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Pitch Perfect: Redford’s ‘The Conspirator’

Historical Events of 1865 Come Alive Before Our Eyes!

by Jude Cowell

The official website of The Conpirator may just inspire you to see this period film directed by Robert Redford and perhaps this film review will, too.

As an American born with four planets in Capricorn, the Saturn-ruled sign of Government, Law, and Business, and considering my ongoing interest in studying historical and current events through the lens of Astrology, I highly recommend ‘The Conspirator’ if you’ve not yet seen it.

The film begins with a quick view of battlefield conditions of the Civil War, then quickly moves to the treasonous deeds, and the arrest and trial of boarding house owner Mary Surratt, mother of participant John Surratt. These characters become the focus of the film and to good effect for costumes, accents, and scenery down to the period’s smoke-filled rooms are on view along with some mighty good acting by James McAvoy, Robin Wright, Kevin Kline, and others–all are pitch perfect in their roles.

And this is being said by a southerner who is seldom impressed by the alleged ‘southern’ accents with which we’ve been regaled for years in film and TV! Mr. McAvoy’s thick Scottish brogue is nowhere to be heard as he plays lawyer Frederick Aiken, though between scenes, Mr. Redford states in his director’s commentary that no one could understand a word he said. ;p

The trial’s philosophical highlights are in evidence as well as Secretary of War Stanton (Kline) demands a rush to ‘justice’ for Mary Surratt (she, in lieu of her son who has fled) while Aiken’s mentor Reverdy Johnson (played by the excellent Tom Wilkerson) idealistically prefers the upholding of the US Constitution even during times of war. (The war was not to officially end until about two months after the trial and hangings of the conspirators in July 1865.)

Of course, anyone paying attention to current events in the New Millennium cannot miss the fact that themes from the time of 1865 have repeated throughout US history and continue to bedevil our views on the US Constituion, the rule of law, and military tribunal v civilian trial by a jury of peers, something Confederate sympathizer and Marylander Mary Surratt was denied.

What you may not find in this telling of the story of Mary Surratt’s trial by military tribunal is the answer to how involved she actually was in the plot to first kidnap President Lincoln then, after that failed, to assassinate him. I have my opinions and assure you that after watching ‘The Conspirator’ you will have yours, or at least have gounds for pondering the ongoing historical mystery of Mary Surratt.

This film tells part of a well-known historical event by showing the conditions surrounding the heinous murder of Abraham Lincoln. It gives the viewer a feeling of walking back into 1865 and you may wish to take that journey and get a feel for the little understood character of Mary Surratt who, if she was nothing else, was a mother protecting a wayward son.


Astro-Note: these hangings by neck in 1865 took place under the auspices of powerful, sabotaging, murdering Pluto in Taurus, sign of The Neck. The lucrative ‘Reconstruction’ of the South could really get underway then with President Lincoln (who financed the war through printing of ‘greenbacks’, a maneuver which enraged the big bankers and their agents in America) gotten permanently out of their way.

For a little Astrology on the topic of the assassination and natal chart of Abraham Lincoln, click here and note that no edits have been made. If you study Astrology, also note that the assassination was perpetrated under a Jupiter Rx Station at a critical-crisis degree 29Sag+…’30Sag’ = “The Pope Blessing the Faithful. Yes, the Surratt family were of the Catholic persuasion but, as you know, Jupiter relates to bankers, generals, judges, and to philosophy and is posited in its own sign of Sagittarius, The Seeker.

For further reading on such topics, here’s a Timeline of The History of the House of Rothschild which necessarily includes The House of Rockefeller.

Rep Louis Gohmert and the 3 branches of government

Returning from errands a while ago, I found Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) on C-SPAN speaking in the chamber on a resolution to teach the US Constitution to high school seniors.

Since I had Civics classes all through school, I heartily agree that this is a wonderful idea to re-install classes on government prior to an 18-year-old’s voting for the first time.

Rep. Gohmert said that many Americans cannot name the three branches of government, and I’ve read this somewhere recently myself – a result, I suspect, of taking Civics courses out of our public school system.

What made me chuckle was the lawmaker’s lament that more US citizens can name the Three Stooges than can name the three branches of government, so let me take the Civics test now:

Mo has to be the president of the Executive branch;

Larry must be the Judicial branch, SCOTUS;

which leaves crazy Curly as the Legislative branch, aka the US Congress.

Did I pass? Am I passing yet? Am I lying? And would you consider grading on the curve? ;p

Obama’s speech Canton, OH 10.27.08

If you look under ‘Speeches’ in my sidebar you’ll find a link to Barack Obama’s Closing Argument speech delivered today in Canton, Ohio – full text courtesy of Time’s The Page.

A constitutional lawyer as president? Yeah, I could get used to that, as long the US Constitution is being upheld so that America can be. Isn’t that what a US president’s Oath of Office SAYS he will do?

McCain says join the military and Palin’s birth time

Lots of cheering going on tonight at the RNC as John McCain suggested that Americans join the military, become teachers, help the needy, and other good ideas to keep busy and not notice how the balance of the Supreme Court, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights will continue to be eroded under another Republican president. They failed to mention these things tonight.

No, I was not comforted…sounds like 100 years in Iraq to me. And will a McCain presidency extend the civil-liberties-squelching provisions of the US ‘Patriot’ Act? Neocons didn’t go to all that trouble only to let go of power and control now.

Cut to Palin in the audience! Eric Francis has a reported birth time for Sara Palin if you want to check out his excellent observations. Eric is working on rectification and says the chart works:


So if 4:40 pm is correct it gives Palin Leo rising just as has been suggested in comment threads here. It is difficult to miss her mane of Leonine hair and her past beauty queen competition for the approval and applause that Leo adores.

Biden idealizes Obama’s best traits 8.23.08

And Obama returns the favor!

As I’ve studied the planetary placements on this auspicious day for the Obama campaign with the events in Springfield, IL marking the kick-off of the Biden leg of the prez tour, I was struck by how complex the astrological picture is, from natal, progressed, and composite charts.

Interesting with my wizard’s hat in place, but difficult to write anything remotely resembling a unified and clear analysis without giving both my regular readers crossed eyes and headaches.

So I shall confine myself to a few observations, beginning with today’s Sabian Symbol for the Sun’s position, “1 Virgo”…”In a Portrait, a Man’s Best Features Are Idealized.”

Dane Rudhyar gives the Keynote of this degree as relating to the path of discipleship and the harvest season as the Sun leaves Leo and enters Virgo. Perhaps Obama may be said to have been Biden’s disciple? Biden has attempted to enter the White House and stay there before so it seems that Obama may be HIS ticket.

Now the Sun’s reaching the end of Leo/00Vir+ links to Egyptian star lore, the Sphinx, and to ancient mystery cults, plus, there are other indications between today’s chart, Obama’s and Biden’s natal and progressed charts, and their composite charts – indications of mystical influences and supernatural concerns.

Is Astrology Afoot Along with Biden’s “Firm Stand”? 

Timing today’s speech with the Moon’s position (29Tau+) because it’s opposite the Inaugural 2009’s Moon is a clue, as well as transit Sun today being conjunct Joe Biden’s natal NN…see above Sabian Symbol. Either there’s a campaign astrologer or two behind the woodpile in Lincoln’s land, or synchronicity times and wins the day along with some crumbling temple in Giza!

Now you may or may not think that this is (or will be) problematic for the Dem team, however, it is possible that if there are mystical associations, they may aid the Dems in their bid for the White House, or ‘White Lodge’ as I often think of it.

How benefit?

Besides support from abroad and from possible connections with secret organizations, these two grand egos, both of which are vying for the highest recognition and glory, must be able to consciously direct the sublimation of their personal egos on behalf of a higher cause and this will be the difference between success or failure.

What I can’t tell you astrologically – at least not yet – is whether their shared cause, mission, and goals are truly on behalf of the common good. A new direction for America away from the Bush policies? Yuh, sounds great! And sorely needed.

For we know that America always corrects course after too much of one Party’s ideology has run away with the day and overly fatigued us with its falsehoods and self-serving high-handedness.

Yes, the Obama-Biden team talks a good game of it, but we’ve been burned too many times by cynical politicians whose agendas are not remotely in tune with our own best interests. Yes, Barack and Joe sing a melodious tune, but who wrote the lyrics and for what ultimate political purpose?

But since the charts mentioned show a somewhat better story on the people’s behalf, I’ll try to muster a little faith in the Dem ticket’s duet because a vote for John McCain is like a vote for George Bush, and you know it.

And thennnn….?

Along the campaign trail will appear the anti-common-gooders who try to march off with the prize, and we’ll recognize them as neocon goose-steppers and enablers who hatchet the backs of the more popular contenders in order to continue the *Bush Doctrine and agenda and keep themselves top dogs.

But will the ‘old boss same as the new boss’ model take the cake?

What a Dem administration may do to scale back the constitutional weakening that Bush-Cheney have overseen will show how straightforwardly they intend to do the people’s business which has tragically been disregarded for too long – and to much ill effect for society’s sake, I may add.


*Link to chart image of Bush Doctrine but no grimey details added as of yet:


And here’s a Page I’ve added with a link to NPR’s audio player so you can listen to Joe Biden’s first speech as VP nom today in Springfield in which he idealizes Obama’s best traits…you’ll find a link to Obama’s speech today – in which he idealizes Biden’s best traits –  in the previous post:


Mixed feelings about Woodward’s new book

Okay, so reading Bob Woodward’s new book, which will be excerpted Sept 7 in the Washington Post and released Sept 9, will be hard to resist since it purports to give the skinny on the inside of the Bush administration’s decision-making process (there’s a process? I thought it was Bush’s ‘gut instincts’ and eye-gazing, along with Cheney’s master planning) so it will have to be read.

But mixed feelings come in when I get the same old (tired) feeling of ‘why didn’t he tell this when it might’ve done some good?’ – as I get with so many tell-all books and articles that spill the Bush beans after the cornbread is already burned to a crisp and I’ve lost my appetite.

That mega-bucks are expected to be made on Woodward’s book for its publisher and author, and for the myriad of talking heads, pundits, and critics who will have something new to blab about online, in print, and on TV goes without saying…they’ve established quite an industry of Bush-and-Cheney bashing while barely diverting the neocon agenda from its goals much at all.

Of course, most media board members and network bosses sit on the same Trilateral Commission boards and whatever brotherhood societies that keep the billions flowing and the agenda on track – one needs a score card to keep up with everyone’s motives and memberships, if you can find a publisher of score cards not in on the big game.

The rest of my mixed feelings about Woodward’s book stem from the fact that if it’s going to be THAT revealing with such deep inside scoops as it’s being touted to contain, our enemies can read it, too.

Now I know what we once called that sort of thing years ago when I lived in Washington and you’d think we still would.

But as usual with Bush-Cheney tactics these last interminable years (and adminstrations before them), the bar has been lowered, which is, after all, what the one-world-government types have been doing for years – getting the masses accustomed so that the next outrage – ignoring the Constitution, subverting the legal system, the Bill of Rights, the banking system, failing to protect the WTC if not being in cahoots, undermining the US dollar, outing covert spies like Valerie Plame – whatever element of the social fabric we-the-people have come to depend on – will be less opposed when dissolved and may be swallowed more readily next time.

And as most people are aware, Bush-Cheney have put in place contingencies bwo The ‘Patriot’ Act, for emergency police action against the people who may dare to fight or complain too loudly against the next outrage or whatever else they have in store – called off elections, lack of response to a natural disaster,  fill-in-the-blank.

Here’s a link to a March 2007 post concerning the Attorneys General firings, Al Gonzales, and a mention of the ‘Patriot’ Act provision they inserted for certain purposes, if you’re interested:


Parallels with Bush-Cheney White House and Nixon days

There’s an op-ed by Frank Rich in the New York Times today which you’ve probably seen, but in case not:


titled, “The Real-Life ’24’ of Summer 2008.”

Parallels between the Bush-Cheney White House’s obsessions and corruptions with that of Richard Nixon’s tenure are depressingly obvious and have been part of making America less safe and have seriously undermined our nation’s reputation in the world.

Rich’s article lays it out and cites several books which tell the tale against Bush-Cheney and their unAmerican torture tactics which serve to produce false confessions and send our military on wild-goose chases.

The most glaring wild-goose chase has been the war in Iraq and now we see Taliban-Afghanistan violence ramping up with redeployment of our troops from Iraq seemingly the only option the Pentagon has. That this circumstance will be somehow fitted into GOP and Dem plans for their own selfish interests is a given for it seems political thespians never learn.

The Bush-Cheney ‘strategery’ has been appallingly shortsighted as such national myopia always will be when Politics rules and ‘unintended consequences’ are wrapped inside the shroud of plausible deniability and attended by a compulsive need to seem infallible and “not a crook” a la Nixon.

You may wish to view my August 2007 article ‘celebrating’ the 33rd anniversary of Richard Nixon’s resignation here:


for as a resident of Washington DC at the time, I can personally attest to a deep relief and a decided sense of breathing cleaner air once the crook’s helicopter had left the vicinity. And I remember precisely my reaction as I watched his ‘victory’ sign on TV – laughing and crying at the same time.

Yes, the radical Bush-Cheney regime these last Several years has given me that deja-vu feeling all over again but with emphasis on the crying side – for America and for her brilliantly devised Consitution (see NYT article.)

You’ll find that my article on Nixon contains a link to his resignation letter to Henry Kissinger who notated the time which is what I used for the Astrology chart mentioned. Too bad no one has received had such a letter from the White House’s current denizen or from his major domo, Mr. Darkside.

My SolarFire software is at-the-ready to calculate the chart if one should be sent! 

Now one of my concerns 2008 is that economic collapse, as horrid as that would be on its own, would possibly cause mass revolt from market meltdown with runs on banks and with marshall law declared by the White House (Kent State was nothing in comparison), and/or other considerations such as violent attack, a terroist tape revealed just prior to the Nov 4 elections for swaying purposes- again)  – all of which would give Bush-Cheney a pretext for staying holed up within the White House, and giving ‘bunker mentality’ a new and lower level of meaning.

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