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Autumn Equinox 2013: Sun Libra-Moon Taurus

Autumn Equinox 2013 and the US Trudge to War with Syria

by Jude Cowell

Summer is gone and Autumn 2013 is almost upon us in the Northern Hemisphere when the Sun ‘clocks in’ at 00Libra00:00 (+00:00 declination) conjunct US natal Midheaven (The Goal) and this year, the Moon is exalted in Venus-ruled Taurus. This cosmic circumstance for Autumn 2013 denotes a prominent Venusian influence since the planet of diplomacy, values, relationships, and the attraction principle rules both Libra and Taurus.

As you know, Taurus is a ‘money sign’ with an underbelly of greed, possessiveness, and intolerance–and Taurus does love its creature comforts, security, and luxuries if it can procure them. Sometimes diplomatic Libra, sign of balance, fairness, and the Scales of Justice, is also a war sign which spotlights what Washington and the Pentagon are determined to do to Syria–bring the Syrian people improvement by bombing, a difficult ‘sell’ these days to a war-weary American public who, thanks to what Trilateral Commission co-founder Zbigniew Brzezinski called in a recent interview a “Global Political Awakening” (see: http://www.storyleak.com/brzezinski-global-political-awakening-making-syrian-war-difficult/ ) is, he says, “making Syrian war difficult” for the US.

As if waging any war or gaining support for bombing innocent populations should be easy. In Syria’s case, the argument seems to be ‘you harmed your own people so we’ll also harm them to show that we don’t like the method you used’, a pathological excuse easily seen through by anyone with a conscience and a brain. Yes, the world agreement that no chemical weapons use is allowed was a great thing while it lasted and yet apparently such weapons are still being manufactured and sold. Hmm…

Well, keeping quixotic Washington in mind, let’s give a general consideration to the conscious-unconscious flavor of Autumn 2013 using the Sun Libra-Moon Taurus combination of the Autumn Equinox horoscope (or, Libra Ingress, if you prefer).

Signs Taurus and Libra are naturally quincunx (inconjunct = 150 degrees) one another so adjustments are needed between them though I don’t expect the public to fully accept our Nobel Peace Prize president’s strike on Syria or to accept that Washington’s Global Cop position with its *misguided actions will be adjusted to in any great degree. Sounds more like one of those ‘agree to disagree’ scenarios between the Sun (leadership; the president) and the Moon (We the People; the public), doesn’t it?

Sun Libra-Moon Taurus

This is an Air (mental)–Earth (physical) blend of rationality, efficiency, and innovation with an ability to use abstract thought to turn ideas into reality (we’ll see after President Obama’s PR blitz this week to drum up public and congressional support for intervention in Syria and after his public address on Tuesday, 9/10/13, when he ‘makes a case’ for war. And of course, the US is already in Syria “on the ground” and has been arming rebels for over a year.)

The Air-Earth blend signifies “practical idealists” planning a course of action, then acting (with or without the public or Congress’ okay–POTUS will probably get the Senate’s approval this week and skip the purposefully non-functional House of Representatives as they all shred the Constitution into confetti once again. But that view depends on whether you believe the civil war in Syria is a threat to US national security. (It threatens oil supplies to the West, more like.)

Sun Libra-Moon Taurus denotes the vanity of Venus and those who hold ‘black and white’ moral positions–or, pretend they do. There may be noted a superficial style of salesmanship and a tendency toward over-indulgence on both the material and emotional planes. The blends indicates charismatic people who can be persuasive and that’s the card that President Obama hopes to play once again this week.

This combo of energies wants to ‘make moral sense’ and I think that if our nation’s economy had been seen to on behalf of Main Street so that the ‘great American Middle Class’ was out of the financial woods, it would seem more a time for America to take action concerning the morally reprehensible use of chemical weapons on innocent people.

That the Assad administration is responsible for the use of gas in Syria is debatable at best. That false flag ops have long been used to frame others for their perpetration is known (part of Brzesinski’s “Global Political Awakening”?) and may turn out to be the seed of truth lurking within this tragic situation as Washington DC attempts to dupe the American people into bankrolling war again–all for the sake of imperialism, government-toppling, and lighting yet another fuse on the powder keg that is the Middle East.

Now soon I will publish the horoscope of Autumn Equinox 2013 with planetary details on my Political Astrology site Stars Over Washington (see: http://www.starsoverwashington.com) so I hope you’ll join me there soon in taking a look. If you do. you’ll notice that the Pluto-Chiron midpoint of plutocracy, oppression, and primal violence is rising when the chart is set for Washington DC, my former residence. Yes, I still love the District itself as a beautiful city but lament sorrowfully what the global crime syndicate of banksters and racketeers have  done with the place since I left.

Also in the horoscope concerning Mr. Obama: his natal Neptune in Scorpio is conjoined now by transiting Saturn and the North Node (encounters/destiny; Saturn-NN = isolation; inhibition) which creates a midpoint picture full of possibilities which may be worth your consideration:

Transit Saturn-NN = natal Neptune: having to pay a price that was more than expected; deceit with friendship given; friends who deceive or confuse you  (Munkasey); confusing others about one’s personal stand; deception, lies, fraud (Tyl); being misunderstood or lonely; separation; illness–fraud (Ebertin.)

And if we use America’s Scorpio Rising natal chart, we find the tr Saturn-NN midpoint conjoins natal Ascendant which has a ‘pulling back; appearing alone; going away’ flavor. I just wish with all my heart that Vulcan neocons and other syndicate agents of the warmongering persuasion are the ones who’d go away.


More details may be found in the Harveys’ book, Sun Sign-Moon Sign

*The US natal Mars-Neptune square (Gemini-Virgo)  is rife with misdirected actions and confused motivations when it isn’t being inspired.

“What Happened to Humans?” (Max Igan video)

If you’ve ever visited my Political Astrology site once or twice you know I tend to embed there presentations by Max Igan rather frequently but this evening I thought his latest, “What Happened to Humans?”, would fit here quite nicely:

“Replace statute law with common law,” he says.

Now you may agree or disagree with all or none of the statements presented here but Max Igan will definitely make you think!

And if I might add one of my tiresome astro-political soapboxes, it’s the Pluto-Chiron duo of energies which loves nothing better than to exploit, disenfranchise, oppress, and brutalize humankind–and sadly such crimes are perpetrated by psychopathic ‘human beings’ who practice reptilianism of the cold-blooded kind.

So did I mention that Pluto-Chiron in Mundane Astrology is one of the signatures of plutocrats and Plutocracy? Thought so.

Horoscope of Black Tuesday 1929


Very few notes today…out of town company just left and things must be put back together from a 3-year-old’s rearrangements…still, I wanted to splash up this chart for noon of ‘Black Tuesday 1929’ for you, set for NYC.

Click to enlarge for a few of my chicken- scratch notations.

Update Aug 23, 2009: trouble with WordPress? click here for an enlargeable chart image. Thanks. jc

Back to my original post:

Sun at Midheaven (Mc)…’6Sco’…”A Gold Rush” (!!); Moon 1Lib42..’2Lib’…”The Light of the Sixth Race Transmuted to the Seventh” – plus, the Moon is in a karmic spot in 8th house (of Shared Resources; Credit; Debit; Inheritance; Legacies; Insurance, Transformations; Death; the Occult, etc) near 9th cusp.

Moon is conjunct US natal Mc by one degree if you use America’s so-called Sibly chart (July 4, 1776; 5:10 pm LMT; Philadelphia, Pa; Sag rising.)

1929’s North Node and Chiron are conjunct as they are now, but without Neptune’s company as now…asteroid Midas, who is always around where there are big piles of gold to hoard…is conjunct Chiron-North Node, and also conjunct the midpoint of Jupiter-Uranus = ‘the big break; boundless optimism; success’ at’13Tau’…”A Man Handling Baggage.”

Well, the stock market crash of 1929 meant a ‘big break’ for a few select people – very few. The rest were then, as now, left out of Jupiter’s largesse.

Here is a success-filled midpoint picture from the above-pictured chart:

Pluto-NN = Jupiter: forcing oneself into a power position; attaining success through others; self-promotion.

Pluto-NN (powerful associations) = Pluto/Chiron (plutocracy; corporatism; racism; violence, oppression, ++ = expansive Jupiter (Mr. Moneybags, with FDR and ‘the Fed’ soon on the way. President Herbert Hoover was inaugurated March 4, 1929, so Hoover was at the helm just as…well, you know the varmint’s name…he and his saddlebags full of money have turned his pony, Paint, toward the West and ultimately toward the Bush compound in Paraguay.)


Now what about the Sun Sco-Moon Libra blend’s Images for Integration?

‘A criminal lawyer auditions for the lead part in a new play about heroes of the second-world-war resistance movement…A passionate poet leads the “Poets for Peace” mass demonstration.’ (‘Sun Sign – Moon Sign’, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Okay, so WWII hadn’t occurred yet, but it’s the essence of the day we’re seeking here, and perhaps 1929’s ‘criminal lawyer’ is still trying to tell us something!

Forum on 12.12.08 Full Moon 21Gem02

Kaden has kindly turned my attention to a Forum Topic of note – the upcoming Gemini Full Moon of Dec 12, 2008.

This Full Moon is infused with an enormous overload of energy due to its involvement in a Mutable Grand Cross (or Grand Square, if you prefer.) Whatever you call it, the Saturn-Uranus opposition is being triggered by Dec 12’s Full Moon, the culmination of something begun two weeks prior at the Thanksgiving New Moon.) Mars is involved at Midheaven which gives even more energy and zealousness, with MC a place for expression.

Actually, with the Mc involved the energies have more outlet than without angular involvement, and one wonders in October if the results of our Nov Elections will be in contention and perhaps resolved under the illumination of this Full Moon.

Bil Tierney, in his excellent, ‘Dynamics of Aspect Analysis’ gives info on the Mutable quality of a Grand Cross as relating to an individual or persons with powerful potential in the professional realm, social status, public ambitions, worldly control, and managerial positions.

Yet as you know, Mutable energy is erratic, inconsistent, and ineffectual unless well-directed – there are great odds to be overcome toward notable achievements; channelling tremendous drive and determination toward societal challenges is the best use of this Grand Cross.

The chart I’m viewing is set for NYC but I’ve also looked at this Full Moon over the White House (as I always do.)

In NYC, 7Pis50 is rising with Uranus 18Pis50 direct in 1st house…if this were a Horary chart, we’d say ‘expect the unexpected’ with an outer planet in 1st house, and something sudden with Uranus.

Chart-ruler is Jupiter with perhaps Neptune as co-ruler. I’ve groused a good bit here and elsewhere about 2009 being the year of the three Great Conjunction/s of the Speculaor Pair, Jupiter and Neptune….the Gamblers; Mystics andVisionaries. They like to gamble with other people’s money, unfortunately for the rest of us.

The current economic crisis (or crash) falls into the waning months of the last Jup-Neptune conj of Jan 9, 1997, 27Cap09…conj US natal Pluto and at Mc in DC each time we inaugurate a new president, Jan 20, noon est.

So if you think you have some links with this Grand Cross Full Moon of Dec 12, 2008, you may be right…with all four corners covered as they are by these planets and luminaries, only imaginary gnomes in deep dark caves could ‘escape’ this one on an inner if not an outer level.

That Saturn in particular is a karmic planet is well-known and at 21Vir26, Saturn is conj Sun-Moon midpoint = addressing problems; Saturn is conj Fixed Star, Denebola: ‘to go against the mainstream’ or ‘against society.’ This action is near Joe Biden’s natal Midheaven, btw…he goes home every night to Delaware from Washington, thus ‘going against the mainstream’ – bwo railroad tracks.

Personally, my knowing that all the outer planets when active tend to give us that “out of control” fated, karmic feeling, and may be an unfortunate side effect of knowing just enough Astrology to stir my fretting function.

Yet there is a ‘silver lining’ midpoint picture afoot: Jupiter-Uranus = Neptune. But it’s also ‘gain from the unexpected; strange conditions seem to heighten individual awareness.’ This may be one of the spots from whence “precog” intuitions are issuing from for those who say they are having dreams concerning this time frame.

And of course, all oppositions have a 2nd harmonic (H2) flavor: Relationships, Values, Earning Ability.

That this particular Grand Cross will affect many people…well, we don’t need Astrology to see that big changes are coming within and to the collective. Pluto and Mercury at a World Point, 00Cap00, can tell you that with its propaganda interests…Mercury-Pluto = a keen and persuasive speaker; influencing the masses through speech or writing, we’ll all be feeling persuaded – or not.

But what will be stimulated within the collective? Even the social tinkerers and chaos-creators who are messin’ with our lives can’t always predict the effects of that particular genie out of the fairy-dusted bottle. 

Only a tiny, select few are indicated by the transpersonal figures shown in this Full Moon chart. And this Moon 21Gem02 at Ic is conj George Bush’s natal Uranus-NN conjunction…’radical political reformers and groups’ combo….Moon = ‘changes’ so we’ll have to see about our lame quacker.

Maybe George will be kicked out of the Hegel Society crowd he propagandizes for. Or will a political affiliation end? Is the Middle East – esp Palestine and Israel – about to break like glass (Saturn-Uranus)? 

Here’s a go-get-’em word picture…Saturn-Uranus = Sun: egoccentric drive against controls; rebellion; separations in order to find one’s way.

Asteroid Minerva (Journal of the Hegel Society = ‘Minerva’) is conjunct Pluto-Chiron, the resource-plundering plutocrats; also conj asteroid Tisiphone (‘retaliation’) and the Mercury/Chiron midpoint, all are near Jupiter 24Cap37 in 11th house. (Minerva’s keyphrase = ‘the need to be accomplished.’)

North Node 10AQ21 is conj Cheney’s natal Sun and his natal Mars is at Mc with Mars 19Sag 08 just past his Mars Return 17+.

And as usual with Life, and with Astrology that describes it, it’s our motives and how we handle the energies that can make a tremendous difference as to our weathering any storm.

To view the chart/s, and follow an excellent discussion on this Grand Cross Full Moon, click here:



Since we’re still having family doings here at present (10.26.08) my blogging time is short so perhaps I may add to this post as time permits esp since the Dec 12, 2008 Full Moon relates to another Gemini Full Moon (1:55) on Nov 24, 2007 with ‘1Sag” as: “A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire.”

So Thanks, Kaden, for the heads-up on an Astrology Forum with such an interesting thread!  December’s super close Super Moon should be a raving beauty!  jude

Financial article round-up

The Point of No Return

By Mike Whitney

Neither China nor the Saudi princes are buying any more failing investment banks.

They’ll leave that to the US taxpayer.



The Party’s Over

By Patrick J. Buchanan

The Crash of 2008, which is now wiping out trillions of dollars of our people’s wealth, is, like the Crash of 1929, likely to mark the end of one era and the onset of another.



Hey US, Welcome to the Third World!

By Rosa Brooks

It’s been a quick slide from economic superpower to economic basket case.



Paulson and Bernanke Stampede Washington – Continue Raid On The Public Purse Citing Grave
Financial Threats, Officials Ready Massive Rescue

By Binyamin Appelbaum and Lori Montgomery

The Bush administration is urgently preparing a massive intervention to” revive” the US financial system, including a plan to sweep away the unpaid loans that are choking banks and blocking the flow of money to borrowers. – Paulson and Bernanke presented a “chilling” picture of the state of the financial system, according to a participant in the meeting who spoke on condition of anonymity.

http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article20807.htm  #

Did you vote for George Bush? Just wonderin’ since he’d never succeeded at any business venture before 2000 and look at him now – bailed out by US taxpayers again.

Of course, conspiracy theorists think this economic collapse is part of the one-world-government plans that were put in place decades ago. Or centuries ago if you subscribe to the Great Seal’s reverse-with-its-all-seeing-eye theory.

Watching Bush, Cheney, Greenspan, and now Bernanke and Paulson in action, I find it difficult to discount the conspiracy theory that they know what they’re doing and that the economic, governmental, and social net failures of America were on the menu all along.

If so, these social tinkerers think that the chaos they are creating is “worth it” especially since they will never suffer as will we, and that their longed-for New World Order is only possible by destructuring society’s systems to make way for for a new start.

Pluto in Capricorn.

You know I still use Bush’s first Inaugural chart 2001 to represent all of his tenure with its 8th house (debt, credit, insurance, finance, shared resources, death, transformation, etc) full of Pluto and Chiron snugged around the Moon in Sagittarius…the People, crowded by the violent and oppressive corporatism/fascism pair, Pluto/Chiron. Its ‘too close for comfort’ flavor is out in the open now, isn’t it? Too late, the trap is sprung!

So my facetious “thanks” goes out to all who voted for George Bush. Now will you compound the issue and give Bush a vote of “confidence” by voting for John McCain? Pluto may be in Capricorn but we don’t have to hand them our heads on plates. Actually we already did that in 2000 and again in 2004. Yeeks. And we couldn’t even get Bush-Cheney impeached to show our displeasure!

But it’s 2008, and as I always say: a vote for John McCain is like a vote for Karl Rove – and that most definitely includes Sarah Palin, the lure. The Angler has spoken (aka Cheney, who must be quite smitten with Palin.)

So even if Barack Obama moves into the White House, his opponents ‘have ways’ and have shown themselves capable of ANYTHING to keep their grasp on power and their agenda on track.

Another option is that Obama plays the game their way and the American people are still in the soup. Rise up? Laws are in place to tamp us down. They call it ‘martial law’ but by then most people will realize what it really is – if they don’t already. Perhaps we’ll be too cowed and hungry to murmur our disapproval. “A hungry man is not a free man.” I disremember who said it, but it’s all too true.

Woo! After seeing the lovely and hilarious Craig Ferguson in concert last evening, you’d think I’d be in a lilting mood today. But one quick look at this morning’s news and the Craig glow fades all too soon…just a glance at the latest doings of those cheeky monkeys of Washington who are ruining our children’s and grandchildren’s lives puts me back in my political snit of miffdom all over again.

Chalmers Johnson on the Military Industrial Complex

When I can read it without feeling as if my brain will explode, I pick up my copy of Chalmers Johnson’s ‘The Sorrows of Empire’ and delve into US imperialism.

A glance at the book’s cover reveals a line from a Los Angeles Times review which states that the book is, “Impressive…A powerful indictment of US military and foreign policy” and the subtitle is: ‘Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic.’

You may know Mr. Johnson as the author of another best-seller, ‘Blowback’ – another way of saying that nations, too, reap what they sow.

Open ‘The Sorrows of Empire’ and you find a Prologue which begins with the words of George W. Bush, “Our nation is the greatest force for good in history.” (August 31, 2002)

Chalmers states from the start that most Americans are ignorant of the fact, due to govenmental secrecy, that the US “garrisons the globe” and he goes on from there with an amazingly well-researched argument meant to wake us up to what’s going on – the soldiers, spies, technicians, teachers, dependents, and civilian contractors that make up our imperial empire. (Is that redundant? Aren’t all empires imperial?)

Therefore I read with interest the following article by Mr. Johnson who has been banging the wake-up gong for years now on behalf of our changing nation and you may wish to read it, too:


The Military-Industrial Complex

It’s Much Later Than You Think

By Chalmers Johnson

Successive administrations and Congresses have made no effort to alter the CIA’s
role as the president’s private army, even as we have increased its incompetence
by turning over many of its functions to the private sector. We have thereby heightened
the risks of war by accident, or by presidential whim.


Ah, yes – imperialism – one of those Pluto/Chiron -isms I keep harping on (like, terroism)…especially in, but not limited to, this post on Cheney’s Secondary Progressed chart (physical plane) set for Sept 11, 2001 – with his Sec Pluto/Chiron midpoint precisely at the Aspiration Point of his chart.

Even in black and white, it’s difficult to believe until you see it with your own peepers:


And be sure to read the midpoint pictures I wrote out for you in the chart’s center.

Reaganism-Bushism: Kleptocracy

Making global the plundering by the US government, Reaganism and Bushism are twins of greed and corruption uniting the 80s with the New Millennium.

As the US has propped up bloody dictators (Pinochet, The Shah, Apartheid, Contras, Marcos, to name a few) in order to stroke their egos, enrich them, and assure their assistance in the pillaging of their own people, our own nation’s population and the future of our children have fallen by the wayside in the march toward one world government.

Read Professor of Political Science, David Michael Green’s article which gives an overview of what voodoo economics have done here in America and what the world crime syndicate (Cupido in an astrology chart!) has been up to in the last few decades:


which covers in brief what’s been goin’ on. It isn’t pretty but must be brought into the collective consciousness…this is one of America’s many shadows which we have failed to deal with and now look where we are…nowhere soon.

This regressive political movement is somewhat addressed by my Page concerning the Reaganonmics Eclipse of July 30, 1981 which occurred upon George Bush’s natal Ascendant! (see sidebar for this alarming synchronicity.

As you know, our solar system contains two ‘societal planets’ which time our sociopolitical-economic cycle and they begin their new cycle approximately every 20 years–Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction.) 

They met up for a new cycle on May 28, 2000, and the DOW’s historic high on Jan 13, 2000 (11,528.40) preceeded this Great Conjunction–the NASDAQ followed with its high on March 10, 2000 (5,048 pts.) 

That the DOW’s historic high was in Jan 2000 actually puts in at the tail end of the last conj of Jupiter-Saturn–three meetings: Dec 31, 1980; March 3, 1981; and July 24, 1981 from 4–10 degrees of Libra, sign of balance and fairness. Yuh. And if you think Wall Street gentry don’t know about astrological cycles and consult them, think again.

As dot com investors know, by the end of 2000, the NASDAQ was down 39%, its worst year ever, and the DOW was down 6% for the year–its worst since…wait for it…1981.

The Great Conjunction of May 2000 in Taurus, one of the ‘money signs’, was squared by disruptive Uranus so we have:

Jupiter/Saturn = Uranus: terribly upset with the status of things; forceful change of direction which can upset many dimensions of life; making great efforts; emotional tensions; sudden change in circumstances; Damage to a Building (sounds like 9/11 to me esp considering the conj of Pluto and Chiron, the plutocratic duo of corporatism, oppression, disenfranchisement, racism, and primal violence, on Dec 30, 1999. So this is how the New Millennium began, world.)

The State united with Corporatism = fascism, another -ism of the Pluto/Chiron variety. And even stronger than their conj is their parallel in mid-August 2004.

Yes, redistribution of wealth is Reagan’s real legacy. That George Bush has followed suit and extended the practice to the global community makes the term ‘kleptocracy’ part of his fascist, corporate legacy as well with the world banking system in on the bargain and its claws in the pie–the pie of our children and our children’s children.

Remember this: “Free trade raises all boats”? Sounds as hilarious as the Titanic’s boasts before it sailed, doesn’t it?

Think I’ll mosey to Prof. Green’s site now to see what antidote might exist–because it’s sickening what they’ve done with our America.



 midpoint picture: Tyl; Ebertin.



Surfaced: a new birth time for John McCain!

Here I want to be sure you don’t miss the heads-up I received bwo Comment from Monica concerning John McCain’s mother’s correction on little baby John’s birth hour which is, she says, “around 11 am” rather than the commonly used time of 9 am.

Read Monica’s excellent post here where she links to images of the “new” chart and some of the new aspects formed in the 11 am chart. Using 11 am brings natal Neptune, planet of alcoholic beverages, more into focus and plops warring Mars at Midheaven for all to see:


Thanks, Monica!

Whew, this feels odd–writing “new” in relation to McCain–especially considering the entry I just published below in which I practice a little ageism of the Pluto-Chiron kind!

And I may decide to publish a ‘new’ Page with his Natal Chart since the one you see listed in the sidebar uses the ‘old’ chart for 9 am. A blogger’s tasks are unending, aren’t they?

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