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Wedding Day Astrology of Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne

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It took some digging to locate the date of Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne’s wedding day but it turns out to be July 4, 1982, time and place unknown.

One might expect their nuptials to have taken place in England and since Ozzie was born in Birmingham, England I shall use Birmingham as the location of the ceremony unless further details become available. Yet Sun and Moon positions for the 24-hour period didn’t vary in spite of location – the date is what’s most important for one of my rather snoopy Wedding Day Astrology reports.

As you may know, Ozzie has been frontman and lyricist for the band Black Sabbath which formed in 1968. Accusations of satanism have been prevalent through the years for obvious reasons which I don’t care to mention other than the band’s song, ‘Mr. Crowley’, a reference to satanist, Golden Dawn-er, and ‘sex magick’ guru and practitioner Aleister Crowley.

Was 1982 a ‘golden year’ for John Michael Osbourne, aka, Ozzie?

Ozzie’s arrest in 1982 (year of his marriage to Sharon, his long-time manager) was triggered by his urinating on The Alamo, so perhaps a Texas wedding was a-hoof for the romantic couple. But I’ll stick with Birmingham, if you don’t mind, especially since it won’t change the outcome of this analysis.

The Moon during July 4, 1982 remained in Sagittarius, with Sun in Cancer, sign of home and family. Sag is associated with questing and long-distance traveling, while home-loving Cancer is often a canny businessman. (Ozzie was born on Dec 3, 1948 with Sun Sag/Moon Cap – he’s a ‘closet businessman’ believe it or not.)

Sun (masculine principle) and Moon (feminine principle) united is a symbol for ‘marriage’ so let’s see what characteristics this steamy Water-Fire blend shows about the Osbourne partnership. I’m currently looking at a chart set for 6:29 pm BST when the Moon conjoined urge-to-merge Neptune @ 25Sag12, a romantic (and possibly inebriated) combination. Plus, at 6:29 pm, the Sun/Moon midpoint = Midheaven, The Goal (3Lib00), a firm indicator of ‘marriage’ and ego fulfillment in relationship (Tyl.)

Note: ‘3Lib’ = “A Dawn of a New Day, Everything Changed.” Marriage can do that to ya, can’t it? ;p Sounds like a ‘golden dawn’, too.

This blend of energies gives the Osbournes a tradition vs progress, reserved yet talkative vibe, and indicates idealism, kindness, and a colorful imagination. This is the ‘romantic traveler’ who always calls home, and can be emotionally volatile and dramatic. It provides great emotional support for a world traveling musician and his manager who love the comforts and intimacies of home and family.

There’s a ear for music, a love of poetry, an eye for harmony and patterns (Astrology?), and an ongoing interest in social concerns and issues; it can be surprisingly set in its ways and…gasp!…conservative.

Drawn to the bonds of home and family (and their reality TV show certainly illustrated this) there remains deep within a compulsion to ‘risk the next horizon’. Impressive yet impressionable, this combo demonstrates poignant enthusiasm for pet subjects and projects, and is simultaneously vulnerable (Can) and courageous (Sag.).

In relationships, Sun Can/Moon Sag finds great joy, but there can be frustration as well. Warm, loving, generous, sociable – even flirtatious – with partners, there can be emotional possessiveness and a craving for intimacy – yet paradoxically, total personal freedom is expected. This blend appears very up-front and open yet true feelings are kept deeply private.

Prone to emotional mood swings, this duo is vulnerable to despondency when a loved one doesn’t live up to an imagined romantic ideal, for the partner must be parent and playmate. When he/she turns out to be merely mortal, the pedestal-toppling can be quite devastating.

Sharon and Ozzie are people of action who don’t like wasting time; they want to lead meaningful lives which are informed by an abstract ideal – an invisible circle of moral integrity affects every aspect of their lives. (Whether the ‘abstract ideal’ and ‘invisible circle’ relate to Christian or satanic values, I leave up to you to intuit, if you wish.)

The drive of this blend is to be influential; the reigning needs are to have one’s opinions and philosophy respected, and to gain acceptance, reward, and security.

The Osbournes don’t care for the ‘red tape’ of bureaucracy, and together they evince an independent, visionary spirit that works best when setting its own limits; there’s a wry sense of humor with an original flair, natural optimism, and a breadth of vision in their world outlook as the Big Picture is easily grasped with this combo. As a couple they tend to elicit the best out of others due to their combined sensitivity and perceived openness.

Weaknesses include a capacity to justify personal prejudices with detached arguments, and the emotional mood swings and possessiveness previously mentioned.

The Sun Can/Moon Sag blend is shared natally by Gormenghast trilogy author Mervyn Peake: “He has no longer any need for home, for he carried his Gormenghast within him. All that he sought was jostling within himself. He had grown up.”

There are three interesting Sun/Moon ‘Images for Integration’ to note:

“In your home on a yacht you cruise the seven seas…A racehorse (Sag Moon = Sharon) gives a child (Cancer Sun = Ozzie) a ride…Philosophy and friendship round a large, old kitchen table.”

Both Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne devote their hearts, minds, and souls to their union which has lasted 28 years come July 4, 2010, quite an excellent milestone in the fickle entertainment industry.

May I hereby wish them many more years of wedded and domestic bliss!


Sources: ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles and Suzi Harvey; ‘reigning need’ details from Noel Tyl’s ‘Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology’.


Written by Jude Cowell

January 10, 2010 at 6:23 pm

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