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Bush at the helm: one more year

Bush and friends

Hi, yall! How’re yall doin’? Like my world-leaders-r-us outfit? It’s made o’some of that fancy Chinese silk! Gotta go now–we got one of them secret meetin’s to tend to. See yall on tv! (doublepeak translation: see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.)

Here’s a new post on Bush’s birth chart with some Fixed Star connections to his natal Ascendant and IC:



Press under fire: NYT James Risen subpoenaed for sources

Guess this one’s been coming a while which makes the timing interesting astrologically as well because the subpoenaed grand jury testimony of NYT reporter, James Risen, is set for the day of the Unmasking Eclipse–Feb 7, it was announced today.

In a clear Bush-Cheney attempt to force disclosure of Risen’s sources for his book, “State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration,” Mr. Risen will apparently be reporting to the court room in Alexandria, VA. to answer for himself–and will testify as an archetypal figure for all reporters who uncover governmental misdeeds, crimes, and ineptitudes.

You will remember from Dec 2005 that Risen and fellow NYT reporter, Eric Lichtblau, broke the story of the Bush administration’s overreaching, off-the-books domestic spying caper which Risen terms, “the Program.”

Imho, any true–and thus dissenting–American owes them a debt of gratitude for performing the tasks which Thomas Jefferson agreed was the job of a free press lest the Washington power elite get too big for their britches.

Now with the big-but*ed infestation in Washington, we see yet another institution under fire–and more to save their sorry fascist hides than from any honest regard for America.

Cut them some slack? At best I could say the current and former administrations have tied up their own secret high-handed manipulations with legitimate national security concerns of our nation–always an unsavory blend with the high-mindedness of one unhealthily diluted by what turns out to be underhanded criminal activities.

But these varmints have raised the ante beyond imagination, and since I dwelled in DC during the Nixon regime and witnessed (on tv) his well-deserved and humiliating skedaddling outta town, I am perhaps tres sensitized to rotten politicians who cynically lampoon the American People while making a mockery of our ideals and fondest hopes.

If they had true regard for America and the common good, they wouldn’t be undermining every social net, dissolving the Constitution and Bill of Rights, radicalizing and neutering our judicial system, and fermenting unrest and incompetence in all departments of government.

Oh and let me not forget The People’s delusion of actually being part of the electoral process of voting a politician into office–and our One-Party two-party system of crooks with their happy, pocket-lining enablers oinking at the trough. 

Wouldn’t it be el perfecto if Risen had more Bush-Cheney-Tenet secrets to reveal–secrets which his grand jury testimony would inadvertantly uncover?

(See ‘Unmasking Eclipse’ info in Sidebar under ‘2008’s Solar and Lunar Eclipses–‘, if you wish.)

Perhaps we should get a copy of Risen’s book while we can!


So much of what has gone on and goes on now mimicks the rise of the Third Reich 75 years ago…want examples?

Start with WWI and rampant inflation in the postwar years leading to the world economic collapse of 1929–Germany had a massive unemployment rate (sound like the just-released jobs-creation numbers this week for the US?), there was a general fear of social and economic decline which was menacingly stirred from both left and right (ditto), and they all tried to consolidate their positions (selfish interests) with violence which opened the door for Hitler’s seizing of power. Shades of 9/11?

There was much more going on, of course, but that’s it in a nutshell and it sounds eerily familiar to present day America–again imho.

My source: Hans Ottomeyer, director of Berlin’s German Historical Museum, and I think he should know…no subpoenas, please!

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