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A Weekend of Deep Sky Auroras in US April 2011

Space Weather News for April 3, 2011

DEEP SKY AURORAS: A solar wind stream hit Earth’s magnetic field over the weekend, sending a wave of “deep sky auroras” over northern-tier US states. The lights were pale-white or even invisible to the naked eye, but digital cameras revealed spectacular colors and luminous shapes above Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and elsewhere.

Visit SpaceWeather.com for images and more information about this phenomenon.

Written by Jude Cowell

April 4, 2011 at 11:53 am

The Green Comet w Capella Oct 20 2010


For backyard stargazers, the next few nights are the best time to see green Comet 103P/Hartley 2 as it approaches Earth for an 11-million-mile close encounter on Oct 20. Set your alarm for the dark hours before dawn, go outside, and look straight up. You will find Hartley 2 not far from the bright star Capella.

Although the comet is barely visible to the unaided eye, it is easy to locate using binoculars and looks great through a backyard telescope. Sky maps and more information may be found at SpaceWeather News.

Lovely Capella! Alpha Auriga in the constellation of The Charioteer, this Fixed Star has a nurturing yet free-spirited flavor and is associated with the ‘fertile goddess’ archetype which links to the horse by way of Macha, the great Celtic horse goddess. She embodies movement and action and is connected by paran to the natal chart of aviatrix Amelia Earhart.

Airplanes may be said to be modern-day ‘chariots’ and with Capella associated with Earhart’s natal Venus, she is seen as a woman (Venus) breaking speed records, and was known for her love of the freedom of flight.

Other Capella-linked examples are astronaut John Glenn (Saturn) and comic book hero Superman who was created with his Mars rising with Capella! With Capella there is need for freedom and independence, and must I say it? A need for speed.

So look up! Superman may just be on the way to save the day…it’s a bird, it’s a plane, etc…


Star Lore source: Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars

Auroras of August as seen from the ISS!

How groovy is this?

Space Weather News for August 20, 2010

SPACE STATION AURORAS: With solar activity on the rise, August 2010 has been a good month for auroras. There have been sightings of Northern Lights as far south as Wisconsin and Iowa in the United States, and some fine displays of Southern Lights over Antarctica.

Some of the best pictures so far have come from Earth orbit, where astronauts have a front-row seat for geomagnetic storms. Visit SpaceWeather.com for latest images from the International Space Station.

Comet death spiral today Jan 21, 2010

If you’ve had it with looking down, try looking up!

Space Weather News for Jan 21, 2010

SUNGRAZING COMET: NASA’s STEREO-A spacecraft has discovered another bright sungrazing comet. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) has a good view of the comet’s death plunge, which is happening today.

Check SpaceWeather.com for movies and updates.

NORTHERN LIGHTS: A solar wind stream hit Earth on Jan 20 sparking the first geomagnetic storm of the year and an intense display of polar auroras.

Images from around the Arctic Circle may be found here in the SpaceWeather Gallery.

Very up close and curious: flyby Jan 13 2010

Space Weather News for Jan 12, 2010

CURIOUS ASTEROID FLYBY: A curious object is about to fly past Earth only one-third the distance to the Moon. Catalogued as a 10m-class asteroid, 2010 AL30 has an orbital period of almost exactly 1 year. This raises the possibility that it might not be a natural object, but rather a piece of some spacecraft from our own planet.

At closest approach on Jan 13, 2010 AL30 will streak through Orion, Taurus, and Pisces glowing like a 14th magnitude star. Experienced amateur astronomers are encouraged to monitor the flyby.

Orbital elements, images, and more information are available on SpaceWeather.com.


Now after yesterday’s news of Sarah Palin’s signing with FOX News I must say it: it is a bird, a plane, or a Palin? And will her TV commentary career last as long as a curious flyby?

Japan’s Kaguya to hit Moon 6-10-09

Better late than never and it hits the Moon today:

Space Weather News for June 10, 2009

IMPACT ALERT: Japan’s Kaguya will crash into the Moon on Wednesday, June 10, around 1830 UT. The timing favors observers in Asia and Australia, who might be able to see a flash of light or a plume of debris rising from the Moon’s southeastern limb.

The spacecraft masses 2,600 kg and it will slam into the lunar surface at 6,000 km/hr. No one knows, however, how bright the flash might be or whether it will be visible even through large telescopes.

Images of the crash, if any are captured, will be posted on SpaceWeather.com.

Strange lightening seen over France

Space Weather News for June 8, 2009

STRANGE LIGHTNING: Over the weekend, an atmospheric scientist in Europe photographed something that resembled a giant luminous squid floating over a thundercloud in France. It was a strange form of lightning known as a “sprite.” His high-resolution images are featured on today’s edition of SpaceWeather News along with observing tips for anyone who would like to see and photograph these fantastic bolts during the upcoming thunderstorm season. #

Hmm…mysterious sprites must’ve been over France for the 65th D-Day observance this weekend!

Annual Arietid meteor shower peaks June 7 2009

Space Weather News for June 5, 2009:

DAYTIME METEORS: The annual Arietid meteor shower peaks on Sunday, June 7. The Arietids are unusual because they are daytime meteors; they stream out of a point in the sky not far from the sun.

The best time to look is just before dawn on Sunday morning when it may be possible to spot a small number of Arietids skimming the top of Earth’s atmosphere. Such “Earthgrazing” meteors tend to be long, colorful, and very pretty.

After daybreak, when the meteors are no longer visible to the human eye, you can listen to radar echoes from the Arietids by tuning in to our online meteor radar.

“The Arietids are the strongest daylight shower of the year,” notes Bob Lunsford of the American Meteor Society. “If you could see them through the sun’s glare, you would count as many as 60 per hour. Also, don’t forget that the daytime Zeta Perseids peak only two days later and are considered the second strongest daylight shower. In all my years of viewing I have never seen a Zeta Perseid, but I have seen a few Arietids. They have all been Earthgrazers and very impressive meteors.”

Please visit SpaceWeather.com for updates and more information. #

Now this celestial happening should be quite groovy!

Comet Lulin and Saturn: show at 1 am!

As Comet Lulin has streaked (or glowed!) toward our neighborhood, its tail has been broken off by solar wind but is now doubled. The gassy green blur will hook up with Saturn in the wee hours after midnight – 1 pm, to be exact, your local time – so be sure to check out this odd couple.

So far I’ve found no astrological writings on Comet Lulin’s significance and I’m not certain I have any insights either. But it couldn’t hurt to consider the chart for 1:00 am est, White House, to see if anything is revealed.

For starters, SpaceWeather is giving the hook-up as occurring in Leo, but for most western astrologers using the Tropical zodiac, this would be Virgo.

A quick way to convert a position between sidereal and tropical zodiacs is to ‘add 6 degrees, subtract 30 degr’ or one sign. So taking Saturn’s position – say, 19 Virgo since the Old Man is Rx, we have 19 + 6 = 25, minus 30 (one sign) = 25 Leo.

And since the Comet is not in my SolarFire software being so recently discovered by Chinese and Taiwanese astronomers, I’m using Saturn’s position (19Vir22 Rx) to mark Comet Lulin’s approximate position as well. (Or 25-26 Leo, if you prefer the sidereal.)

Setting the 1:00 am chart for the White House (Feb 24, 2009) I find that rising is 1Sag45 along with the Mars-Saturn midpoint. (Placidus, true NN, Tropical.)

Mars-Saturn = ASC: obstacles caused by others; struggling for every step of  advancement; separation; the necessity to economize  (Tyl; Ebertin.)

At Midheaven (MC =  the Goal) ) is 16Vir06 with ’17Vir” having what I hope isn’t an apt Sabian Symbol…”A volcano in eruption.” And there near MC is Saturn 19Vir22 Rx and the hazy green comet, still within orb of opposing Uranus 21Pis39.

These two planets do tend to be tensionally involved in volcanic or quake-related events with Saturn signifying Earth and tectonic plates, and Uranus = lightening and upsetting events. And comets have sometimes heralded natural disasters.

This could also point to the Middle East, of course, and an event there due to the Saturn-Uranus cycle’s connection to the Middle East, especially to Palestine and Israel.

But I’m focusing here primarily on the economic tsunami ongoing in the West – especially since America’s Lunar Return (27AQ10) occurs soon after at 2:31:50 am, Feb 24, 2o09, Washington time.

As you know, Aquarius is the least stable of the Fixed signs which are known for stability and rigidity. But AQ likes change and freedom with its co-ruler Uranus often the catalyst for it. And Saturn brings change, too, of the long-coming variety. Their opposition isn’t always easy to predict as far as results, but we do know that change, however hard-fought or hard-won, is in the air.

On another level, a political ‘earthquake’ or ‘volcano’ may be on the Saturn-Uranus menu with Comet Lulin the messenger.

Traditonally all comets were viewed as ill omens. But modern Astrology tends to take the up-side. But if you’ve read much of my writings, you’ll know I’m a Saturnian astrologer, seeing DNA where Uranians may see ‘past lives’ and I also prefer to receive the (realistic) bad news first, yet this is difficult for some folks, I know.

Yet you can’t deal with demons or problems until you admit their existence and identify them, so read on, if you may.

Honestly – with the negative things that have occurred in the first 8+ years of the much-touted “New Millenium” – you don’t think I can be all sunshine and flowers now, do you? ;p

So, Saturn rises once more with Fixed Star, Denebola, keywords: ‘to go against society.’ This rising was in play in Fall of 2008 which incriminates the economic crisis and its greedy varmints.

Plus, the electronic run on US banks – the draw down of $550 billion on Sept 18, 2008 – may be more a factor in the financial mess than the Fed is letting on, and mass media (Neptune!) seem to be playing it down as much as possible.

Back to the 1 am chart which shows the  Aquarian line-up positioned in 3rd house:

3rd Cusp 9AQ46 – conj NN 9:13, Mercury 11:34, Jupiter 11:37, Mars 15:14 (conj some difficult asteroids), Chiron 22:11, Neptune 24:23, and Moon 26:22. Sun 5Pis46 (conj Pres. Obama’s natal Chiron) is in 3rd house as well.

If I had time now (gotta motor soon) I’d give all the relevant Sabian Symbols AND their Illumination Points – in this case, their opposition degrees in Leo. Becausewhen so much cosmic energy is tied up with 0ne zodiacal sign, the Illumination Points can be very…illuminating.

Well, my interest in mysterious, veiling Neptune in the chart was tweaked when I noticed that the nebulous giant was focal point of two midpoints relating to criminal activities:

Sun-Mercury = Neptune: inspiration; imagination; deceptions; swindlers and crooks.

Sun-Jupiter = Neptune: the crook; a material loss.

Seems that if we want to find some of the swindlers in the pile, we may glance toward Neptune.

Here are other, somewhat sunnier, midpoint pictures from the chart…

Mars-NN = Mercury: collaboration; forming associations to further one’s own ends.

Mars-NN = Jupiter: successful teamwork.

Uranus-Pluto = Mercury: an inventive, resourceful person; new plans.

Ur-Plu = Jup: striving for social improvements. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Well, I like the last one in particularly! However, I do think that there may be a ‘message’ from East to West (Lulin’s discovery coming from China/Taiwan) – perhaps an actual message, or one delivered by stealthy actions or interferences on the economic front.

That Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just returned from talks in Beijing may be significant.

And I can’t rule out financial hacking shenanigans from the direction of the Middle East (Neptune = Islam; oil; gas; water) which I believe may be part of stock market volatility of late – or this may describe any persons or countriesin the East.

Or not…the Neptunian interference may originate from several sources, separately or in league…particularly considering that the plutocratic, oppressive Pluto-Chiron midpoint is now conjunct US natal Pluto, secretive planet of abundant power, manipulation, and spying.

So – if you know me, you know I don’t let the western power elite off the hook so easily believing them to be set on destroying the world economy to set up a New World economic and political Order.

Gold-hoarder Midas 7Gem33 is now direct (7th house in the 1:00 am chart) so he may be more active in the world having his money-counting activities caught up for now. And gold-buying businesses and schemes have become popular again as people sell their gold  jewelry for a few bucks.

So! Not a pretty picture unless you agree withme that  a green haze of a Comet is pretty next to ‘golden Saturn’  (as SpaceWeather News has put it…see link below.)

Lulin’s effects over the globe remain to be seen. But coming on the date of Feb 24’s New Moon 6Pis35 – along with the president’s address Tuesday night – we may know quite soon whether or not Comet Lulin has anything important to tell us.

Well, I recommend you check out today’s Comet Lulin-Saturn update I published from SpaceWeather News, if you haven’t already – it has photo gallery links of the lovely Comet as well:


‘Ring of Fire’ Eclipse Monday 1.26.09

While I’ve been calling it the ‘New President Eclipse’ because it occurs 6 days after the inauguration of Barack Obama as our 44th president, others are calling Monday’s lunation the ‘Ring of Fire’ Eclipse for good reason:


The Astrology of It:

Eclipse degree: 6AQ30 conjunct US natal South Node. As you know,  Eclipses are ‘wild cards’ and may affect events in unexpected ways – or not at all – (if you’re peeking at your own chart to see where 6AQ30 falls – if 6AQ30 aspects no planets or points in your chart, consider the house polarity, the house containing 6AQ30 and its opposite house for clues to what areas of life – houses – the Eclipse may affect for you or yours.)

Conjunct US natal SN indicates issues from the past affecting today, and it may also refer to well-honed or inherited talents which may be used yet which may or may not be effective for the current situation.

More of these issues surface for the US at our Nodal Half-Return coming soon…’surface’ so that they may be more effectively dealt with as they rise from the depths of the collective unconscious.

The Astronomy of It:

So here’s a link to my other blog, Stars Over Washington, where you’ll find a SpaceWeather News bulletin detailing the expected  ‘Ring of Fire’ effect, and the locations where this Annular Eclipse will be observable:


Only don’t fall into a burning ring o’fire gazing at it, okay? But you wouldn’t.

The Presidency of It:

And here’s a link (in case you’ve so far managed to miss this cool video – I did until Donna D clued me in!) …it’s the ’44 Presidents morphing’ video (3 mins 58 sec…slow down, you’ve got time for 200+ years in under 4 minutes!):


Yes, I know that some of these mugs should be hanging on the police squad-room wall with the words, ‘Reward Offered’ across their snoots,  but here they be within the splendid bossom of that exclusive gentlemen’s club, the US Presidency.

Is it not illegal if the president does it? Then check out the whiskers on some of these dudes – you may identify the culprits in need of a good jailin’ simply by gazing into the beady eyes a-gleam just above the hairy undergrowth.

It’s wooly boogers on parade and caught on YouTube!

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