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An Astro-Profile of Prince William and Kate

April 29, 2011 will soon arrive with a royal wedding in tow and having just read an excellent astro-profile of both Prince William and his fiance Kate Middleton, I thought you might be interested.

Written by Alex Miller of Daykeeper Journal, Wills and Kate is full of info on each of them along with links between their natal planets and Black Holes (which Alex specializes in.)

And in case you missed it, you may also wish to check out Prince William’s and Kate’s Wedding Day Astrology Report which uses the positions of Sun (male) and Moon (female) on April 29, 2011 to determine a few of the more prominent facets of their partnership.

Wedding Day Astrology: Russell Brand-Katy Perry

Update February 11, 2012: by now you’ve heard the sad news of the Perry-Brand divorce. For more details try this.

Original post begins here with no edits so that you may appreciate their marriage’s initial promise, their faith in true love which has not, it seems, carried their marital union up to a second anniversary:

By now you’ve heard the joyous news that pop star Katy Perry and her love, comedian and actor Russell Brand, tied the nuptial knot on Saturday, October 23, 2010, in beautiful and exotic India.

You’ll find a few wedding details here and here.

Yet all may not be sweetness and light since some local laws may have been violated and the couple’s wedding celebration could come under investigation (though one might imagine that a hefty fine could be assessed and paid.)

All congrats and best wishes to the happy couple!

Now I have decided not to publish on this blog a Wedding Day Astrology Report for the sidebar’s Pages list. This is because the Perry-Brand ceremony took place on Saturday October 23, 2010, and the Aries/Libra Full Moon perfected at 7:08 am IST in India!

It’s a fairly safe assumption that the two frisky entertainers did not arise early from bed to marry at the Full Moon so they could have a Sun Lib-Moon Aries blend for their partnership, even though Full Moons represent the balancing of two opposites…in a word, relationships.

So when did the Moon and Sun change signs on October 23 and how do the various combinations of energies change their Wedding Day Astrology synergy?

At 12:00 am IST on Oct 23, 2010, the Sun began @ 29Lib15 with the Moon 25Ari53.

The (feminine) Moon reached 00Tau00 at 8:00 am IST w/ Sun 29Lib35; the (masculine) Sun reached 00Sco00:00 at 6:00 pm IST. Therefore, their Sun-Moon blend may be Sun Lib-Moon Ari (unlikely – too early in the day), Sun Lib-Moon Tau, or Sun Sco-Moon Tau.

Sunset is a popular hour to wed and it occurred at 5:47:27 pm IST in Jaipur, India with Sun 29Lib59 (just before entering Scorpio, sign of sex and procreation – is a baby on the way?), and Moon 5Tau04. As you know, the Moon is exalted in Taurus indicating a very sensual nature that adores life’s creature comforts. (Think ‘Bill Clinton’s natal Moon’! Moon = the reigning need, and a Taurus Moon often gives a person the oomph for garnering many lovely possessions and..well, money.)

So here are the Images for Integration for the two combinations along with a smidgeon of extra details for each – and remembering that relationship-oriented Libra is an outgoing, action-oriented Cardinal sign while sexy Scorpio and Taurus are rigid and inflexible Fixed signs which may give stubbornness and/or longevity to their relationship:

Sun Lib-Moon Tau (Air-Earth = innovative, efficient, supportive, scientific, rational): “Newlyweds go on a gourmet tour of Italy for their honeymoon”… (India and the Maldives actually!)…”A lecture on ancient Greek architecture and town planning.”

Home and family are central to the happiness of the Sun Lib-Moon Tau blend for it shows a deep need for affection and harmony. Romantic escapades may abound until the perfect mate is found, then devoted and steadfast love is enjoyed. There is a refined aesthetic sense and an abiding faith in the power of love.

Sun Sco-Moon Tau (Water-Earth = a practical, supportive, and nourishing combo which may temd to view change as threatening; relationships bring out its devotional, domestic, and gentle nature): concern for others, sensuality and self-control; quiet strength and determination; cares deeply about loved ones and may be possessive with an all-or-nothing attitude.

“Images for Integration: Pluto takes Persephone into the Underworld…A celebrated surgeon amasses a fortune…A successful businessman probes the mysteries of life.”

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Also in Scorpio: Mercury (vows), Venus (love and affection – but Venus is Rx), and Mars (sex and desire); the Moon is across the horoscope from the Scorpio line-up in also-lusty Taurus.)

Well, to me it seems the Sun Sco-Moon Tau’s ‘Pluto and Persephone’ reference could be an accurate description for the Perry-Brand partnership yet I prefer the Sun Lib-Moon Tau blend for its “newlyweds” reference and its optimistic, romantic, and “abiding faith in the power of love”!

And yet…Mr. Brand does have those intense Scorpio eyes and seems quite a Pluto sort of fellow, doesn’t he? And wealthy Pluto rules the world’s riches which a lovely Taurean Moon can well appreciate.

So what do you think, lone reader? Naturally, if you should run across the actual time of their wedding ceremony – or a reference to ‘sunset’, that sort of thing – I hope you’ll let me know by leaving a comment here and I’ll update this post.


Here’s a link to a previous post concerning the natal chart of Russell Brand.

Wedding Day Astrology of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Having just published a Wedding Day Astrology report on Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s marriage, I thought you might wish to check out their nuptials as seen through an astrological lens.

In the sidebar of alphabetized Pages simply click ‘Wedding Day Astrology: Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’ and there you’ll be – not ‘at’ their 2003 wedding exactly, but as close as anyone should fairly come to this entertaining couple! Or simply click this link.

Also I’ve posted a Coldplay video from their tour, performed on the evening of August 16, 2009…view it here.

Astrology: Craig & Megan Ferguson’s Wedding Day

Are you lost and looking for a few Astrology notes on TV’s Craig Ferguson and his lovely bride Megan’s Wedding Day in Vermont?

Then here’s a Page you may wish to read:


Wedding Day Astrology of Craig and Megan Ferguson

A Snowy Path

A Snowy Path

 Prancing down a snowy path and climbing out on a limb goes this reluctant astrologer by using a source ~found at last~ which gives a date for the wedding of  The Late Late Show’s Craig Ferguson and his lovely bride, art-dealer Megan Wallace Cunningham.

Astrologers know how time-consuming chart studies really are, so you know I fought using an unverified source for the Ferguson’s wedding date, and I will gladly chow down on my astrolabe if I’ve done wrong…but I was beginning to wonder if their wedding date would ever turn up.

Dec 21, 2008’s Sun in Capricorn (the older, traditional man) and Moon in Libra, sign of the artist/art-dealer and art-lover…well, you can see there’s a temptation to try out the Sun Cap-Moon Libra blend for those romantic vow-takers of Vermont.

You may wish to see what I mean by scrolling down my Pages list in the sidebar column toward the ‘Ws’…you’re seeking ‘Wedding Day Astrology: Craig and Megan Ferguson’…see what the planets have to say about this cozy and happy pair!


Sun-Moon blend details: ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzi Harvey, plus a few notes from Dr. Noel Tyl.)

Drawing from:


Joe and Jill Biden’s Wedding Day Astrology

Check my sidebar Pages where you’ll find ‘Wedding Day Astrology: Joe and Jill Biden’ if you wish a small peek into the relationship dynamics of this 31-years-married couple!

Wedding Day Astrology of Todd and Sara Palin

At last! the Palin’s Wedding Day Astrology Page is up if you’re interested in their wedding day (Aug 29, 1988) and the relationship picture thus created by the Sun/Moon blend (marriage; male-female principles) on the day of their romantic elopement:


Ellen and Portia

Just a brief heads-up that a ‘Wedding Day Astrology’ Page is now published concerning last evening’s marriage of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi…see sidebar column, if you wish.

Two asteroids I neglected to mention so I will add them here: Juno ‘the wife’ is conjunct Ellen’s natal Ascendant 14Sag+ now, and Hera ‘the legal or official wife’ is traveling in tandem with lady Venus 13Vir+ – so the two asteroids are in aspect as well as making obviously descriptive transits to Ellen’s natal chart as they legalized their union!

My best wishes for much happiness go out to the joyous couple!


Here’s the article on the wedding with smoochy photo from BBC News:


Weddings and Marriages of John McCain

Since by my own fault there’s been some confusion concerning posts vs Pages here on John McCain’s two Wedding Days (two so far!) – Carol Shepp vs Cindy Hensley, you could say, here are links to both entries to tether them no matter where on this blog they may roam:

John and Carol Shepp McCain

John and Cindy Hensley McCain

And for a smidge of political balance here’s the John and Elizabeth Edwards’ Wedding Day Astrology entry in case you’ve managed to miss it so far:

John and Elizabeth Edwards

How about a little George’n’Laura with your pink champagne?

George and Laura Bush

Well, that’s quite a gaggle of political weddings. And too much cake can be a bad thing for the waistline.

Yet surprisingly, the stats for these Wedding Day Astrology articles remain firmly in the John-and-Cindy-McCain column! Now how crazy is that?

McCain – Shepp Wedding Day 1965

Just a shout-out to you on the Wedding Day Astrology article for John and Carol Shepp McCain which is now published on my Pages column in case you’re interested in John McCain’s first marriage.

And there is, of course, the ‘Wedding Day Astrology of John and Cindy McCain’ available as well if you don’t mind perusing posts – and this one should’ve also been published as a Page – oops!


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Are you daring?

~:~See sidebar under ‘lifestyle.’

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