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Obama to Cairo June 4, 2009: shamanism?

Isn’t a new blog fun to develop?

About two months ago I set up Two Hours You’ll Never Get Back, and it’s constantly in morph mode…if you blog, you know the feeling…the joy of open vistas!

Today’s new feature in the ‘2Hrs’ sidebar column is Mythology of Astrology’s smaller bodies comprised of a links list that will eventually include TNOs (trans-neptunian objects), dwarf planets, and asteroids.

The first three being added to the list today: Makemake, Siva, and Thule.

From their astrological flavors which are based on the Mythologies associated with them, we know that Siva (aka Shiva) is from the Hindu religion as the Creator/Destroyer god. If you check out 2Hrs’ new list, click for Wiki info on Siva’s intriguing, many-faceted myth.

Thule in Astrology = ‘the limit of any journey’ – click and you’ll see why.

Makemake is associated with the Easter Islands and his form appears on many Petrogyphs there. Follow his link to see a photograph of a carving in ‘red scoria’ (which is also linked for info on that) – there is Makemake with two birdmen, his favorite co-horts (he is the god of the Tangata manu or the ‘birdman’ cult.)

Astronomically, Makemake is a trans-neptunian dwarf planet, and Mythologically he represents another culturally based facet of a creator/fertility god, so check out his creds.

Hence the Name:

The first European contact with the Easter Islands occurred shortly after Easter Sunday, 1722, and as you know, the place is still guarded by statues whose full meaning and purpose engender controversy today.

Just for fun, here from the excellent serennu.com are a few celebs with Makemake linked by aspect to a natal placement:

Rush Limbaugh has Makemake 22Can14 Rx opposing natal Sun 22Cap33;

Salvador Dali was born with Makemake 25Tau06 conjunct natal Mars 25Tau11;

Makemake’s discovery degree (March 31, 2005) is 20Vir+ which conjuncts President Obama’s natal Mars 22Vir+…and US natal Neptune 22Vir25 in 9th house of Foreign Travel (Sibly chart); Makemake 27Sco45 on July 4, 1776 squares US natal Moon 27AQ10.

This position of Makemake conjuncts US Inaugural Moon 29Sco45 2009 which conjuncts Mr. Obama’s natal Midheaven 28Sco54 (Aug 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST, Honolulu, HI.)

While Pres. Obama is on his big journey (first stop: Cairo, Egypt on June 4, 2009) Thule will be Rx at approximtely 8Sag28. Using a midnight chart for June 4, 2009 (a mystical hour for a mystical place), we find the transiting trio of mysticism, Jupiter (26AQ49), Neptune (26:28 Rx), and Chiron (26:13 Rx) at Midheaven 26AQ12, the Aspiration Point of the chart.

Therefore, for this historic trip of a US president to Muslim lands, Shamanism or Priesthood with mystical ritualistic ceremonies may not be ruled out by this astrologer and the long-standing (since America’s founding, with the District of Columbia’s coordinates chosen by Freemason George Washington who’d been a surveyor in his youth) – or ‘traditional’ connection between Cairo-London-Washington DC bwo Astrology, secret societies such as Freemasonry and/or Rosicrucianism, and/or Illuminatism, or Isis/Osiris cult/s, may not be dismissed as lightly as I could wish it as Leo, the Prodigal Son, returns with the Moon’s North Node (an encounter, meeting, contact, or destined point) conjunct US Inaugural Sun 2009 (‘the leader’ and Mercury Rx 2009, ‘the messenger’ or ‘the message’) so my prayers go with our erstwhile leader as he ventures onto (and perhaps under to secret chambers beneath) the unknown sands.

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  1. this is the latest addition to the denver airpot……and obama accepted his nomination and signed a bill there too, maybe the stimulus bill…..i am not sure but, something is definately not right about this!



    June 8, 2009 at 2:52 pm

    • Thank you so much (don’t know how to address you!) – I’ve published the Denver AIrport video at Stars Over Washington with a shout-out of Thanks to you!

      Must motor to appts now but will check out Obama’s connection later today… jude



      June 9, 2009 at 3:26 pm

  2. i just started blogging but lately i have been feeling the need to research….is’nt there some occultism linked to all of the trips he has taken?



    June 7, 2009 at 12:47 am

    • Ah, you catch my drift! ;p

      If only blogging time allowed the depth of research for such subjects esp when mixed with (time-consuming) politics and with secretive politicians’ antics and diversions…have at it, m’dear! Wonder if you’ve read one of my most used sources: Nicholas Hagger’s ‘The Secret History of the West’ which has a lot of secret society info and the world players (and sniveling weasels) who have used them through the centuries…sometimes for self-interested motives, often for a group cause (that underlings only think they understand.)

      We’ll see some of this ‘special mission/agenda’ radicalism for Summer Solstice 2009 and in the New Moon chart a day after 1Can30. Hopefully I can post on this tomorrow and/or Monday.

      And thanks, hazelgreen1977, for your comment. If that’s your eye color, mine too! jude



      June 7, 2009 at 6:12 am

      • I look forward to this post, too.


        Donna Davidson

        June 7, 2009 at 8:46 pm

      • Summer Solstice 2009 and New Moon posts now available at Stars Over Washington, Donna, and linked here as of a few minutes ago – thanks a bunch!! jc ;p



        June 8, 2009 at 1:12 am

  3. This is fascinating stuff–and I look forward to your new minor asteroid feature, as well–what a great idea!
    Thanks, Jude!



    June 2, 2009 at 11:19 pm

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