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Wedding Day Astrology: George and Laura Bush

Two and one half months after meeting, George Bush and Laura Welch became husband and wife in Midland Texas on November 5, 1977, 11:00 am CST–a Venus Hour.

A small ceremony with 75 guests, no bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, or ringbearers marked the beginning of their marriage but the lack of a honeymoon has assumedly been rectified many times over by now.

The place of Laura’s childhood baptism–the Methodist Church’s Glass Chapel was the scene, the future US president the “catch” on that long-ago day although there have been rumblings of marital unbliss in the last few years. Some say they hardly speak to each other–but who in mutual yokage hasn’t slogged through that before and come out reunited and feelin’ so good?

Rising is 1Cap51, where transformative Pluto now sojourns and will off and on for some time…the attacks of 9/11 occurred under the same transit as Pluto conjoined US natal ASC (Sibly or Rudyar.) Changes are afoot, it seems, and perhaps Laura will be happy to escape the White House in Jan 2009…most unassuming First Ladies are by the end of the madness.

At Midheaven, the Goal or Aspiration Point of the chart, is 19Lib13 with legal-minded Hera there, along with the Solar Eclipse degree that had occurred prior to their wedding making it their ‘Marriage Eclipse’…the 16 North Series.

Keywords: a gentle series which heralds the illumination of ideas with a sense of inspiration and many insights (paraphrasing from Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.’)

Sounds quite lovely, but when I peek at anything to do with this new-world-government crowd, the word ‘Illumination’ only reminds of the manipulations of the Illuminati (but perhaps that’s just me.)

The 16N Series last manifested Oct 24, 1995 00Scorpio, and will return Nov 3, 2013 at 11Scorpio.

Laura, signified by Moon in Virgo–and dedicated, unassuming Virgo is perfect for a librarian and schoolteacher!–had  just left conj with Saturn 29Leo23 (conj Regulus: ‘success if revenge is avoided’) and makes only two applying aspects in their marriage chart: trine ASC (0A56) and trine Chiron (2A03.)

Any link of Chiron to the Moon spiritualizes the luminary–in this chart Moon = Laura–and she has been described as being devout. Her marriage to this difficult man was obviously a heartfelt vow for Laura in spite of their rush to wed; plus, Moon trine Chiron loves to create a beautiful, harmonious environment for her loved ones.

Moon is conj asteroid Circe: ‘where we assist, rescue, or influence others or where we seek assistance.’ (Lewis’  ‘Astrology Encyclopedia’ p. 133.)

And if you view planets as ‘actors’ then Laura may have had a meeting (conj) with a Saturnian figure–her father, soon-to-be father-in-law, pastor, lawyer or judge, etc. just before the ceremony began. How cool is Astrology? ;p  By the same token the Sun (George) had met with Uranus (see just below.)

Laura’s words: “We had kinown each other about 2 1/2 months, but I knew I wanted to marry him.”

Perhaps the Solar Eclipse was informing her “knowing” since they met under its intuitive rays as well as marrying under them.

Sun 13Sco10 just left conj with politically radical and/or occult-inspired Uranus 12Sco11 and makes no applying aspects in the wedding chart at all, which indicates to me that he appreciated his role in the marriage then and now and isn’t going to change–a rigid trait he’s famous for in all areas of his life. Well, Scorpio is a Fixed energy, isn’t it?

Chart-ruler Saturn (longevity) applies to a semi-square with Pluto (0A49), trine with ASC (2A28), trine with Chiron (3A34), and then squares Mercury (5A29.) This may indicate some problems between the twins and Bush (Saturn = the father; Mercury = young people, children–esp twins bwo of Gemini) but there’s no time to “go there” today.

This is a 3rd quarter chart (Sun 287:45 degrees Moon) which is the ‘crisis in consciousness’ stage and indicates some relational problems between male and female principles. (My own intuition is that Laura woke up one day and realized what she had married, but I should hush my mouth.)

Juno, ‘the wife’ archetype, is conj 12th cusp 9Sag41 so both are conj Fixed Star Antares which is obsessed with attainment of success. 12th cusp is a karmic place of self-undoing and Antares is related to the military and to war. Juno may also indicate ‘the abuser’ or ‘the abused.’

Part of Marriage at 9Vir17 is conj George’s natal Mars with 8th cusp of Sex 7Leo18 conj his natal ASC. There is an asteroid conj IC (Foundation or Basis) and it’s Minerva (‘to be accomplished’–and also relates to the journal of the Hegel Society, The Owl, Minerva’s bird) while Pluto and North Node (meeting the powerful) are at Midheaven and conj 15Lib12 and 14Lib56 respectively.

There are several other conjunctions to Bush’s natal chart from the Wedding Day chart…such as his Moon/Juno/Neptune/Chiron pile-up in Libra, sign of partnerships, on diplay at Mc, but it would take a full article to blurb on that pile-up alone!

Here’s some general info on the pairing of Watery Sun Sco/ Earthy Moon Virgo as it relates to the Bushs’ relationship:

passion and piety (!); romantic but practical; hardworking; quietly dedicated; conscientious; relentlessly perfectionistic; powers of analysis; organizing ability; intensely loyal; witty and satirical; bitingly critical.

Weaknesses: narrowmindedness; conscious aggression which can emerge as destructive criticism; arrogance which assumes that if rules can be thought up, you are entitled to rewrite them; fanatic need to control loved ones…’to control by knowing’ (this echoes Minerva at Ic and Uranian/8th cusp occult indications for George.)

In relationship, this combo has both a mental and a physical approach, and there is a need for both passion and security, for intrigue and for simple trust. If these things cannot be found in one person, some outer attractions may be sought. Yet when happy in the relationship, there is devotion and a sense of duty.

Images for Integration: An artist combines simplicity with intensity in a study of still life…A scientist probes into the mysteries of the cosmos…Britten’s ‘Billy Bud.’ (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

And last, but not least, for Venus/Pluto contacts are known for transformative and passionate love experiences (and for jealousy), the midpoint of Venus and Pluto sits directly upon Midheaven, so we have this picture of George and Laura Bush’s Wedding Day:

Venus/Pluto = Mc: fated union.

Guess it’s true what they say: some relationships really are written in the stars!



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