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USA’s First Overthrow: Hawaii

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Here you see the chart of America’s first overthrow EVER: Hawaii, aka, “it’s the sugar, stupid.”

The US invasion to overthrow Hawaii and her Queen began on Jan 16, 1893–this chart is set for sunrise: 6:44:16 am LMT over Honolulu and is a picture of the Land of Liberty getting her sea legs of meddling in other people’s business, you might say.

Occurring during the Great Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto–the Robber Baron duo of the industrial 1890s when it seemed that no amount of money was too much to make off the common man’s back, and no price was too high to pay for real estate so that ironhorses could steamroll through our amber waves of grain and whatnot–this chart gives a time capsule snapsot of our invasion of the innocent and trusting people of the Hawaiian Islands.

Bare-naked resource grasping was initiated for sugar and we now see the tradition continuing in the Middle East as we mark today the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Distressed anti-war protesters are being jailed in Washington DC today for dissenting on the ‘foreign policies’ of Bush-Cheney and if I could, I’d be there with them in my old favorite of a city, not so shining anymore.

Yes, this chart represents our government’s baby steps toward world domination and we’ve come a long way, haven’t we?  The little child learned to walk and now overruns its reach and our treasury. Shadowy partners have been propping us up in our imperialist endeavors for quite a while,  yet we seem to have engineered this first-ever overthrow all on our own. That’s one thing that makes this horoscope so ‘special.’ Goo goo ga ga little imperialist baby.

But now the baby is 115 years old and we’re stuck with the spawn of these same Robber Barons who bedevil the world with chaos and exploit resources all over the globe with power, control, and money still their favored goals…just like their pappies and grandpappies did (and those before them.)

And with much Capricornian energy–the sign ruled by controlling, restricting, authoritaive Saturn–Venus 00Cap54 is being triggered now by transiting Pluto in Cap this very day.

US natal Pluto 27Cap+ is rising with the Sun as well, and reformist Uranus is conj South Node, a pair indicating revolution, war, disruption, and quickly changing social conditions, at Midheaven.

Saturn 12Lib47 is near America’s Saturn Return so that’s a shipload of Capricorn arriving at the dock. Trickster Pan, also associated with the sign Capricorn, is rising 00AQ40–the degree of the Sun and Mercury (Rx) in the Jan 20, 2009 Inauguration chart–see https://judecowell.wordpress.com/2007/10/05/skipping-ahead-the-2009-inauguration/

Moon 11Cap14 is out-of-bounds as is Mercury, the chart’s ruler, and Moon is applying to squares with Mars (the warrior), Jupiter (the general), and Saturn (the boss.) Obviously, the Queen didn’t stand a chance. The invasion occured, as you see, during the dark of the Moon–the Balsamic phase ( the ‘endings, partings, separations’ stage.)

The chart shows a crisis-laden YOD pattern (aka Finger of God) with its sextile at base between Mercury and the sunrise Midheaven (the goal or aspiration…sunrise charts are good for ego and questing issues which applies in this case, imho.)

The YOD is an indication of a special task or purpose, and this one points to the above-mentioned Robber Baron Neptune–Pluto pair in Gemini (now being triggered by transiting Midas which was at 1Tau12 in 1893–opposite what would turn out to be the NWO’s natal Sun degree 1Sco19 in 1993.) 

So we have two midpoint pictures for this YOD which strangely enough remind me of George Bush’s in-his-own-world remarks this morning on America’s ‘success’ in Iraq at the Pentagon to ‘mark’ the 5th anniversary of yet another US invasion of a sovereign nation…and they are:

Mercury/Mc = Neptune: self-absorbed thinking may lose the track on the public course; fantastic notions; reveling in one’s own thoughts.

Mercury/Mc = Pluto: the pursuit of fantastical aims; the obstinate pursuit of a particular aim or objective; a major turning point is possible; the power picture is clear; persuasion dominates.

Well, they say that history repeats and I don’t know about you but I see little if any difference in the US government’s domination motives and holier-than-thou attitude from 1893 to 2008. And that’s really really depressing for anyone who loves America. And as a child of the Revolution, I can’t help it.

But not facing or owning up to one’s shadow side is always depressive for then you’re doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. And THAT’S really really neurotic.


Written by Jude Cowell

March 19, 2008 at 9:10 pm

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  1. […] Jude’s Threshold has some interesting things to say about Hawaii’s gynocentric culture and America’s occupation of the islands here. […]


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