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The ‘Abuse of Power’ Asteroid in Astrology

The name Atlantis can bring multiple images to mind – of mythical islands and modern day spacecraft among them – and for astrologers an archetype appears carrying ‘the abuse or misuse of power’ type of energy, and its position shows the place in a natal chart where the person feels ‘doomed’.

Since I follow US Politics as closely as I can stand without having to fumigate, it seldom escapes my notice when a topic or scandal begins to ‘trend’ in the 24/7 news cycle. They’re hard to miss, aren’t they? Especially since media types pound certain ‘reports’ over and over into our brains as long as we’re ‘connected’ through some tech device or other. Meanwhile, we skip along like piped children, similar to how Terrence Mckenna predicted we would -enthralled by a fascinating device that glows!

Well, if you’re curious or have missed it thus far, here’s my favorite 4 minutes of Terrence Mckenna predicting future conditions on Earth (1998 — 2012). He pretty much covers many of the outcomes we deal with today (or neglect dealing with, as the case may be). I guess with spot-on predictions ‘uncanny’ is the word yet the brief video clip contains concepts you may find worth considering if you dare!

Mckenna’s remarks encompass conditions which make possible the scandals created by the Roy Moore and Donald Trump allegations of abuse of power and harassment against young women and girls (and perhaps against others too). Theirs is bounder and cad behavior, as you know. Compulsive-obsessive, mommy issues, narcissism, hubris, master-servant complexes, misogyny, pedophilia, objectification of women, whatevs. And of course, the label ‘sociopath’ for such anti-social, over-the-line behavior is never far behind.

So naturally I had to discover the Zodiacal positions of asteroid and archetype Atlantis in the two men’s natal horoscopes. Then I wrote briefly about them so if you’re interested you’ll find my Atlantis post at Stars Over Washington along with the venerable, erudite Plato making a tiny little cameo appearance!

No April Fools up in here! Just Cezanne 4.1.11

You may be feeling a little foolish today yet checking out Julie Demboski’s article on the Lunar aspects for April 1, 2011 is the smartest thing to do! Asteroid Juno (The Wife) is active today.

Julie’s post includes an image of a painting by my favorite artist, Paul Cezanne, Pierrot and Harlequin…perfect! Cezanne and I share the same Sun-Moon blend in our natal horoscopes though not artistic skills – Benjamin Franklin does as well and Ben was known for his doodling!

(See below for Cezanne’s birth data.)

Now April 1st always reminds me (and perhaps you) of The Fool card in the Tarot deck, a card of innocence and new beginnings as The Fool begins his mystical journey. Green, the color of growth, is associated with The Fool and with curiosity.

The new light of the Spring 2011 season suffuses this picture with faith in the future, one of the joys of traveling on The Fool’s path of enlightenment. Not overanalyzing things and avoiding malice are preferrable for this new journey and being ‘as a child’ without trying to anticipate events makes the journey an exciting yet Zen-like adventure!


Paul Cezanne born Jan 19, 1839 (NS) in Aix-en-Provence France at 1:00 am LMT (Rodden rating AA, from BC); ASC 2Sco46, Mc 10Leo13; 3rd house Sun 28Cap19, 4th house Moon 12Pis56 (conj 5th cusp of Creativity); Hour Jupiter 18Lib23 in 12th house, conjunct Pallas and Juno; the Art planets, Venus and Neptune, conjoin in Aquarius, and Moon conjoins Uranus 10Pis04, planet of newness, the future, and originality.

The Green Comet w Capella Oct 20 2010


For backyard stargazers, the next few nights are the best time to see green Comet 103P/Hartley 2 as it approaches Earth for an 11-million-mile close encounter on Oct 20. Set your alarm for the dark hours before dawn, go outside, and look straight up. You will find Hartley 2 not far from the bright star Capella.

Although the comet is barely visible to the unaided eye, it is easy to locate using binoculars and looks great through a backyard telescope. Sky maps and more information may be found at SpaceWeather News.

Lovely Capella! Alpha Auriga in the constellation of The Charioteer, this Fixed Star has a nurturing yet free-spirited flavor and is associated with the ‘fertile goddess’ archetype which links to the horse by way of Macha, the great Celtic horse goddess. She embodies movement and action and is connected by paran to the natal chart of aviatrix Amelia Earhart.

Airplanes may be said to be modern-day ‘chariots’ and with Capella associated with Earhart’s natal Venus, she is seen as a woman (Venus) breaking speed records, and was known for her love of the freedom of flight.

Other Capella-linked examples are astronaut John Glenn (Saturn) and comic book hero Superman who was created with his Mars rising with Capella! With Capella there is need for freedom and independence, and must I say it? A need for speed.

So look up! Superman may just be on the way to save the day…it’s a bird, it’s a plane, etc…


Star Lore source: Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars

Fireballs and Volcanic Sunsets April 2010

This SpaceWeather Alert arrived a day late but here it is:

Space Weather News for April 15, 2010

MIDWESTERN FIREBALL: A brilliant fireball streaked across the USA on the evening of April 14, startling observers in Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri and surrounding states. Experts say it was a small asteroid, about a meter wide, that exploded in mid-air with an energy equivalent to some 20 tons of TNT.

National Weather Service radars detected the fireball’s debris trail, resulting in maps that could help guide meteorite hunters to fragments on the ground.

Pictures and more information may be found on today’s edition of SpaceWeather News.

VOLCANIC SUNSETS: A cloud of ash from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano is drifting across Europe this week and causing sunsets of surpassing beauty. Europeans are encouraged to look west at the end of the day.

Bonus: If you don’t live in Europe, look west anyway. Venus, Mercury and the crescent Moon are beaming through the twilight for all to see. Check SpaceWeather for pictures and sky maps.

The Myth of Gold-Loving Mithras

Predator at Dusk slice
On this blog and elsewhere I have been known to grouse about the anti-social habits of the gold-hoarding crowd with their shriveled hearts and dainty minds.

But greedy bald-headed men in charge are tiresomely chronic problems for mankind on archetypal levels as evidenced by the subterranean Temples of Mithras, whose myth we associate with the sign, Taurus, the Bull.

And Taurus the Bull is associated with all the things you think the oxen energies might be associated with – from bull fighting in Spain to gouging for gold in a creekbed pan to lust for golden sceptres.

Or tallying up golden coins behind closed doors inside a royal counting house.

And you probably know the ancient city with the largest concentration of Mithras’ temples found so far, right?

Rome. As you suspected.


An Art btw for you: Cosmic Ties, a new line of fashion neckties has now become available at Jude Cowell Art Store hosted by the wonderful Zazzle.com.

Above image is a slice of ‘Predator at Dusk’ which looks wildly striking as a necktie!

Plus, you may find more stuff in my Art Store such as T-shirts, Tote Bags, and Ladies slip-on Keds so do drop by when your schedule allows, for I’d be happy as a puppy with two tails to see ya!

And I’m please to report that my Wedding Day Astrology: Dave and Regina Letterman (a Page in the sidebar column to your left) has received page views galore – all done in an effort to snag what I believe is a fond look at the Letterman family.

Bernanke and the Astrology of Dec 20 2008

Fresh Update 6.25: today’s McClatchy DC article post-testimony brings Wachovia into the take-over brou-haha.

Update Thursday 6.25: Bernanke testifying on Capitol Hill today.

Can he tough it out with the aid of Capitol Hill facilitators (who have their own culpabilities to worry about)?

Original post begins here:

Here’s the CNBC story about the Fed ‘cover-up’ when chairman Ben Bernanke did – or didn’t – threaten the jobs of managers if Bank of America backed out of the Merrill-Lynch buy-out.

An email from Richmond’s Fed head is being referenced on the matter from Dec 20, 2008 which astrologers remember as the day before Winter Solstice 2008 – and the day the Sun 29Sag+ was in process of conjoining manipulative Pluto at World Point 00Cap, the sign of business, law, and politics.

Plus, Sun and Pluto were opposite the Fed’s natal Pluto 00Can, and conjunct transiting Atlantis (‘abuse of power; where we feel doomed’) and Pandora, whose curiosity and over-stepping of boundaries unleashed the ills of humanity upon the world.

The only exception, of course, was that little drop of Hope in the darkest corner, the one we cling to now.

Perhaps the little drop will last a while longer for Mr. Bernanke whose Fed term, the article notes, ends in January 2010.

So did Bernanke make a threat? The email seems to agree. And in this astrologer’s opinion, so do the planetary energies of Dec 20, 2008.


Here’s a look-back at the August 1, 2008 Solar Eclipse of the NYSE.

Obama to Cairo June 4, 2009: shamanism?

Isn’t a new blog fun to develop?

About two months ago I set up Two Hours You’ll Never Get Back, and it’s constantly in morph mode…if you blog, you know the feeling…the joy of open vistas!

Today’s new feature in the ‘2Hrs’ sidebar column is Mythology of Astrology’s smaller bodies comprised of a links list that will eventually include TNOs (trans-neptunian objects), dwarf planets, and asteroids.

The first three being added to the list today: Makemake, Siva, and Thule.

From their astrological flavors which are based on the Mythologies associated with them, we know that Siva (aka Shiva) is from the Hindu religion as the Creator/Destroyer god. If you check out 2Hrs’ new list, click for Wiki info on Siva’s intriguing, many-faceted myth.

Thule in Astrology = ‘the limit of any journey’ – click and you’ll see why.

Makemake is associated with the Easter Islands and his form appears on many Petrogyphs there. Follow his link to see a photograph of a carving in ‘red scoria’ (which is also linked for info on that) – there is Makemake with two birdmen, his favorite co-horts (he is the god of the Tangata manu or the ‘birdman’ cult.)

Astronomically, Makemake is a trans-neptunian dwarf planet, and Mythologically he represents another culturally based facet of a creator/fertility god, so check out his creds.

Hence the Name:

The first European contact with the Easter Islands occurred shortly after Easter Sunday, 1722, and as you know, the place is still guarded by statues whose full meaning and purpose engender controversy today.

Just for fun, here from the excellent serennu.com are a few celebs with Makemake linked by aspect to a natal placement:

Rush Limbaugh has Makemake 22Can14 Rx opposing natal Sun 22Cap33;

Salvador Dali was born with Makemake 25Tau06 conjunct natal Mars 25Tau11;

Makemake’s discovery degree (March 31, 2005) is 20Vir+ which conjuncts President Obama’s natal Mars 22Vir+…and US natal Neptune 22Vir25 in 9th house of Foreign Travel (Sibly chart); Makemake 27Sco45 on July 4, 1776 squares US natal Moon 27AQ10.

This position of Makemake conjuncts US Inaugural Moon 29Sco45 2009 which conjuncts Mr. Obama’s natal Midheaven 28Sco54 (Aug 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST, Honolulu, HI.)

While Pres. Obama is on his big journey (first stop: Cairo, Egypt on June 4, 2009) Thule will be Rx at approximtely 8Sag28. Using a midnight chart for June 4, 2009 (a mystical hour for a mystical place), we find the transiting trio of mysticism, Jupiter (26AQ49), Neptune (26:28 Rx), and Chiron (26:13 Rx) at Midheaven 26AQ12, the Aspiration Point of the chart.

Therefore, for this historic trip of a US president to Muslim lands, Shamanism or Priesthood with mystical ritualistic ceremonies may not be ruled out by this astrologer and the long-standing (since America’s founding, with the District of Columbia’s coordinates chosen by Freemason George Washington who’d been a surveyor in his youth) – or ‘traditional’ connection between Cairo-London-Washington DC bwo Astrology, secret societies such as Freemasonry and/or Rosicrucianism, and/or Illuminatism, or Isis/Osiris cult/s, may not be dismissed as lightly as I could wish it as Leo, the Prodigal Son, returns with the Moon’s North Node (an encounter, meeting, contact, or destined point) conjunct US Inaugural Sun 2009 (‘the leader’ and Mercury Rx 2009, ‘the messenger’ or ‘the message’) so my prayers go with our erstwhile leader as he ventures onto (and perhaps under to secret chambers beneath) the unknown sands.

Fabric Arts rock!

For years I perpetrated such projects as felt wall hangings, felt children’s activity books, a line of ladies and children’s fabric accessories (beaded make-up bags, purses, scarves, tutus, etc), and anything else that beautiful fabric could make happen.

Embroidery has traditionally been a favorite type of ‘handiwork’ as well, so I was happy to find this morning (bwo Twitter) a site, Curiosities 808, which displays some of the most gorgeous embroidery you’ll want to find.

Another site, Spring Tree Road, is about knitting and spinning, so scroll down if you wish to my new Category ‘Fabric Arts’ and nab yourself a peek at these lovely ladies’ beautiful handiwork!

Astrologically? Asteroid Pallas handles one’s ‘patterning ability’ (along with ‘wisdom’ and ‘strategy’) but its her patterning ability in force when it comes to sewing, knitting, and such.

And there are other ‘spinning’ significators in a chart, of course – perhaps the more famous association with Fabric Arts is Ariadne’s Thread which relates to logic, mazes, puzzles, and problem-solving.

And there’s Richard Idemon’s excellent book The Magic Thread about mazes and labyrinths as interpreted through Astrology charts.

Crescent Moon-Mercury-Pleiades-Sunset Apr 26, 2009

Space Weather News for April 25, 2009

SUNSET CONJUNCTION: When the sun goes down on Sunday, April 26, step outside and look west. An exquisitely-slender crescent Moon is lining up with Mercury and the Pleiades star cluster for a three-way conjunction in the sunset sky.

Click here for the full story and a sky map.

UNEXPECTED SOLAR ACTIVITY: The sun produced an unexpected burst of activity on April 23 when an enormous prominence rose over the northeastern limb and erupted. A coronal mass ejection (CME) billowed away from the blast site, but the billion-ton cloud is not heading toward Earth.

Visit SpaceWeather News for movies of the event.


Well, April 26’s Moon-Mercury-Pleaides conjunction at Sunset sounds lovely visually and astronomically – but perhaps not as lovely astrologically due to the mythology of the Pleiades.

Plus, first view of the slender Crescent Moon begins the Lunar Calendar month in the East.

The Pleiades is a small cluster of 7 stars which takes up less than one degree in the heavens (about the width of one finger) at the end of the zodiac’s sign of Taurus, the Bull.

There are centuries’ worth of myths associated with the Pleiades, aka the ‘Seven Sisters,’ and themes for the cluster vary slightly: ‘a Narrow Cloudy Trail of Female Stars (Manilius), the Seven Sisters of Industry (China), the children of Atlas, the seven daughters of Pleione, and the seven doves who took Zeus his divine ambrosia.

The Celts (my clan for the most part) link them to the Fates and the achronycal rising of the Pleiades marked their month of mourning for lost friends. (This relates to the first of our month of November which pre-echoes what we now call Halloween, and Nov 1 which some call, All Saints Day.)

In India, the Pleiades myth was linked with seven mothers who judged men and could wound them with their moon-shaped razors, if so judged.

Crescent Moon (symbol of the Middle East), Mercury, and the Pleiades…Iran’s lady captive, Roxanna Saberi, set free perhaps? (Moon is out-of-bounds of the earthly plane and having to manage on her own for now….sign petition below.)

In ancient Greece, the stars of the Pleiades were part of a cult of Aphrodite who gave birth to seven daughters only to turn them into a flock of doves which became the seven stars of the Pleides. The leader of the doves was dove-goddess Alcyone, who brings good weather for the planting season.

Nowadays Alcyone is positioned at 00Gem00 Gemini, and the star’s keywords are ‘something to cry about’ (‘Horary Astrology’, Anthony Louis.)

This difficult star is associated with exile and suffering; water and/or flooding may be connected as well with sorrow ensuing.

Hopefully, the Crescent Moon and Mercury at Sunset on April 26 amongst the beautiful stars of the Pleiades will bring the world dried-up tears and joyful ambrosia sans sadness!

Sign an online petition to release Roxanna Saberi here.

Apr 26, 2009, Washington, DC, Sunset 7:51:36 pm edt:

ASC 6Sco52, Sun 6Tau52…’7 Taurus’…’A Woman of Samaria Comes to Draw Water from Jacob’s Well.’ (‘360 Degrees of the Zodia’ by Lynda Hill.)

Hour of Jupiter (23AQ23 – 4th house with Chiron and Neptune 26AQ12), Moon 1Gem43 just barely into 7th house with Mercury 27Tau06 conj Fixed Star Algol, a star with one of the more vicious reputations in the sky.

In fact, Diana Rosenberg has connected Algol’s prominent activity in charts of harmful fires.

At Midheaven (MC) of the Sunset chart set for DC is 13Leo30 which displays Pres. Obama’s natal Sun position.

The 5th house line-up of Uranus 25Pis00, Venus 00Ari46 (AP), and Mars 3Ari25 have asteroid Atlantis there also at Aries Point…keywords for Atlantis: ‘where we feel doomed; abuse of power.’

Venus and chart-ruler Mars are engaged in an ‘opportunity aspect’ (sextile = 60 degr) with the Moon in Gemini, sign of travel, esp air flights, and I pray that all captives may be returned soon to their sorrowing families as world leaders’ accustomed ‘abuse of power’ be transcended by doing what’s right for a change!

But now there is that lonely, unaspected Saturn 15Vir15 Rx, 10th house, acting as the ‘bucket’s handle’ once again but with Luna on the verge of ‘spilling out’ of the bucket and meeting up with transiting Midas 7Gem50 Direct in 8th house…could this indicate ransom money being paid for a certain detained lady?

And on another level a Moon-Midas contact could indicate more relating to our current financial issues (8th house) as money (Midas) is made available to the people (Moon.)

Well, bring it on – it was ours to begin with!

All in all, I’d say that April 26’s celestial display has more meaning in the Lunar Calendar than in our Solar-based world…because most of the info we get from our culture concerning such celestial events is simply ‘lovely.’

Have you any thoughts on the subject?


‘Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars’ available at Amazon Books; Saturn as bucket handle explained more fully by the excellent John Townley at AstroCocktail, if you’re thirsty.

Shooting Star becomes asteroid with diamonds

How cool is this?


Was John Lennon’s Judy in the Sky with Diamonds prescient, or what?

Written by Jude Cowell

March 26, 2009 at 5:24 pm

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