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Saturn-Uranus opposition exact again Feb 5 2009

Update 9.15.09: if you’re looking for info on today’s exact opposition between Saturn and Uranus, I’ve just published this for Sept 15, 2009.

~Original post begins here:

The wonderful Kathryn Cassidy has written an excellent article concerning the ongoing opposition between traditional Saturn and progressive Uranus, exact on Feb 5 for the 2nd out of 5 times.

One point Kathryn touches on is how governments, businesses, and economies have started losing ‘power’ and she says that power outages will be on the increase (this week in the US, Kentuckians and others resemble that remark in vicious fashion, thanks to ice storms and there’s more bad weather possibly on the way next week.)

She even gives investment tips for the more daring among us so my tip to you is to hurry by and check it out!


Ron Paul on an Independent Israel

Ron Paul: No Such Thing as an Independent Israel

By Jihan Hafiz

I don’t think there is such a thing as an independent Israel doing anything,because I think no matter what they do it’s our money, it’s our weapons, and they’re not going to do it without us approving it and if they get into trouble we’re going to bail them out, so there is no separation between the two.


This post is being filed under ‘Saturn-Uranus’ because their ongoing opposition, the ‘Full Moon’ phase of their cycle which began in 1988, is culminating with the oppression and aggression being perpetrated and suffered in Gaza prior to Barack Obama’s taking office.

So you know who in America THAT implicates. Of course, Obama could be glad the offensive is being executed before he takes the reins, who knows?


He May Be Only Your Half-Brother But You’re Still Your Brother’s Keeper – Wouldn’t Your Father Want It So?

Well, is the current blow-up of retaliation and mayhem between Israel and Palestine the best mankind can offer his fellow man?

This is IT?

UN anti-Gaza Massacre: video

UN Blasts Israel Over Gaza Massacre
Video By Russia Today
Click To View


My question: When is speaking out not enough, oh United Nations?

Saturn now opposing Uranus symbolizes the Palestinian and Israeli
conflict and in a larger sense, the Middle East itself. 

The present cycle began with their Great Conjunction of 1988 and
now culminates with their opposition, the 'Full Moon' stage in their

Now here are four quotes nabbed from my Sun-Moon blend notes, quotes
which may apply on multiple levels to the current endlessly retaliatory
situations in which the world is mired and which are being egged on
and/or orchestrated by cynical and self-serving politicians and the
crime syndicates they belong to:

Sun Cap-Moon Libra: 'Which requires the greater strength, letting go
or restraining? It is the greatest manifestation of power to be calm.' 


Sun AQ-Moon Libra: 'As for the men in power, they are so anxious to
establish the myth of infallibility that they do their utmost to
ignore truth.'

Boris Pasternak

Sun AQ-Moon Sco: 'Politics, as a practice, whatever its professions,
has always been the systematic organization of hatreds.'

Henry Brook Adams

And last, but most definitely not least:

Sun Pis-Moon Virgo: 'Without forgiveness life is governed by...
an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation.'

Roberto Assagioli #

Forgiving the unforgivable. Now there's a cause worth promoting.

Dec 12 2008’s Super Moon and Grand Cross

In Retrospect Update 3.14.11: after finally viewing ‘Inside Job’ about Financial Collapse 2008 last evening and what led up to it, I thought to Google the date of the topic below, the Super Moon of December 12, 2008. What I found is a list of headlines from Democracy Now! which may interest you in tandem with the Mutable Grand Cross which held the Super Moon ensnared in Dec 2008.

For context, it was on October 4, 2008 that G. W. Bush signed a $700 billion bailout bill on behalf of Big Banks. Afterwards, global stock markets continued to fall, the tide of layoffs reached tsunami levels, and foreclosures rippled faster and faster through previously peaceful residential canyons like a furious storm.

As you know, the Moon in a Mundane or Political horoscope signifies The People (the populace; the masses; the public mood; publicity) so with that in mind, please check out the events of December 12, 2008. I hope you weren’t losing your job or your home on that date – or on any other. Jude

My original, unrevised post begins here:

December 12, 2008’s Full Moon is perigee, or at its closest approach to earth, and appears unusually bright and large – a ‘Super Moon.’

As you know, the orbits of heavenly bodies are elliptical thus resulting in times of perigee and apogee.

Here’s a link to a good resource with photos and charts that explain and reveal this Super Moon in more detail:


Astrologically, let’s consider more details on the Grand Cross which the Full Moon is involved in with the Saturn-Uranus opposition.

A Mutable Grand Cross (Gem/Sag; Vir/Pis) consists of two oppositions (180 degr) which square (90 degr) one another. This is a dynamic pattern, yet the unstable, changeable Mutable quality is problematic – there is a karmic lesson which must be resolved.

Sun ’22Sag’ is conjunct and highlighting asteroid, Astraea, whose keywords are: ‘law and justice’ but whose name also relates to the starry firmament, and is often linked to Astrology or astrologers.

Friction, strain, and pressure:

Under this Grand Cross (aka Grand Square) we may find ourselves indecisive and unable to concentrate; over-adaptive adjustments may be made to external situations which are not in our best interests.

Restlessness and mental alertness are heightened which may be useful in creative and communications-related projects. And a sharper social awareness is possible under its Mutable influence.

Since oppositions always indicate partnership-relationship issues, this pattern’s tensions result in uncertainties and worries which can create unreliability in unions.

The ‘karmic lessons’ may be in this area as well as in communications, thinking (Gem) and Philosophy and What One Truly Seeks (Sag.) In natal charts, the  House polarities where the pattern falls shows where lessons are begging to be resolved.

Because of the Mutable energies involved, apprehensions and nervous strains can deplete vitality so Still Your Mind…running in mental circles should be avoided if possible, plus, you may wish to avoid folks who have respiratory infections. It’s also possible to experience the return of a cold or flu that had seemed to be conquered, so bundle up, baby, and try to rest as much as possible!

With concentration and focus in short supply for now, plans tend to be initiated inconsistently and unmethodically, so if you’re planning a new project, it would be wise to postpone its beginning until a more stable and propitious time.

Otherwise and externally, it’s a Full Moon of splendor which culminates something begun at the last New Moon at Thanksgiving in America, and which manifested at ‘6Sag’…Sabian Symbol: “A Game of Cricket.”

Today’s Sun Sag-Moon Gem is the Eternal Youth combo of the witty literary genius who’s versatile and restless…this blend has a way with words and is shared natally by:

Akbar the Great of Persia, Anna Freud, Francisco Franco, New Age prophet Benjamin Creme, founder of the Green Party Petra Kelly, playwright Noel Coward, actor Billy Connolly, occult writer Lewis Spence, Edith Piaf, Jeff Bridges, and C.S. Lewis.

Image for Integration: ‘Robin Hood as a young boy plays truant from school to go to his archery lesson, but ends up teaching his card tricks to his master.’ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Well, with concentration diffcult, are you, Lone Reader, playing truant today? Good!


Grand Cross info primarily from Bil Tierney’s excellent book, ‘Dynamics of Aspect Analysis.’

EU fleet embarrassed over pirating of oil tankers

Somali pirates have commandeered 8 oil tankers in the last 9 days since the EU coalition of warships began their crackdown on pirating off the Somali coast.

Not much of a ‘crackdown’ is it? Seems to be acting as more of a stimulant.

The word ‘crackdown’ points to the current Saturn-Uranus opposition…it’s the ‘haves vs have-nots’ which is in play all over the globe; Saturn restricts and controls, Uranus frees and rebels, and the Virgo/Pisces polarity is the victim/savior axis.

See: ‘The Pirate Problem Continues to Worsen’:


Forum on 12.12.08 Full Moon 21Gem02

Kaden has kindly turned my attention to a Forum Topic of note – the upcoming Gemini Full Moon of Dec 12, 2008.

This Full Moon is infused with an enormous overload of energy due to its involvement in a Mutable Grand Cross (or Grand Square, if you prefer.) Whatever you call it, the Saturn-Uranus opposition is being triggered by Dec 12’s Full Moon, the culmination of something begun two weeks prior at the Thanksgiving New Moon.) Mars is involved at Midheaven which gives even more energy and zealousness, with MC a place for expression.

Actually, with the Mc involved the energies have more outlet than without angular involvement, and one wonders in October if the results of our Nov Elections will be in contention and perhaps resolved under the illumination of this Full Moon.

Bil Tierney, in his excellent, ‘Dynamics of Aspect Analysis’ gives info on the Mutable quality of a Grand Cross as relating to an individual or persons with powerful potential in the professional realm, social status, public ambitions, worldly control, and managerial positions.

Yet as you know, Mutable energy is erratic, inconsistent, and ineffectual unless well-directed – there are great odds to be overcome toward notable achievements; channelling tremendous drive and determination toward societal challenges is the best use of this Grand Cross.

The chart I’m viewing is set for NYC but I’ve also looked at this Full Moon over the White House (as I always do.)

In NYC, 7Pis50 is rising with Uranus 18Pis50 direct in 1st house…if this were a Horary chart, we’d say ‘expect the unexpected’ with an outer planet in 1st house, and something sudden with Uranus.

Chart-ruler is Jupiter with perhaps Neptune as co-ruler. I’ve groused a good bit here and elsewhere about 2009 being the year of the three Great Conjunction/s of the Speculaor Pair, Jupiter and Neptune….the Gamblers; Mystics andVisionaries. They like to gamble with other people’s money, unfortunately for the rest of us.

The current economic crisis (or crash) falls into the waning months of the last Jup-Neptune conj of Jan 9, 1997, 27Cap09…conj US natal Pluto and at Mc in DC each time we inaugurate a new president, Jan 20, noon est.

So if you think you have some links with this Grand Cross Full Moon of Dec 12, 2008, you may be right…with all four corners covered as they are by these planets and luminaries, only imaginary gnomes in deep dark caves could ‘escape’ this one on an inner if not an outer level.

That Saturn in particular is a karmic planet is well-known and at 21Vir26, Saturn is conj Sun-Moon midpoint = addressing problems; Saturn is conj Fixed Star, Denebola: ‘to go against the mainstream’ or ‘against society.’ This action is near Joe Biden’s natal Midheaven, btw…he goes home every night to Delaware from Washington, thus ‘going against the mainstream’ – bwo railroad tracks.

Personally, my knowing that all the outer planets when active tend to give us that “out of control” fated, karmic feeling, and may be an unfortunate side effect of knowing just enough Astrology to stir my fretting function.

Yet there is a ‘silver lining’ midpoint picture afoot: Jupiter-Uranus = Neptune. But it’s also ‘gain from the unexpected; strange conditions seem to heighten individual awareness.’ This may be one of the spots from whence “precog” intuitions are issuing from for those who say they are having dreams concerning this time frame.

And of course, all oppositions have a 2nd harmonic (H2) flavor: Relationships, Values, Earning Ability.

That this particular Grand Cross will affect many people…well, we don’t need Astrology to see that big changes are coming within and to the collective. Pluto and Mercury at a World Point, 00Cap00, can tell you that with its propaganda interests…Mercury-Pluto = a keen and persuasive speaker; influencing the masses through speech or writing, we’ll all be feeling persuaded – or not.

But what will be stimulated within the collective? Even the social tinkerers and chaos-creators who are messin’ with our lives can’t always predict the effects of that particular genie out of the fairy-dusted bottle. 

Only a tiny, select few are indicated by the transpersonal figures shown in this Full Moon chart. And this Moon 21Gem02 at Ic is conj George Bush’s natal Uranus-NN conjunction…’radical political reformers and groups’ combo….Moon = ‘changes’ so we’ll have to see about our lame quacker.

Maybe George will be kicked out of the Hegel Society crowd he propagandizes for. Or will a political affiliation end? Is the Middle East – esp Palestine and Israel – about to break like glass (Saturn-Uranus)? 

Here’s a go-get-’em word picture…Saturn-Uranus = Sun: egoccentric drive against controls; rebellion; separations in order to find one’s way.

Asteroid Minerva (Journal of the Hegel Society = ‘Minerva’) is conjunct Pluto-Chiron, the resource-plundering plutocrats; also conj asteroid Tisiphone (‘retaliation’) and the Mercury/Chiron midpoint, all are near Jupiter 24Cap37 in 11th house. (Minerva’s keyphrase = ‘the need to be accomplished.’)

North Node 10AQ21 is conj Cheney’s natal Sun and his natal Mars is at Mc with Mars 19Sag 08 just past his Mars Return 17+.

And as usual with Life, and with Astrology that describes it, it’s our motives and how we handle the energies that can make a tremendous difference as to our weathering any storm.

To view the chart/s, and follow an excellent discussion on this Grand Cross Full Moon, click here:



Since we’re still having family doings here at present (10.26.08) my blogging time is short so perhaps I may add to this post as time permits esp since the Dec 12, 2008 Full Moon relates to another Gemini Full Moon (1:55) on Nov 24, 2007 with ‘1Sag” as: “A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire.”

So Thanks, Kaden, for the heads-up on an Astrology Forum with such an interesting thread!  December’s super close Super Moon should be a raving beauty!  jude

Aries Full Moon 10.14.08

As the Moon tonight grows in light I look at a chart of Tuesday afternoon’s Full Moon over the White House, Hour of Venus 25Sco13 in 9th house, Moon 21Ari51 in 2nd house, and Sun 21Lib51 and an unaspected Mars 7Sco14, in 8th house.

On TV behind me now is PBS’s ‘American Experience’ with Nixon under its microscope and Kent State students lying dead on the ground thanks to Richard M. Nixon. “An embattled Nixon faced the press as anti-war demonstrators continued to flock to Washington.”

Nixon said he agreed with them – get out of Vietnam, all of it…and inside the White House that night paced a sleepless Nixon. Famously, near dawn, he called for a car to take him to the Lincoln Memorial to speak to the demonstrators there.

One student told him, “I hope that you realize that we are willing to die for what we believe in.” Nixon said he hoped they realized that we are trying to build a world where people will not have to die for what they believe in. The usual bomb-to-bring-peace hogwash cynically spewed to keep wars going and the profits rolling in.

Divisions over Cambodia in his own Republican party made it impossible for Nixon to evade the ceaseless protests…that was my flower power generation, I’m proud to say. As you might expect, Nixon blamed problems with the war on his critics for not supporting it – you know – like Bush has done and probably will do in future. “American Experience” indeed.

Same hogwash, different administration, new generation being led to the slaughter by a trail of political lies. But that’s just me and yet I was there in my favorite city that Nixon stank up irretrievably. Deceit, deception, and dishonesty, that was the White House of Richard Nixon.

Anyway, Tuesday’s Full Moon occurs in Washington at 4:02:25 pm edt which is 2 minutes after the closing bell of the NYSE.

After NYSE’s Monday closing of 936 points, it will be interesting to see if the Full Moon, a culmination of things begun at the New Moon two weeks ago, highlights a partnership of some kind (Aries-Libra axis.) Of course Libra indicates values and money, too, but not the large amounts that Wall Street likes to handle, so we’ll see. 

Plus, Libra’s vengeful Venus is just as warring as Aries’ Mars when she wants to be.

Rising in DC at 4:02 pm is 23AQ43 so you know that Neptune 21AQ34 Rx has just risen, as have North Node 16AQ21 and Chiron 16:06 Rx.

Moneybags Jupiter 14Cap36 is in 11th house and in a separating trine with Saturn 16Vir51 – staid Saturn is in 7th house of Partnerships and Legal Affairs.

Pluto, now direct at 28Sag50, is just barely into 10th house, with the 11th cusp at World Point 00Cap26. The flucuating Moon and powerful Pluto are in an applying trine (6A59) from 2nd house to 10th house and Antares (‘obsessed with success’) is at Midheaven and thus elevated over Washington, a town that’s nothing if not obsessed with success.

This puts Aldebaran at Ic: ‘success through integrity’ (if we can find a shred of it left in Washington) –  Ic is the Foundation of the matter, and also The Drain.

Mercury still retrogrades in balance-seeking Libra 7:40 and has joined Saturn in 7th house from 8th.

All that’s left is The Witness, Uranus, a planet which in Astrology describes behavior…19Pisces30 Rx will be next to rise after the Full Moon’s perfection and we may expect the unexpected.

With Saturn as ruler of the chart – and co-ruler Uranus, as I think of it – we know that the old vs new, tradition vs progress, past vs future, status quo vs change, old fella vs whippersnapper themes will still be on everyone’s minds and on the menu. Noel Tyl says that Saturn-Uranus brings a ‘need to fight for gains’ which suggests finances along with Saturn-Uranus’ facility with numbers.

Of course, Uranus wants total freedom, while Saturn restricts and sometimes brings loss; there tends to be a brittle competition between them and neither are above undermining one other, yet if Saturn can open up to Uranian new ideas, and Uranus can respect Saturn’s stable ability to create form – which ideas need in order to become practical – much may be gained on both sides. It really is possible as well as wise to keep the baby while tossing out the bath water!

There are no planets out-of-bounds at the moment, yet as stated: traditionally speaking, Mars is unaspected but feeling at home in his sign of big business and betrayal – intense Scorpio, in 8th house of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, etc. What instigator-activist Mars will be up to on his own is anyone’s guess. He may be forced to improvise since everyone else is ‘busy.’

However, Mars here is ruthless and angry because he’s in an obsessive-compulsive *quindecile with the Moon (the People in a national chart, but also Publicity and Public Relations. Will will see more campaign tiffs? Does the pope love ermine? The last presidential debate is Oct 15!)

(So if you count quindeciles as major aspects, Mars is aspected after all – if not, he’s minorly so.)

And with Moon in Aries and politics involved, we may see a bit of the Robespierre Effect, the revolutionary terrorist born with an Aries Moon who liked to say, “I AM the people.” Yeah. Right.

Frustration, aggression, passion, and moodiness are features of Moon QD Mars, strong in Scorpio and in 8th house, Scorpio’s natural abode. Since so much of the news has been taken up with the economy (8th house matters) perhaps we’ll finally see action (Mars) from US financial “experts” who don’t seem to be able to act as quickly as they do in “old” Europe.

The people (Moon) will be angry and frustrated (Mars) for the money administrators and bankers to get their equivocating tushies in gear.

Now the Air-Fire blend of Sun Libra-Moon Aries is a sociable, lively, and restless mix, with independence vs dependence issues galore. This reminds me of the ‘socializing private institutions and debts’ debate, which is rather moot now, isn’t it? This is a diplomatic combination of energies, so perhaps efforts from two weeks ago will yield some useful results this week.

Yet **Sun Lib-Moon Ari may also indicate an awkward stubbornness when one’s limits have been reached, and rash judgments may result. But if the peace-making crusader aspect of this blend can be upheld, we may get somewhere with this feisty yet cool-headed Full Moon.

Now we know that Full Moons always relate to relationships in one way or another, and who can keep one going without compromise? Hence, the ‘Image for Integration’ for Sun Lib-Moon Aries:

“A little girl and a little boy barter while playing on a see-saw. She wants his toy gun; he wants her cream cake. They decide to share.” (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzy Harvey.)

Now there’s a successful negotiation for ya!

Let’s hope with the silvery rays of this Full Moon that Washington, Wall Street, and Main Street are able to obtain half so reasonable an outcome.


* quindecile = 165 degrees, details from Ricki Reeves’ “The Quindecile.”

**The Sun Lib-Moon Ari blend is the natal combo of poet e.e. cummings who knowingly said, “A politician is an arse upon which everyone has sat except a man.”

On Election Fraud in November 2008

Demonstrating admirable patience and care, Terry Lamb has published an article at Astro-Pol explaining the difference between voter fraud and election fraud.

The first is rare, the second is a distinct possibility for our elections on November 4, 2008 especially with the Saturn-Uranus opposition becoming exact on Election Day:


The Saturn-Uranus opposition is the ‘Full Moon’-culminating phase of things begun at their last conjunction/s which occurred all through 1988 and thus similar issues will surface from that time – or come to fruition.

Here again are the dates and degrees of their triple conjunctions, all in 1988 with the second conj being the Rx one, of course:

February 13: 29Sag55; June 26: 28Sag47; and Oct 18: 27Sag49.

As you see, this is the part of the zodiac where power-behind-the-throne Pluto has reverted for a final hurrah so we may wish to consider the midpoint picture created by these three planets which form a link between 2008 and 1988 with Pluto stimulating the 27 – 30 degree area of Sagittarius:

Saturn-Uranus = Pluto: the desire to overcome a difficult situation through extraordinary efforts;  rebellion against one’s lot in life; violence; ruthlessness; upheaval to protect assets; tremendous fear of loss.

This picture all by its lonesome sounds like the 2008 campaign, doesn’t it? And let’s hope upheavals don’t drag out election results and that ‘upheaval to protect assets’ doesn’t describe Bush creating a justification for declaring himself commander-in-chief in perpetuity!

Laura Bush and Cindy McCain speak tonight at RNC

Jude’s News Update:

Putting a caring, feminine hand upon the wheel this evening at the Gustav-flavored Republican National Convention 2008, Laura Bush and Cindy McCain are the guest speakers while their husbands stay away in deference to the hurricane victims which they have a reputation for dissing 2005.

Rudy Guiliani may still give the keynote speech, thousands of protestors interrupted access to the building, and NPR’s Robert Siegal is reporting very few arrests. Hmmm…? Siegal prefaced this with the intell that he’d “been inside all day” so is this a side-scuttling, NPR?

Puts me in mind of their news feature, “Voices in the News” on the weekend of the first massive peace protest where Cindy Sheehan spoke for the first time to a large crowd in DC. That morning I awoke with a sense of urgency and excitement and fully expecting that NPR would give Sheehan’s words at least a small shout-out as one of the current “Voices in the News,” my favorite part of Weekend Edition.

I don’t remember what ‘voices’ I heard that day, but oddly Cindy Sheehan’s was NOT one of them even though NPR had reported all week that the peace protest would be assembled in Washington that weekend to demand withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

If the voice of a grieving mother demanding her government act straight up wasn’t a ‘voice in the news’ that day, whose was?

Well, this evening the RNC is having two ladies’ voices in the news and I’ll be interested to hear what they have to say for themselves and for their out-of-touch Party of ‘pretty minds.’ This is their shout-out on behalf of the needy.

Pardon me if their displays of sensitivity toward Gulf Coast folk seems a sham played for the GOP’s benefit. In a word, puh!

Somehow it seems that if they could, they’d turn a cold shoulder this time, too, but for timing reasons they have to scale back the spectacle and mouthe platitudes of compassion. I’d like to think I’m wrong about them, but they wore out their welcome with me years ago so McCain’s lowered ‘sheepish’ tone and Bush’s mock chastened one rings hollow as Hillary’s reptilian tears.

Then there’s VP nom Sara Palin whose 17-year old daughter is expecting. I refuse to believe that this is fair fodder for political cannons. Leave the babies alone! This is a good example of why legislators don’t belong in a doctor’s office because medical and spiritual decisions of this type should remain private, most assuredly as topics during political campaigns.

Palin has hired, it is now learned, a private attorney in the ‘Troopergate” investigation with the probe’s results due handily just before November elections and now (8:30 pm edt) I’m reading here and there (Talking Points Memo is one source) that her VP nomination is having a “slo-mo meltdown” compliments of, and described astrologically by, dissolving Neptune to her natal Sun, then Mars.


Now on a lighter note, I’ve run across an announcement from the Asheville Art Museum:

‘Life’s Rich Pageant: A Centennial Celebration of the Eight’ will open Friday Sept 12, 2008, and will mark the 100th anniversary year of the original opening at the MacBeth Gallery on Feb 4, 1908 of eight anti-academia artists who, though they only held one exhibit, became known as The Eight.

The number 8 in the news again!

Though the 1908 (8!) exhibition lacked stylistic cohesion, it spotlighted American Art and helped paved the way for Modernism in painting. These painters were young realists (Saturn) who differed radically (Uranus) from the established academicians (Saturn) of the early 20th century.

And with the upcoming Saturn/Uranus opposition the collective finds itself dealing once again with tradition vs progress/old methods vs new techniques while Saturn (who may also bring changes of his own) and Uranus morph one into the other and back again.

Digital TV is coming Feb 2009, too with analog = Saturn, digital = Uranus, being a perfect example of this tension – across the great divide…split.

Even the current weather situation may fall into this category – old methods ( or Saturnian lack of them) during Katrina have been traded in for new approaches (Uranus) as almost two million people have been evacuated from New Orleans.

Fortunately, New Orleans has avoided a direct hit, so if levees continue to hold (Saturn = boundaries, walls, time) and residents are imminently expected (Uranus) to return home (Moon), may their exodus back to the Crescent City (Crescent = Moon’s phase of crisis) be peaceful and well-managed (Saturn), and may electrical power (Uranus) be restored to the millions as soon as possible.

Check out ‘Life’s Rich Pageant: A Centennial Celebration of the Eight’ here:


Orr’s Astrology of the Georgia-Russia conflict

Falling into expert astrologer Marjorie Orr’s mundane work on her Star4Cast website has been enlightening tonight for I discovered her insights concerning Sakaashvili and the ongoing aggression in the Caucasus and how the August Solar and Lunar Eclipses tie into the natal placements of Bush, Cheney, and Rice, the “senior USA White Housers” who are on “major alert.”

See: w.star4cast.com/index2f.asp?page=forum_article.asp?id=1

Sakaashvili (known for off-the-handle actions and reactions) possesses, as Ms. Orr points out, a Saturn/Uranus opposition which forms a T-square pattern focused toward on his natal Sun:

Saturn/Uranus = Sun: tendency to rebel; egocentric drives against controls; separations in order to find one’s way; the power of resistance; inflexibility; physical exposure to severe tests of strength. (midpoint pictures: Tyl; Ebertin.)

You know many voters in the US presidential election of 2000 (and to some extent in 2004) were led to confuse George Bush’s irrational inflexibility (and his inability to change his mind lest he look fallible – as if any man is infallible!) with strength of character rather than the perverse and cranky bossiness that it is.

November 2008 brings the American people two more presidential candidates to imagine we have to choose from, and we’re being given a chance to show support for a similar dude this November even as his bright packaging shows ribbons of mild-mannered reasonableness.

The other candidate is John McCain.

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