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The ‘Abuse of Power’ Asteroid in Astrology

The name Atlantis can bring multiple images to mind – of mythical islands and modern day spacecraft among them – and for astrologers an archetype appears carrying ‘the abuse or misuse of power’ type of energy, and its position shows the place in a natal chart where the person feels ‘doomed’.

Since I follow US Politics as closely as I can stand without having to fumigate, it seldom escapes my notice when a topic or scandal begins to ‘trend’ in the 24/7 news cycle. They’re hard to miss, aren’t they? Especially since media types pound certain ‘reports’ over and over into our brains as long as we’re ‘connected’ through some tech device or other. Meanwhile, we skip along like piped children, similar to how Terrence Mckenna predicted we would -enthralled by a fascinating device that glows!

Well, if you’re curious or have missed it thus far, here’s my favorite 4 minutes of Terrence Mckenna predicting future conditions on Earth (1998 — 2012). He pretty much covers many of the outcomes we deal with today (or neglect dealing with, as the case may be). I guess with spot-on predictions ‘uncanny’ is the word yet the brief video clip contains concepts you may find worth considering if you dare!

Mckenna’s remarks encompass conditions which make possible the scandals created by the Roy Moore and Donald Trump allegations of abuse of power and harassment against young women and girls (and perhaps against others too). Theirs is bounder and cad behavior, as you know. Compulsive-obsessive, mommy issues, narcissism, hubris, master-servant complexes, misogyny, pedophilia, objectification of women, whatevs. And of course, the label ‘sociopath’ for such anti-social, over-the-line behavior is never far behind.

So naturally I had to discover the Zodiacal positions of asteroid and archetype Atlantis in the two men’s natal horoscopes. Then I wrote briefly about them so if you’re interested you’ll find my Atlantis post at Stars Over Washington along with the venerable, erudite Plato making a tiny little cameo appearance!

Zyntara link now added

Not sure what I was waiting for, but the link is now in the sidebar under ‘Astrology’ so if you’ve yet to visit the Zyntara website with its subscription form for receiving the Visual Astrology Newsletter (free) emailed to your Inbox monthly, have a peek when you can.

To Twinkle and Teach: Stars and Constellations as Archetypal Tales from the Collective Unconscious:

The current issue of the Visual Astrology Newsletter is a knock-out – and in honor of the season it celebrates, I wish to add a Happy 165th Birthday, Christmas Card! 165 years brings to mind the orbit of that mystical and creative planet of the collective, Neptune, doesn’t it?

Emphasis on the Divine Source is the highest expression of this nebulous planet with its most basic urge being to merge. All planetary archetypes have both positive and negative connotations depending primarily on ones motives.

For me, the archetypal myths of the Fixed Stars and their constellations that they ‘star’ in may express personally in an individual’s chart and also on a societal level. An example is Menkar, a Star from the constellation, Cetus the Whale, with keywords: speaking for the collective.

That’s what Jonah refused to do and languished in the belly of the whale for three days until he owned up to his responsibility toward society.

Yet sometimes even the mightiest man on earth with all his powers, talents, and his cards held tightly to his chest cannot best the larger themes of our universe, the ones ruled by natural laws and felt as karma by the inhabitants of this dualistic planet.

The Visual Astrology Newsletter gives the sort of information that anyone needs when taking a step-back from the personal  it gives us wider perspectives on things.

It is my belief that in these difficult times,  most of us can benefit from seeing events on Earth through the wider lens of a global Astro-Drama script of the Star myths and legends of old. How their concepts play out for humankind is, to some degree, determined by our choices of action although we often find unconscious motivations taking over the presentation…we’re only human beings who see through a glass darkly.

Perhaps you have a copy of Bernadette Brady’s ‘Book of Fixed Stars’ the plots of which are expanded upon in the Visual Astrology Newsletter (VAN.)

For our Creator’s vast canvas of ancient tales lies over and around us – we’re ‘virtually’ cradled and swaddled within the grandest Broadway panoply of  all. 

A bejewelled Milky Way Theater awaits you with one click and you may discover that you identify with Castor, Coma Berenice, Pegasus, the Nemean Lion, the Archer, or perhaps a Greek heroine or hero at this very time in your life.

And archetypal stories by way of Astrology and messages of the Fixed Stars can show you facets of your ‘cosmic persona’ which will promote the uniting of the earthly nature with the celestial one even while they reveal the global narrative with greater objectivity than most persons are able to achieve with noses kept close to the grindstone of the mundane world.

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