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Senator Ted Cruz: “a crusader dueling with shadows”

Something about Senator Ted Cruz

A US Senator since January 2013, Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada on December 22, 1970 as the Sun reached Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business (birth hour unknown.) His ‘reigning need’ (Tyl) is shown by Moon in Libra, ruled by evaluating, attracting, sometimes vengeful Venus, a planet associated with money. Libra’s Airy nature denotes intellectual and legal interests along with creativity shown to best advantage by a use of balance though a certain emotionally detached attitude may be present.

No, the harmony preferred by Libra, Venus, and a Venus-ruled Moon (emotions, feelings, moods, physical body) aren’t always in store for a man born with a gracious helping of powerful planetary aspects relating to his natal Sun (ego; willpower; the Quest) and Mercury (thinking processes; planning; communications) and young Sen. Cruz sports a few such aspects which have provided him with the inherent motivation and drive to reach that pinnacle called Capitol Hill.

You may wish to read a further analysis of his planetary aspects on my Political Astrology site Stars Over Washington where a fuller astro-portrait may be found.

Since the Moon remained in Libra for the 24 hours of Dec 22, 1970, a precise birth hour isn’t required in order to consider Sen. Cruz’s Sun Cap-Moon Libra combination of energies with the Sun signifying the conscious mind (adult) and the Moon denoting the unconscious (child), and of course the unconscious mind tends to be the more powerful motivator of the two. Getting them working together is the height of successful creativity and ‘self-actualization’ and the square (90 degrees) between Capricorn and Libra supplies the dynamism one must have in order to ‘make the effort’ necessary to succeed.

Sen. Cruz’s Sun and Moon signs, one ruled by conservative, austere Saturn, planet of the status quo, the other by Venus, as noted, above, gives a Venus-Saturn signature (loyalty but dissatisfaction) which is further emphasized by a natal opposition between Venus (Sco) and Saturn Rx (Tau) across the intense Taurus-Scorpio axis of Values and Money, in mid-degrees. Plus, Saturn in Taurus is quite determined to be a preserver of values, an attitude helpful in Politics, yet whose values is another question entirely.

Curious fact: the ‘King of Terror’ Solar Eclipse that Nostradamus warned us about–August 11, 1999 @18Leo21–has Mr. Cruz’s position of Saturn (16Tau17 Rx v 16Tau52 Direct) which basically makes the difficult *’Mother of All Eclipses’ Cruz’s Saturn Return, age 29, a time when responsibilities should be accepted and increasing maturity is expected–or else. For as you know, Saturn is a karmic planet bringing along a reaping of what was sown in the past.) Naturally, all who were born around 1970 have planetary links to the 1999 eclipse and the May 2000 Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn may be of great personal significance for them as well.

Sun Cap-Moon Libra denotes our brazen junior senator as a crusader who duels with shadows and who possesses a paradoxical personality that’s conservative yet liberal. And though he seems to be in charge of his well-regulated life, an ‘ideas v action’ motif may be noted. Yet with his purposeful outlook, he can achieve most anything in life though negative thinking may interfere at times. Feeling the weight of his duties acutely, the serious Senator Cruz is inclined to be opportunistic, skeptical to the point of cynicism, and pedantic in any particular area he considers his expertise.

If a cause is deemed to be worthwhile, Sen. Cruz is happy to enjoin the fight with cunning shrewdness and a dry, factual approach. Although he prefers to behave politely (Uranus in Libra), he wants his words to have dramatic punch. Business and financial astuteness may be in evidence with much support from natal Jupiter in Big Business Scorpio, the sign ruled by ruthless, overbearing Mars-Pluto influences.

At age 42, Senator Cruz may be yet to learn that a ‘stiff upper lip’ isn’t always the best solution to other people’s problems, or to his own; a heavy sense of justice which ‘must be done’, plus, a healthy self-opinion refuses to allow his ego to be trod upon which are tendencies aided by the cool, emotionally detached Libra Moon. Thus, any criticism can seem to ‘roll off his back’, as they say–including that of his fellow Republicans.

Now let’s close our Cap-Libra consideration of Ted Cruz with the most apt of three “Images for Integration” (conscious + unconscious) given for this combo by Charles & Suzi Harvey in their excellent book, Sun Sign-Moon Sign–it has a quaint, knightly flavor to it:

“A visionary statesman fights a duel to see justice done.”

Somehow I can easily imagine the senator challenging an adversary by smacking him with his grey morning gloves, can’t you?


*Since the brutal WTC attacks of 9/11/01 and America’s subsequent brutalities and over-reaches, we see clearly what Nostradamus’ warning involved in preparation for the much-touted New Millennium. One basic reason it’s called ‘The Mother of All Eclipses’ is because it falls into the 1 North Saros Series. The initial 1N eclipse occurred on January 4, 1639 @13Cap48 (opposite US natal Sun of July 4, 1776 thus personalizing the August 1999 eclipse for our nation’s presidents, the White House, and the American people–in Astrology’s past-present-future kind of way.)

Additionally, 1N is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the JFK Assassination Nov 22, 1963 and of the First Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 by Freemason President Harry Truman.

For historical context, check out Events of January 1639 if you wish.


Christine O’Donnell won’t show face on Face the Nation

Daily Kos has noted FTN host Bob Sheiffer’s tweet disclosing that Christine O’Donnell has backed out of her scheduled Face the Nation interview this Sunday. Quelle disappointment!

Perhaps O’Donnell wishes to avoid questions concerning some interesting tidbits now revealed (actually, remembered) concerning her past witchcraft dalliances which aren’t ready to be faced on the public airwaves during a campaign.

Will his past haunt Barack Obama?

Some interesting info and inferences have surfaced regarding President Obama’s past dealings and those of his family members, especially his father – and the CIA.

This info is a little too involved to wrap my allergy-stuffed noggin around today, plus, I’m busy writing a certain America-infused article inspired by the excellent Julie Demboski, yet the article link is being passed on to you for delving purposes, if you wish.

Plus, posting its link here makes it easier for me to find later on.

This is almost off-topic but in case you didn’t notice, my sidebar list of Wedding Day Astrology Pages now includes the wedding of President Obama’s parents, if you’re interested.

Update 8.19.10: here’s more stuff from Wayne Madsen on possible Obama family’s CIA employment though it isn’t clear to me why, if true, any of this is a mark against Mr. Obama as president – other than that the marketing of him for president didn’t include his family’s connections to the CIA.

Is not revealing all the facts, in fact, lying?

This makes Mr. Obama’s book Dreams of My Father seem like a ploy to hide deeper truths about the future president. Perhaps ‘Dreams of My Father’s CIA Connections’ would have been closer to it.

FDR quotes and Uranus rising

Heads-up here at Jude’s Threshold – a fresh Page is now in the sidebar column: ‘Enduring Words from FDR & natal Uranus rising.’

Born in 1882, our 32nd president served three full terms and part of a fourth. With Rx Uranus rising in Virgo, he was one-of-kind personally and politically, and was blessed with inspiring and uplifting oratory skills.

The list of my favorite FDR quotes will be updated as time allows, and a post or Page concerning his natal chart is in the works, so stay tuned, if you may.

As do many Americans who are celebrating Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, I have out-of-town family members arriving this evening, so blogging time may be brief this week. Or maybe not – for it has developed that I will not be doing all the cooking as first supposed – yippee!

Hope everyone has a great holiday with family and friends, because it’s all about being grateful to be together to celebrate our blessings, isn’t it? We, too, have had a recent job loss hit, and who knows what’s in store for the near future.

But for now, it will be great just being with loved ones. And the pies. Don’t forget the pies and cranberries! A la mode, Y’all!

Pardon me, boy

Here is a list of Bush pardons as it stands so far with a gaggle of new ones added today:


Of course, some say that Bush will pardon Cheney just prior to pardoning himself.

Personally, I think it should be the other way ’round – or preferrably not at all. Besides, both varmints  continue to pretend they’ve done nothing that merits pardoning what with their illusionary bubble floating far above the rabble and all!

Written by Jude Cowell

November 25, 2008 at 12:16 am

Republican Saxby Chambliss run-off vote Dec 2

Okay, here is an example of the racist and elitist crap I’ve had to live amidst for years…my home state, the Thirteenth Colony (aka ‘the state of Georgia’), has pockets of folks with Democrat and Independent leanings but for too long to remember we’ve been surrounded by a brand of Republicanism well-demonstrated by Senator Saxby Chambliss in this revealing interview:


Now the Chambliss campaign ran some damaging TV ads against opponent, Jim Martin, ’tis true.

But I felt the same way about the senate race as I did about the presidential race – that if the Dems chose to nominate a ragmop for president, I’d happily vote for it before I’d vote for John McCain (Bush-Cheney-Rove.)

Will I mosey back to the voting booth on December 2 for the run-off? You betcha! 

And I hope enough ‘that ones’ and “our folks” of all persuasions will join me in tossing out the Bush-worshipping, corporatism-loving Saxby Chambliss who lied through his campaigning teeth in 2002 to oust a decent Vietnam veteran, Senator Max Cleland.

Now it’s 2008 and the desperate Republican is lying about Jim Martin who isn’t perfect by a long shot – but he has what may be (even in Georgia) a major advantage over Saxby – Jim Martin isn’t a Republican.

As Dubya so famously intoned: ‘…fool me twice – ya can’t fool me again.’

So if you’re a Georgia voter and were fooled about Cleland – don’t be fooled about Martin. Vote on December 2 – no matter who tells you not to bother.

Books on President Andrew Jackson, Freemason

How many times have I almost published the natal chart of President Andrew Jackson? He’s a fascinating specimen of Americana and still controversial after all these years.

He fought for the common man – unless you were a Cherokee. (Full disclosure: this blogger has what we call ‘Cherokee’ on both sides of the family although you’d think I was only Caucasion to look at me.)

He was anti-big-bank at a time when it wasn’t cool. An orphan and a fighter till the end, President Jackson makes an intriguing subject for the new bios about him, one by Jon Meacham who appeared yesterday on Meet The Press, ostensibly to tout his book, ‘American Lion.’

On MTP Meacham also said about Barack Obama that “The country is prepared to hear some eloquence.” And Doris Kearnes Goodwin added a Lincoln quote (I love it when she does that): “With popular sentiment nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed.”

To my ears, this gives new insight into one of the reasons for Bush-Cheney to cherry pick Iraq intell…they needed popular sentiment – or the illusion of – as set up by the attacks of 9/11…at least long enough to invade Iraq and stir up the Middle East, changing the oil black market of Saddam Hussein and taking control (as they thought) of the region as a springboard for their next ‘conquest.’

So here’s an article on Jackson and the books written about him. Perhaps this will inspire me to publish Jackson’s natal chart when I get a chance (which is not this morning!):


Bill Ayers writes on Barack Obama

What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been
Looking back on a surreal campaign season

By Bill Ayers

During the primary, the blogosphere was full of chatter about my relationship with President-elect Barack Obama.

We had served together on the board of the Woods Foundation and knew one another as neighbors in Chicago’s Hyde Park. In 1996, at a coffee gathering that my wife, Bernardine
Dohrn, and I held for him, I made a donation to his campaign for the Illinois State Senate.


Written by Jude Cowell

November 10, 2008 at 3:30 pm

Senator Byrd steps down

When I heard today that Senator Robert Byrd (D-WVA) is stepping down from his chairmanship of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I decided it was time to astrologize him a little.

Byrd, whose birth name is Sales, was born in North Carolina 90 years ago but since his birth hour is unknown, we may simply check the 24 hours and see that the Moon was in Aquarius the entire day and night of Nov 20, 1917.

So our longest serving senator has a (Water-Air) Sun Scorpio-Moon AQ personality blend.

If you wish to read my notes, scroll down the Pages list in my sidebar to ‘Senator Robert Byrd: longest serving senator’ for a few astrological details and a couple of links concerning the senator who so eloquently decried the Iraq invasion from the Senate floor – before it occurred.

And do you remember who rebutted Byrd’s argument that day in March 2003?

Why, Senator 100-years-in-Iraq McCain, that’s who.

Are Politicians snarly cats?

 Wiley on deck!

Well, of course I know that politicians are not in actuality, cats of the feline persuasion.

But don’t you think that when their hackles rise up on the House floor or dramatically in front of cameras and microphones – don’t they kind of remind you of old tomcats hissing and growling at one another trying to defend their territory? 

Maybe it’s just me. Or somebody needs a good catnap on his/her office sofa, cellphone OFF.

Anyway, Mr.A. Cat, an agent formerly in service to our nation but now retired to an undisclosed location, has phoned in a new political limerick to his contact, my boss, Lim over at Lim’s Limericks where I do the typing…because cats don’t have hands. Also my spelling is a bit better, but not by much.

Yes, it’s an unpaid position but it’s the least I can do for the mysteriously elusive Mr.A. who put himself at risk so many times on our nation’s behalf while foregoing the soft cushion in the corner by the fireplace as most kittycats would do being the creatures of comfort they are.

How often have I asked this burning question: who knew that cats could be so political? and not yet have I received a satisfactory answer from man or feline on this issue.

So the feed for Lim’s Limericks is now added at the end of the feeds list in my sidebar hereupon if you should wish to check out Mr.A.’s latest limericky growl…seems he’s concerned over our November 4th elections – and who wouldn’t be?  Can I get a Meow Meow?

Besides, everyone knows that cats have opinions of their own and obviously hold membership in the Independent Party, yes? There’s an unsubstantiated rumor going round that some political cats may even be affiliated with the Libertarian Party.

So at worst I’m guilty of allowing the political cat limericks of Lim and Mr.A.Cat to help me get through the merde of the Washington litterbox by laughing at these jokers whose mamas must’ve taught them better than they’re doing against us. Rrraorrrww-w-w!

~:~ photo cred: Wiley Earl of Ashen Coat by Maya

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