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‘Piling on’ Goldman Sachs

Heads-Up! Update April 20, 2010: on a related financial subject, I have just added to the Pages column (in the sidebar of this blog) a link to a ‘Banking Crisis Timeline’ in case you’re interested. It’s easy to spot at the top of the Pages list and contains several links to articles about Goldman Sachs in chronological order (among others.)

However, many of the variously sourced Timeline articles may be propagandistic, so have several grains of salt nearby just in case.

Original post begins here:

Now I know you heard last week the news flash about the SEC’s lawsuit against Goldman Sachs for their fraudulent, villainous shenanigans in the subprime housing market.

And I doubt that the perpetrators at Goldman Sachs thought they were committing treason against America when they made their fraudulent monies, but considering this sort of behavior’s effects on our economic system, they may be quite wrong if things were fairly and honestly dealt with by the US government and our legal system.

The firm is ‘going to fight’ the lawsuit, of couse, yet now, according to Bloomberg News, Britain and Germany are considering taking legal actions of their own against the ‘piled on’ global corporation who bet against both sides and ‘won’…yet imho, cheating isn’t ‘winning’, it’s stealing.

Yes, people do get really angry when big institutions turn out to be other-than-they-tout and massive losses are incurred, so I guess with Goldman Sachs, clients are closer to ‘last’ rather than being “first” as promoted in the firm’s advertising.

Perhaps a new advertising campaign will be needed to ‘pull the wool’ in the future as financial crisis rears its ugly head – but this time for a titan of Wall Street.

But as usual with anything political, it remains to be seen whether legal actions taken against such obvious fraud will amount to anything of value for the victims and thus for the economy as a whole.

In the end, the oft-repeated mantra “Crisis of Confidence on Wall Street” turns out to be fairly based on certain corporations’ lousy way of doing what they call ‘business’…so make that “in” Wall Street, the casino of dreams and busts, if there ever was one.

Poll: should Geithner serve time?

Update March 16, 2010: Well, few seem ready to try or send Tim Geithner to jail over financial improprieties according to the results of this poll so far. But you, lone reader, may still vote if you wish, and leave a comment if you will!

The cat’s out of the bag! As it turns out, former NY-Fedster Timothy Geithner knew very well that Lehman Brothers’ were ‘cooking the books’ and engaging in massive amounts of fraud prior to their controversial bankruptcy filing by using ‘creative bookkeeping’ and such.

Here’s an article by Mike Whitney detailing the shortcomings of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner and you may wish to check it out before you cast your vote.

In fact, I’d recommend reading it anyway, poll or no poll. Feel free!

Bailing out the bail-outers

Checking my piggybank now for any extra millions lying about so I can help bail out the FHA when the plea comes…

Written by Jude Cowell

September 4, 2009 at 1:53 pm

Is US economic recovery coming soon?

Housing activity, money growth, and other leading indicators show that the recession in the US is over.

Everything is “getting less bad,” some say (if you can trust their numbers!)

If so, recovery will begin shortly, so I’m waiting…waiting…

Written by Jude Cowell

July 18, 2009 at 9:37 pm

The fleecing of America continues

Emily Spence gives her thoughts on The Continued Fleecing of America by the Financial Elites and I heartily agree with her.

One crazy thing is that, like Gov Mark Sanford (comparing himself, his sins, and his right to divine rule to King David) the global financial elites assume themselves ‘above’ the rest of us and above all manmade laws, when in truth their crimes show them to be anti-human, therefore, sub-par on the evolutionary scale.

That one day the ultimate joke will be on them occurs not. But I guess that’s an integral part of allowing the ‘joke’ to work itself out until it can never rear its unfunny, tasteless head again.

Fixing a Future Less Certain

Depressionus Interruptus: Did Bernanke pull the economy back from the brink?

By Mike Whitney

The stock market surge doesn’t help working people who get paid by the hour and don’t have the extra money to bet on equities. They can’t move numbers from one ledger to another and magically show a profit. They have to balance their check books, show up on time, and play by the rules. For these people – the bulk of working Americans – the future has never been grimmer and less certain.

The Patriotic Retirement Plan: “How Would You Fix the Economy?”

By St. Petersburg Times

The St. Petersburg Times Newspaper, Business Section asked readers for ideas on “How Would You Fix the Economy?” This guy nailed it!

US middle class descends

Here we have Germany’s Der Spiegel taking a look from a distance upon the US middle class’ descent into living in and eating at tent cities and soup kitchens.

Stirring the soup with a long ladle, are we?

My hope is that everyone may have soup to stir by the time the last domino flops. These jokers play for keeps.

EU parliament to tap taxpayers for pension fund money

Well, besides America, it’s outrage all around as audacity abounds in the European parliament as it plans to tap EU taxpayers in order to shore up their – the politicians’ – ailing pension funds.

No word on whose funds will be ‘tapped’ to shore up the peoples’ wiped out pension funds.

Guess all the politicians’ previous pocket-lining deserves cushy pensions while the ones who worked and paid taxes – only to have them ‘tapped’ aka stolen – are to be left out in the cold.

The power elite’s enablers do seem to be intent on riling up the people and getting them into the streets, don’t they?

Russian astrologer predicts end for Obama

Update Nov 12, 2012: obviously Mr. Globa was totally incorrect about Pres. Obama’s 1st term fate. Original post begins here:

Update June 28, 2010: an article on Robert Kuttner’s new book ‘A Presidency in Peril: The Inside Story of Obama’s Promise, Wall Street’s Power, and the Struggle to Control our Economic Future’ is available for you here and doesn’t highlight President Obama’s death as much as it does the death of America.

Original post begins here:

Famous Russian astrologer Pavel Globa has predicted the death of President Obama in 2011 by assassination.

Now death predictions are not the kind of thing this reluctant astrologer prefers to agree with so I won’t. Yet there are difficult indications in certain charts which I’ve been in process of ignoring – until I found this article from March 6, 2009.

And yet it’s certainly possible Mr. Globa has his own reasons for such a prediction.

Well, crum. Maybe I shouldn’t ignore it.

If there are conspiracies to undermine the US and destroy American sovereignty – and that of other nations – for the ‘glory’ of a one-world-government (and I suspect there are since it seems to be working well for them as they steamroll us along) – I had thought Mr. Obama might be safe from such harm because he cooperates so completely with world bankers and the financial royalty of the world.

Actually, he wouldn’t be in the Oval Office if they hadn’t wanted him there.

Plus, the fabled ‘Tecumseh’s Curse’ of US presidential assassinations which relates to the 20-year-cycle of Jupiter and Saturn wouldn’t seem to be in play in 2011 – their last Great Conjunction occurred on May 28, 2000; next conj on Dec 21, 2020 (that one is suspicious since it’s at 00AQ29. Unless the date of the US Inauguration is changed, it’s the position of the Inaugural Sun at noon, Jan 20, in Washington.)

In fact, Mr. Obama seems to be quite in their back pockets, imho, given the appointments to his administration and their actions in the ongoing econo-crisis which they and their ritzy colleagues engineered – or at the least, failed to stop when it could have mattered.

Of course, if BHO is actually one of ’em, they could turn on him at some point, so if Mr. Globa is correct in his dire prediction (and maybe he knows something we in the US don’t know) then the mayhem may come from a different source than the world banking class who have been accused of being behind both JFK’s and Abe Lincoln’s assassinations…for the two presidents dared to mess with the world banking system and then paid the heaviest price of all.
Side note: does this side view of Pres. Obama tally with the photo in the above article? I’m noticing a *difference in noses!

* view the slideshow about 3 to 4 pics in – it won’t allow me to link to just one photo of a side view of the presidential schnoz.

Sen. Pettigrew’s Triumphant Plutocracy

‘Gandhi on man’s greed and Sen. Pettigrew on American plutocracy’ has been published here:


Mohandas Gandhi you know.

But have you ever met Senator Pettigrew?

Senator Richard F. Pettigrew was born in Ludlow, Vermont on July 23, 1848 with Sun in Leo, Moon in late Aries or Taurus (birth time unknown.)

One interesting feature of his natal chart that popped out at me – especially considering his book, ‘Triumphant Plutocracy’ (first published Jan 1, 1922)  – is that his natal Mercury, planet of writers, conjuncts US natal Mercury ’25Cancer’…Sabian Symbol:

“A Leader of Men Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power” which describes well his book’s revelations on the subject of American plutocrats and their machinations in the period of 1870 to 1920.

In his book is this definition: “Capital is stolen labor and its only function is to steal more labor.” 

Makes me want to join a union and organize!

Senator Pettigrew served our nation for 50 years as congressman and senator and was the first senator from South Dakota once the Dakota Territory became states. He knew all the important people and his book, now available  in Amazon’s Legacy Reprint Series, is linked in the above post along with his WIKI bio.

Yes, the senator names names and busts myths in ‘Triumphant Plutocracy’  if you dare walk the corridors of power with a man who reports to we-the-people the shocking truth of how American power really works…and as you may imagine, it isn’t pretty.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has this morning demanded more power from Congress and he’ll get it, too.

Pres. Obama speaks on TV tonight at 8:00 pm edt with US natal Saturn rising and our nation’s natal Sun at Midheaven. This ‘brings up’ our natal Sun-Saturn square and it will be interesting to see what Mr. Obama says about it for it’s a problematic aspect which causes a deep defensiveness in our national psyche.

He may appeal to our past sense of confidence and implore us toward a positive attitude as we deal with a renewed sense of inferiority brought on by recent events. 

Americans have been sold out and we know it, and Geithner and Obama are the current public representatives of our hidden plutocrats whose pilfering of public wealth continues in earnest with the baton passed from Bush-Cheney-Paulson.

Yet our natal Saturn is exalted in Libra and the Sun loves to do business in Cancer, so don’t count us out!

And I know it’s no surprise that even a reluctant astrologer such as myself would be interested in delving into the behind-the-scenes string-pulling of US plutocrats with their contempt for, and exploitation of, we-the-people.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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