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Horoscope: Evangeline Adams

Natal Horoscope Feb 8, 1869

Natal Horoscope Feb 8, 1868

Image: Evangeline Adams February 8, 1868 8:30 am LMT Jersey city, New Jersey; please enlarge to read a few basic chart factors messily penned on.

Above you see the natal horoscope of famed American astrologer Evangeline Smith Adams. However, its accuracy is in question with a Rodden Rating of DD for ‘Dirty Data’ yet it is the data she herself gave in her book, The Bowl of Heaven and has been used by many astrologers through the years.

Since one of the books I am currently reading is Foreseeing the Future: Evangeline Adams and Astrology in America by Karen Christino, I naturally wanted a look at her natal chart and noticed that Evangeline Adams is in process of a Saturn Return! And with Saturn being the traditional ruler of the ancient art of Astrology, I wanted to post her chart as a tribute to her pioneering work of the 19th century when she reportedly served a client list of 100,000! Adams established herself as an independent woman of business when that sort of thing was very rarely done.

And even non-astrologers have heard the tale of one of her most famous clients (and students), J. P. Morgan, and his revealing quote that, “Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do.” One must assume that this remains the case for both Financial Markets and Astrology are based on cycles within cycles so why not pay heed to the excellent timing advantage one has through the use of astrological principles?

Well, this post is not meant to be a major study of the natal chart of Ms. Adams though more info may be published later. Let’s do make note of the three dates of her current Saturn Return/s–a ‘three-fer’ due to Saturn’s retrogradation though her natal Saturn @4Sag40 is Direct as you see which emphasizes the third and final conjunction of transiting Saturn to 4Sag40 (1. denial; 2. acceptance; 3. resolution):

1. February 25, 2015;
2. March 31, 2015; and
3. November 6, 2015
which is yet to come as of this posting.

Now her Mercury-North Node opposition denotes her Mercury conjunct South Node (ideas before her time; others pilfer and use her ideas without giving her credit) and the opposition points toward her natal Saturn in the 9th house of Philosophy, Religion, Higher Education, and Foreign Lands. Legal Matters may also be found in the 9th house expecially involving Higher Courts such as SCOTUS.

(Enlarge chart to read Mercury-NN = Saturn potentials, upper right.)

As the ruler of Capricorn (government, law, and business), Saturn is one of the karmic planets acting as our celestial time keeper and lesson bringer who demands that what is reaped must be sown (as a Saturnian astrologer I don’t ‘do’ past lives, just heredity and DNA). No one escapes this natural law–not even big bankers, Wall Street gentry, or government officials (with warmongers and mass murderers definitely included.)

So! Will the 2015 Saturn Return of Evangeline Adams affect current events (beyond this post!) in a karmic way? Perhaps not. But now that her chart and Return dates are noted and spotlighted we’ll have to see if the famous 19th century prognosticator of cycles somehow imprints upon current events once again.

For details on the life of Evangeline Adams astro.com is recommended.


Written by Jude Cowell

October 18, 2015 at 7:57 pm

July 2015 transits to Harper Lee’s natal chart

Author Harper Lee will have a second novel published in July 2015, her first since To Kill a Mockingbird in 1960.

Click the link for a brief bio and a link to her natal chart.

Born on April 28, 1926 in Monroeville, Alabama (5:25 pm CST according to her quoted BC/BR, an ‘AA” Rodden Rating), Ms. Lee has a Sun Taurus-Moon Scorpio/Earth-Water personality blend of practicality, domesticity, and innate wisdom–a creative introvert who has for the most part lived her life out of the limelight for decades. Perhaps this blend’s independent spirit partially accounts for it even though an intense dramatic talent is there as well.

A highly perceptive Sun Taurus-Moon Scorpio personality possesses ‘staying power’ as we find from ‘Mockingbird’ retaining much popular appeal through the decades, and both material and emotional comfort are desired. Lee’s personal magnetism and self-confidence have helped make her and her work very attractive to others yet she may have been called ‘bossy’ once or twice in her life!

Actually, for the sake of balance and to gain what may be a fuller picture of the author, let’s list a few negative potentials for the Sun Taurus-Moon Scorpio combo with its rigid Fixed nature: tremendous stubbornness, strongly subjective views, fixed prejudices, a difficult temper, and a ruthless desire for power! (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Difficult to live with? Perhaps, but authors do need to stick to their ambitions if their books are to be accepted by publishers, and generous servings of Scorpio obsession and firmly held convictions help to complete the difficult task as well. Even her natal Mercury in Aries, planet of writers, being posited in a different sign from her Taurus Sun gives her an ability to see things from the perspective of others, a valuable ability for any author who wishes to ‘inhabit the skin’ of her characters. Plus, Mercury is in her 6th house of Work, Service, Daily Tasks, and Health so her thinking has been easily directed into these life departments.

That Mercury rules natal 9th house of Publishing is a plus along with natal Pluto @12Can47 conjunct North Node (powerful, even transformative contact with the public) in 9th house as well so encounters with publishers and other wealthy people was apparently ‘meant to be’ for the Alabama native as she followed her life path. Chart contacts with Fixed Stars indicate a ‘fated’ of karmic ties sort of life (ancestry?) and a few notable 9th h links are obvious: Pluto conjunct Sirius (the mundane becomes sacred; ‘The Scorcher’–did she feel ‘scorched’ by success? see her quote, below); NN conjoins Castor, one of the Twins Stars associated with creativity– especially writing; the other Twin Star, Pollux, rises with NN while genius planet Uranus rises with Scheat, a star of literary talent, intellect, and fantasy (Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars.)

Okay, now let’s consider a few of July’s transiting planets contacting Harper Lee’s natal chart. Other astrological factors are in play, of course, such as Progressions, Solar Returns, and Returns but this is meant as a simple overview on such a singularly stellar occasion! And since I don’t yet know an exact publication date for her ‘new’ novel (written prior to ‘Mockingbird’), I shall use the Full Moon horoscope of July 1, 2015 @9Cap55 as a symbolic stand-in for the entire month of July.

Plus, Full Moons typically relate to any endeavor dependent upon publicity and fortunate public reaction so if her publisher is astrologically in tune, the book will appear a few hours prior to a Full Moon for maximum impact. However, July 2015 (reportedly the month for publishing) contains two Full Moons: one on July 1 (9:19:33 pm CDT Monroeville, AL) and one on July 31 in Aquarius.

Publication Transits to Harper Lee’s Natal Chart

July 1, 2015 is shown in the following list as ‘2015’; n = natal placements; conj = conjunct or conjoined; oppo = opposed; h = house:

Natal 9th h: 2015 Sun @9Can55 approaches natal Pluto 12:47 (a formidable time when use of power is highlighted) conj NN (public contact) and Sirius; 2015 Mars @5Can03 soon conjs n Pluto (finding a new use for old things, rejuvenation, karmic links); the n Pluto-NN conj (the ‘tiger by the tail’ combo) shows where n Fixed Stars are being powerfully activated; 2015 Pluto @14Cap22 Rx oppo n Pluto, an ‘advanced age’ period of societal power struggles that have little or no affect on one’s personal life but I mention because of Pluto’s connection to publishing, promotion, and life-death issues such as found in To ‘Kill’ a Mockingbird).

Natal 10th h of Career and Public Status: 2015 Jupiter @21Leo46 conj n Neptune @21Leo59 Rx describes a time of inspired ideas, enhanced creativity, promotion campaigns, illusion, and perhaps less contact with reality than previously–or, more need for an elusive lifestyle. ‘Grand plans’ and good fortune are obviously on the table now; spiritual development may also be indicated; generous Jupiter–also associated with publishing–passes its shadow Rx degree around July 7 or 8, about one week before the New Moon of July 15 @23Cancer which falls between her n Pluto-NN and n MC…a new start; 2015 Venus conj n Neptune in dramatic, showy Leo, denoting profitable results from creative endeavors and flattering photographs, if any are taken.

Natal 1st h: 2015 Full Moon MC (Goals; Aspirations) conj n Moon @19Sco33 supports the public contact and publicity already indicated along with spiritual unions as the public meets Harper Lee’s next published novel; the nearness of n Saturn @23Sco54 Rx shows her past work brought forth to be revealed upon the world stage (2015 MC @19Sco49 which is also conjoined by her Progressed Saturn @19Sco25!) and the work is of an intense nature (Scorpio); n Venus @21Pis57 in 5th h of Creative Pursuits and her chart-ruler (n ASC 25Lib47) is now catalyzed by 2015 Chiron Rx @21Pis31 hinting that this is a time when Harper Lee’s creative self-expression is once again given an outlet that will may well bring wholeness and healing within relationships and provide her with a sense of fusion with the Universe.

Yes, there are several other chart factors of note (exs: the March 20, 2015 Solar Eclipse conj Aries Point of world fame, rewards, recognition–near her n Uranus in creative Pisces 27:44), her recent October 2014 Saturn Return, etc) yet I’m confident you shall discover and appreciate them! But for now, let’s end with a few famous words from the lady herself given in reply to the question, why had she never written another book?

“When you have a hit like that, you can’t go anywhere but down.”

Well, decades have passed since 1960 and times have changed, and my suspicion based on the July 2015 transits listed above, her enduring popularity, and other factors, is that Harper Lee’s newly published book–written years ago–will not have the problem of going ‘down’.

Horoscope: The Death of Mozart

“When I am completely alone…completely myself, entirely alone…my ideas flow best and most abundantly. Whence and how these come I know not nor can I force them…Nor do I hear in my imagination the parts successively, but I hear them gleich alles zusammen (at the same time).”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

(Born with natal chart-ruler Mercury, planet of the senses, in Aquarius, sign of the new, the novel, the original, the genius.)


Here is a horoscope of The Death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on December 5, 1791 at 1:00 am in Vienna, Austria which occurred during an Hour of Saturn, karmic planet of endings, restriction, and loss. Chart-ruler Mercury @19Sag09 is approached by the Sun @12Sag52 and both embrace Mozart’s very close natal Moon-Pluto conjunction (17Sag45/47) in his natal 4th house of Endings and The Drain. In life, a Moon-Pluto conjunction shows deep passions and emotions, idealism, a domestic tyrant, and a bottomless fount of creativity.

The critical 29th-degree Death (Ascendant) when rounded up is apt: ’30 Virgo’ = “Having an Urgent Task to Complete, a Man Doesn’t Look to Any Distractions” (Solar Fire Astrology Software).

A Fire Grand Trine of Creativity and…

Sun (vitality) and Mercury (his natal chart-ruler), a 7th house Moon-Saturn conjunction in Mars-ruled Aries (plus, South Node of the Moon @10Ari58 stationary suggests major separation from the lunar physical body), and an 11th house Uranus @18Leo56 Rx form a Fire Grand Trine indicating that his health was greatly affected by an overindulgent lifestyle, personal excesses, lack of rest, and workaholism which perhaps is to be expected from one gifted with musical genius and an unfortunate tendency to overspend all earnings as well as to waste vital resources (health).

If you enlarge the chart image you’ll find several more details scribbled thereupon including physical indicators for various planets and planetary blends as given by Reinhold Ebertin (The Combination of Stellar Influences).

Such as:

Moon-Saturn = bladder infection (which may have been an inherited tendency–he had suffered from it in the past), Venus at a critical, anxious 29th degree (as is the Ascendant, the death itself) with Venus denoting bladder and veins along with Venus-Neptune (sexual disease; weakened bladder/kidneys); lead planet in a Locomotive pattern is Uranus (pituitary gland); Mars @17Vir48, sign of the bowels = infection and/or assault, Mars inconjunct Pluto = depleted energy from taking on too much work than can safely be done (“so much to do, so little time”), financial stress, poor nutrition, and self-persecution from a feeling of guilt that he had to work more than others in order to prove himself.

Creepy Pluto @20AQ01 conjoins Mozart’s natal Vertex, a fated point of encounter often involved or triggered at times of death, plus, mythological Pluto is the ‘god of Hades’ and astrologically rules the Scorpionic 8th house of Death and Transformation.

In the chart, the Saturn-Pluto midpoint (calcification) @16Pis04 in the 6th house of Health is opposed by 12th house Mars which denotes a fight for one’s existence; the midpoints of Moon-Mars (thyroid gland) and Mars-Saturn (bone marrow inflammation; organ atrophy; death) at Midheaven along with Mozart’s natal Mars @00Can19 (00Cancer, a Cardinal World Point of Fame and Prominence) are very descriptive and Mars (or Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto–sometimes Jupiter and often the Moon as a timer) is typically Angular in cases of death. Even transit Mars in Virgo had recently conjoined his natal Ascendant (physical body) possibly aggravating chronic health conditions and/or bringing infection (see Fire Grand Trine, above).

Mozart’s death (just shy of his 36th birthday which points toward Jupiter, planet of liver and gall) occurred under the rays of a rising 10 North Solar Eclipse @4Lib45 and is the Pre-Natal Eclipse of his death. Curiously, 10N is also his natal Pre-Natal Eclipse (13Vir19) which conjoins natal Ascendant (12Vir41) along with his natal North Node (NN) @11Vir27 rising (born January 27, 1756 8:00 pm Salzburg, Austria; Hour of Mars, chart-ruler Mercury @8AQ08 opposes undermining Neptune Rx in Leo across the 5/11 axis of Creative Pursuits and Self-Will).

Creating stress, natal Uranus @13Pis11 conjoins natal South Node (SN, a Saturnian point of separation) and opposes and thus triggers his Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse in the 10N Saros Series which contains themes of: communication, feeling tired and drained, frustrating or inhibiting events by way of paperwork, news, or a young person; taking it easy and working through things one at a time (Brady’s Predictive Astrology).

As you know, Mozart did not take it easy and was furiously working on a Requiem Mass (‘paperwork’) for “a mysterious stranger” — with the foreboding presentiment that the mass was for his own death, as the legend goes. Perhaps the recent opposition from transit Mars in Virgo to Mozart’s natal Uranus can be noted since it can indicate a dangerous encounter with a stranger!

Though Grand Trines are usually considered beneficial they may also bestow a childish view of the world and a sense of being able to do whatever one wants whenever one wants. Overindulgence may come under this category and if you’re familiar with the life of Freemason Mozart you know how closely this description tallies with his lifestyle and attitude and some may believe that it was only his God-given talent for composing, playing, and conducting music that lifted him up to the heights of creative heaven from which he reigns today.

Although causes such as poisoned pork chops and Freemasonic involvement due to his revealing certain Masonic mysteries in his opera The Magic Flute have been theorized through the years, it would seem that Mozart’s death horoscope points toward chronic medical conditions, taking very poor care of himself, overwork to the point of complete exhaustion, infection, and possibly an inherited health condition or organic weakness, along with extreme anxiety over financial lack and the completing of an important task as complicit culprits in his demise.

These conditions might certainly be described in our modern terms as the gathering of a ‘perfect storm’ of unfortunate circumstances and draining events for this musical genius who too-quickly burned himself out.

Joan Rivers: Sun Gemini-Moon Sagittarius

Today as I watch a re-broadcast of the celebration of Joan Rivers on TV this astrologer had to have a look at her natal horoscope which may be viewed here:  http://www.astro.com/cgi/chart.cgi?wgid=wgeJwljssKwjAQRb9GsDCFvFqrIRtdCBVcKCIuI41tqE2kSQ35exNczeVwuWeCHrUgvJ-ExNx04qK_anbQWmngBQ3UgLeUAiI7hGBgAXrZAYL9bO34jmZF0PqkTe9SONjF-FjA-ZHp7VrAhoaqBoYMbWABVkFJWJV2EJfd08hJiexJ7b810056JZqE2sWodLKdP338pCcnPwjpAx9cFCXmsxP4fvwBv1052A (apologies–the WordPress add-a-link tab isn’t working for me today.)

Born in Brooklyn, New York on June 8, 1933 (2:00 AM), Ms. Rivers had the communication and fast-thinking skills of a Sun Gemini opposing Moon in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, sign of actors and comedians. Not that Geminis can’t be funny, too!  Her just-past Full Moon birth indicates that relationships and hyper-awareness were very basic themes in her life.

As you see from the year 1933, Joan Rivers was born during the war torn Mars-Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Virgo (sign of The Critic and she was that both onstage and on the Red Carpet, pioneering the “who are you wearing?” schtick.) These planets are the ‘Marseillaise Trio’ with its take-no-prisoners energies. For Joan the Trio appears in the 6th house of Dedicated Work and with her chart-ruler Mars (planet of impulse, energy, and action–Ascendant 3Ari53) Joan is famous for her decades of hard work in Comedy and her highly energized, even manic, performances.

Another factor indicating her high energy level and long career is a trine between natal Sun (ego, pride, physical constitution) and authoritative Saturn (work, concentration) showing longevity of life (June 8, 1933–September 4, 2014, age 81) and her decades-long career. Plus, natal Midheaven (Goal/Career/Public Status) is in Saturn-ruled Capricorn.

Her daughter Melissa (b. January 20, 1968 in NY) has said that her mother in private wasn’t funny with people she didn’t know–such as at dinner parties. She was “shy and nervous” and of course anyone who’s familiar with the Mercury-ruled sign of Gemini knows how very nervous they can be. In addition, Joan’s Mercury and Venus are conjoined @29Gem, a critical or crisis degree. Mercury-Venus gives writing talent and pleasant contacts with the public. Perhaps some of the hectic or manic energy Joan Rivers often displayed along with the ‘quick comeback’ ability of Gemini may be found within the critical 29th degree that is doubly emphasized in her natal horoscope.

After all, a 29th degree may be said to be impatient to reach the next sign which for Joan is Moon-ruled Cancer–in fact, 00Can00, a World Point of Prominence, Fame, and Success–and the Moon rules such realms as publicity and the public.

Now this is merely a brief astro-portrait of Joan Rivers and you may of course find much more information hidden in her natal chart so feel free to leave your insights with this post. Disagree if you must, add more info if it suits! 

To close, I add that to me, one of the best things to say about anyone who has passed away is, she will be missed. May the brilliant Joan Rivers R.I.P.



Written by Jude Cowell

September 7, 2014 at 8:24 pm

Thomas Hardy’s Jude remains Obscure

Monday March 3, 2014: Any Cosmic News? Austere Saturn in forceful,secretive Scorpio turned Rx yesterday which will somehow affect events and actions in the Crimea via authoritarian leaders such as Vladimir Putin. Here I’ve posted Crimea’s natal horoscope with the Pisces New Moon of March 1, 2014.

On Saturday March 1, 2014, Mars turned Rx square US natal Pluto in Capricorn, a time of power struggles and revenge as past actions (Mars Rx) come to the fore. This is Not a good time to poke Great Bears like Russia for anger leads quickly to destruction and peril. Now I know that boys will be boys, but really, fellas. Calm down.

My tech troubles continue and there’s not much personal news except that I’ve been re-reading an old favorite author in the last few weeks when I get a chance at odd moments: Thomas Hardy’s Jude the Obscure is first up. Wish I still had my old copy from school but I’m settling for a Kindle version.

The Olden Days of Jude and Sue and Thomas

Thomas Hardy was born in Dorchester England on June 2, 1840 at 8:00 am (astrodatabank has his bio and natal horoscope if you wish a peek. You’ll note that his natal 12th house Moon @10Can48 is again being transited by Jupiter Rx which will Station Direct on March 6, 2014–right upon Mr. Hardy’s natal Moon! If the author walked among us still this would be a happy time for him as any grand desires may be fulfilled during this transit. As it is, our natal horoscopes remain affected by posthumous transits so perhaps the Jupiter-to-Moon conjunction made stronger by Jupiter’s seeming to stand still while stationing will attract a few extra readers to his poems and novels and benefit his estate!

Now film critic Roger Ebert described Jude the Obscure (Jude must have been ‘born’ under somber Saturn’s rays!) as “bleak and shocking” in his review of the 1996 movie adaptation starring Christopher Eccleston and Kate Winslet.

Hmm…perhaps I should see the film particularly since in the world of politics it seems the far right in the US want to return American women to a regressive time of antiquity to endure many of the same prejudices and substandard treatment suffered by the ladies of Thomas Hardy, both real and imaginary.

Yet sprightly heroine Sue Bridehead did possess an independent streak to be sure and was educated in the Classics to a larger-than-usual degree for a woman of her day–she actually had an interest in them including Poetry, of course.Being a teacher was a natural career for her though it didn’t last due to changing social conditions. (I’m about 1/2 way through the book–don’t spoil it for me if she returns to teaching after her marriage!)

Of course the behavioral standards between men and women of 19th century were restrictive (Saturn) especially for such a Geminian free-ish spirit as Sue and we find the ‘eternal youth’/young girl role of Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, playing a major part in the novel’s plot line. Even Jude is described by the author as a “child” at one point though finagled into marriage by one Arabella then subsequently falling in love with changeable Cousin Sue whose true feelings he can seldom guess. Jude loves and adores Sue but an earlier guileless mistake makes…well, you know the tale, don’t you?

Okay, I’ll hush up for now for I didn’t intend to write about Jude the Obscure at this particular moment in time. But since it’s done, I’ll not delete.

Jude, the Undeleting

Who does JFK’s grandson Jack Schlossberg favor?

It is my considered opinion that John F. Kennedy’s only grandson, John (Jack) Schlossberg, son of Caroline (our new ambassador to Japan), favors his Uncle John Jr more than he favors his grandfather Jack Kennedy.

Feel free to disagree!


Jack, age 20 and studying emergency medical technology at Yale University, is being haled as a handsome lad and with this who could disagree? Recently he spoke at the 50th anniversary of New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport, and was on hand for the photo shoot of his mother being sworn in as ambassador to Japan.

Some folk are calling him a “budding statesman” though unfortunately he may want to be careful to not become too popular with the public if he enters Politics, if you know what I mean.

Here’s a Tumblr page http://kennedylegacy.tumblr.com/post/3815450742/jfks-only-grandson with more info and some early photos, if you’re interested.

Born on January 19, 1993, Jack Schlossberg is either a Sun Capricorn (unless born after 8:30 pm est) with Moon in Sagittarius, or a Sun Aquarius with Moon in early Capricorn (Moon to 00Cap00 at 9:48 pm est.)

Capricorn is, as you know, the sign of government, law, and business and is ruled by conservative Saturn while Aquarius is ruled and co-ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. With his natal Venus exalted in compassionate Pisces, support for Aquarian humanitarianism may be found with Sun in Aquarius, sign of the Water Bearer (his birth hour is unknown.) Plus, natal Pluto in Scorpio, sign of regeneration and medical procedures, supports his interest in medical studies.

January 19, 1993 falls into the 13 North Saros Series of Solar Eclipses and the initial Solar Eclipse of 13N manifested on August 14, 1776 @22Leo. As you also know, the rest of the signatures on the Declaration of Independence were penned on August 2, 1776 which is in range of the 13N eclipse (2 weeks prior or after) and syncs the beginning of a new nation with the start of a new eclipse Series.

There are other factors in the natal chart of Jack Schlossberg that indicate political links with America (ex: natal Mars Rx conjunct US natal Sun in Cancer) but this post is about to end now so…

Written by Jude Cowell

November 21, 2013 at 6:16 pm

Einstein quote on Astrology a hoax!

Well, this explains a lot. I have always wondered if Albert Einstein thought Astrology was so useful why didn’t his opinions and use of it surface with more substance than a wispy quote or two?

Turns out that one of Einstein’s more cited quotes concerning the ancient system of analysis is a hoax and is actually from someone else.

Here’s Einstein’s birth data and bio and if you click Natal Chart Placidus, you may view an image of his natal horoscope which shows his Sun Pisces-Moon Sagittarius personality blend, a steamy Water-Fire combo. (Well, he was popular with the ladies!)

Sun Pis-Moon Sag has a double Jupiterian influence and denotes a philosopher-mystic who is friendly, generous, and possesses a far-seeing imagination. And yes, he was religious yet avoided religion of the organized variety.

Humility mixes with nobility here and there is an endearing childlike quality (which made women want to console and cuddle him) yet a strong need for contemplative withdrawal is obviously felt. A sense of humor is notable (‘jolly’ Jupiter!) as is a restless discontent, a sense of grandiosity (he knew he was bound for glory as he toiled in the patent office), and a struggle to resolve tensions between his beliefs and political ideologies was a destiny that could not be avoided.

Now here are a few words of advice that Albert Einstein actually did say:

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

Another word of advice: question the validity of all you read on the Internet including this post!


For more info see: Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles & Suzi Harvey.

Written by Jude Cowell

July 7, 2013 at 2:11 pm

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s natal chart w Zelda’s natal planets

The Natal Chart of F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Roaring Twenties

by Jude Cowell

My friend Julie Demboski’s analysis of today’s entry of Venus into Mercury-ruled Gemini Talkity Talkity Talk fills us in on what and where we may expect this social energy to express.

And of course, one of the signs related to writing, Gemini, is the sign of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s natal Pluto (13:43 Rx) and his imbibing Mars-Neptune conjunction (20:38 and 20:18 Rx, respectively.) As you probably know, Fitzgerald ruined his health by years of drinking alcohol (and possibly taking other drugs–I don’t know) with Mars signifying energy and action and Neptune ruling all forms of negative escapism.

Another ‘writing’ indicator is his Mercury-Venus conjunction in arty Libra @24:48 and 23:12, respectively. Between this conjunction and natal Sun @2Lib18 in the 8th house of Debt and Death lurks asteroid Bacchus and ‘bacchanalia’ is one way to describe the lifestyle and drunken parties of Scott and wife Zelda (born Zelda Sayre July 24, 1900 Montgomery, AL.)

This post will end with a view of a horoscope of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ Solar Eclipse of 1923 (16 North Saros Series = ‘inspiration; creativity; illumination’ and it repeats on November 3, 2013!); click chart to read a few basic details. The Eclipse fell into Scott’s 7th house of Partnerships and Marriage and I imagine the drinking and dancing became even wilder for it! Its material-released-from-the-unconscious influence must have inspired his writing as well.

Below is a view of The Great Gatsby author’s natal horoscope around which I’ve penned Zelda’s natal planets for noon since her birth time is unknown. During the 24-hour period of her day of birth, natal Moon in Cancer ranged from 3:35 to 16:24 making Zelda a Sun Leo-Moon Cancer personality blend of Fire-Water…steamy!

F. Scott Fitzgerald natal chart w Zelda's planets

F. Scott Fitzgerald natal chart w Zelda’s planets

September 24, 1896 3:30 pm +6:12:22 Saint Paul, Minnesota; Hour of the Sun; final dispositor Venus (23Lib12 conjunct intellectual Spica and ‘different approach’ Arcturus); Full Moon +212 degrees 9 minutes = objective, clear-headed (but for the alcohol), revelation, illumination, fulfillment; potential for separation/divorce from partner–or, from reality. (Rudhyar); Air-Earth = rational, efficient, innovative, social, communicating–plans before acting; can lose touch with feelings; finds steamy Fire-Water types like Zelda fascinating.

With this Friday’s premiere of Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby, we see that transiting Jupiter (good fortune; increase) has been traveling amongst F. Scott’s trio of planets in Gemini–Pluto, Neptune, and Mars when success, illusion (film), and luxury are spotlighted–in this case, for those in the movie industry who have associated themselves with his novel, the Jazz Age, and those glamorous and giddy Roaring Twenties.

As you may be able to see, Zelda has a Gemini line-up of the same planets in different order and both were born soon after the Great Conjunction/s of Neptune and Pluto, a pair of generational planets signifying the supernatural, mystics, peculiar people, occultists, and psychics. Also, the pair is linked to: a craving for alcohol, nicotine and other substances, the pursuit of fantastic ideas, self-torment, manias, obsession, confusion, a lack of incentive to maintain health, and grievous loss (Ebertin.)

F. Scott Fitzgerald collapsed and died of heart attack after ill health and alcohol had weakened him in Hollywood, California on December 21, 1940. Transiting Uranus (sudden attacks) was in opposition to his natal Uranus in Scorpio (his mid-life crisis period), Jupiter conjoined his natal Moon in early Taurus after tr Saturn @8Tau13 Rx had been restricting it (deprivation, depression, ill health–Moon = emotions and physical body) and was heading back toward his Moon. This was also a Saturn-opposing-natal-Saturn transit, a time of little if any progress, regrets about the past, and other negative conditions possibly relating to work.

Nebulous Neptune @27Vir40 approached natal Sun thus weakening vitality and denoting unrealistic or misguided notions or goals, a lack of solid purpose, and much confusion; yet Neptune may also bring the highest creative inspiration though bolstering the ego (Sun) with alcohol (Neptune) has very negative effects at this time.

Well, there are many more things to discover in the natal horoscope of F. Scott Fitzgerald but I don’t want to ruin all your fun!


Image below: Roaring Twenties Solar Eclipse @17Vir06 (a critical degree) conjunct art-lover and pleasure-seeker Venus 17Vir12; Hour of Jupiter in Scorpio which conjoins the Midheaven (The Goal) so the optimistic pursuit of happiness, jolliness, and wealth infuse the air; there’s a Water Grand Trine of creativity which is part of a Kite pattern (success) with quirky, progressive Uranus as the tail, conjunct South Node @11Pis31, seeks freedom from the past but also denotes deception and illusion. Plus, the sign of Uranus indicates behavior of a generation, and Pisces, ruler of feet, does love to dance and imbibe!

The wild parties of the Jazz Age are supported here by Neptune in entertaining Leo with Saturn and Neptune in a sextile aspect of eating, drinking, and smoking (oral fixation) and showing a tendency to use negative escapism to cover up and ignore problems rather than deal with Saturn’s harsh realities and responsibilities.

'Roaring Twenties' Solar Eclipse 1923

‘Roaring Twenties’ Solar Eclipse 1923

F. Scott’s birth data of *3:30 pm on September 24, 1896 in Saint Paul, MN has a Rodden Rating of B, if you care to check it out.

*In his book The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones gives the same birth data for Scott.

Senator Ted Cruz: “a crusader dueling with shadows”

Something about Senator Ted Cruz

A US Senator since January 2013, Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada on December 22, 1970 as the Sun reached Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business (birth hour unknown.) His ‘reigning need’ (Tyl) is shown by Moon in Libra, ruled by evaluating, attracting, sometimes vengeful Venus, a planet associated with money. Libra’s Airy nature denotes intellectual and legal interests along with creativity shown to best advantage by a use of balance though a certain emotionally detached attitude may be present.

No, the harmony preferred by Libra, Venus, and a Venus-ruled Moon (emotions, feelings, moods, physical body) aren’t always in store for a man born with a gracious helping of powerful planetary aspects relating to his natal Sun (ego; willpower; the Quest) and Mercury (thinking processes; planning; communications) and young Sen. Cruz sports a few such aspects which have provided him with the inherent motivation and drive to reach that pinnacle called Capitol Hill.

You may wish to read a further analysis of his planetary aspects on my Political Astrology site Stars Over Washington where a fuller astro-portrait may be found.

Since the Moon remained in Libra for the 24 hours of Dec 22, 1970, a precise birth hour isn’t required in order to consider Sen. Cruz’s Sun Cap-Moon Libra combination of energies with the Sun signifying the conscious mind (adult) and the Moon denoting the unconscious (child), and of course the unconscious mind tends to be the more powerful motivator of the two. Getting them working together is the height of successful creativity and ‘self-actualization’ and the square (90 degrees) between Capricorn and Libra supplies the dynamism one must have in order to ‘make the effort’ necessary to succeed.

Sen. Cruz’s Sun and Moon signs, one ruled by conservative, austere Saturn, planet of the status quo, the other by Venus, as noted, above, gives a Venus-Saturn signature (loyalty but dissatisfaction) which is further emphasized by a natal opposition between Venus (Sco) and Saturn Rx (Tau) across the intense Taurus-Scorpio axis of Values and Money, in mid-degrees. Plus, Saturn in Taurus is quite determined to be a preserver of values, an attitude helpful in Politics, yet whose values is another question entirely.

Curious fact: the ‘King of Terror’ Solar Eclipse that Nostradamus warned us about–August 11, 1999 @18Leo21–has Mr. Cruz’s position of Saturn (16Tau17 Rx v 16Tau52 Direct) which basically makes the difficult *’Mother of All Eclipses’ Cruz’s Saturn Return, age 29, a time when responsibilities should be accepted and increasing maturity is expected–or else. For as you know, Saturn is a karmic planet bringing along a reaping of what was sown in the past.) Naturally, all who were born around 1970 have planetary links to the 1999 eclipse and the May 2000 Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn may be of great personal significance for them as well.

Sun Cap-Moon Libra denotes our brazen junior senator as a crusader who duels with shadows and who possesses a paradoxical personality that’s conservative yet liberal. And though he seems to be in charge of his well-regulated life, an ‘ideas v action’ motif may be noted. Yet with his purposeful outlook, he can achieve most anything in life though negative thinking may interfere at times. Feeling the weight of his duties acutely, the serious Senator Cruz is inclined to be opportunistic, skeptical to the point of cynicism, and pedantic in any particular area he considers his expertise.

If a cause is deemed to be worthwhile, Sen. Cruz is happy to enjoin the fight with cunning shrewdness and a dry, factual approach. Although he prefers to behave politely (Uranus in Libra), he wants his words to have dramatic punch. Business and financial astuteness may be in evidence with much support from natal Jupiter in Big Business Scorpio, the sign ruled by ruthless, overbearing Mars-Pluto influences.

At age 42, Senator Cruz may be yet to learn that a ‘stiff upper lip’ isn’t always the best solution to other people’s problems, or to his own; a heavy sense of justice which ‘must be done’, plus, a healthy self-opinion refuses to allow his ego to be trod upon which are tendencies aided by the cool, emotionally detached Libra Moon. Thus, any criticism can seem to ‘roll off his back’, as they say–including that of his fellow Republicans.

Now let’s close our Cap-Libra consideration of Ted Cruz with the most apt of three “Images for Integration” (conscious + unconscious) given for this combo by Charles & Suzi Harvey in their excellent book, Sun Sign-Moon Sign–it has a quaint, knightly flavor to it:

“A visionary statesman fights a duel to see justice done.”

Somehow I can easily imagine the senator challenging an adversary by smacking him with his grey morning gloves, can’t you?


*Since the brutal WTC attacks of 9/11/01 and America’s subsequent brutalities and over-reaches, we see clearly what Nostradamus’ warning involved in preparation for the much-touted New Millennium. One basic reason it’s called ‘The Mother of All Eclipses’ is because it falls into the 1 North Saros Series. The initial 1N eclipse occurred on January 4, 1639 @13Cap48 (opposite US natal Sun of July 4, 1776 thus personalizing the August 1999 eclipse for our nation’s presidents, the White House, and the American people–in Astrology’s past-present-future kind of way.)

Additionally, 1N is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the JFK Assassination Nov 22, 1963 and of the First Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 by Freemason President Harry Truman.

For historical context, check out Events of January 1639 if you wish.


Whitney Houston’s sad passing w an astro-note about fights while married

It’s been a couple of hours since I noticed tweets of today’s sad passing of singer Whitney Houston and knowing that my files contained a copy of her birth horoscope, I peeked at a few pertinent charts along with her natal chart. My local TV channel just reported that she was found today in her Beverly Hilton hotel room by music mogul Clive Davis and pronounced dead at 3:55 pm PST; no signs of anything unsual have been reported.

(Update Feb 15: apparently it was her aunt who found her so ‘my local news channel’ got it wrong but you know that by now as more details come out.)

A career comeback was being planned but now naturally her too-soon demise has placed a hush of melancholy upon the February 12, 2012 Grammy Award ceremonies in L. A. and her passing definitely changes things.

Whitney Houston born August 9, 1963 @ 8:55 pm Newark, N.J. (Rodden Rating AA from birth certificate.) As you see, the lady was only 48 years old.

With 8Pis25 rising at the time of her birth, Jupiter is chart-ruler and creative Neptune, ruler of drugs and illusions, acts as chart co-ruler. As you know, Jupiter increases whatever ‘he’ contacts in a horoscope and too much of a good thing can be mighty dangerous for one susceptible to overindulgence in all manner of things (Moon/Jupiter conjunction) which may be pleasant enough in moderation–but moderation is more of a Saturnian function. Both Jupiter and Saturn are needed in order to create balance in our lives but perhaps her Jupiter/Saturn sextile (60 degr = promise) made the easy availability of ‘questionable practices’ one of her greatest weak spots.

Yes, with her natal Moon 17Ari05 conjunct n Jupiter 19:29 (the Exaltation of the Sun degree which adds to the need for ego recognition) in 1st house of Self and Physical Body, Ms. Houston’s emotional needs may have been boundless, similar to a negatively aspected Moon in its own sign of Cancer. Over use of pharmaceuticals and alcohol often cause skewed perceptions as well such as when things are ‘blown out of proportion’ during conflicts, and a deep sense of inferiority exists within a natal Sun/Saturn opposition (Leo Sun/AQ Saturn across the health-influencing 6/12 axis.)

So I looked at her last Jupiter Return since chart-ruling Mr. Abundant affects her physical body so health is sure to be involved in important transits of Jupiter which last conjoined natal position on April 18, 2011. Her Jupiter Return 2011 horoscope is ruled by Jupiter as well: Ascendant 18Sag49, with Jupiter in Return 4th house (Endings), surrounded by the Sun 28Ari45 and by the then-traveling conjunction of nervous Mercury (Rx) and upsetting Mars–13Ari39 and 13:08, respectively.

The ’14Aries’ degree seems particularly telling to me with its Sabian Symbol: “A Serpent Coiling Near a Man and a Woman” because of her and Bobby Brown’s history of fighting, violence, and separations. In fact, in all the charts I consulted, there are indications of just those three factors as potentials in her life and relationships.

That testy Mars has crossed and recrossed the natal Descendant (7th cusp of Partnerships) and her natal planets clustered there–Uranus 3Vir27 in 6th H, Mercury 10:15 sitting atop the Angle, and Pluto 11Vir01, conjunct a difficult star of victimization, describes a recent and difficult period for Whitney Houston and brought on by a partner or partners.

Yet her Midheaven (Career) has been going fairly well while the Domestic Scene may not have been so fabulous of late. Other transits and progression support a difficult period for the lady yet as in life, Astrology shows the good and the bad in effect simultaneously. Ex: Career good, Home not so good.

Also, certain planets being Angular (ASC/DESC and/or MC/IC) in certain charts tell a tale of important times, big changes, and possibly death, if other factors concur. Ex: Mars and Saturn in her Jupiter Return 2011 horoscope oppose one another while conjoining their respective ‘corners’–MC (Saturn 12Lib43 Rx–sign of Partnerships) and IC (Mars, conjunct Mercury Rx, as previously noted.)

This post’s title was lifted from a quote by one who shares natally the Sun Aries-Moon Scorpio blend found in her Jupiter Return 2011 horoscope, author Thornton Wilder who famously and applicably informed us of his opinion that,

“The best part of married life is the fights. The rest is merely so-so.”

Now if you’ve read any of my astro-babbles before you know I use midpoint pictures so I’ll give you one from Ms. Houston’s Jupiter Return 2011 chart which resonates all too well with its Moon (a woman; physical body; health) opposing natal Moon across the 2/8 Death and Transformation axis, and blending with the energies of liquidy, undermining Neptune as the powerful planet of coping ability and transformation, Pluto, intensifies and harshens their combined energies at midpoint.

Let’s close this sad post with their picture as given by Reinhold Ebertin…

Moon/Neptune = Pluto: emotional shock or upheaval; high sensitivity and being easily influenced by others.

Michael Munkasey adds:

‘Increased needs for revenge against those who injure or hurt you in any way; ferment and seething added to emotions which you create within your dreams for escape from reality.’


Whitney Houton R. I. P.

Your conflicts have ended and your amazing voice will be missed.


Here are more details.

Written by Jude Cowell

February 12, 2012 at 4:34 am

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