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Jan 6, 2014: Robespierre and the US Senate

Where Are Five Republicans When You Need Them?

by Jude Cowell

Since the US Senate is scheduled to vote at 5:30 pm ET today on a 3-month extension of unemployment benefits, I had to snag a peek at certain astrological portents for that hour and found that with the Sun (leadership) in governing Capricorn, the Pisces Moon (We the People) moves into Mars-ruled Aries prior to the vote.

So what does Maximilien Robespierre of Reign of Terror fame have to do with the US Senate or with today’s vote? Has this reluctant astrologer finally gone round the bend? I’ll have to get back to you on that one yet the question may be answered by visiting my Political Astrology site, Stars Over Washington, and spending a few minutes of your time!

After all, some say we’re living amidst our own reign of terror–ever since the attacks of 9/11/01. Wouldn’t you?

Jan 6, 2014: US Senate to take up unemployment benefits

Stimulus Bill passes late in the night

The US Senate voted 60 to 38 in late session to pass the Stimulus Bill to aid working Americans in spite of the poorly acted hissy fit of impotence thrown by House Republican leader John Boehner (OH) who threw (dropped) the 1,071 page bill to the floor with theatrical ‘contempt.’

Perhaps he really felt contempt, I don’t know, but it looks as if unemployed Americans and children in need of their next meals won’t be nominating Boehner for an Oscar anytime soon, if asked to vote.

Bad performance, miserly sentiments, imho, from a professional politician who was hot, bothered, and in a huge hurry to send massive aid to rich banker pals and Wall Street gentry who knew better but didn’t care what happened to this country or to its people (whose tax money they were heisting.)


Interesting that it was Sen. Sherrod Brown – also of Ohio – who flew back from his mother’s memorial service to provide the 60th vote, thus the lateness of the hour.

Sometimes irony has such a welcome and soothing quality!

Update: see comments below this post for astrological details on Sherrod Brown’s vote – he arrived in the Senate chamber at 10:45 pm est.

Blago’s circus

Marie Cocco’s amused irony concerning the Blagojevich-Senate seat-embarrass-Obama sideshow dovetail rather nicely with my own:


You know I always ask: if politicians put on a show Here to divert all eyes…what are they really up to over there behind the curtain?

Senator Byrd steps down

When I heard today that Senator Robert Byrd (D-WVA) is stepping down from his chairmanship of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I decided it was time to astrologize him a little.

Byrd, whose birth name is Sales, was born in North Carolina 90 years ago but since his birth hour is unknown, we may simply check the 24 hours and see that the Moon was in Aquarius the entire day and night of Nov 20, 1917.

So our longest serving senator has a (Water-Air) Sun Scorpio-Moon AQ personality blend.

If you wish to read my notes, scroll down the Pages list in my sidebar to ‘Senator Robert Byrd: longest serving senator’ for a few astrological details and a couple of links concerning the senator who so eloquently decried the Iraq invasion from the Senate floor – before it occurred.

And do you remember who rebutted Byrd’s argument that day in March 2003?

Why, Senator 100-years-in-Iraq McCain, that’s who.

Senate Speeches: Byrd vs McCain March 19, 2003

Perhaps you remember that the venerable Senator Robert Byrd (D-WVa) arose the afternoon of March 19, 2003 – hours before Bush-Cheney began to rain preemptive bombs upon Baghdad – and gave a stirring speech on the senate floor which condemned US military action against Iraq.

You may recall Byrd’s speech by one of the rhetorical questions he asked as he (and I along with him, perhaps you, too) wept for America:

One of his questions: “Why can this President not seem to see that America’s true power lies not in its will to intimidate, but in its ability to inspire?”

Now we notice that Byrd used, ‘not seem to see,’ a phrase which hints at his awareness of Bush’s willful disregard of anyone’s better advice – dubya was gunning for Saddam who had tried to get his father (the noive) and besides: a higher neocon/globalist plan admitted no other course of action.

Byrd was being….generous, imho. Bush did ‘see’ but he didn’t care; in fact he was counting on our courageous soldiers to be just that idealistic about liberating oppressed Iraqis whether the liberated lived through it or not. Naturally Bush must catapult our tendency toward idealism to a national fervor, for its been proven that the American people need their idealism fanned in order to march to war.

Well, it kinda worked with a bunch of tweaking and intell “sexing up” as the Brits say, while America’s might was commandeered for privatized use. I’m being generous.

Then what do you think happened on the senate floor when Senator Byrd sat down that ill-fated day?

A man rose up to defend the war plans of George W. Bush & Co. In fact, you could say he beat the war drums a few licks himself while labeling himself a Wilsonian and admitting his harbored feeling of admiration for his “hero and role model, Theodore Roosevelt.”

And that man, that Senator and water-carrier for the Bush-Cheney regime that day in 2003 was 2008 presidential candidate, John McCain, who knows a little something about war and its personal costs. Never mind that one thing he knows for sure is that, at his age, he’ll never have to serve ‘over there’ again.

His hero and role model, eh? Wonder if McCain has ever taken notice of the Teddy Roosevelt quote from my last article (just below)…the one about America’s secret, invisible government as explained by Teddy Roosevelt?

These last few years it’s become impossible for me to think of the holder of the Office of the Presidency as anything more than the tip of a submerged iceberg, a mouthpiece for announcing all manner of propaganda and decrees from on high. Mark it up and pass it on. Maybe it was always that way, but the job has been degraded in recent decades – also part of the plan of dissolving our nation.

Whichever candidate, if any, is sworn in on Jan 20, 2009 (with a meaningless pledge of Constitution-upholding) the transits to the US natal chart/s, its Progressions, etc, will still occur and her idealism will be twisted into a semblance of nationalism as needed. We will be told that the higher good demands our action even when we’ve given all we have to give and disagree with the fuzzy justifications for it all.

Mars retrograde by Progression in the US chart indicates a turning inward militarily and in other ways rather than an outreach, and the Full Moon by Progression in December is the culmination of efforts as well – we’ve reached the outer limits of our power and must retract.

And yes, our secret government may be seen in a fuller light bwo astrological terms by the upcoming Progressed Full Moon in December 2008, and later on we’ll experience the Saturn conjunct natal Neptune (ideals, visions, dreams, hopes) which is the “grim face of reality” transit. Because Saturn’s cycle is approximately 28 – 30 years in length, issues from 1979 – 1983 or so will be on the national menu along with Filet of Sole Soup (served cold and byoc…bring your own croutons.)

Old Man Saturn says, ‘deal with reality and truth – now” and we have little option to do otherwise.

History repeats (‘Saturn Rx’) as shown in astrological cycles but there are always additional factors to change the current brew which sometimes is an improvement. (That’s good because I suspect that Filet of Sole Soup isn’t very tasty, don’t you?)

Plus, we know that ‘Corporatism meets Capitalism’ is another manifestation of Saturn-Neptune although I do use the antithetical pair, like many other astrologers before me, to represent Communism itself when applicable.

And: state + corporations = fascism, as you know…a similar thing but adding the political dimension.

The pirating of America is almost complete but with much restructuring still to do (Pluto in Capricorn.)

So if you plan to vote for John McCain in November (the 2008 elections are still on, right?) please read both texts given in full by following the link I’m about to give you. The speeches are provided in full text and are fairly brief so it won’t take you more than two shakes of a lamb’s tail to peruse – and it’s an interesting limp down Memory Lane, if nothing else.

Certainly it’s good for McCain voters to remember March 19, 2003 and the senator’s arguments (must retrieve large amounts of WMD in Iraq! Now where’d I put those talking points?) against the more measured, thoughtful approach of one of our longest-serving Senators who may have lived his younger days with certain prejudices, but now seems to see that self-evolution and noble acting require serious self-contemplation before rushing off to an ill-advised war on a fool’s errand of a wild goose chase that a bully-pulpiter can’t be clear or honest about because if he were – no one would follow.

Full texts of both speeches: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article19577.htm

Daniel Ellsburg on presidents and realities: May 13, 1970

Daniel Ellsburg, of Watergate fame, spoke truth to power (the Senate on Foreign Relations) on May 13, 1970, and it’s something we know all too well in 2008 after years of the Bush administration’s bubblethink.

Now I don’t know about you, but McCain represents more of the same bubblethink of preemptive strikes, fearmongering, and overspending on war. How about overspending on the American people’s needs and a chunk of change to spruce up the US infrastructure?

The Bush-McCain mindset is that such things would ‘cost too much.’ Do you agree with them?

So I plan to vote for a different bubblethink, that of Barack Obama, knowing that insulation happens to all presidents along with its lamentable lack of contact with reality (and partially for security reasons. However, Bush-Cheney didn’t want anyone interfering with their agenda.)

So I simply refuse to give Bush a stamp of approval by voting for his candidate.

Anyway, please check out Ellsburg’s statement for he explains the imperfect process to perfection. You’d think America could have learned something of value from Nixon the Crook and the bubblethink of the 70s!


$inging the Liquidity Blue$

‘Twas greed and fraud that got us here

the Fed can’t do enough

to snip their rates and print more bills

and water down the fluff

We Need a World Economy

the globalists did shout

to win the prize at any cost

they’ll take our whole world out.

jc 1.30.08 (liquidity, water, fluff = Neptune; hitting the ground with a thud? Saturn)

Here’s an article, A Who’s Who of the Federal Reserve policymakers who hold power over your pocketbook” by Jennine Aversa:


The ‘Fed’….never elected, always pulling the financial strings…enabled by Congress, and cheered by globalists everywhere. Hiss boo.

Note to the Senate: Bush’s stimulus ‘package’ is inadequate anyway for the current crisis created by ‘the elite’ so do you want to be blamed by the White House (and the rest of us who have a low opinion of you to begin with) for delaying rebates when they prove not enough?

Hey, you’re part of ‘the elite’ too. So whether you feign concern and add to the package or shoosh the Bush version into action asap, you’ve still got it made, agenda-wise, don’t you?

Congress’ financial sins are numerous such as lack of oversight, rubberstamping war ‘budgets’, self pay raises passed after midnight, etc. But Senators, don’t let your well known vanity trump whatever common sense you can muster, if any.

Recommended site: http://www.augustreview.com

And look what I wrote here in August 2007:


Final Note: check my sidebar for a new Page on the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2008 and where they fall within the natal chart of George Bush because 2008 is his last year to reign…unless he pulls a putin. Is this financial meltdown and fear part of the NWO’s timetable? What do you think?

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