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Sun Tau-Moon Libra 5.6.09

If you find yourself wondering about an important White House meeting today through the lens of Astrology have a gander at this post which will also link you to more info on today’s transits to the Inaugural 2009 chart which I’ve placed at my new blog and gives the Sabian Symbol for Mercury’s current retrograde station degree….it’s quite a doozy.

Will Republicans change tune on Stimulus Plan?

Basing last week’s criticism of Obama’s stimulus plan on incomplete numbers, will Republicans change their tune now that a fuller picture is available?


The American people need action, we get drama – the ‘Bipartisan’ Edition:


And then there’s this:


Whitewatering Obama

Is this the best a Democrat in the White House may expect from mainstream media?


Written by Jude Cowell

December 13, 2008 at 11:03 pm

Bush to leave White House – secrets to go with him

Guess this White House’s so-obvious demonstration in its waning months that there are many secrets to squash and piled-up bodies to hide escapes our Mr. Skull & Bonesman Bush:


January 20, 2009: I can see Bush and Cheney now in my mind’s eye…high-tailin’ it from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and down the street…a long, long, long line of skeletons in tow like a shadowy conga line…

Did I mention the conga line is long?

Double Flyby plus Venus-Jupiter – and add the Crescent Moon

Space Weather News for Nov 28, 2008

DOUBLE FLYBY ALERT: Space shuttle Endeavour undocked from the International Space Station this morning, and the two spacecraft are now orbiting Earth in tandem. Endeavour is scheduled to land in Florida on Sunday, Nov. 30. Between now and then, many sky watchers (especially those in Europe) will be able to see the shuttle and the space station cutting across the night sky together–a rare and beautiful “double flyby.” Get predictions for your hometown from the Simple Satellite Tracker: http://spaceweather.com/flybys .

SPECTACULAR CONJUNCTION: When the sun goes down tonight, step outside and look southwest. You’ll see something very pretty: Venus and Jupiter beaming together through the twilight. The two closely-spaced planets are about to be joined by the slender crescent Moon for a spectacular three-way conjunction that arguably ranks as the best sky show of 2008. Check http://spaceweather.com for sky maps, photos–and be sure to keep an eye on the sky in the evenings ahead.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?  Yet astrologically speaking, Dec 1’s triple conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon 22Cap35 is more complex than a moonlight stroll in a starry meadow.

I’m using ’10:43 am’ because Moon and Venus meet at 22:35, with Jupiter 22:18…Moon has translated her glowing moonbeams from Jupiter to Lady Venus. An enchanted sprinkle? A secret meeting perhaps?

Could be all of the above and then some.

At the White House (locating the chart here specifically and as a stand-in for America) the three often-benefic bodies have just arisen on Dec 1, 2008 at 10:43 am est, thus lying hidden within the Behind-the-Scenes 12th house.

Pluto 00Cap10, a World Point, is ahead of them in the celestial order of this day although all grace the Saturn-ruled sign of the mer-goat, Capricorn. The mystical side of Cap is seldom mentioned here but has been noted elsewhere a time or two.

Sun 9Sag50 (conj Antares, ‘obsessed with success’ – one of the Royal Stars of Persia), Mars 11Sag03 (degree of Pluto-Chiron’s Great Conjunction Dec 30, 1999), and Mercury 13Sag09 (conj US natal ASC, ‘Sibly’) are in 10th house of ‘The World’ (Tarot card 21); Career; Public Status. Midheaven’s degree is 22Sco00, and 00AQ13 rises, the degree of US Inaugural Sun on Jan 20 in DC…and for 2009, Inaugural Mercury Rx, too.

’22’ is the number of Mastery and with Mc 22Sco:00 sextile all three – Moon, Venus, and Jupiter in Cap – a YOD pattern is possible for (anyone having) a planet at 21 – 23 Gemini in the apex position.

Glaringly, this includes America’s natal Mars (energy; action principle; direction), so a few midpoint pictures are formed which we may wish to consider; Reinhold Ebertin shall direct us…

Moon-Mc =  n Mars: devotion to a cause, body and soul; actions based on feelings; industriousness; spirit of endeavor; a man desiring to possess a woman’t soul ( I say, get yer own);

Venus-Mc = n Mars: strong desires; sex;

Jupiter-Mc = n Mars: clarity of purpose or objectives; successful cooperation; engagement; a desire to create one’s own good fortune; abundant creative powers.

Inauguration 2009’s 00AQ+ Sun and Mercury Rx are rising thus linking the triple conjunction to president-elect Barack Obama, with Sun as rep for ‘the leader.’ (And I still don’t know quite what to think of Mercury Rx on Jan 20, 2009!) Plus, 00AQ+ brings Obama’snatal Jupiter to the Ascendant with his late-Capricorn Saturn, planet of authority and control, rising just after Venus-Moon-Jupiter.

Ascendant 00AQ13 has not one, not two, but three planetary combos rising…All involve progressive if quirky rebel Uranus, erratic and electric planet of genius and originality…and you know the Saturn-Uranus opposition is still within orb, here across the 2/8 axis of Resources, and possibly signifying the ‘haves vs have-nots’ stand-off we’re under, but also traditionally linked with Israel, Palestine, and the region of the Middle East); both planets are connected to the scientific, futuristic sign of Aquarius…

Sun-Uranus = Asc: sudden experiences; easily excited persons; new associations.

Mercury-Uranus = Asc: organising ability; prudence or deliberation; circumspection; a sudden contact of thoughts with others (cell phones?); the application of practical principles in the creation of the environment;

Mars-Uranus = Asc: an upsetting event; accident; violence; an excitable  person inclined to commit violence; arrest.

Next is a rather squirrelly picture involving North Node, a joining point showing future direction or ‘the path’ or ‘destiny’…

Neptune-Asc = North Node: suffering from falsehood, fraud or malice through one’s association with disharmonious people (like Wall Street and Fed bandits? or pocket-lining politicians? more “bailouts” of the rich and dishonest?); an accessory to a malicious scheme (ahhh..now that echoes like the buzzing of wasps and hornets infesting Mumbai and elsewhere as they make their explosive point with cruelty – or: the world bank and investor crowd of thieves and crooks who have the money-lender scales tipped their way and Fort Knox wiped clean.)

We know the sociopaths and psychos are on the loose like wolves lying in wait (and proud of it!); meanwhile, a slightly different arm of the syndicate runs the political side of things – but they tend to split into factions – esp the D-Party whose edges are fraying as I type. Doltbrains. Egoism reigns!

Other midptpics with testy, testosterone-pumped Mars, the god of war who likes to blow things up while taking as many down with him as he goes… 

Pluto-Mc = Mars: great striving for the attainment of power; career crisis; the urge to dominate others; the misfortune to be forced into an uncongenial profession or occupation (‘occupation’ – of a country? profession – terroist? creative accountant who knows too much?);

Sun-Mercury = Mars: the will to fight life’s battles; thinking critically; agitated thoughts; excitement, upset, argument, or quarrel.

Midheaven has three planetary combos upon it so we know these duos of combined energies have a place to manifest…the Angular 10th house…

Moon-Saturn = Mc: sense of duty; self-control; feeling lonely or deserted; being ill or sad (don’t know about you but when I’m ill, I’m sad. And sad feelings can make people ill.)

Venus-Saturn = Mc: irritability; inhibitions; reserve; jealousy; separations in relationships; seeking solitude.

Jupiter-Saturn = Mc: fluctuating success; changes; losses; the philosopher; desiring solitude; love of seclusion; loneliness.

Obviously, Venus-Jupiter = Moon: charm, good nature, cordiality, and affection; the bride or mother.

So. As usual with our Lesson-Book-of-the-Universe planet, both good and bad are on our menus.

Last but not least, an Unaspected Pluto is tied into the energies of the chart bwo a midpoint picture (as it relates to Moon-Venus-Jupiter conj over Washington – or everywhere really), so we see the most expanded ego point of the chart (Sun-Jup) pointing to the god of Hades, lord of the Underworld…so distant and unaffected…

Sun-Jupiter = Pluto: acquiring wealth (at whose expense?); expectation of good fortune; pursuing happiness and fortune.

As you know, lone reader, I tend to use Pluto as a rep for the richest of the world’s denizens, those power elitist string-pullers who may be referred to only in hushed tones as…the secret hand. Distant royal cousins? Brethren in a super-secret alliance to ensnare the world’s masses? Both?

Thing is, they too will take as many down with them as they go. Innocents included.

That’s what really keeps me in a snit of miffdom about the propagandisticlly-named ‘WOT’…that, and the fact that the common good of humankind is no more than a joke to them, suitable for after-dinner banter and brandy…

In the library. With a candelabra.


Sunday Night Update: tomorrow, Monday, Dec 1, 2008, the president-elect is to announce his cabinet picks including, one presumes, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. The scheduled time I’m finding for his announcement is ’10:40 am ET’…three minutes into the Moon-Venus-Jupiter conjunction! Wha-a-aaa?

Bush thanks Treasury Dept and Paulson 10.3.08

Oct 3, 2008 2:38 pm – 2:39 pm edt…Bush is a mighty quick thanker for such a humongously oversized gift:


He IS leaving the White House in January, right???

Jules Verne fireballs and DC’s gas plumes

Space Weather News for Sept. 29, 2008

GOODBYE, JULES VERNE:  Earlier today, European mission controllers
commanded the robotic cargo carrier Jules Verne to re-enter Earth's
atmosphere over the south Pacific Ocean.

The disintegrating spacecraft made a spectacular fireball observed
by at least one NASA aircraft and possibly the International Space
Station. First picturesare coming in now and may be found
at http://spaceweather.com

GREAT PROMINENCE:  Sunspot counts remain very low, but solar
activity is not zero. For the third day in a row, astronomers are
monitoring one of the best solar prominences in years. 

The plume of hot gas, twisted into complex shapes by solar magnetic
fields, is nearly 10 times taller than Earth and an easy target
for safely-filtered backyard telescopes.  

Visit http://spaceweather.com for photos and movies.#


There's another plume of hot gas over Washington today with the
drama of the bailout bill failing to pass. But then I always wait
to see if political balking is merely part of a script with
ultimate results telling more of the true plot than any Capitol
Hill Theater matinee ever reveals. 

Being away from my Astrology software at the moment I hope a
curious astrologer will set up a chart for what I hear is the
next House vote - Thursday at noon EDT. Even if noon is off
a bit it should work as a symbolic chart of the bill's vote. 

And if Hank Paulson gets the vapors again, please someone let
me know. Neptune's fog, vapors, and smokey mirrors are proving
difficult for the lawmakers to see through.

Georgia's Paul Broun cites "cow patties" which aren't appetizing
in the least, are they? Since I'm from Georgia do I need to
translate? Okay. The bailout bill is a pile of merde.

Then there's the White House refusal to cooperate on the Attorneys
General firings investigation as a certain weasel sings like a

Yes, George Bush has a lot to be "very disappointed" about today,
it's true. 

And now he knows how I and millions of other people have felt for
almost eight long years of a president's term under which the largest
failures of our nation have occurred.

Woodrow Wilson and the invisible empire

President Woodrow Wilson“The government, which was designed for the people, has got into the hands of the bosses and their employers, the special interests. An invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy.”

Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924) 28th US President (1913-1921)

Well, he would know!


Born Dec 29, 1856, in Staunton, VA (12:45 am LMT; Rodden rating B), Thomas Woodrow Wilson, entered politics in 1910 when he was elected Democratic governor of New Jersey.

Wilson received his PhD with the first of his major books on government, ‘Congressional Government’ (1885); he taught school and became president of Princeton University in 1902 (before it was known as “Princeton.”)

A landslide vote carried him into the White House in 1912 when the vote split among Republicans between W. H. Taft and Teddy Roosevelt. Also in 1912, New Mexico became our 47th state, and the Titanic sank losing 1,513 lives.

President Wilson called his reformist program the ‘New Freedom’ and he’s known for several breakthrough reforms while in office such as: a graduated income tax, an eight-hour work day, lower tariffs, the Federal Trade Commission created, child labor legislation; the Clayton Antitrust Law, and….the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

It’s doubtful that President Wilson expected the Fed, a private organization, to take over the government as it’s in process of doing this week. But he probably didn’t foresee that Wall Street would become a cesspool of fraud with its take-all-you-can-however-you-can-get-it creed of greed either.

(Speaker Pelosi is being quoted on NPR saying that Paulson’s Plan “lacks the necessary safeguards.”)

With his pledge to keep America out of the European war, Mr. Wilson won re-election in 1916 – so much for campaign promises being realistic. Facts and circumstances do change, of course, and pressures are brought to bear, but Campaign 2008 seems to be in part: Read my slips (not a typo.)

Following our nation’s laws, Wilson took the US into conflict by first petitioning Congress for a declaration of war on Germany on April 2, 1917; then his Fourteen Points peace plan brought Germany to the bargaining table in late 1918, thank goodness.

Wilson’s efforts toward establishment of the League of Nations garnered him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919 although the US never joined. 1919 to 1920 was marked by the grand spirit of a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in the 9/10 Leo range. We have another triple conjunction of this speculative pair all through 2009.

So with Venus as his natal chart-ruler, Woodrow Wilson has 15Lib29 rising which conjuncts America’s natal Saturn at a time when we needed a father figure.  (Guess we could use one again, but not the false integrity kind, and not another megalomaniacal hothead – please, Lord.)

Midheaven is 17Can35 with Saturn 11Can00 Rx in 9th house. Sun is in 3rd house of Communications, with Moon conj Chiron in 4th house along with Mercury. Venus and Mars are Very Closely conjunct in AQ…17:06 and 17:05 respectively. (This is the “end of progress” degree although I have no idea why I’m telling you this.)

Woodrow Wilson was born in a New Moon phase (22:58 = very subjective and prone to meet situations and people as ‘symbols’ rather than as real) with Sun 7Cap42, Moon 00AQ46, an Earth-Air combination of practical idealism. So this practical blend surely improved his New Moon tendencies as he matured. Plus, Earth-Air gives a progressive yet conservative temperment with its ability to mix abstract thought with a down-to-earth viewpoint.

Earth-Air is the planner-builder-consolidater blend with a dry sense of humor and a way with languages. And as we might expect, dealing with emotions is not its strongest point.

Specifically, Sun Cap-Moon AQ is a sociable yet solitary blend – clear-headed, rational, and thoughtful. His book authoring on government benefited from these talents, and dealing with Washington politics was a good fit for Wilson’s personality. Mercury 18Cap47 gave his thought patterns Saturnian structure for writing and speaking on serious subjects.

Of this blend, Noel Tyl says, “innovation is the goal; significance is the prize.”

You see the stiffness of the ‘important man’ in the portrait which I snagged from Wikipedia (link to follow) yet this was the usual pose in photographs of the times. Still, I imagine he looked pretty much like this every day, don’t you?!

Yes, politics, economics, history, and academia are good professional channels for the Cap-AQ combo with its supportive interest in other people. Plus, Wilson’s diligence made him a success in office for the most part – but he was perhaps better with domestic issues than abroad.

My assumption is that when today’s politicians call themselves ‘Wilsonian’ they refer to Wilson’s ‘idealistic internationalism’ which sent America out into the world to fight for democracy.

But my thought is that it’s one thing to fight and defend democracy where it exists, but quite another to insist on establishing it (by fighting and bombing innocents) where it doesn’t. But then I don’t have to worry about being president – I just think Someone has got the two confused and jumbled up…on purpose.

Anyway, the Sun Cap-Moon AQ combo likes to make a practical difference in the world yet has a bit of a monkish streak in the personality that tends to withdraw in a self-reliant, independent way. There’s an Aquarian respect for the well-being of others even while Capricorn gives plenty of personal ambition.

A deep need to be in control can cause problems in relationships due to an inability to compromise and this is what kept him from compromising with Republicans in Congress to pass the motion for joining the League of Nations. This must have been a bitter pill for his Fiery and expansive Jupiter in Aries, sign of the pioneer.

While involved with the Paris Peace talks, Wilson collapsed from a stroke in Sept 1919, and with the aid of his wife, Edith, continued running the country until his retirement in 1921. Thanks to the devoted care of his wife, he lived three more years, passing away on Feb 3, 1924.

One more thing: here are Woodrow Wilson’s ‘Images for Integration’ which mix, in word pictures, the adult Sun Cap with the inner child Moon in AQ using ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Charles and Suzy Harvey…and I quote:

“An historian points the way to the future…A prophetic poet is awarded high honors…Having struggled unaided to the peak, a mountaineer hitches a ride on a passing helicopter.”

Read more about President Woodrow Wilson:


And get the official scoop here:


McCain-Palin perfect ticket for Iran

Having just read a thoughtful, insightful article, ‘Ahmadinejad Wants McCain and Palin in the White House,’ by Sam Sedaei at Huffington Post, I give its link here in hopes that anyone considering putting McCain-Palin and their warmongering rhetoric into the Oval Office will pause long enough to read this article from one who knows whereof he speaks:


Bush-Cheney in 2004 made Iran’s mullahs So Happy – will you make them jump for joy in 2008?

You know America helped Iran establish its nuclear program over 30 years ago when our puppet, the Shah, was ruling Iran, a country that hasn’t attacked another nation in 100 years!

Too bad America can’t say anything like the same, and Bush-Cheney-McCain-Palin are spoiling for fights before breakfast.

Moon back in bounds as Obama enters Denver 8.27.08

This morning, Aug 27, 2008, at appr 10:46 am MDT, the Moon returns within bounds of the earthly plane, aka ‘back in bounds’ while zodiacally placed at 24Can03 (9th house in Denver) – and Barack Obama arrives at the DNC.

Curious degree, if you don’t mind rounding up to ’25Can’ – the natal US Mercury’s degree (Rx.) And Mercury represents orators, communicators, and young people – esp those who deliver The Good News.

America could use a slice o’that. But delivered on whose behalf?

Carelli gives the symbol for ’25Can’ as “A wild horse” suggesting a questing, Sagittarian influence, full of noble purpose. Reminds me of Joe Biden’s promise that Obama – and he – will ‘transform the world.’

It needs reforming, but on whose behalf?

In the Sabian Symbols Dane Rudhyar gives ’25Can’ as: “A Will-full Man Is Overshadowed by a Descent of Superior Power’…re-miiind you of anyone? (as TV”s Craig Ferguson often queries.)


And Bill Clinton, who speaks tonight, is reported to not ‘like’ Barack Obama whom he feels has failed to acknowledged his own contributions to the Dem Party. Egos clash for party control of course, yet this script may be as much party lore than anything and I can think of a few reasons how it could be useful to them pre-White House…if it’s dropped or disavowed with more fervor post-White House, we’ll see propaganda underpinings in it.

Some may see the invisible mantle of power as belonging to one standing behind Obama! Biden? Bill C? An unknown supporter whose name remains a mystery? Or an organization.

Back to ’25Can’…Rudhyar adds, and I quote:

“We are dealing here with a man who uses his will and positive imagination in facing his life problems. To him comes a pentecostal descent of power. He receives the ‘mantle of power,’ the grace (‘baraka’ in Sufi philosophy) or the Providential assistance which can make him a true leader in his culture.”

You didn’t miss the ‘BARAKA’ mention did you? Re-miiind you of anyone? The Sufi reference I’ll stay quiet about! Besides, I like Sufi music, you know. And the reference to ‘Providential assistance’ re-miiinds me of the fellows of 1776.

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones’ version of the Symbols gives ’25Can’ as: “A Dark Shadow or Mantle Thrown Suddenly Over the Right Shoulder.”

Right shoulder = political right? dark shadow = Barack Obama and perhaps support from secret powers? The mantle of power = US presidency obviously which may be tip of a worldwide iceberg.

A ‘black man in the White House’ seems at this juncture to be on America’s menu unless Karl Rove high-jinks should prevail and vanquish.

(But that’s assuming the Rs want the helm ‘at this juncture’ with all the mess they’ve made – why not let Dems have a go and flail around a while so the GOP can emerge as victorious ‘saviors’ in 2012 thus preventing a Hillary Clinton presidency? With Mitt Romney now joined the ‘shadow’ operation of the McCain campaign, one wonders what’s in the works. The August 1 Solar Eclipse shadow effects are now underway where options open and the cosmos shows a solution which must be quickly acted upon.) 

And Jones’ keyword for this Moon-in-bounds/Obama-to-Denver degree?


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