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Greece raises white flag April 23, 2010

Well, today Greece has raised the white flag and asked for financial aid from her euro partners and the IMF.

All righty then, says Germany, but Angela Merkel plans to be ‘strict’.

Then perhaps the US needs Merkel to school Goldman Sachs for hiding the true magnitude of Greece’s debt!

Update on Swiss banks closing US accounts

Here’s an update from Bloomberg News on the hot button issue of the closing of foreign bank accounts held by Americans who have been able to avoid paying their US taxes – but is the jig really up?

Yet non-tax-evaders living and working abroad are in danger of having no place to bank at all if the IRS continues its long-overdue crackdown on such fraudulent practices which have been enabled by the Swiss banking system.

So perhaps Americans working in foreign lands will have to consider online banking as a solution to their ‘Americans are pariahs’ dilemma!

Not for me, thanks: but my own bank here can’t shut up about the joys and conveniences of online banking. In their dreams…do I look that gullible?

It will be interesting to see if the IRS sticks with its Sept 23 deadline for foreign accounts declarations, won’t it?

US middle class descends

Here we have Germany’s Der Spiegel taking a look from a distance upon the US middle class’ descent into living in and eating at tent cities and soup kitchens.

Stirring the soup with a long ladle, are we?

My hope is that everyone may have soup to stir by the time the last domino flops. These jokers play for keeps.

EU parliament to tap taxpayers for pension fund money

Well, besides America, it’s outrage all around as audacity abounds in the European parliament as it plans to tap EU taxpayers in order to shore up their – the politicians’ – ailing pension funds.

No word on whose funds will be ‘tapped’ to shore up the peoples’ wiped out pension funds.

Guess all the politicians’ previous pocket-lining deserves cushy pensions while the ones who worked and paid taxes – only to have them ‘tapped’ aka stolen – are to be left out in the cold.

The power elite’s enablers do seem to be intent on riling up the people and getting them into the streets, don’t they?

Bailout 2008 mirrors 1929 – 1931

Having just published a link to an enlightening list of quotes and headlines from 1929 to 1931 and their likeness to words and deeds of the economic crisis of 2008, you may be interested in checking it out if you’re feeling financial today:


The post contains some interesting Astrology notes from July 1931, but is written in English, so not to fret if you don’t speak astrologese.

Or you may skip my post entirely and go directly to the list of  quotes and headlines if you wish:


This list from Great Depression times makes for an interesting script that was followed by government, bankers, and mainstream media, yet with more than a little rehash 2008 going on – it’s sort of a ‘revival of a classic’ now playing at the Wall Street Theater.

So, have we? Have we learned anything?

Is it bye-bye Buy American?

A view from abroad: the European Union is in a snit of miffdom over the Buy American provision in the Obama administration’s economic stimulus package Congress is now considering:


Oh~ and you heard that Tom Daschle has withdrawn his name from consideration for head of Health and Human Services. I figured that would be the outcome – and their closed door meeting must’ve been a doozy – reportedly ‘no hostility’ was involved and Daschle protected the president after all was said and done…and not done.

Now I wonder who will replace Daschle for the appointment – whoever it may be,  make it quick!

Should Obama forget Tom Daschle?

Some people think Pres. Obama should jettison Tom Daschle’s name from his appointees list:


And I agree – Daschle is expendable – Tim Geithner is much less so.

But with Geithner as Treasury Secretary, I’m assuming that he intends to actually improve our economic situation, not continue the undermining of our nation (and the world economy) for the sake of global domination objectives.

So I hope for America’s sake that my assumption isn’t too over-reaching.

Financial elite have no shame!

Rob Ellman’s blog, Intrepid Liberal Journal, has an excellent video of a New Yorker’s ‘righteous rant’ on the financial crisis – check this out – this guy covers it all:


And here’s a Canadian view from the Toronto Star, which wonders aloud that the financial elite who caused the economic meltdown seem to have no shame over their actions and ineptitude:


There’s that word again: ineptitude, which is and was used so often concerning the Bush years.

Once again I’m not as quick to label the current crop of criminals-in-charge as ‘inept’ when they may be following a one-world-government script which – for them – is working quite dandily!

You may not believe in conspiracies, that’s your choice. Perhaps ‘the secret hand’ sounds like a creepy B-grade movie to you.

But IF the financial/power elite are breaking down the world economy (and other social structures) in order to reconstruct the world the way they want it (with permanent control placed in certain claws) then they’re doing a bang-up job with the current financial crisis, don’t you think? ~

Astrology Note:  with Pluto (secret hand) now in Capricorn (structures and systems including financial, political, and legal) it’s bumpy rides all around…except for the select  few varmints at the helm.

See the Solar Eclipse chart for July 22, 2009, which has an ‘old systems fail; new methods and ideas are needed to deal with issues brought by the eclipse; need for sudden reforms’ flavor opposing US natal Pluto (2 degr orb):


Yes, the 11 South Series is a doozy and last manifested on July 11, 1991, during the time when Bush Sr was shouting out for a New World Order. Now do you honestly think the world’s elite are ‘inept’?

Is Obama fearless on the economy?

With this view from abroad we find that someone thinks he is:


Dec 2, 2008: gold into backwardation

Professor Antal E. Fekete has written an alarming piece on the first time in history that gold went into backwardation – on Dec 2, 2008.


The gold basis, which is the difference between futures and the cash price of gold, has been positive since gold futures trading began in 1972, and Prof. Fekete is saying that before Dec 2, the monetary system could have been saved by opening the U.S. Mint to gold.

So now the world’s elite gold-hoarders, the King Midasses holed up in dens and counting their money, won’t let go of their gold for any paper currency you can name. The US dollar is now in terminal stage and the jig is up…your paper is no good here, my friend.

Recently I noticed that Saudi Arabia has bought up billions in gold – I thought I published on it at Stars Over Washington, but can’t find the post at the moment.

So is the cornering of the gold market part of a larger plan? Oh yeah. The ‘new financial world order’ as it’s called. Read the professor’s article, if you will.

And since I’m publishing this post on Dec 10, I peeked at the Images for Integration for today’s Sun in Sag, Moon in Taurus…

‘A pirate ship searches for gold…An armchair traveler roughs out a financial plan for his next adventure.’ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Plus, you know I’ve wanted to blog on the Blagojevich scandal which is threatening to pull Obama in (and perhaps that’s the point with his practically baiting the FBI when he knew his phone calls were tapped.) More on this later – unless it melts away like water off the duck’s back of Barack Obama.

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