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US launches new ops against Taliban 9.15.10

For the first time, US troops have launched major operations in the region that spawned the Taliban in the Zahri district of southern Aghanistan.

Well, unfortunately for horoscope viewing, my software program never willingly gives me locations in Afghanistan where the ops began at 4:00 am local time, September 15, 2010. But the launching occurred at ‘about 7:30 pm edt’ at the Pentagon last evening (Sept 14) and a peek at the chart shows 28Pis47 rising with Uranus 28Pis53 Rx.

Uranus on ASC indicates an ability to cope with the unexpected yet this Uranus is retrograde. Perhaps the unexpected with be delayed or not definitively dealt with. That’s nothing new in the US theater of war in the Middle East, of course, plus chart-ruler Jupiter the General is at critical or crisis degree: 29Pis15 – but also retrograde, not the most strengthening picture for Jupiter the General’s war efforts.

At Midheaven (the goal point of a chart) is 29Sag20 with Sag also being ruled by Jupiter Rx. ’30Sag’ = “The Pope Blessing the Faithful” and I suppose he does though it’s of no personal interest to me. What this could mean to the US war machine is beyond the scope of this brief post.

Interestingly, Sun 22Vir03 gives a Sabian Symbol for ’24Virgo’ = “A Lion Tamer Rushes Fearlessly into the Circus Arena” which is very descriptive of our Sun worshiping culture of the West rushing in to the wilderness of the Zahri territory, described as “the heart of darkness.”

(Leo, sign of the lion, rules the heart and spine, as you know.)

Then there’s the Moon @ 18Sag56; the symbol of a Crescent Moon signifies the East. “19Sag” = “Pelicans, Disturbed by People, Move Their Habitats” and my thoughts are that the Taliban will simply move their encampments in order to fight another day and are already vamoosed: the Moon in the chart was out-of-bounds when the ‘major operations’ were launched.

Wonder if the US military knows where all the tunnels are?

(Sabian Symbols from Solar Fire software.)

Defense bill may sneak in internet ‘kill switch’

Apparentlly there are people on Capitol Hill, at Homeland Security, and elsewhere that have their thinking caps on tight for a ‘Trojan horse’ may be the shady vehicle Congress uses to ‘pass’ into law the internet ‘kill switch’ many of us are dreading.

If you care, get out the word!

For after all, if a seemingly pristine defense bill can harbor the likes of an internet kill switch against free speech in America, then ‘the terrorists have already won’, to quote a Bush-Cheney slogan of manipulation and cynicism.

Thing is, this is the sort of anti-freedom idea that shows us the terrorists aren’t only in the Middle East.

Of course, total disconnection may have its merits, too.

Such as a response to nasty cyber attacks on vital services grids, government websites, another electronic bank run, etc. But HoSec has had years to improve our cyber security – and trillions of taxpayer dollars to do so.

Is pulling the plug all they can come up with? Puh!

Obama meets Lama w/ Chiron conj Neptune Feb 18 2010

President Obama plans to meet with the Dalai Lama on Thursday, February 18, 2010, unless I misunderstand their intention or someone’s schedule changes.

Perhaps this is only a political mystery play to mask the real deal – but the White House is said to be in refusal mode over cancelling the get-together (which is probably Not to be a Brewskyfest w the Prez) so I’m having a brief peek at the charts for that date from 12:00 am est to 11:59:59 pm, and using a chart set for noon…the spiritual and mystical duo, Chiron and Neptune, are conjoined once again, with ‘hierophant-guru-shaman-yogi-professor-moneybags’ Jupiter 7Pis23 near Venus 9Pis01. Is money on the table?

North Node, a point of encounter, is @ critical or crisis degree, 20Cap18, leaving this Dragon’s Tail to swish about at its opposite degree 20Can18, also a critical degree. If current world leaders are desiring to bring the planet to a point of world war, they’re doing an excellent job of it these days – and it’s not as if it hasn’t been done before.

Chartwise, from the looks of things, relationship breakups and the June 2004 Venus Transit degree ’18Gem’ (occurring during the G-8 Summit on Sea Island, GA) are in focus; @ Noon the ASC = ’18Gem’ = “Two Chinese Men Speaking Chinese in a Western Crowd.”

Another interesting factor at Noon of Feb 18, 2010 (White House):

Sun/Moon = Uranus 25Pis05: sudden developments; possible breakup in relationship (possibly Tibet and China yet that’s old news so – Dalai Lama and Obama?); intensification of independence within relationships.

(Midpoint pictures: Noel Tyl.)

Disruptive Uranus and the 11th cusp of Groups and Associations are conjoined @ Noon @ ’26Pis’ = “A New Moon That Divides Its Influence” and we just had a New Moon on Feb 13, 2010 @ ’26AQ’ conjunct US natal Moon; is the US dividing her loyalties (to the extent that America can be said to have loyalties) between China and Tibet? It’s an old argument, that’s for cetain, US involvement or no.

Yes, the possibility of ‘intensification of independence’ sounds more like Tibet’s desire for independence from the Mother Country, doesn’t it? But with transiting asteroid Nemesis 21Gem03 (‘unbeatable foe; divine retribution’) rising in the Noon chart – and conjunct US natal Mars simultaneously – I don’t personally like the sound of it, do you? For the sake of World Peace, I mean, which is my continual concern for everyone, my own descendants included.

Then there’s the transiting Moon/Saturn midpoint conjunct US natal Sun (‘the leader’) on Feb 18, 2010…

Moon/Saturn = Sun: sobering times; enforced controls; possible separation in relationship (there it is again.)

And ‘sobering times’? Oh yeah. That.

At Noon, President Obama’s natal ASC degree ’19AQ’ (in his ‘7:24 pm’ AHST birth chart; August 4, 1961 Honolulu, Hawaii) forms a couple of midpoint pictures which may be of interest…as usual with midpoint pictures ‘any, all, or none may apply’…

Tr Mercury/Neptune = n ASC: potential overreaction to others; being exploited. (Or with Politics, perhaps it’s a mutual exploitation.)

Tr Mercury/Mc = n ASC: change brewing; losing contact with others.

Feb 18’s ‘Moon @ Noon’ conjoins/reflects US natal Chiron (the wound; the wounded) in Aries, sign of the pioneer and warrior, which may be whispering to us that America’s strength is wounded and our politicians have been seemingly promoting and engineering this national wounding for years now, bankrupting our Treasury ‘in order’ to police the world at our considerable expense (and collapse America in the bargain.)

Well, we don’t need Astrology to tell us that America’s soaring eagle has a broken wing or two. Plus, her tail feathers are on the ragged side, aren’t they? That ‘phoenix vs eagle’ thing is for the birds, imo.

And understandably, China has her own ideas for controlling the world, part of the reason I feel that the globe is caught between the crosshairs of a gigantic crime syndicate war between factions where the last nation standing gets to man the helm of the NWO – kind of like warring Al Capone on Valentine’s Day 1929.

Well, I’m working in Art mode today so I’ll mosey for now – let me know by leaving a Comment here if you want to discuss the situation and/or have something to add astrologically, okay? Guess we’ll find out later this week whether and when the Obama-Lama sit-down actually takes place. And I’m certain we’ll be told just what they want us to know.

Now here are the ‘Images for Integration’ for the two Sun-Moon blends of Feb 18, 2010 since Sun enters Pisces from Aquarius, so we have:

Sun AQ/Moon Aries: ‘A court jester mocks the social injustices of the realm…Robin Hood and his band of merry men outwit the evil King John once again.’

Sun Pis/Moon Aries: ‘In tattered rags, the small, obscure young servant named Arthur pulls the sword from the stone and becomes king of Camelot.’

Semi-amusing how both blends have an English flavor to them, eh what?


‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Bush’s last words: warning or threat?

The War on Terror is a Hoax

By Paul Craig Roberts

According to US government propaganda, terrorist cells are spread throughout America, making it necessary for the government to spy on all Americans and violate most other constitutional protections. Among President Bush’s last words as he left office was the warning that America would soon be struck again by Muslim terrorists.


Written by Jude Cowell

February 5, 2009 at 2:57 pm

Gandhi on true democracy

“My notion of democracy is that under it the weakest shall have the same opportunities as the strongest…no country in the world today shows any but patronizing regard for the weak… Western democracy, as it functions today, is diluted fascism…true democracy cannot be worked by twenty men sitting at the center. It has to be worked from below, by the people of every village.”  Gandhi

So much for Bush’s touted ‘democracy’!

Born in Porbandar, India on Oct 2, 1869 (NS), at 7:11:48 am  LMT (-4:38; Hour of Jupiter, the Guru and wise teacher), Mohandas Gandhi  has Sun 8Lib56 in 12th house (a politician’s placement!), and Moon 19Leo59 in 10th house of Public Status.

Gandhi and America share a North Node position, his 5Leo42 in 10th house. (Ben Kingley’s NN is 7Leo01 and is the only conjunction I see between their natal charts.)

The ‘live-wire’ Air-Fire blend of Sun Lib-Moon Leo is full of playfulness, great kindness, gentility, and quick wit. Nobility and an ethical conscience are brought to public service, although there can be a stubborn refusal to admit personal limitations.

A decided streak of theatricality along with vivaciousness marks this visionary and religious blend.  A passionate idealist, this combo is in love with the beautiful and noble idea, yet huffiness may appear if pride is wounded – a liking for flattery doesn’t include empty adulation.

A natural talent for diplomacy combined with dramatic skills make for a charismatic political or social leader, an adored teacher, and a respected and well-loved friend.

‘Images for Integration:  A political idealist is crowned leader by adoring followers…A performance of  The Importance of Being Earnest.’ (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Gandhi left for England just before his 19th birthday (did I hear someone say, ‘Nodal Return’?) in 1888 where he studied law and lived on bread and spinach until he located an Indian restaurant just before he starved to death. He was a strict vegetarian, you know, and had a thing about salt.

Here’s a link to a site about the Richard Attenborough film, ‘Gandhi’ (1982) starring Ben Kingsley (now Sir Ben), where you’ll find a few videos and a trailer from the film:


Perhaps I’m incorrect, but I do think Attenborough has been knighted by Queen Elizabeth as well. Or was that David? But let’s get back to Gandhi…

Assassinated by a Hindu gunman, Nathuram Godse, on Jan 30, 1948 in Delhi, India, Mohandas Gandhi lives on larger-than-life and is noted primarily in the West for his strong belief in non-violence (ahimsa.)

Gandhi’s life story is very interesting if you get a chance to read about him, for with times like these – in the West and the East – the world can use all the ahimsa it can get.

Gandhi was once asked what he thought about ‘western civilization’ and he said he thought it would be a very good idea. Well, we’re still working on that and have been set back considerably by jingoist war-mongers who wage war for their own profit and political gainery…and they’ll tell all the lies it takes to promote it, too.

And now, one more quote from the man which may sound even more familiar to most people than the one this post began with, and is food for thought for anyone aspiring toward evolving out of the reptilian stage of existence…

“Hate the sin and love the sinner.”  Mohandas Gandhi


Sir Ben Kingsley (nee Krishna Bhanji), Dec 31, 1943 in Yorkshire, England, Sun Cap-Moon Pisces. Gandhi’s birth data Rodden Rating: A, from memory.

US position on Georgia-Russia moderating

Is reality peeking in on Capitol Hill concerning Georgia’s attack on Russian troops and who bullied first?


Seems Dan Fried of the US Department of State is backpedaling on previous statements as the US-Russia relationship hangs in the balance and the *US Progressed Full Moon in December says, ‘you’ve reached your limit – moderate!’


* see US Progressed Full Moon in Virgo chart on Pages list in sidebar~

Weekend Political Article Round-up

Even Pat Buchanan is here along with The Daily Show:

Blowback From Bear-Baiting

By Patrick J. Buchanan

Mikheil Saakashvili’s decision to use the opening of the Olympic Games to
cover Georgia’s invasion of its breakaway province of South Ossetia must
rank in stupidity with Gamal Abdel-Nasser’s decision to close the Straits of
Tiran to Israeli ships.


All the Propaganda That’s Fit to Print: The New York Times, Again, Tells It Like It Ain’t

By Sean M. Madden

As part of an all-out Western media campaign to bury the simple fact that
Georgia invaded South Ossetia a week ago — an act of aggression which led,
subsequently, to Russia’s response — Thursday’s NYT’s top headline helps to
further instill the lie, at home and abroad, that Bush and the U.S
government are truly concerned about the welfare of Georgians and human
beings generally.


Don’t Forget Yugoslavia

By John Pilger

The secrets of the crushing of Yugoslavia are emerging, telling us more
about how the modern world is policed.

Georgia: Another Neocon Farce?

By Sean Gabb

I am a citizen of a country that was a principal actor in the two big wars
of the twentieth century. I believe that these wars were unnecessary for the
security of my country and killed unimaginable numbers of people. They also
destroyed British primacy in the world and were the means of transforming
Britain from genuine liberal democracy to politically correct corporatism.

The Daily Show Live From The White House

By Paul Craig Roberts

The Bush Regime imbeciles don’t know when to stop. With the world still
rolling in laughter from John McCain’s claim that “in the 21st century
nations don’t invade other nations,” the moronic US secretary of state
declared: “This is not 1968 and the invasion of Czechoslovakia, where Russia
can threaten a neighbor, occupy a capital, overthrow a government and get
away with it. Things have changed.”


Yeah, I thought Washington’s holier-than-thou “invasions are unacceptable (unless WE engineer them)” statements were too hilarious – and I hadn’t checked in with Jon Stewart yet!

If you own a hypocrometer, it must need major recalibration after this political charade.

Being now the “21st century” should make a difference to despotism? What a hoot! Where’s Rumsfeld the Poet when you could profit by him?

Wonder when Cheney will haul off and call for war? And with what resources? You’d think even the war-drum-beating jingoists of the Bush-Cheney administration could understand that the candy store has closed due to lack of inventory – they, after all, are its looters!

And I don’t know who the scriptwriters are for this particular Capitol Hill Theater production, but either they’re fresh out of sensible dialogue, or the political thespians of Washington aren’t acting – they’re deer-in-Putin’s-headlights and showing the world how ‘crying wolf’ always gets you in the end.

Lunar Eclipse August 16 2008: Sampson’s Hair

You may wish to read a fresh post concerning Saturday’s Lunar Eclipse with its chart set for the White House and relating to the politics and militarism going on now with Russia, Georgia, and South Ossetia:


It’s 5:15 pm EDT and NPR is just saying that there’s no doubt who’s still in charge of Russia: Putin. 

Click above link for more details as this important Lunar Eclipse brings more rats into the light and makes an appointment to shave off strongman Sampson’s hair.

Do you think that Bush-Cheney appreciated that other despots -er, world leaders – would follow their example when they invaded and occupied the sovereign nation of Iraq?

That the Bush administration (I’m lookin’ at you, Condi) has not a leg to stand on with their lofty pronouncements against Russia’s actions only highlights the current struggle as another obscene misadventure with the common man, woman, and child paying the piper so grievously.

And although it’s no excuse for military over-reaction and aggression, Russia is acting within its own neighborhood, unlike Bush and Cheney’s Mesopotamian over-extension filled to the brim with loss and mayhem against the common good.

So is East meeting West? or breaking with the West?

Kindred eye-gazers Bush and Putin may be the only ones who really know at this point, but Astrology has something to say as well as the August 16 Lunar Eclipse opens a celestial window – for, as we know – As Above, So Below!

Georgia vs South Ossetia: 100-year conflict

UPDATE Aug 12: listening now to NPR’s MarketPlace and they’re talking about Russia’s motives concerning Georgia – that Putin wants to control other resources besides oil and gas – he also wants control of GRAINS. See notes on Ceres and Demeter at the end of this post!

~original post starts here~ ~

Like most bellybutton-gazing Americans I’m way behind on the history of the region now ignited.

So far, the best background info I’ve found is Russia Today’s August 11 article, ‘Georgia vs South Ossetia: roots of a 100-year conflict’ here:


NPR is reporting at noon that Russia has opened a second front. Saakashvili is saying that ethnic cleansing is going on, Wake Up, World. McCain is urging Bush to dispatch Condi Rice to the region ~like Bush couldn’t think of it himself in this macabre political farce in which innocent people pay with their lives.~ And the DOW is up, btw.)

Bush is flying back to the US now from what was “likely his last trip to Asia while in office.” That Bush would think to open his gob about anyone else using force to impose ‘peace’ has to be a clue that this is political theater, dahlink – hiding the real deal made behind the scenes. 

Perhaps it’s more instructive to listen to what they DO and not to what they say.

So last evening (just for curiosity’s sake) I consulted my set of The Century Cyclopedia, 1898 edition, and looked up ‘Abkhazia’ in the Book of Proper Names finding this entry from 110 years years ago:

“Abkhasia: A region, not an administrative division, on the southern slope of the Caucasus, having an area of about 3,000 miles. It was permanently subjugated by Russia in 1864. Population: about 80,000.”

No entry for Ossetia, South or North in 1898.

The entry for ‘Georgia’ says that the area is “almost identical to the ancient Iberia” and that it was conquered by Alexander the Great (who may be understandably rolling over in his tomb with the current goings-on) but that Georgia “soon after his death became an independent kingdom. It was at its height about 1200, and had a flourishing literature. It was sub-divided in the beginning of the fifteenth century, and was annexed by Russia in *1801. The Georgians are a very handsome race, of the purest Caucasian type.”

Well, that’s a time capsule from 1898 for you, antique racial comments and all!


*1801: asteroid Ceres was discovered Jan 1, 1801 – notably the date that Ireland was united with Great Britain thus creating a useable natal chart for the UK. Ceres, Roman goddess of the grain and Earth Mother, is now considered in Mundane Astrology to be a significator of national security, ecology, food resources, and of course, as The Mother archetype, of nurturing and safety.

Ceres’ Greek counterpart is Demeter whose origin is Indo-European. Demeter has been associated more with the Earth Mother, and Ceres primarily with grain. The ‘Cerealia’ on April 19 was the chief festival of Ceres. (‘New Insights into Astrology,’ Nona Gwynn Press.)

Sandmonkey says it all: why Obama will fail

Not fail to become president – fail as president!

You may or may not like Sandmonkey’s article which I’m about to give you a link to, but if you’re an American, please read all of it, if you dare:


Is cynicism realism after all?

That’s what I often ask myself and the echoed reply is always the same in this, the New Millennium which so far, sux royally – and not just for the almost-universally-hated America, but for the whole wide world so busy doing the hating.

And then there’s George Bush: longing to pass the terror-promotin’ baton on to John McCain – coming soon to a voting booth near you. Yet Sandmonkey doesn’t give McCain a chance of snagging the Oval Office…well, click the link and let him explain it to you in his…er….straightforward way!

Well, unless you have your state-of-the-art bunker all lined up, that is, and you pre-know when the cork will pop.

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