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Astrology on the EU and Euro’s future

Update June 25, 2016: sorry to say that the link to Roy Gillett’s article seems to be no longer live. jc

What a find! I have to share with you a link to astrologer Roy Gillett’s article on What Are the Prospects for the Euro?

You don’t have to speak Astrologese in order to read it either. But perhaps you’re wondering what Astrology has to say about the European debt crisis and how things may proceed: then I direct you to Mr. Gillett, who says, “Whatever is done through the last part of 2011 is unlikely to be enough.”

Most of the economists I’ve read are agreeing with that unsentimental sentiment. Check out Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi’s ridiculous facial expression here–what a pout on a grown man!–and tell me if you think the deals done so far by European leaders will ease EU/euro problems or only exacerbate them.

Astrology of AIG, BofA, Madoff, and Ponzi

Although this reluctant astrologer has dabbled with Financial Astrology – especially in the last two or three years – it is a very detailed and specialized branch of the Art so I wisely refer you to one of the best online sources for insights into the current climate:
Neptune Cafe.

If you’re an astrologer or a reasonably informed follower of it, you probably have found Michael O’Reilly’s site and writings before now.

The link above is noted here for its coverage of 2008’s econo-crisis and contains articles from Dec 2008 through March 2009, a key time frame in the meltdown.

Along with founding horoscopes for AIG, Bank of America, and others, you’ll find the natal charts of Bernard Madoff and Charles Ponzi (both charts set for noon since their birth times are unknown), two men who curiously were born with Mercury Rx square Pluto. Madoff’s Mercury/Pluto square is from Aries to Cancer, Ponzi’s from Aquarius to Taurus…one an originator of what we call the ”Ponzi scheme’, the other a notorious current-day disciple.

When the thinking processes of *Mercury conflict with powerful, subversive, yet coping Pluto in square aspect (90 degrees = blockages, obstacles but gives dynamic tension toward action) a deep dynamic is set up indicating one who may communicate harshly thus arousing bitterness in others, and who rarely feels obligated to anyone. Extremes of behavior are common with a Merc/Plu square, and self-control must be developed with maturity.

Naturally fearless, this individual can demonstrate an astounding lack of common sense in dangerous situations while he takes unnecessary risks just to prove how courageous he really is. Professions that involve hazzards are desired such as: research and development, chemistry, medicine or pathology, or crime detection.

‘Crime detection’?!

Yes, for with Astrology’s AC-DC tendencies, we see that with Madoff and Ponzi, the energy can flow in either direction (with Bernie serving a 150-year sentence now.)

A person with a Merc/Plu square prefers to avoid reality, a trait that is perhaps ‘helpful’ when mounting massive frauds perpetrated upon society. The aspect shows one who may disregard such things as safety precautions and has a tendency to make more errors in judgment than the average person – especially when it comes to handling large sums of money!

Cunning schemes may be used in obsessive fashion so that other people’s lives are arrogantly re-shaped in some way (wiping out their finances, in this case) and use of violence is also a possibility as is the ridicule from society which may follow underhanded Merc/Plu activities that have brought notoriety upon both their heads.

As for AIG and Bank (Robbers) of America, I leave you to sip your coffee at the excellent Neptune Cafe!


*Fleet-footed Mercury also rules commerce and trade, and Pluto’s alias is Hades, god of the Underworld and crime.

US Pluto in 2nd house of Money

If you’re familiar with America’s natal chart (Sibly version: 5:10 pm LMT) you know that US natal Pluto, the planetoid now in process of cleaning out our financial closets, is posited in our nation’s 2nd house, one of the money houses of Earning Ability, Values, and Self-Worth.

Astrologer Jessica Murray, who writes consistently excellent articles at Daykeeper Journal, has a new series and you can catch Part I here:


Tell me: did your Granny once advise you to save your pennies? Well, what do you think of her old fashioned advice now?

Horoscope of Black Tuesday 1929


Very few notes today…out of town company just left and things must be put back together from a 3-year-old’s rearrangements…still, I wanted to splash up this chart for noon of ‘Black Tuesday 1929’ for you, set for NYC.

Click to enlarge for a few of my chicken- scratch notations.

Update Aug 23, 2009: trouble with WordPress? click here for an enlargeable chart image. Thanks. jc

Back to my original post:

Sun at Midheaven (Mc)…’6Sco’…”A Gold Rush” (!!); Moon 1Lib42..’2Lib’…”The Light of the Sixth Race Transmuted to the Seventh” – plus, the Moon is in a karmic spot in 8th house (of Shared Resources; Credit; Debit; Inheritance; Legacies; Insurance, Transformations; Death; the Occult, etc) near 9th cusp.

Moon is conjunct US natal Mc by one degree if you use America’s so-called Sibly chart (July 4, 1776; 5:10 pm LMT; Philadelphia, Pa; Sag rising.)

1929’s North Node and Chiron are conjunct as they are now, but without Neptune’s company as now…asteroid Midas, who is always around where there are big piles of gold to hoard…is conjunct Chiron-North Node, and also conjunct the midpoint of Jupiter-Uranus = ‘the big break; boundless optimism; success’ at’13Tau’…”A Man Handling Baggage.”

Well, the stock market crash of 1929 meant a ‘big break’ for a few select people – very few. The rest were then, as now, left out of Jupiter’s largesse.

Here is a success-filled midpoint picture from the above-pictured chart:

Pluto-NN = Jupiter: forcing oneself into a power position; attaining success through others; self-promotion.

Pluto-NN (powerful associations) = Pluto/Chiron (plutocracy; corporatism; racism; violence, oppression, ++ = expansive Jupiter (Mr. Moneybags, with FDR and ‘the Fed’ soon on the way. President Herbert Hoover was inaugurated March 4, 1929, so Hoover was at the helm just as…well, you know the varmint’s name…he and his saddlebags full of money have turned his pony, Paint, toward the West and ultimately toward the Bush compound in Paraguay.)


Now what about the Sun Sco-Moon Libra blend’s Images for Integration?

‘A criminal lawyer auditions for the lead part in a new play about heroes of the second-world-war resistance movement…A passionate poet leads the “Poets for Peace” mass demonstration.’ (‘Sun Sign – Moon Sign’, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Okay, so WWII hadn’t occurred yet, but it’s the essence of the day we’re seeking here, and perhaps 1929’s ‘criminal lawyer’ is still trying to tell us something!

Funding the new New Deal

Surfing about the interweb today I ran across a magazine previously unknown to me and which contains online articles about financial and economic issues of the day: Yes! Magazine.

The magazine needs new subscriptions, of course, but they cordially place a bevy of articles on their site for online reading, too.

One such, by Ellen Brown, concerns funding the ‘new’ New Deal which Barack Obama is being expected to deliver to America. The article covers how banks create money,  the thoughts of Thomas Jefferson on such matters, and more.

Here’s a snippet for you:  Jefferson, writing to Treasury Secretary Gallatin in 1815:

“The treasury, lacking confidence in the country, delivered itself bound hand and foot to bold and bankrupt adventurers and bankers pretending to have money, whom it could have crushed at any moment.”

My question: Is it too late to crush the pretenders?

Jefferson’s hindsight of 1815 should be used foresightfully in 2009 as the speculator duo, Jupiter and Neptune, meet 3x upon America’s natal Moon in Aquarius all through 2009. (In a national chart, Moon = the people, populace, the public.)

*Jupiter-Neptune = Moon: going with the wind; becoming involved in speculation, instability, wastefulness; dreaminess; an emotional swoon; little sense of reality; losing oneself in plans.

And this is a year-long influence so foresight says:  please beware of those who pretend to have money!

But all Astrology aside, you may wish to read Brown’s excellent and informative article here:



*midoint picture info a combination of Tyl and Ebertin.

Astrologer Dena DeCastro answers Astrology critics

You may have noticed below  a brief post about American Public Radio’s MarketPlace program the other day which featured Astrology as a possible source for market and financial analysis.

Dena DeCastro was the counseling astrologer whom I mentioned as faring fairly well in the interview and Dena is now reaping the ‘rewards’ of trusting the unversed in the media to do a balanced job when it comes to outing Astrology’s many uses to the general public.

Turns out the general public isn’t ready for hearing about Financial Astrology at all – and the subject turns them very rude, to0.

Now to me this says that the Wall Street gentry and other high fallutin’ wheeler-dealers can safely keep this excellent financial instrument all to themselves. Astrology used on Wall Street? Shh-h-h! it’s a secret!

You know, a stock market is only a fancy gambling den for fleecing pigeons who know only as much as the fatcat string-pullers allow them to know – how ironic that it’s Financial Astrology that could give the financially naive a leg up on cycles of markets and planets and what trends are on the menu…because it’s all about cycles and trends, isn’t it?

Now this is where I normally add the famous Astrology quote from J.P. Morgan, Sr: _____ __ __ ______, ______ __.

Or in lieu, you can simply scroll down a couple of posts and you’ll find it in: ‘MarketPlace turns to Astrology!’

Now I turn you over to Dena so she can tell you about her MarketPlace interview experience and its aftermath:


MarketPlace turns to Astrology!

The ears of this reluctant astrologer perked up this evening to hear my public radio station broadcasting MarketPlace with  – gulp – a feature on – yeeks – Astrology.

More specifically they spoke of using Astrology to interpret what’s going on with the economy. Is all this difficulty in the stars?

Being sensitive to such things as media bias, I noticed a particular slant – as if the third astrologer quoted was somehow disagreeing with the others who, the narrator’s voice seemed suggestively to intone, were foil-hatted and slightly off-beam.

The counseling astrologer’s gravitas fared best of all. She gave Pluto in Capricorn information which some folk will be glad to be made aware of, if it’s been beyond their radar screens ‘ere this.

The last astrologer, a $20 per 15 minutes insta-astrologer who promises not to get into all that personality stuff with ya, but specializes in the What’s Coming Up mode of Astrology. This style can be of practical value (if not misguided) and it sounded to me as if the lady was well-versed.

Wonder why their interviews contained not the first  financial astrologer? Too…scientific? Or perhaps the ones with big clients know how to keep their mouths zipped!

Well, I thought you’d like to know of this odd radio occurrence – that the efficacy of using astrological cycles to determine, track, and understand cyclic markets of the financial persuasion (well-known of old as it is)  isn’t as far-fetched as most Wall Street practitioners would have us believe…and now PRI’s MarketPlace has given Astrology a polite, if slight, nod.

Thanks, MarketPlace. I enjoyed that. (I’ve listened to your program for years. How about blowing the lid off Financial Astrology’s handiness?) 

For as old J.P. Morgan once said, “Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do.”

And I must suppose he didn’t intend to leave out ‘trillionaires’ from his knowing pronouncement. Perhaps he simply hadn’t conceived of them yet.

Read or listen:


Financial astrologer Ray Merriman on the next 15 years

Margot the Mystic has it linked – expert financial astrologer Ray Merriman on the economic situation for the next 15 years which includes Pluto’s re-entry into Capricorn ‘for good’ this time – meaning that Mr. Underworld will be done transforming fiery Sagittarius in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

You’ll find some interesting astrological comments weighing in, too, $o check it out:


If above link isn’t live, go to Mr. Merriman’s site here for several interesting articles including his comments for the week of Nov 17, 2008:


Or better yet, try:


The Fed and the run on IndyMac

Having just updated my post on the Fed’s Jupiter of Dec 2008 with a few notes on Monday’s run on the IndyMac Bank of Pasadena, CA, here’s the link if you’re inclined:


Wonder what Hydra has to do with it?

Financial Astrology: Week of July 14, 2008

Being no financial astrologer, I depend on the masters such as Ray Merriman whose current article on the Week of July 14 is a financial eye opener:


The Saturn/Uranus cycle now lining up in opposition is the major long-term geocosmic signature (Nov 4, 2008 – July 26, 2010) to keep tabs on and Mr. Merriman is the one to do it when it comes to markets and economics. The difficult Saturn/Pluto cycle is also covered here.

Merriman’s insights on the Fed are illuminating especially given the expansion of its powers now in process of being put into effect. Merriman also relates economic cycles to the possible presidencies of Barack Obama and John McCain so if Politics is of interest to you, don’t miss his article linked above.

Then there’s Ray Merriman’s website where he gives his expert views on Pluto in Capricorn (2008 – 2023) and its likely effects upon the Federal Reserve Board and governmental and business systems:


It’s been downhill for the DJIA since the high of May 19 as the Jupiter-Uranus sextile faded away yet Ray Merriman says these larger difficult cycles can be mitigated with the right financial choices, both personal and governmental.

My own grumpy train of thought is that the falling dollar is part of a larger globalist one-world-government agenda and isn’t meant to be ‘saved’ from crashing – and that only timing is important to the ‘secret hand.’ Wish I could get over these premonitions!

Yet the falling dollar may have a slightly better chance of sinking more softly rather than crashing under a Democratic White House, while more war under a neocon presidency will only dissolve it more quickly and cause oil and other commodities to become unaffordable for Americans who fall below the elite level (99% of us!) and the rest of the world.

Barclays Bank and other EU institutions are fed up with the US Fed and are running away in droves and, as Merriman points out, besting them at their own game so I hope you’ll check out Ray Merriman’s excellent work for more insights than this non-financial astrologer can possibly have or give!

Noon NPR reports: Bush has lifted the executive ban on offshore drilling which will now wait on Congress to lift its own ban – so help may be on the way, gas buyers – in about 10 years.


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