’s the hurry? Ms. de la Vega points out that the statutory clock didn’t start ticking in 2002 but on Jan 20, 2008, noon edt.

This makes me wonder if those who insist on rushing into an investigation by special prosecutor are more interested in a cover-up than in full accountability for the Bush administration.

Please answer this poll, if you will:

USA’s Tax Day 2009: Mars conjunct Uranus

This year, America’s Tax Day (or as I usually think of it unfondly: ‘IRS Day’) is marked astrologically by a conjunction of Mars and Uranus, whose combined energies are given by *Ebertin as:

‘violent people; fighters for freedom; revolutionaries.’

How synchronistic can ‘As Above, So Below’ be?!

April 15’s Tea Party rallies across our nation are being billed as “a new American revolution.”

The recently formed political organization, the Boston Tea Party (an offshoot of the Libertarian Party) has based its stated platform on Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty. From withdrawal of ALL US troops from all nations, immediate ending of warrantless surveillance, searches and seizures, ending of deficit-ballooning government spending including Mr. Obama’s stimulus plan and the Bush-Paulson-Obama bailouts, AUDITING of the Federal Reserve Bank, and other such noble ideas, we may be tempted to think that April 15’s Tax Day Tea Party rallies really are only grassroots events. Or at least, we are encouraged to believe it to be so.

Me, I’m not so certain, and believe that this remains to be seen – although it may not be seen, for the ongoing transit of Neptune to America’s natal Moon (we-the-people) is causing all manner of deceit, fraud, dissolution, and confusion within our environment, including personal domestic scenes. Foreclosures and sleeping under bridges are part of this transit as is the movement to undermine American sovereignty.

And that’s not the whole of it, so if you wish to read more, try today’s SO’W post Tax Day Tea Party Astrology, if you like.

Plus, you may wish to refresh your memory concerning the original Boston Tea Party bwo Wikipedia.

I did, and it didn’t hurt a bit.

April 15, 2009 – Mars conj Uranus at 24Pis27 **Sabian Symbol for ’25Pisces’:

‘The Purging of the Priesthood’…


positive expression: revolt against all superficial exaltation of human nature;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: blind bigotry and vindictiveness.

Oh dear! Those who are organizing the Tax Day Tea Party rallies and some who participate may be ‘bigoted’!

Many protesters are emphasizing anti-Obama-administration sentiments, even though the financial heisting and bailouts of summer/autumn 2008 began under the Bush administration.

But Pres. Obama took the financial baton from Bush on Jan 20, 2009 and proceeded to fill his economic team with Clintonites, Goldman-Sachs denizens, and other world bankers – a big fat clue to Mr. Obama’s true allegiances, I fret.

Yet ‘bigoted’ also includes class warfare of the rich vs the lower/middle classes (those dratted unwashed masses) and we know that the top earners in our society are very afraid their tax monies might go to someone who actually needs aid just to survive…perhaps it’s ‘survival of the unfitted’ since being ones brother’s keeper has gone totally out of style with the morally suspect monied class.


* ‘The Combination of Stellar Influences’, a masterful book by Reinhold Ebertin.

** ‘The Sabian Symbols in Astrology’ by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.

Astrology of Karl Rove – Obama adm critic

Is Republican attack dog Karl Rove more vicious now than when he was operating from the White House?

Rove’s unencumbered-by-facts critiques of the Obama administration suit the current occupants of the White House just fine – they play up their differences, to be sure.

But are there astrological factors in his natal chart to account for Mr. Rove’s way of politicking?

Mrs. Rove’s bouncing Christmas gift of a baby boy was born Dec 25, 1950 in Denver, Colorado (time unknown) with Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Cancer for the entire day and night.

This Earth-Water blend gives an innate wisdom to know what’s important and what is not – great for a strategist, but a strategist with a completely subjective view.

The shadow/unconscious side of Earth-Water is materialistic, possessive, has a limited viewpoint, and sees change and challenge as threatening.

(Perhaps the way Rove ‘resigned’ from his White House duties and the constant threat of indictment – if real – has something to do with his current strategy of playing an offensive game – successfully, he hopes. And Rove has been a player in Washington long enough to have ‘the goods’ on them all. Or perhaps he just can’t help himself.)

Sun Cap-Moon Can is a blend that is highly sensitive to the opinions of others (surprised?) and bestows on Mr. Rove strong powers of observation.

(Well, no one has ever accused him of being stupid – I say he’s one-sided and cares nothing for the bigger picture which fairly should include Everyone, not just neocon Zionists.)

An extremely capable manager, this blend is ambitious and conservative yet open to new ideas (as long as they promote the GOP, I’m guessing.)

Loving tradition, Cap-Can is not adverse to new technologies that aid in better doing what it wants to do.

This is a self-reflective personality with an exalted Moon in her own sign of Cancer, and Sun ruled by traditional, status-quo-loving Saturn which gives it a tough vs tender demeanor. Said to be loved by his friends, Mr. Rove is something of a softie inside!

Yet career often takes precedence over the personal side of life and rules the day.

His reflective moments are spent assessing his own goals and needs and the best way of satisfying them – not necessarily a negative thing for anyone to do, but some folk seem to be driven to do it to the point of harming or disenfranchising others, don’t they?

Basically, this blend operates on the theory that much of life is harsh, challenging, and unsentimental and that one must end with real achievements to one’s credit. It thrives on having ‘a mission’ which may be one factor that gives Rove his zealous streak (another being Mars/Chiron = Mercury, with Mars/Chiron being the ‘sacred warrior’ archetype, Mercury = thinking processes; communication style. There is also an out-of-sign conjunction of Sun and Chiron in Sag – a crusader aspect.)

One talent of the Cap-Can combo is an ability to combine hard facts with imagination – and his critical comments on the current administration certainly mix truth with wild fiction to muddy issues (and Earth-Water = mud.)

To me, Rove (and Cheney) seem to be taking the “sour grapes Republicans” thing to greater depths than they’ve ever been taken before.

Now, for the sake of brevity, here are Mr. Rove’s natal aspects to his Sun and Moon based on a Noon chart, Dec 25, 1950, Denver, CO mst:

Sun sextile Jupiter (0A09): the closest applying – defining – aspect to his Sun (Noon or not) which gives him self-confidence, seriousness about life direction, great communication ability, devastating debating skills, intellectual enthusiasm, a quick response to opportunities, and a love of sports.

Sun opposite Uranus (4A11): high-strung, irritable, nervous disposition; fear of competition; undermines the previously mentioned self-confidence; difficulty compromising with others which may hinder plans; lack of recognition of other’s viewpoints which may be just as valid; refuses to be confined yet confines others; needs frequent relaxation.

Sun sesquiquadrate (135 degr) Pluto (1A10): applying, this interlaced square gives extreme awareness and an urge toward dynamic interactions and the promotion of one’s ideas; plus, powerful connections with others.

Sun square Saturn (1S37): early conflicts about self-worth become self-assurance in adulthood; naturally defensive; comes on strong.

There are two squares to natal Moon which indicate a possible T-square between Mercury 17Cap44 Rx opposing Moon, and Neptune 19Lib20…

Moon-Mercury = Neptune: an active imagination; whims and notions; wrong thinking; hypersentience; falsehood; exposure to lies and calumny.

Moon square Neptune: difficulty separating fact from fiction; a highly developed imagination causes confusion when faced with facts; reality is ‘adjusted’ to make it emotionally tolerable; an escapist.

Mercury square Neptune: imagination interferes with logical thinking; fear of responsibility can cause emotional and material problems; supposedly logical arguments can convince the self that an unbearable reality doesn’t exist (Rs lost lost and more lost?); distortion complicates matters so that truth is completely hidden; extreme sensitivity causes superficial problems to become exaggerated; fear of competition (this keeps turning up in his chart) but self-control and developing confidence mitigate the fear; too many interests at once can bring out weakness under pressure.

Plus, Moon opposing both Mercury and Venus causes emotional issues which I won’t go into here except to say that Moon-Venus oppositions tend toward minding other people’s business too much!

Actually I had hoped with the Bush administration’s day passed that I would never have to mention Karl Rove or his natal chart again, but little did I know he’d soon be on TV to pontificate his confusions and diversions to the detriment of the country.

Why, it’s deja-poo all over again!

Now you may wish to check out a real time post I wrote on the occasion of Karl Rove’s last official day in Washington which includes a few notes on his Secondary Progressions and a couple of midpoint pictures from his Minor Progressions (mental plane) for August 31, 2007 – this post contains no edits or updates, just so ya know.


Sources: Sun-Moon info – ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ Charles & Suzi Harvey; ‘Planets in Aspect,’ Robert Pelletier; sesquiquadrate info: ‘The Astrology of Relationship’ by Michael R. Meyer. Many thanks!

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