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Lawsuit leaks US spy’s ID

Not WikiLeaks this time but a lawsuit over US drone strikes in Pakistan killing innocent people has revealed the name of an American spy.

He has fled for safety after receiving death threats.

Obama: conjurer, con man, or both?


‘Niobe’s Plea: Please Don’t Bomb My Baby’


You know I’ve tried clicking the heels of my ruby slippers together many times since Nov 4, but the more cabinet pick names I hear from the Obama adminstration, the harder it gets to believe.

Here are the sorts of things I fret about with a Barack Obama presidency, especially one seen through rose-colored glasses by a drained and end-of-rope American public shell-shocked to accept anything:


Now I don’t mean Democrats vs Republicans here – there is no real difference between our illusory ‘two-parties’ as I’ve grumped for years blogwise. I mean that Obama will be a continuation of the neocon coup America has been infested with these last several years.

Not much can help us now – only we-the-people must help ourselves against a political and financial regime bent on war, war, and more war.

So how does Astrology show this ending of the republic we once protected? The Immum Coeli (IC, for short), the lowest point in a chart,  How Things End/the Drain.

No planets are there in the US natal chart (‘Sibly’ or Rudhyar charts) but the Aries Point is…ruled by testosterone-driven Mars, the god of…war.

No, the American people who voted for Barack Obama didn’t vote for more war. They were under the impression they were voting against it. Conned again!

But the shadow ones who okayed him for office are gung-ho for it and the profits war brings them, and for the conquests they crave in order to rule the world.

So was it an Historic Moment on November 4?

Or the Con of the Millennium?

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