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Archive for February 22nd, 2008

links to new articles by Juan Cole, Eric Walberg, Bruce Ramsey, and others

It’s Time to Dump the Federal Reserve
The system is self-destructing.

By Mike Whitney
Many of the banks are technically insolvent already, hopelessly mired in their own red ink. Public confidence in the nations’ financial institutions has never been lower. Monetary policy and deregulation have failed. The system is self-destructing.
How Labour Used The Law To Keep Criticism Of Israel Secret
By Richard Norton-Taylor
Exclusive: Concern over nuclear arsenal removed from Iraq dossier.
What Would It Take to Launch a War With Iran?
By Bruce Ramsey
“A struggle is under way in Washington, D.C. Those opposed to an attack include Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff. Those wanting an attack, he says, are the deputy national-security adviser for global democracy strategy, Elliott Abrams; Vice President Dick Cheney, “and the hard-line Israel lobby.”
Pakistan Turns Scary For Bush’s War On Terror
By Juan Cole
The unraveling of Pervez Musharraf’s presidency has dealt a severe blow to Bush’s fatally flawed policy in the region.
Balkan Intrigues
By Eric Walberg
The latest country to find its place on the map is sending shockwaves around the world.
Inside The World Of War Profiteers
By David Jackson and Jason Grotto
From prostitutes to Super bowl tickets, a federal probe reveals how contractors in Iraq cheated the U.S.

Propped your ganda today? + Bush in Liberia: poor choice of word and deed


Prop your ganda every day
never mind what people say
they don’t like it that’s too bad
common good was just a fad

Elite values for the few
what would Adam Weishaupt do?
USA plutocracy
undermines society

Pen a rhyme describe frustration
farewell to our sovereign nation
corporatism welfare state
everyone participate

Speeches for the unwashed masses
sell them lies and kick their as*es
Washington and New York City
London Cairo lookin’ pretty

Hoarding money grasping power
Richard Cheney’s finest hour
Wall Street just a ponzi scheming
think you’re winning must be dreaming

Laws all slanted toward the rich
fairness run into a ditch
taking back is what must be
fight again for Liberty.

–Lim and jc 1.8.08   poem imported from http://limslimericks.blogspot.com for your groanworthy enjoyment.

And did you notice takes-one-to-know-one Bush in Liberia saying that “it’s easier to tear down a country than to rebuild a country”??


Astounding to think that he doesn’t Seem to relate such pontificating words to his own misguided actions.

Guess hypocrisy wouldn’t be so hypocritical if it weren’t unconsciously served on an arrogant platter next to a whopping side order of political platitudes a la pie-in-the-sky that’s been drizzled in cold greedy gravy.

It plum ruins an appetite.

McCain flap a diversion from the Dems’ Tussle in Texas?

Update 11:56 pm est: check my Sidebar for the natal chart of John McCain, article in progress. ~~~~

Well, you must admit that the suspiciously timed NYT article about an 8-year-old question on John McCain’s behavior has bumped tonight’s Clinton-Obama Tussle in Texas off the front pages for the day. Well-timed, indeed.

I didn’t like leaving my own mentions of the McCain flap as they were earlier today but had to mosey into town and have felt the squirreliness of it as my day went on–guess we’ll know more when it either turns into something major for squeaky clean McCain in the ethics department, or it fades away like the non-story it probably is.

McCain has been endorsed by the NYT after all. Odd way to treat a favorite candidate–unless it’s for an underlying cause and you know that there’s little to it in the first place.

Perhaps you can tell that I’ve not forgiven the NYT for their steady drumbeat to war bwo Judith Miller articles and others–and probably never will.

In campaigns 2000 and 2008, McCain has touted his uprightness and now David Mason, chairman of the federal election commission, is questioning McCain’s snagging a line of credit from a bank instead of taking the federal matching funds he agreed to take–and it wasn’t McCain’s call, it seems. So this may be hot water to simmer him in for rejecting the matching funds he said he’d take. Tsk.

The upshot may be that he’ll be under a spending cap and not likin’ it,  yet with four vacancies on the commission they can’t vote on the mess so it’s up in the political air.

Meanwhile, the NYT article mentioning Vicki Iseman is keeping talking heads and some bloggers diverted, but the Dems’ Tussle in Texas is scheduled for Austin tonight with Sun in dreamy Pisces, Moon in hardworking Virgo.

Here’s a bit of background atmosphere using the Sun Pis-Moon Vir blend’s Images for Integration:

“A mosaic picture of the universe, each perfect in itself…Small events bring enormous consequences…Faith and reason shake hands” (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

If you had to say which candidate was which…’faith’ vs ‘reason’…would Hillary be reason? And would Barack be faith?

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