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Wedding Day Astrology of the Obamas

Wedding Day Astrology of the Obamas: Oct 18, 1992

Update 1/22/13: the gist of the following post (originally published as a Page in this blog’s sidebar) went mysteriously missing, I found today, so I’m publishing it here as a post.

Original text begins here:

Since I sassily nosed into the Clinton’s Wedding Day planetary weather, it’s only fair to look at Barack and Michelle Obama’s Wedding Day, Oct 18, 1992, Chicago, Rev Jeremiah Wright presiding. (See this blog’s sidebar of Pages for more ‘Wedding Day Astrology’ reports including that of President Obama’s parents.)

From the year, 1992, you know immediately that their marriage began just prior to the Great Conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn in 1993 (171-year-cycle):

Feb 2 (19Cap34); Aug 20 (18Cap48); and Oct 24 (18Cap33.) The last date is the one I use for the natal chart of the New World Order for the degree of Ura/Nep “18Cap” is key to understanding the beast (POLITICAL POWER.)

The pair met in 1989 at the law firm where she was employed when she was made advisor to Barack, a Harvard ‘summer associate’ who was apparently taken more with Michelle than with corporate law.

So what was going on overhead on the day of their nuptials? As above, so below!

Oct 18, 1992: Sun in Libra, Moon in Cancer, square (similar to Billary’s–Sun Lib–Moon Cap) so generally speaking, the difference between their marriages is the Moon’s positions–one in ambitious, politically minded Cap, the other in business and family oriented Cancer.

Both ladies are attorneys at law, with Michelle Obama perhaps the winner in the nurturing sweepstakes.

Again using ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ Chas & Suzi Harvey, here are some details on the Sun Lib-Moon Cancer pairing which describes, in part, their relationship:

adaptable; entertaining; sociable with a love of intimacy; domestic; musical; intuitive; devoted; nervous; intelligent curiosity; emotional; sensitive; quiet individualism and respect for others’ rights; artistic and communication power; adaptability in the face of obstacles.

Weaknesses: may over-romanticize people and places; sentimentality; emotional vulnerability; carping when others don’t look after you in the “right” way.

Relationships: close relationships bring out the best in you–eventually; tremendous need for love; childhood behavior scripts are deeply embedded and can turn the mate into mum or dad; a desire to comfort, amuse, and encourage the mate is mutual; pitfalls are being too accommodating, overly possessive, or manipulating.

~:~Image: A patriot rouses the masses to seek education, and then goes home to cook dinner for his friends.

(Well, that seems to well-describe their deal–he comes home from Washington or the campaign trail every weekend, last I heard!)

The Obamas’ I-Dos took place during the 12 South Solar Eclipse Series of June 30, 1992. Keyphrases for this Series are:

longterm worries or illness concerns; an issue will at first seem worse, then clear with sucessful outcomes. (‘Predictive Astrology,’ Bernadette Brady.)

The Eclipse was triggered during their nuptials by asteroid Juno, ‘the wife.’ Perhaps the marriage itself was a solution in some way for them–not unusual, if so.

Next manifestation of this Series: July 11, 2010 ’19Cancer.’

There’s much emotional energy in their Wedding Day chart with Moon (which remained in Cancer for the 24-hour period) dancing about with Mars 18Can04–opposite Uranus and Neptune.

Jupiter 1Lib40 trines Barack’s natal Jupiter, and is conj America’s natal Midheaven (Sibly: 5:10 pm lmt, July 4, 1776) which is a nice aspirational link, yet there are two midpoint pictures formed in the Sunrise chart (7:11:22 am cdt, Chicago, IL) which I shall mention, and which may or may not apply:

Mercury/Venus = Pluto: a sense of mission; the successful “hard sell.”

Venus/Neptune = NN: relationships are unclear in their value system; an unhappy union; disappointment in relationships.

Well, since the path of love is often strewn with disappointments of one kind or another, and since their marriage seems to suit them both, it’s time for me to bow out of their luv business and hope this thumbnail sketch has given you some small insight into the marriage of Barack and Michelle Obama.

Written by Jude Cowell

January 22, 2013 at 6:10 pm

Are top Obama aides delinquent in taxes?

Perhaps you noted on Tuesday evening in his SOTU 2012 Address to a Joint Session of Congress and the nation that President Obama put quite an emphasis on the topic of paying one’s fair share of taxes.

Tres embarrasingly, it’s reported that several of Mr. Obama’s top aides haven’t gotten around to paying theirs and I cannot imagine that anyone who assists the president thinks that this irony–some might say, hyposcrisy–won’t be used by an opponent as Mr. Obama campaigns for re-election!

Why, even Mitt 1% Romney pays what he legally owes (and not a penny more)…well, except for taxes on any gold dubloons he may have tucked away in very secret places.

Oh, the ruling class. Aren’t they a caution?

Written by Jude Cowell

January 27, 2012 at 3:46 am

Top Jobs for Obama Financial Supporters

Though I’m not surprised and consider this tit-for-tat arrangement to be as old as America herself (as is the obvious hypocrisy involved), I present this article to you in a spirit of keeping a squinty and dissenting eye upon the inhabitants of the White House, no matter their party:

Spoils Of Victory: Obama Financial Suporters Get Top Jobs

By Fred Schulte, John Aloysius Farrell and Jeremy Borden

More than two years after President Obama took office vowing to banish “special interests” from his administration, nearly 200 of his biggest donors have landed plum government jobs and advisory posts, won federal contracts worth millions of dollars for their business interests.

As they say, old boss same as the new!

Plus, you may be interested in reading my brief astro-peek at Michele Bachmann’s natal horoscope published today over at Stars Over Washington.

Obama adm covers up torture cover-up

Update Nov 16, 2010: now here’s something economic which concerns President Obama’s upcoming sell-out to the super-rich which, in my opinion, is a deal made years ago. One way to know? He’s been allowed to play President.

Original post begins here:

Oh great. In their bid to out-Bush Bush, the Obama administration is now covering up the cover-up of the CIA’s torture tape destruction a la the
Bush-Cheney administration which spotlights the way each US administration ‘has the back’ of the previous adm, and recent ones besides.

Makes sense really. For how would things turn out if one lonely little White House administration turned tattletale against another administration thus asking for a similar fate? Why, then someone might soon expect that peace, honesty, integrity, justice, and equality would then be uplifted by the ‘White’ House rather than being continually cast down into Washington’s mud while being used in the media as mere political talking points.

And worst of all for political thespians everywhere, Change We Can Believe In might turn out to mean something significant after all!

Defense bill may sneak in internet ‘kill switch’

Apparentlly there are people on Capitol Hill, at Homeland Security, and elsewhere that have their thinking caps on tight for a ‘Trojan horse’ may be the shady vehicle Congress uses to ‘pass’ into law the internet ‘kill switch’ many of us are dreading.

If you care, get out the word!

For after all, if a seemingly pristine defense bill can harbor the likes of an internet kill switch against free speech in America, then ‘the terrorists have already won’, to quote a Bush-Cheney slogan of manipulation and cynicism.

Thing is, this is the sort of anti-freedom idea that shows us the terrorists aren’t only in the Middle East.

Of course, total disconnection may have its merits, too.

Such as a response to nasty cyber attacks on vital services grids, government websites, another electronic bank run, etc. But HoSec has had years to improve our cyber security – and trillions of taxpayer dollars to do so.

Is pulling the plug all they can come up with? Puh!

Obama slams ‘corporate takeover’ of US elections!

President Obama’s latest Weekly Radio Address is an especially interesting one to me.

Here’s a link to the video with text provided (propaganda complimentary; our nation’s natal Mercury-Pluto opposition just keeps on giving us the propaganda, doesn’t it? Like pearls of wisdom from On High! Truth notwithstanding, of course.)

Seems it’s somehow politically profitable now to ‘slam’ the SCOTUS-enabled ‘corporate takeover’ of our election process thus crippling our alleged ‘democracy’ but no word yet on corporate takeover of the US government itself of which the president is an integral part and willing enabler.

Why, Mr. Obama’s Goldman-Sachs economic team screams it out loud, right? I only wish we-the-people didn’t have to have what he’s having.

Will his past haunt Barack Obama?

Some interesting info and inferences have surfaced regarding President Obama’s past dealings and those of his family members, especially his father – and the CIA.

This info is a little too involved to wrap my allergy-stuffed noggin around today, plus, I’m busy writing a certain America-infused article inspired by the excellent Julie Demboski, yet the article link is being passed on to you for delving purposes, if you wish.

Plus, posting its link here makes it easier for me to find later on.

This is almost off-topic but in case you didn’t notice, my sidebar list of Wedding Day Astrology Pages now includes the wedding of President Obama’s parents, if you’re interested.

Update 8.19.10: here’s more stuff from Wayne Madsen on possible Obama family’s CIA employment though it isn’t clear to me why, if true, any of this is a mark against Mr. Obama as president – other than that the marketing of him for president didn’t include his family’s connections to the CIA.

Is not revealing all the facts, in fact, lying?

This makes Mr. Obama’s book Dreams of My Father seem like a ploy to hide deeper truths about the future president. Perhaps ‘Dreams of My Father’s CIA Connections’ would have been closer to it.

Wedding Day Astrology of the Obamas Sr

Have you ever kept a task on your to-do list for so long that it seems unlikely that it will ever get done? If not, I want to come and live at your place. Otherwise, congratulate me, for I’ve finally published a Page on the Wedding Day Astrology of Barack and Ann Dunham Obama. ;p

Scroll down this blog’s sidebar of Pages where you’ll see a list of Wedding Day Astrology Reports I’ve published so far, or simply click here and you’ll be whisked away to the Honolulu, Hawaii of February 2, 1961 where you may snag yourself a few marriage details concerning President Obama’s parents!

Written by Jude Cowell

July 8, 2010 at 10:02 pm

Obama to G20 Summit – Sun to US Jupiter June 26, 2010

Today the G20 Summit in Toronto is well underway after this morning’s Lunar Eclipse 4Cap46 conjunct powerful, secretive, wealthy Pluto Rx in controlling, managing, restrictive Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn, planet of government, law, and business.

The horoscope for the June 26, 2010 Lunar Eclipse is almost identical when set for Toronto as when set for Washington, DC with both locations using EDT.

View today’s Lunar Eclipse chart with details @ Stars Over Washington if you dare.

Yet there formed a YOD in Toronto which was not apparent in DC, plus, evaluating Venus turned up in 1st house in Toronto, 2nd house in DC. Money matters are obviously big on the agenda this weekend though we don’t need Astrology to tell us that!

And with the Sun in a mundane chart signifying ‘the leader’, we may expect that President Obama’s attendance at the Summit will be described in part by the one-day transit of Sun to US natal Jupiter 5Can56 (‘6Can’ = “Game Birds Feathering Their Nests”; astrological Jupiter on various levels is the planet of big money, ideals, philosophy, optimism, travel, knowledge, expansion, and generosity.

Sun to Jupiter indicates an increase in said optimism along with an enhanced spiritual awareness; cultural events are successful and enjoyable, especially if you’re the President of the United States who is in progress of ramming through major financial reform legislation at home and can travel to another country and crow over it at a G20 Summit!

Dramatic hopefulness is the tone of the day with Sun to natal Jupiter, and courage and confidence are increased, but with one caution against becoming too impressed with oneself since Sun also represents ego and Jupiter tends to over-inflate.

Jupiter also has connections to judicial systems with intellectual horizons broadened on such issues as law and the areas mentioned above.

So even when circumstances turn troubling, a Sun to Jupiter transit has a way of providing something positive to counteract problems and lessen their negative effects.

Well, Happy Jupiterian Summit, Mr. President!

And I hope your financial reform bill does the good you say it will do, protects consumers for a change, and doesn’t make things worse with its costs to the financial industry passed on to US consumers.

Brits angry not at BP – at Obama!

With their lovely coastlines safe from BP oil harm, our Brit cousins are angry at the toll the BP Oil disaster is taking on their pocketbooks and pensions as they pay the price for investing in BP – and they’re blaming President Obama.

May I assume that BP shareholders and other investors had no say in how wild an enterprise BP could engage in? It probably would have made no difference if they’d objected.

However, you take your chance, you just might lose! Even if you’re accustomed to winning, losing just may happen when you’re gambling with money.

Will this turn out to be American Revolution v2?

Could Brit anger be an early expression of the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse @ 19Can24…precisely conjunct the UK’s natal Moon (the public) in 10th house, conjunct difficult Fixed Star, Castor?

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