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America’s Foreclosure King? Deutsche Bank

So if you’ve ever read any of my ramblings here or at Stars Over Washington you may remember that my thinking has been that the affects and purpose of the attacks of 9/11/01 rippled handily into the Financial Crisis of 2008.

For one thing, 9/11’s Moon was at ’28Gemini’ = “Bankruptcy” in the Sabian Symbols, and Moon = ‘The People’ in a mundane astrology chart.

That Deutsche Bank maintained offices in the World Trade Center may be coincidental…or maybe not.

Now it’s becoming clear that although DB has always retained its distance from the 2007/08/09/10/+ mortgage crisis/foreclosure fiasco here in the US, the big bank’s mitts are actually all over it.

Is Deutsche Bank about to destroy Milwaukee? Read and see what you think.

Why ‘9/11’ rhetoric for Mumbai attacks?

Yes, we saw it coming, didn’t we? And the ‘like 9/11’ rhetoric was soon in the air immediately after Nov 26’s attacks on Mumbai, India.

Dec 3’s ‘The Nation’ has an insightful article on why it’s inappropriate to lump the two terroist attacks into one ball of ‘War on Terror’ justifications with attendant propaganda:


And I suppose the cry of ‘false flag op’ must be on some minds…such as my own, perhaps?

Well, no matter the truth – the perps, the sponsors, the complicit, the objective – it’s all meant to further rile up the world and create more chaos – compliments of the social tinkerers who should be the ones in the dock. If not them, then it’s people who fight them with extremist strategies – I just can’t agree with their use of violent tactics, if that’s the case.

But neither do I agree with one-world-government types who would crush their own grandmothers under heel if it made them a buck or won them a throne they could control or cast down.

So someone please inform me: is the ‘world court’ at the Hague a joke? Or is the ‘war on terror’ a joke they’re in on?

If all the terror-promoting is leading up to ultimate control by the United Nations and its standing army, then certain conspiracy theorists were right all along. But by then, the pipers will all have been paid, the die will be cast, and national sovereignty will be a thing of the past.

Sirius Star hijacking pushes up price of oil

In the Gulf of Aden, the hijacking by Somali pirates of the supertanker Sirius Star is lifting up the price of oil. Mm-hmm.

Here is an article in Russia Today: ‘Sirius Star Hijacking the 9/11 of International Seaborne Trade?’


The Sirius Star (a very interesting name for astrologers, isn’t it? Sirius, the Dog Star, is associated with America’s founding and with US links to London and Cairo) was built this year, 2008, and holds approximately 2 million barrels of crude; it is the largest ship seized by pirates in pirate history, and holds over 1/4 of Saudi Arabia’s daily output.

Wonder who named this supertanker? As the Dog Star, Sirius is a barker announcing what or who is to come. ‘Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars’ gives Sirius (Alpha Canis Major) these keywords: “The fires of immortality.”

The Egyptians called Sirius, ‘Sirius Isis’, ‘The Shining One’ and ‘The Scorcher’ and worshipped the star as being linked to the life-giving rising of the Nile River, so it was also called the ‘Nile Star.’

If active in one’s natal chart, Sirius is a star of ‘great deeds.’ President Abraham Lincoln was born on a day when Sirius culminated (at Midheaven) as his Venus set. He is a typical Sirius figure now seen as as one of the great immortal figures in American history (‘Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars’), and he is well-loved (Venus) by many people.

Princess Diana was born with Sirius culminating with her Sun and the great heights she reached as a princess. We remember the world mourning for the Queen of Hearts, and of her work against landmines (which may have had something to do with her demise as Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was part of the cause of his assassination. ‘The fires of immortality’ reminds me of the Eternal Flame placed at certain figures’ grave sites which some say mark the involvement of the Illuminati.)

Well, I could say, ‘at least this didn’t happen when gas prices were over $4 gallon.’ Or how about, ‘certain people had to do something to keep prices from falling lower!’ Take your pick, I’m with ya.

The alternate route for ships to avoid the Gulf of Aden, a busy pirating region, is around Africa’s Cape of Good Hope which takes 3 weeks longer so you know what that means. ~

So Bill Clinton comes here to Georgia tomorrow (Wednesday) to speak on behalf of Jim Martin (D-GA) in his run-off election with incumbent Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss, who has had John McCain, Mike Huckabee, and Mitt Romney here to root for him. 

The run-off vote is Dec 2, so I hope everyone in Georgia will join me in re-voting for the candidate of your choice. A vote for the Chambliss is a vote for Bush-Cheney-Rove. Just so ya know.


Heads-up: there’s a new political cat limerick published at Lim’s Limericks if you’re game for the groanworthy:


Some notes on Sept 11’s 7th anniversary 2008

At Stars Over Washington the US natal chart (Sibly version, July 4, 1776; 5:10 pm LMT; Philadelphia) has been published with September 2008’s transits to the chart, including a bit about tomorrow’s 7th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11/01:


You’ll find financial indications and the Fed part of the September transit picture as well.

In Astrology we first think ‘Saturn square Saturn’ when we hear the words, ‘7 years’ – but the square of transiting Saturn to 9/11’s Saturn is actually not until Sept 26.

Generally when Saturn squares its natal position, there is little flexibility in current circumstances, and people and situations are busy imposing rules, restrictions, and formalities – exercising authority, as it were…plus, fear and seriousness are definitely part of this time frame – no one needs Astrology to tell them that.

(Everyone has a first Saturn-SQ-Saturn to their natal charts – around age 7 when our baby teeth are lost and we become more mature with our adult teeth.)

But the good news is: all this is temporary, for Saturn is the ruler of Time and the promoter of facing reality and responsibilities as karmic debts must be paid off eventually. In fact, the more devotedly we cooperate with Saturn, the more the Old Man likes it. He may even give a helping hand to those who learn his lessons well – especially when there are long-term endeavors involved and a good understanding of what’s at stake.

Therefore, the more individuals wisely cooperating with Saturn, the better it is for the collective as a whole.

But getting all the facts from our government – now that’s the deal-breaker and the tooth-puller, isn’t it?

al-Qaeda video release pre-November; Palin by McCain’s side

Yes, as expected, a new video “honoring” the attacks of 9/11 has been shown on al Jazeera, in time for US November elections, and reputedly has been released by al-Qaeda.

Campaign Trail 2009:

The crowds in the thousands showing up this week for McCain rallies (poor McCain was attracting hundreds before Sara came along) are clearly there to see and hear the lady, not the droopy fella.

NPR News at 5:00 pm has reported that the GOP team have now gone beyond when Palin was to leave McCain’s side on the campaign trail, but she’s staying longer.

My thought is that the crowds would disappear (pouf!) with her and cause the presidential candidate to seem all the more forlorn looking. And if McCain wins the prize, I wonder if he’d ever admit it was only because of Sara Palin’s mojo? Bush’s popularity sure won’t do it, but money and vote rigging can.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton said that asking a Republican president to clean up the mess Bush has made is like “asking the iceberg to save the Titanic.”

Now that is a very good analogy for what four years of McCain after eight years of Bush would be like.

But unfortunately for the American people, her ‘Titanic’ reference fits all too well – no matter who moves into the White House come January 2009.

An American’s view from Paris: McCain’s speech

Tara Bradford, who writes from Paris, France on her blog, Paris Parfait, has summed up many of my own feelings about John McCain’s speech last evening, and you may wish to read/comment here:


You know I tried not to think of hitler’s youth with the chanting and flag furling but it was difficult, very difficult – only a heil was missing in last night’s hero worshipping exercise. And the GOP’s determination to shove it down the public’s throat was painfully obvious, too – as Tara points out, no actual solutions to our problems were mentioned.

It’s as if a percentage of Americans can still be swayed and bamboozled by the old nationalist propaganda without looking beyond the surface of the slogans, code words, emblems, and symbols of what we like to THINK America is…or once was.

Mass hynosis? Trance-like states? Bush used the same personality cult ploy which couldn’t have been more obvious last evening than if Karl Rove’s snout had been spied peeking out from behind the curtain.

And, as we would expect, McCain played the terror card, too, lest we forget the ‘official’ line about the attacks of 9/11.

November approaches and the rig is on the way!

Dems in cahoots, American Monetary Act, and a Slave Society

And did I mention mainstream media reach-arounds advancing totalitarian rule?


The Financial Times and the “Self-Confessed Mastermind of 9/11”

By James Petras

In recent days there is mounting evidence of the advance of totalitarianism
in the political and media mainstream. The entire Western world, led by the
United States, has embraced a Georgian regime, which invaded South Ossetia
totally demolishing its capital city of 50,000 residents, assassinated 1500
men, women and children and dozens of Russian peace keepers.


Foreign Spigot off for US Consumers

By Max Fraad Wolff

Alongside falling prices, rising mortgage rates, stricter credit conditions
and general malaise, the structure that supports American home ownership is
being condemned by market valuation. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have nose
dived and been downgraded toward a smaller future – and these are more
important names for your future than Joe, Sam, Kathy, Mitt, Meg …


A Master-Slave Society: Democrats in Denver Should Skip One of Their Parties and Read the
American Monetary Act

By Richard C. Cook

The debt this nation owes to the banks, to foreign creditors, and to each
other can never be paid off. – Nothing creates more debt than war.


It’s Time for Real Change: How the Democrats Helped Bush Hijack the Country

By Cynthia McKinney

Our country has been hijacked and the Democrats have proven themselves to
have been in on the plan. When it came to the Constitution, the Democratic
leadership showed us that aiding and abetting illegal spying on us was more
important to them than protecting our civil liberties.


# An article smorgasbord for you from 9/11 to loss of civil liberites and the complicit Democrats – as I’ve been fussin’ about for ages! Now I know Cynthia McKinney has been under the character destruction microscope for years, but if you can, please give her article a try.

Bush-Cheney spoil for war with Russia: does Hitler smile?

Seventy-five years between them and the propaganda machine keeps spinning on…

“The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost duty to
revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It will preserve
and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It
regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the
family as the basis of national life.” 

-Adolph Hitler, My New World Order, Proclamation to the German Nation at Berlin  February 1, 1933

“I feel like God wants me to run for President. I can’t explain it, but I
sense my country is going to need me. Something is going to happen… I know
it won’t be easy on me or my family, but God wants me to do it.”

-George W. Bush commenting to Texas evangelist James Robinson in the run-up to his
presidential campaign

“And I just — I cannot speak strongly enough about how we must collectively
get after those who kill in the name of — in the name of some kind of false

George W. Bush during a press appearance with King Abdullah of Jordan, Aug 1, 2002


Belated note to George: that was Falwell whispering in your hairy ear, not God. And in the other ear? Whichever rabbi you were favoring at the time…even so I like Bush’s advice from Aug 1, 2002, for if the collective would ‘get after’ the brigands behind the curtain, he’d be one of the ones put away where he couldn’t harm more innocents.

Swords and torches!

The GOP is making as much hay as possible saying that Barack Obama has a messiah complex, and it’s true that a very large ego is required to run for president. Yet in the Battle of Messiah Complexes, I think Bush and his quixotic, oddly directed ‘God-inspired’ compulsion to bomb the Holy Land to smithereens, would win hooves down.

That Bush-Cheney and friends have made billions from their oily adventures is a clue to the coup by the military industrial complex’s…er…messiah complex.

You know, a good bit has been made of what’s called ‘Hitler’s trigger degree’ and rightly so for his natal *Sun in the ’30Aries’ – ‘1Tau’ degree area often seems to turn up in violent horoscopes especially at times when seizing power is on someone’s agenda.

And ‘1 Tau’ is the Illumination Point (opposite/unconscious/shadow degree) of the natal Sun in the Oct 24, 1993 New World Order horoscope.

And I know you noticed from whence Hitler’s above quote spewed…in the works for decades!

Now here’s the symbol for ’30Ari’ from Adriano Carelli’s interesting book ‘The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac’ published in 1982 (third printing, AFA):

“A virago leading by the bridle a horse entirely covered with iron plate.”

Iron Cross? Iron Curtain? Trojan Horse? 9/11? Hello?


Read Paul Craig Roberts’ article, ‘War With Russia Is On the Agenda’ here:


More of same with John McCain. Trying to save yo mama with Barack Obama.

The world domination path is set and no detours will be allowed – not in the 60s and not at this late date for they’ve worked so hard and pilfered so much to give up their iron fist now.


* Adolph Hitler Apr 20, 1889 (NS) 6:30 pm Braunau am Inn, Austria; Moon ‘7Cap’, also from Carelli:

‘The Sphinx’: (a degree) “-worthy of Daedalus, and drives to their utmost defects of puzzling and selfish secretiveness.

{Charubel gives ‘the labyrinth’ as a symbol for this degree…the whole of the sign Capricorn is in fact a labyrinth; will the native be its maker or its victim? Or, like Daedalus, both at the same time? A Sphinx: is the riddle in the native’s self, or waylaying him at a bend in the road he is to travel? And will the riddle be of a material, intellectual, or spiritual nature?

Will there be political or feminine intrigue?

The Sphinx would rather not be asked questions. She is to ask them herself.

(Should the native be a man) and he is involved in political intrigue, there is sure to be a woman somewhere. The native may fly high or land in jail, may be exiled or die a tragic death. It is the end that counts.

But the man is not by all means to be an Oedipus, nor is the woman, whether a winner or loser, to be a sphinx. The riddle may belong to the world of science, and the sphinx watch the secrets of the physical world or the threshold of the world beyond.”

(Carelli adds his usual that the whole of the horoscope gives background and meaning.)

Now you may know that i related this, in part, to the attacks of 9/11/01, for after a mrning of studying charts I took a break at 1:00 pm edt and asked a Tarot question: who is responsible?

A: Ask the Sphinx.

But the Sphinx doesn’t like to be asked questions! The ‘sphinx’ is often used to describe someone who is mum.


Mmm-hmm…bombs planted within towers? How high the degree to melt steel? NORAD put on pretend stand-by games by Dick Cheney? 

Many such questions have resulted from that sad day in 2001 and the riddle, like Capricorn’s labyrinth, rankles still from actions taken and not taken under the Geminian duplicities of a void-of-course Moon.

McCain’s address to the VFW: headbuts continue

You know the one about butting your head against a brick wall?

That’s the feeling I’ve been getting from the neocon-GOP types in the last few years. Their usual tactic of painting Democratic candidates as “weak” or liberalism as being ‘weak’ is in full play, as is McCain’s ‘show me someone to hit’ mentality which is the same revenge mindset that Bush-Cheney used with such good (political) effect after 9/11.

To use diplomacy first, to withhold one’s fire with a measured approach rather than depleting arsenals and wearing thin your human and other resources, are not ‘weak’ tactics – they’re intelligent and show that thoughtfulness has occurred. Withholding power shows true power more than expending it can.

Neocons don’t mind if the energy is misdirected as long as they retain power. Never mind if true culprits sneak away in the night (assuming that you are not the true culprit – as in, false flag ops.)

Here’s a link to the text of McCain’s address to the VFW so you can admire the GOP-neocon-scripted bullish bullheadedness in his own words:


And it’s not as if we can’t clearly see where such vengefulness has led America so far, now is it?

It’s to al-Qaeda’s and others’ advantage to keep warmongering neocons in the White House. Not to America’s advantage however.

You may wish to read George Washington’s opinions on such subjects:


Astrology of Russia June 12, 1990

There are several possible natal charts for Russia, but the one I’m currently studying is set for June 12, 1990; 1:45 pm BADT. Moscow, Russia – 26Vir11 rising, Mc 24Gem45.

This birth date means that the Solar Eclipse of Feb 6, 2008 – the ‘Unmasking Eclipse’ from the 10 North Series – is the Pre-natal Eclipse Series for Putin’s Russia. Ah HAH! Has Putin’s unmasking as an anti-democratic leader really been a big old surprise for George Bush who never believes his first impressions are wrong? Pshaw, Mr. Infallible!

Russia’s chart shows North Node at 8AQ04 so the current August 1 Eclipse is conjunct South Node and relates to the ongoing aggressions in the Georgia-South Ossetia region as the Big bear falls back on past behaviors (SN) on behalf of future plans (NN) which worked in previous times but may not be best for current circumstances.

Russia signed an agreement today with Georgia but has so far made no move to pull out Russian troops who seem to be hanging about the place, sharing cigs probably.

Yet you will find no better articles on the Astrology of Russia than at Michael O’Reilly’s Neptune Cafe.

Topics include: The Astrology of Putin’s Russia, the planting of a titanium Russian flag at the North Pole (Aug 20, 2007 – oil and gas resources are underneath the ice), and other articles of note.

Drop by Neptune Cafe for a good read – though not as long as ‘War and Peace’ but it will keep you engrossed for a while and includes Russia’s 1990 natal chart with details…highly recommended!

You may also be interested in two previous posts from this reluctant astrologer, the first concerning the 1990 Eclipses which, due to the Saros Cycle of 18.6 years, are repeating in 2008:

Solar Eclipse Series 2008 – 1990.

(How almost prescient of me! I wasn’t thinking consciously about Russia when I wrote it);

and the original ‘Unmasking Eclipse’ post at ‘Stars Over Washington’ – my Political Astrology blog which has had something of a face-lift today (sort of an ‘unmasking’?!!) with more changes to come as I attempt to learn the strange new ways of Blogger…

Unmasking Eclipse Feb 6, 2008.

Soon I’ll be posting the horoscope of the next Solar Eclipse for Jan 26, 2009 which must surely affect the presidential term of whichever personage inhabits the bowels of the White House by then as it speaks of ‘suddenly changing groups one mixes with’ – well I guess so!

The Jan 2009 Eclipse falls at 6AQ from the 11 North Series and is near enough to Russia’s natal NN to keep the Big Bear in the news and busy with its totalitarian and resource-grasping projects…this Eclipse conjuncts Russia’s natal Moon 5AQ29 (the people; publicity.)

6AQ is also conjunct US natal South Node so issues from our past come back to haunt as Neptune (oil; gas; drugs; the masses; the Unconscious; deception; illusions; spirituality; Islam) on 9/11/01 is triggered by the 11N Eclipse. Russia and America have a NN/SN ‘flip’ where we bring out either the best in one another or the worst…and lately it seems to be the worst.

And in the Leo/AQ polarity, too – aka the Will Axis (or Will Power Axis.)

Now as you know, the attacks of 9/11/01 were about as close as one can get to a Neptune Return for the establishment of the great religion of Islam because spiritual Neptune was at 6/7 AQ when Mohammed entered Mecca centuries ago and Islam was born.

Neptune is in the 4th House (Foundation of the matter) of 9/11’s WTC attack chart, yet Neptune also signifies oil and other natural resources. So a 4th-house Neptune may describe the oil industry’s oil-and-gas grab as a basis for the attacks, if you roll that way – but also the confusion surrounding the mysterious perpetrators and their shadowy backers.

So – lots of Eclipse influences in the atmosphere these days and it isn’t possible for me to keep up with all the info pinging around the interweb or in my brain. That’s one reason why I like to pass on links to you when something informative turns up like Neptune Cafe’s amazing feature on the Astrology of Putin’s Russia.

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