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International bankers enabling Nazis

As I flitted around Twitter just now I ran across a blog that is new to me called American’s Journey.

One recent post stands out for its analysis of the circuitous subject of international bankers and their Nazi enablings which you may wish to check out especially if you have history interests or simply want our current crop of warmongering thieves to melt into the Hades from which they came.

Dots are connected between WWI, WWII, and the current mess they’ve engineered for the planet using their bogus, cruel anti-society ‘destroy in order to save’ mentality.

Written by Jude Cowell

February 13, 2010 at 2:36 am

Bolshevik crimes old and new

An article by Andrew Nagorski caught my eye concerning Sean McMeekin’s book, ‘History’s Greatest Heist: the Looting of Russia by the Bolsheviks’ which tells in harrowing detail the rise of the Bolsheviks in Russia, their plundering of the country to finance their power-grabbing plans, and the institution of Communism.

The story reminds me of Bush’s current looting of America especially considering the Sabian Symbol for George Bush’s Ascendant degree, ‘8 Leo’…

“A Bolshevik Propagandist.”

(‘Sabian Symbols in Astrology’ Marc Edmund Jones.)

By 1917, a bottomless pit had opened under the lives, power, and wealth of Europe and when US President Woodrow Wilson tipped the balance by entering the formerly neutral America into the fray, war was declared on the Central Powers (now Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria.)

Wilson called it the “war to end all wars'”(not) and said it would “make the world safe for democracy” which is a promise war never fulfills. In fact, WWI was the seed for the wars that have followed. Well, at least those were Wilson’s public justifications for taking America to war – sound familiar yet?

And when the transiting South Node, a separative point of neurotic behavior, reached ‘8Leo’ the Solar Eclipse of Feb 3, 1916 manifested as a catastrophic Total Eclipse in Aquarius (13:30) – conj disaster-prone Uranus and opposing warring instigator Mars.

This Eclipse marks the outbreak of the Battle of Verdun on Feb 21, and is in the 8 North Series (‘new-found inspiration; prophetic dreams; visions.’  -Brady; last occurred: Mar 29, 2006, ‘9Ari.’)

And a Great Conjunction of Saturn-Pluto had kicked off the loss, hardship, and cruelty in 1914-15:

1. Oct 4, 1914;  2Can14:

2.  Nov 1, 1914;  2Can04

3. May 19, 1915; 00Can54, a World Point where major events tend to occur which affect large numbers of the world’s population.

Plus, 2 to 3 Cancer is conj US natal Venus, as you notice.

So the rise of the Bolsheviks and other dictatorships indicates that the world wasn’t rendered “safe for democracy” after all, and as diplomatic Jupiter met with idealistic Neptune (as they will again 3x in 2009), the planet’s hope for peace resided with the League of Nations, a Jupiter-Neptune entity, as is the United Nations, founded in 1945.

(Jupiter conjuncted Neptune on Sept 22, 1945 at 5Lib54, which is the degree of George Bush’s natal Neptune, btw.)

This implies that 2009’s three conjunctions of the speculator/wastrel pair, Jupiter-Neptune, will bring the UN up for more attention and use in spite of their past “peacekeeper” problems  (raping, robbing, and evicting those they were supposedly sent to protect.)

Hopefully, you will not let a little Astrology as given herein dissuade you from reading Nagorski’s article for you may gain insight into what Bush-Paulson & Co have been up to and how – as if you hadn’t noticed already!


Then there’s the story of  Bush’s grandpa diverting millions in gold to Germany to aid Hitler’s rise to power in the 1930s – but that must be a tale for another post.

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