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US Progressed Full Moon in Virgo: 12.24.08

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US' Secondary Progressed Full Moon 12.24.08

Is this chart’s image too scribbly? Hope you can read it well enough–it’s the horoscope of America’s Secondary Progressed Full Moon 4Vir10 opposite Sec Sun 4Pis10 occurring on Dec 24, 2008.

This progressed chart begins with the US’ Natal chart and in this case, I’m using the so-called Sibly chart (July 4, 1776; 5:10 pm LMT; Philadelphia, PA.)

The various and possible birth times for whichever US Natal chart you prefer makes no difference to the Full Moon’s progressed positions starting on July 4, 1776 (4Vir10 and 4Pis10 respectively) but actual dates may vary when different times are used. It’s the “a day for a year” principle and America is leaning on 232 years young.

Transits for the date, hour, and minute are squished around the outside and highlighted in pink, with a few other tidbits thereupon as you see.

Dane Rudhyar, in his ‘An Astrological Mandala’ of the Sabian Symbols, gives this Moon’s position for “4Virgo” as:

“Black and white children play together happily”…keynote: The overcoming of sociocultural prejudices.

Now that would be cool, if only!

You may wish to check with Lynda Hill at http://www.sabiansymbols.com for more of the Symbols–I’ve given the earlier “4Vir” rather than “5Vir” rather than using the rounding-up method most often employed because I think the word picture for ‘4Vir’ is applicable to the current presidential campaign.

And since the wheel–circle–mandala of a horoscope represents a 360 degree process, 4 flows into 5, and who’s to say precisely when? 4:10 = 4 degrees 10 minutes and because ’10’ is less than half a degree (’30’; 60 minutes = one degree), perhaps the above Symbol will still be noticeable in December while the US is sure to be in deep contemplation of her fascinating political bellybutton.

Well, since it’s now middle of the night, I’ll mosey with the addition of the Sun Pis-Moon Virgo ‘Images for Integration’ from Charles and Suzi Harvey’s ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’:

“A mosaic picture of the universe, each piece perfect in itself…Small events bring enormous consequences…Faith and reason shake hands.”

Well, I’m not certain faith shakes reason’s hand very often these days but I know from experience that small events do bring enormous consequences and they do so quite often.


Update Dec 17, 2008:  What is a Hard Rectangle pattern?

A group of planets involved in a ‘Hard Rectangle’ configuration include two sets of oppositions (180 degr) with ends both semi-square (45 degr) and sesqui-square (135 degr) each other.

As such, the planets in opposition are more pressured to activate reconciliation because of subtle, indirect tensions. There is a  greater application of will to achieve harmony and balance.

However, due to the aggravating underlying tensions from the semi-squares and sesqui-squares, further antagonism may be triggered as others refuse to cooperate.

If well-managed, the dynamism in this pattern can provide an extra dose of strength and purpose because the oppositions are stimulated to act with more drive than is usual with standard oppositions. (‘Dynamics of Aspect Analysis’ by Bil Tierney.)

Once the Progressed Moon leaves her opposition with the US Sec Sun (by the end of December) the drive will fade, and we’ve seen this in action already as the Moon progressed to exact (partile) opposition. Some of the antagonism between leaders (Sun) and the public (Moon) will fade or ease as well.

As you know, this is not a transiting, temporary Hard Rectangle (but it WAS a transiting Hard Rectangle in real time – a day for a year, when the Sun reached 4Pis10 after July 4, 1776 – I’d guess in late February of 1777.)

Here it represents an evolutionary situation for America involving our relationships between leaders (Sun), the people (Moon), and between vengeful Venus opposing our Rx Mars. Venus and Mars are actually in Mutual Reception being in one another’s signs;  both planets relate to war.

On another level, Venus may signify Culture while Mars represents primal forces such as police, military, violence, and war – will the Bush-abandoned Posse comitatus be used against US citizenry? Venus also represents Values and Money, so a stand-off concerning war funding may be seen as our societal needs are becoming more desperate while billions continue to disappear down the rabbit hole of Iraq, a war begun with Jupiter Rx (bottomless pit in the money department; not good if one actually wants to be victorious in the conflict. I guess it’s okay if your goal is to occupy for decades.)

If you prefer a romantic flavor for the Venus-Mars opposition, perhaps we can say that our young men are away overseas rather than succumbing to Venus’ lures here at home. Tension!

That we’re feeling the Hard Rectangle’s effects is a given. That our nation is beset by problems within and without is known as certain factions operate against the common good in order to advance their own purposes and exalt their massive egos. The White House’s ‘bully pulpit’  is the prize!

How we  direct this dynamic energy of opportunity is now the question.

But one thing this chart tells us – the American people are a major part of the equation with the people’s Moon in hardworking, dedicated Virgo – it’s our leaders in nebulous, mysterious Pisces that give us fits and pause.


Blog Note June 1, 2011: this article has been ever so slightly tweeked/updated with additional info fyi. jc


Written by Jude Cowell

May 14, 2008 at 6:52 am

4 Responses

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  1. […] July 4, 1776 founding horoscope’s Sun (leadership) and Moon (We The People) evolved into a Progressed Full Moon (4Vir10/4Pis10) in December 2008, significantly marked in time by the Crash of […]


  2. In a slow process, yes. Sec Full Moons are culminations indicating that a high has been reached and limits will now be necessary – we’ve stretched as far as we can so it’s time to retract and rebuild as the light lessens.

    ‘Rebirth’ is more associated with the Sec New Moon which won’t be for some time. Actually, Donna, you’ve reminded me to post a bit on America’s Sec New Moon – at least the date and degree – thanks!

    And I must add some info on the Hard Rectangle in the above Full Moon chart.

    You’ve probably noticed that we’re already hearing the word ‘rebuild’ in the news concerning the Obama administration! jc



    November 8, 2008 at 6:18 pm

  3. Does this chart show a rebirth for the US?


    Donna L. Davidson

    November 8, 2008 at 6:08 pm

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