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‘King of Alarm’ Eclipse: Aug 11, 1999

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King of Alarm Eclipse

Update 7.30.09: On Dec 31, 2009, a Rx Mars will trigger the 1999 Eclipse degree – the date is a deadline set in 1962 for implementation in the US of the Codex Alimentarius. If you’re unaware of the importance of this ‘Codex of the Nazis’ or in Latin, ‘food code’, please click to check it out.

Original post begins here:

Here you see the chart for the ‘King of Alarm’ Eclipse of August 11, 1999, aka the ‘King of Terror’ Eclipse, set for Washington, DC.

Nostradamus predicted this paradigm shift centuries ago, and the Book of Revelation mentions it as it concerns the Oxen Point (mid-Taurus), the Lion Point (mid-Leo), the Eagle Point (mid-Scorpio), and the Angel Point (mid-Aquarius) which I will leave you to read for yourself in Scripture, if you wish.

This results in a rigid Fixed Grand Cross of energy, a closed circuit that’s difficult energy to handle successfully…how are we doing so far? No side wants to give in, does it? It represents our stalemate of strife, sad to say, with stand-offs galore.

The 10 days that were dropped from Julian to Gregorian calendar account for the difference in Nostradamus’ prediction of July rather than August. Excellent, if secret, astrologer was old Michel de Nostradamus (Dec 14, 1503 OS; 12:00 pm LMT; rating B from http://www.astrodatabank.com; natal Moon mid-Scorpio, Sun 1Cap37, with his Sun currently being triggered by Pluto (which he could not have used way back when.)

Occurring so near the New Millennium, this Solar Eclipse does seem to have marked a sea change of rage, terroism, and terror-touting, and if you believe Scripture, it is when the angels let go the four corners of the winds of strife and war. Perhaps you’ll agree we’ve seen much increase of these things in the New Millennium and we can’t seem to get along with one another, yet much of the ‘terror’ is being engineered by social tinkerers with much to gain from the world’s deconstruction bwo chaos.

Tonight I publish the chart as a Page so it will be available for my additions as I may manage them so please check back periodically–and leave a comment–if you have an interest in this subject. No ranting, religious or otherwise, please. We are all children of Abraham so let’s not be offensive about the sorry, rather soggy boat we’re in on our Water Planet.

Plus, this chart is FYI for I seek to inform, not persuade. Besides – I will be moderating all comments so be informative and/or querying, if it behooves you, for we’re all in this together whether we like – or admit it – or not.


UPDATE August 12, 2008: Wanted to add the midpoint pictures of this chart – two T-squares if you don’t mind using Midheaven as one of the points…since the Mars/Mc is pointing to the Sun and Moon, I’ll give them (Mars/Mc is “ego-conscious action” says Ebertin, and of course Mars is war, violence, contentiousness, energy, and the action principle; Mc = Career; Public Status; the wider world) – plus, these pictures remind me of New World Order mountebanks, as you might expect:

Mars/Mc = Sun: the power of attainment; desire to attain success at all costs; the ability to procure the power for giving orders to others; overcoming obstacles or resistance; self-promotion; the drive to be important.

Mars/Mc = Moon: emotional excitability; impulsiveness; publicity; an emotional appeal; changing status through emotional ‘feel’; premature actions; lack of deliberation or thought; the desire to impose one’s will upon a woman (or the public?); and independent or excitable woman. 

Mercury/Neptune = idealism, fantasy or the imaginative faculty, visualization; untruthfulness, self-deception, confused ideas and perceptions, intuitive thinking, compassionate understanding, nervous sensitivity, insincerity, ESP, spiritual relationships (Ebertin; Tyl.)

Mercury/Neptune = Jupiter: stepped up powers of imagination; great powers of fantasy; an actor or poet; harboring of great hopes; expansive fantasy; the large picture becomes personalized; inspiration in the arts.

As apex planet in a tension-filled T-square, idealistic Jupiter represents people who are driven to subjectively question the correctness of their culture’s attitudes toward social morality, ethics, religious orthodoxy, and political theory.

Normally benevolent Jupiter, under the intense pressure of a T-SQ, quests toward tolerance, acceptance, and charitability in order to defend his belief system. Yet moralizing and proselytizing may be evident if mismanaged, with a more broadened point of view if the energy is well-directed.

Current actualities are not important to this apex Jupiter and he may operate as spokesperson for society as he imagines how things could be  (although in a Cardinal T-SQ, Jupiter would operate with even more crusader or missionary zeal than in a Fixed T-SQ as here. The Fixed quality is more selfish.)

In spite of his personal shortcomings, this Jupiter’s urge is to broadcast his revelations on a large-scale basis – or to direct those who do the broadcasting.

Since this is a Fixed T-SQ, Jupiter in possessive, often intolerant Taurus indicates social ideals that have long-range application and are more persistently pursued; his dogmatic opinionation is as stubborn as those he disagrees with, and the one-trackness of the Fixed mode results in inflexibility, prejudice, and bigotry. Willful and habit-bound, this Jupiter seeks expanded control in finances and investments with much faith in his wheeler-dealer capabilities. Retaining power is an underlying motivation. (Most of this from Bil Tierney’s ‘The Dynamics of Aspect Analysis’, the rest from me.)

Now for the Sun Leo-Moon Leo blend which is shared natally by President Herbert Hoover, who observed:

“Children are our most valuable natural resource.”

~Sounds good – and it may be the most sensible thing Hoover ever said, but considering the warmongering going on since this Eclipse manifested, it makes me want to caution all parents to keep their children close as possible – for politicians and despots need canon fodder for their NWO purposes.~

The Fire-Fire combo of Sun Leo-Moon Leo is a dramatic blend, as you might expect, but can be vain, arrogant, proud, and single-minded even as it’s magnanimous and visionary. The Leonine ego isn’t easy to satisfy and may grow out of control as it commands absolute attention.

Self-centeredness and a determination to stand out from the rest attests to double-Leo’s assumption that the world revolves around him – his sense of self is of mythological proportions. Flattery may impair Leo’s judgment and temperamental tantrums errupt when things don’t go Leo’s way.

Partners are expected to understand that Leo has Important Things to Think About. (This is a tendency I’ve noticed from Laura Bush concerning her husband along with his slightly-crossed Leonine eyes, and three planets in natal First House of Self – Mercury, Pluto, and Venus for Mr. Bush.)

The Images for Integration for Sun Leo-Moon Leo are:

“A child in an Edenic paradise builds a beautiful sandcastle in the sunshine with all the creatures of nature in joyous attendance…In full pageantry, the new king is crowned before his kingdom.” (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Now I don’t know if these Images remind anyone else of the Bush administration, Iraq/Mesopotamia-bombing, “reconstruction” of what Bush broke, and his SCOTUS selection into the White House, but I wouldn’t blame you if they did.

Hmmm…’new king’ – ‘King of Alarm’…!

And now you know some of the reasons why the King of Alarm (or ‘King of Terror’) Eclipse could as easily describe George Bush as well as any other terror promoter you may name, as Bush and Rove prepared him for seizing the helm of the ‘free’ world, so that the New Millennium could be ushered in by the madness and cruelty of war to make way for the continuance of the New World Order’s fascist agenda.

Written by Jude Cowell

January 21, 2008 at 12:19 am

5 Responses

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  1. Hi Kurt, thanks for your query!

    By ‘unaspected’ you mean your Sun has no major aspects but if you have minor ones then the Ecl will connect to your chart in that way.

    Are you aware of your Sun by sign, house, etc? The Ecl could be a non-effect, of course, or the house in which it falls could be the focus for you.

    And the Ecl may be an opportunity for you to contact your Sun’s potential and purpose esp since unasp’d planets may operate on their own and lead to unusual success.

    If you are familiar with the Sabian Symbol for your Sun, that may be stimulated by the Ecl as well.

    Have you Googled ‘unaspected Sun’ or ‘Solar eclipse conjunct Sun’? Even though Aug 1’s 10 South Series is about breaking out of a negative situation and a worry clearing up, perhaps you have none to break out of!?!

    Let me know here if you notice any effects relating to your Leonine Sun, if you get a chance, jude



    June 16, 2008 at 1:46 pm

  2. Hi Jude,

    I have and unaspected Sun at 10 Deg Leo. Have you any suggestions on what to expect from the coming eclipse on 1 Aug 08? Or can you suggest some good resources to find out more.



    June 15, 2008 at 6:49 am

  3. Hi Al,

    I’d say it depends on where the Eclipse falls in both people’s charts, aspects it makes, etc. Yet an Eclipse day isn’t the usual choice for an auspicious beginning of a relationship–since an Eclipse involves the Sun and Moon, and the Sun-Moon pair = the male-female principles.

    I would also say to consult the excellent Elsa at http://www.elsaelsa.com for further info.

    Plus, you should know that the few days prior and after an Eclipse are affected by its influence (if any) when it comes to selecting an event’s timing.

    Since modern marriages need all the positive umph they can get, I wouldn’t marry on an Eclipse day, if I were you, not without first having things checked out by an astrologer. A Solar Eclipse IS a new Moon–beginning of a cycle–but starting an endeavor under an Eclipse’s rays should be carefully considered if possible.




    April 11, 2008 at 8:17 pm

  4. What would you say in advice to someone seeking it, who was planning a wedding on 8/1/08, day of eclipse?



    April 10, 2008 at 9:57 pm

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