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Wedding Day Astrology: Craig and Megan Ferguson

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Tres Chic! Capricorn and Libra unite!

Well, I have a Comedy Triumvirate – Craig Ferguson, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert. Two of them are married, and one just returned to the wedding fold for the third and, he assures us, final time: TV’s Craig Ferguson.

At last I’ve located a source which gives a date for Craig and Megan Ferguson’s snowy Vermont wedding…Dec 21, 2008:


Taking that glittery tree ornament and running with it (possibly off the limb) I give you details on the Sun (male principle) and Moon (feminine principle) relationship blend based on the zodiacal signs of Sun and Moon positions for Dec 21, 2008.

Sources I’ve checked indicate a daytime wedding, yet if their vows were taken after appr 6:36 pm est, Moon entered Scorpio, a sexy sign opposite Craig’s natal Sun sign, Taurus.

But because Megan Ferguson is said to be an art dealer, and with Libra, ruled by art-loving Venus, being a sign of the artist and art-lover, I shall use Sun Cap-Moon Libra while tossing back  the celebratory goblet in hopes that my effort and time are not in vain. Also, she has a sunny, happy, smiling face which a Scorpio lady might not favor with such openness.

Sun Cap (Earth)-Moon Libra (Air) seems to perfectly describe the partnership of the Fergusons who have reportedly been dating since 2005. Cap is, of course, the older man, while Libra and Venus signify the beautiful lady. There are approximately 20 years between their ages, so perhaps the 40-something and the 20-something can turn out to be a 30-something!

This is a practical, intellectual blend of energies, both conservative and liberal – traditional values are upheld but with a deep sense of social justice; dry wit and a studied charm (well, Craig IS European, as he often reminds us on The Late Late Show) can win valuable friends and allies and can influence those in authority.

Things must be done correctly and there is much aesthetic sensibility here. If this sense is offended things can fire up considerably with a missionary zeal which may inspire a wholehearted crusade of some sort.

Unsettled by ignorance, this blend is quick-learning and strives to be a polished performer.  A gift for seeing the larger view aids organizational talents and forward-planning abilities may be well-developed.

This duo inspires the strongest confidence in others due to a natural instinct for fair play (Libra’s Scales of Justice; Capricorn’s Saturn = accountability, law, and rules.) This combo is cunningly capable yet pleasantly reasonable, and usually seems to be in complete command of a well-regulated life.

A social lone-ranger, Sun Cap-Moon Lib blossoms outdoors but also appreciates a quiet, shady spot in a peaceful environment for self-reflection. Combining and directing these energies results in an easy-going style that’s reliable and keeps a purpose in mind.

In relationships, this intellectual blend – so chic and elegant in its favorite understated colors – is a determined fighter for worthy causes, a friendly loner whose progressive views may be ahead of the times.

A healthy self-opinion refuses to be abused by other people yet there is a sincere reluctance to offend. Polite, yet words have punch with Sun Cap-Moon Lib, which combine to facilitate business and financial matters that tend to flourish under its influence and direction.

Management skills and an ability to relate to others come naturally, but recreation is not shorted because this hardworking blend knows when it’s time to turn down the lights and re-create.

Any partnership entered must be based on strongly shared interests and goals; for best results, each partner should allow for career ambitions of the spouse.

Admirable traits include decency and good faith with a deep commitment to fulfilling ones responsibilities and supporting of loved ones. Loyalty is a highly prizedfor this ‘strong silent type’ of pairing which can hit a rough patch because of expressed emotions if they’ve been allowed to fester.

A  kindly head-pat and admonishments toward stiff upper lips are not the answers to any and all of life’s problems and upsets – and that’s when the soothing bromide, ‘Try a little tenderness’ comes in very very handy, and ‘prima donna’ attitudes are a caution to avoid.

So with this Page, I hereby send out All Best Wishes to the Fergusons, and a hope that this post isn’t too intruding upon their wedded joy and happiness!


Written by Jude Cowell

January 18, 2009 at 1:28 am

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