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Bush Bushisms the Great Depression

Bushisms! Everyone loves or is horrified by them. Does he mangle the English language on purpose? Who knows?

There have been times during the last eight years that I thought it was a useful diversionary tactic for a free-press-hatin’ propaganda-catapulter.

Be that as it may, you might wish to read this Bushism about the US economy and Great Depression, then follow a link to a video of the mangler spouting off in his own words:


Written by Jude Cowell

December 31, 2008 at 10:16 pm

Feeling for Al Gonzales poll

Here’s poll for registering how you feel about former Attorney General Al Gonzales.

See previous post just below for more details – or record your gut answer now!


Update Jan 3, 2008 2:03 am est: so far Al’s infuriating ‘antics’ are ahead at 71%, with his ‘over-employment’ in Washington: 29%.

Written by Jude Cowell

December 31, 2008 at 4:39 pm

Feel sorry for Al Gonzales?

Well, if you do feel sorry for our former Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, you’re in special company – that of Alberto Gonzales:


These sorts of situations once were called being ‘disgraced’ but Gonzo denies the feeling…like Bush playing unaware of the ways he let the American people down and how truly crooked and false they both appear to the rest of the world ‘out there’ – but ‘in there’ they feel fine and self-satisfied to an astounding degree.

Except for Gonzo who’s feeling mighty put-upon by us all and infused with self-pity because we don’t appreciate his service more!

Well, I guess we’ll find out all about it from the book he’s supposedly writing. (He can write?)

Until then, you may wish to check out a post I wrote July 31, 2007 concerning Mr. Gonzales with some Astrology involved:


Barack Obama’s natal chart

Not sure how I missed this before and I’m uncertain when the article was published, but here’s a rockin’ interpretation of Barack Obama’s natal chart using “7:24 pm” from the birth certificate provided by Obama campaign staffers:


Apparently our president-elect’s middle name should be Narcissus!

Bush’s response to Katrina his legacy

Former aides to George Bush are telling a few tales and explaining his sorry presidential performances.

The re-writing of Bush-Cheney-maul-the-White-House has begun, but this article loosens the lid on the ususal spin thanks to former aides sharing their perspectives on the Bush presidency.

Tidbits include: Bush’s lack of handling of Hurricane Katrina was the ‘nail in the coffin’ and Cheney was VP before Bush ‘picked’ him…read more at:



Well, astrologically, Hurricane Katrina at the end of August, 2005, was Bush’s Saturn-to-natal-Ascendant transit, one of the more important transits which comes around approximately every 30 years – for everyone.

Now 30 years of life is time enough for most people to ‘get it’ in the Saturn department – responsibility, accountability, authority issues, that sort of thing. He was 59 years old then – did George Bush get it by August 2005 ?

Saturn to Ascendant  is a period of time when we are forced to face ourselves honestly, the more honestly the better. And being the Ascendant, self-image and how others view us are in for change – plus, something karmic may come along to up the stakes as past actions are revealed for what they really are.

Kind of a second chance for Bush to ‘be’ Saturn – the authority with clout, the one who accepts the buck when it stops at his desk – in his case, a presidential desk. This is a ‘moment of truth’ transit and the entire nation – indeed, the whole world – saw in stark relief how little Bush valued fellow citizens’ lives and property. They also saw how governmental offices that had worked admirably before were diverted by the Bush administration into keystone-cop-chaos.

To my eyes in 2005, it seemed that if class warfare were ever going to be noticed by the previously unaware, this would be the time, and in that department Bush did not disappoint – his racism was obvious, imo.  The haves vs the have-nots in need, and George bailed and failed.

Bush’s complicity in undermining the social fabric of America by letting down the people of the Gulf Coast unto death, and his dismantling  of our government was on-view during Katrina – we remember that Bush-Cheney insisted that FEMA be absorbed by Homeland Security Dept…absorbed and ruined in time for Katrina.

Perhaps Ronald Reagan, their touchstone, would have been proud. Newt Gingrich may have been impressed as the ‘Contract Against America’ played out. But few others were proud or impressed with Mr. Bush’s performance.

Saturn to Ascendant brings more responsibilities along and a chance to step up as events require that personal attention be paid.

Meanwhile, Bush was celebrating John McCain’s birthday by cutting the cake as the people of New Orleans drowned and the nation and world looked on in horror.

Saturn brings high rewards for correct actions and this transit is no exception – it embodies the higher lessons that Saturn insists we face in our lives – even George Bush with his natal 12th house Saturn in self-protective Cancer.

So he’d had a Saturn Return in summer 2005 indicating similar Saturnian themes. Saturn in 12th house is led to believe no responsibility is required, and being a Water house, the 12th house of the Unconscious and Karma tells the tale here of a weakened Saturn in need of many lessons. But it is the nation paying for them.

And while Saturn to Ascendant can result in an impressive display of maturity and finesse, it’s safe to say that George Bush at Katrina time was AWOL  just as he’s been before…and Saturn doesn’t like to be disappointed and let down like an old man (Saturn) left to drown in an attic or miserably stranded on a rooftop with no help in sight – while the fatcats play and wink.

Yes, Katrina highlighted Bush’s lack of compassion and showed where his heart would be if he had one for anyone but himself. Makes me want to throw an umbrella at his head if I’m ever unfortunate enough to see him pontificating from a podium about tacos or freedom.

Ron Paul on an Independent Israel

Ron Paul: No Such Thing as an Independent Israel

By Jihan Hafiz

I don’t think there is such a thing as an independent Israel doing anything,because I think no matter what they do it’s our money, it’s our weapons, and they’re not going to do it without us approving it and if they get into trouble we’re going to bail them out, so there is no separation between the two.


This post is being filed under ‘Saturn-Uranus’ because their ongoing opposition, the ‘Full Moon’ phase of their cycle which began in 1988, is culminating with the oppression and aggression being perpetrated and suffered in Gaza prior to Barack Obama’s taking office.

So you know who in America THAT implicates. Of course, Obama could be glad the offensive is being executed before he takes the reins, who knows?


He May Be Only Your Half-Brother But You’re Still Your Brother’s Keeper – Wouldn’t Your Father Want It So?

Well, is the current blow-up of retaliation and mayhem between Israel and Palestine the best mankind can offer his fellow man?

This is IT?

Behemoths bail while small banks perk along

Too small to fail? Or too small not to succeed?


Written by Jude Cowell

December 29, 2008 at 3:01 pm

UN anti-Gaza Massacre: video

UN Blasts Israel Over Gaza Massacre
Video By Russia Today
Click To View


My question: When is speaking out not enough, oh United Nations?

Saturn now opposing Uranus symbolizes the Palestinian and Israeli
conflict and in a larger sense, the Middle East itself. 

The present cycle began with their Great Conjunction of 1988 and
now culminates with their opposition, the 'Full Moon' stage in their

Now here are four quotes nabbed from my Sun-Moon blend notes, quotes
which may apply on multiple levels to the current endlessly retaliatory
situations in which the world is mired and which are being egged on
and/or orchestrated by cynical and self-serving politicians and the
crime syndicates they belong to:

Sun Cap-Moon Libra: 'Which requires the greater strength, letting go
or restraining? It is the greatest manifestation of power to be calm.' 


Sun AQ-Moon Libra: 'As for the men in power, they are so anxious to
establish the myth of infallibility that they do their utmost to
ignore truth.'

Boris Pasternak

Sun AQ-Moon Sco: 'Politics, as a practice, whatever its professions,
has always been the systematic organization of hatreds.'

Henry Brook Adams

And last, but most definitely not least:

Sun Pis-Moon Virgo: 'Without forgiveness life is governed by...
an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation.'

Roberto Assagioli #

Forgiving the unforgivable. Now there's a cause worth promoting.

Saturn’s realism meets Neptune’s dreams

Yes, you’re right.

It isn’t until August 27, 2009 that transiting Saturn exactly conjuncts America’s natal Neptune, planet of dreams, wishes, hopes, and ideals. The transit is within orb now,  however, with Saturn looming about only one degree away from lofty Neptune (US ‘Sibly’ chart.)

If you should read today’s post from Stars Over Washington concerning the subject, you’ll discover that I’ve included the three dates for the last time Saturn visited US natal Neptune in Virgo. That’s what astrologers do, you know – look at the last time and other times a cycle was in effect – in this case,  it’s the years 1979 to 1980 when the 18 North and 18 South Solar Eclipse Series manifested.

You may wish to snag more details here:


Jupiter to US natal Pluto and trouble with Ceres

As astrologer Julie Demboski points out, asteroid Ceres, the nurturing archetype of The Mother, is focal point in a Fist of God pattern with Vesta and Jupiter until Dec 28:


I hope everyone makes it home safely as issues of comfort food and interfering weather conditions abound.

Plus,  my squinty eye on Washington’s shenanigans has noticed that Jupiter is now stimulating America’s natal Pluto 27Cap33, exact Dec 25,  a time when resources increase along with resourcefulness. Someone will be achieving greater power and control, but we see who has already done so with Pluto 1Cap+ stimulating the Fed’s natal Sun.

And since Jupiter always expands what he touches, we think of nuclear energy when we think of Pluto, if we think of Pluto at all. (Just kidding, Mr. Hades – we think of you often even though scientists tried to remove you from the planetary pantheon and thus from our thoughts. Their ploy didn’t work,  so smooth down your dragon’s feathers, okay?)

Now other factors can destroy the positive energy of Jupiter to natal Pluto, and if I know Washington, things won’t be all good, at least not for the now-elusive common good. They keep cautioning us that improvements will take a while because it took years to get America into the messes in which she stews.

These were the same years that some people – journalists with consciences and bloggers galore – were saying, we’re getting into big messes, someone STOP these people. But few listened. The ones who could have turned the ship weren’t interested in doing anything but enabling the radical reformers with the tip of their iceberg, mouthpiece George Bush, catapultin’ the propaganda, as he so aptly described his job.

Now 2009 approaches and the script is:  it will take a while to pull our country out of the pit of loss and despair.

Well, yes. But will they pull us out? Or put us more in the thick of a totalitarian nanny state?

Guess if nuclear energy isn’t stimulated by this transit of Jupiter, we shall be happy to see the New Year and a new administration blow in with its opponents undermining it at every step in order to push some sort of weird Republicans Do It Better program of freakiness with more spun falsehoods on the bullet list.

Washington politics. You may not be interested in Washington politics. But it sure is interested in you.

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