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Rep Louis Gohmert and the 3 branches of government

Returning from errands a while ago, I found Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) on C-SPAN speaking in the chamber on a resolution to teach the US Constitution to high school seniors.

Since I had Civics classes all through school, I heartily agree that this is a wonderful idea to re-install classes on government prior to an 18-year-old’s voting for the first time.

Rep. Gohmert said that many Americans cannot name the three branches of government, and I’ve read this somewhere recently myself – a result, I suspect, of taking Civics courses out of our public school system.

What made me chuckle was the lawmaker’s lament that more US citizens can name the Three Stooges than can name the three branches of government, so let me take the Civics test now:

Mo has to be the president of the Executive branch;

Larry must be the Judicial branch, SCOTUS;

which leaves crazy Curly as the Legislative branch, aka the US Congress.

Did I pass? Am I passing yet? Am I lying? And would you consider grading on the curve? ;p

Obama’s speech Canton, OH 10.27.08

If you look under ‘Speeches’ in my sidebar you’ll find a link to Barack Obama’s Closing Argument speech delivered today in Canton, Ohio – full text courtesy of Time’s The Page.

A constitutional lawyer as president? Yeah, I could get used to that, as long the US Constitution is being upheld so that America can be. Isn’t that what a US president’s Oath of Office SAYS he will do?

Arrest Bush-Cheney War Criminals: video link

With the important financial shell game going on upon Capitol Hill yesterday, I belatedly discovered this video of Veterans for Peace and their protest bwo hanging a large banner across the National Archives building in Washington DC which reads:

‘Defend Our Constitution

Arrest Bush-Cheney – War Criminals’

and it made me proud that someone is pointing out our shredded Constitution under the Bush administration.

See a video interview with one of the Veterans for Peace here:


Another day has dawned. Don’t suppose the banner is still hanging, do you?

You may read the text of the US Constitution by looking under ‘America’ in sidebar.

Obama-Biden or McCain-Palin?

In a Freudian typo-slip, the title of this post was about to be ‘Obama-Biden or Palin-McCain?’ but it may not matter much longer according to an excellent post-with-predictions on the outcome of the November presidential election which Nancy has written at Starlight News:


McCain’s Palin ‘bump’ may be fading soon, and as many astrologers have observed before: John McCain’s health really IS an issue with transit Saturn opposite natal Saturn (in his 6th house of Health) on the menu.

If That transit doesn’t have health implications for a previous cancer patient of his advanced years, I’ll have to eat my ephemeris, won’t I? And of course, Saturn rules skin, and the August 1 Solar Eclipse is in McCain’s Pre-natal Eclipse Series making this a banner year for him in one way or another.

Eclipses, if they ‘bring’ anything at all, usually bring to light what one least expects so it’s impossible to pre-judge how they will act upon a native, but given McCain’s prominence within the collective, I should expect that “his” Eclipse will manifest noticeably as an event or events.

Then there’s Barack Obama:

One thing about Obama’s campaign that I’ve not had time to delve into as I’d like this week is his recent trip to Iraq and the hay the GOP will be making of it – whether they spin it out of whack or not, apparently Senator Obama ‘had speaks’ about a troop withdrawal date (and postponing it until the new administration comes in), which gives the Rovians lots of ammunition to manipulate into a big political problem for the Democratic candidate – even if he was well-intentioned.

Plus, tonight I’m officially in count down mode because this Friday evening is the Craig Ferguson comedy performance we’ve been pining for and I can hardly wait.

You’ve probably heard by now that Craig was feeling unwell and had to visit his doctor the other day and he’s been diagnosed with…..election fever!

Oh, and Happy 221st birthday to the US Constitution today! You’re a little gray around the muzzle and under constant attack – in shreds actually – but the majority of we-the-people still love ya!

Wednesday, Sept 17 was marked by a ceremony at Montpelier, home of the Architect of the Constitution (and the Bill of Rights), President James Madison, because the renovations have been completed returning Montpelier to its original state and size.

The du Pont family’s wings have been removed reducing the house’s size from 36,000 square feet to 12,261 square feet. ‘Madison’s Temple’ is still on the premises, of course.

In attendance were Jim Lehrer and Chief Justice John Roberts, some muckety-muck politicians, along with Madison’s descendants, and descendants of the slaves he kept. With Madison elected president in 1809, the plantation has been restored to the time period 1809 – 1836, the year of his death.

And if you find yourself in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains you may wish to have a visit there yourself – snag more info here:


And speaking of Founding Fathers, Tuesday I posted a bit on John Adams’ natal chart with a very interesting quote from the man himself – a quote which the current gaggle of Washington politicians, world bankers, and court justices could apply to themselves any time they see fit and the whole world would be much better off if the ‘power elitists’ would take a good look at themselves in John Adams’ mirror:


McCain says join the military and Palin’s birth time

Lots of cheering going on tonight at the RNC as John McCain suggested that Americans join the military, become teachers, help the needy, and other good ideas to keep busy and not notice how the balance of the Supreme Court, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights will continue to be eroded under another Republican president. They failed to mention these things tonight.

No, I was not comforted…sounds like 100 years in Iraq to me. And will a McCain presidency extend the civil-liberties-squelching provisions of the US ‘Patriot’ Act? Neocons didn’t go to all that trouble only to let go of power and control now.

Cut to Palin in the audience! Eric Francis has a reported birth time for Sara Palin if you want to check out his excellent observations. Eric is working on rectification and says the chart works:


So if 4:40 pm is correct it gives Palin Leo rising just as has been suggested in comment threads here. It is difficult to miss her mane of Leonine hair and her past beauty queen competition for the approval and applause that Leo adores.

Phil Gramm and the Pluto/Chiron duo of oppression

Thomas Franks has an article in the Wall Street Journal which is a not-to-miss if you’re interested in taking back America from the corrupt thugs of the conservative party – aka the GOP and their enablers – here’s a link to his article unless you’ve read it already:


You’ll remember that power-behind-the-throne Pluto met up with Chiron (the wounded) on Dec 30, 1999 in time to usher in the New Millennium when US governmental take-over really revved up for the final push in order to finish the job begun by a halo-enshrined Ronald Reagan and his greedy corporate Family of Brethren, the GOP (along with their pseudo-opponents.)

This conjunction occurred on America’s natal ASC (Sibly)…Sabian Symbol from Marc Edmund Jones:

“12Sag”…”A Flag That Turns Into An Eagle That Crows”…ADJUSTMENT…

positive expression: successful self-establishment through genuine self-expression;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: idle prejudices and unsubstantiated claims.

The shadow side of this degree could describe the system of politics its very self, that “system of organized hatreds.”

But Back to the WSJ:

Thomas Franks’ research and new book include what for me seems the missing item – that in recent years conservatism had been couped by a different brand of pocket-lining thugs such as Jack Abramoff, Tom Delay (“the godfather” and “the hammer”) and others who have no intention of leaving the American government intact. You weren’t using it, were you?

That John McCain is connected to this faction through Charlie Black and others who admire the Spanish fascism of the 1930s is lamentable for those who love America and wish her to progress in something like her accustomed form.

A McCain presidency would or will be a continuation of the dismantling of the US government which is evident by the Collective’s instinctive understanding that McCain is a “Bush clone.”

But that’s not giving McCain the Emotional enough credit – for he will have to take actions that are even worse for the common good  (a concept they abhor) to do the job placed before him, not by the American electorate but by his shadowy masters. It’s a big plateful but McCain has demonstrated over and over again a ravenous hunger for power.

Pluto/Chiron timing 2004:

Then in mid-August 2004, the corporatism, class warfare, racism, disenfranchment, sexism, barbarism, and primal violence pair were in parallel which is similar to a strong conjunction and useful for timing purposes….just in time for the 2004 presidential election. Hmph.

As Franks’ article states:

“Well, since Dec 1, 1999, the average annualized performance of the Dow has been about 0.1%. Adjusted for inflation, it’s more like negative 3%.”

And he said, ADJUSTED – Wall Street runs on ‘unsubstantiated claims’ and creative accounting practices.

Today’s homelessness and hunger across America is an Intended Consequence of Pluto/Chiron’s collusion and a by-product of social tinkering by a power elite who are in process of bringing down the world’s financial systems, a larger echo of the path Hitler took in the 1930s to establish his power and promote terror for control purposes. These monkeyshines have been around a long time!

Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bushes, the Queen of the Netherlands, and their ‘royal’ ilk and couriers-in-waiting mean to foment revolution and chaos as their ancestors have done through the centuries, and so far they’ve done most of their cruel work upon a public unaware of the larger plan for world domination.

And it’s not only a conspiracy – it’s Pluto/Chiron’s primal energies being used by those who are so highly self-aware that it’s difficult to see how they can bear to look upon their own ‘glory.’ Guess that makes them a conspiracy syndicate of world proportions, a syndicate that has no shame and no allegiance to any nation…only to themselves.

It’s been discussed before that Bush, when taking the Oath of Office to uphold~protect~defend the Consitution 2001/05, had to be hiding crossed fingers behind his back. So the question is: will McCain repeat the farce in 2009?

Only a Dem landslide can hope to change a McCain outcome and Obama’s groundswell plans are meant to counter McCain’s wealthy donor millions and the rigging that will be necessary if propaganda and dirty tricks fail to sway the masses toward the GOP. “It’s in the bag,” as George once said to Jeb. And it was.

So if it’s to be Barack Obama and he does wish to turn the ship of state around from its present disasterous course, he won’t be allowed. 

And that’s no joke, for Pluto/Chiron’s minions are afoot, m’peops. Even now they are at the Gate.

VP search: too many senators

Yeah, okay, so an abundance of senators we’ve already got in this race for the White House and all I’ve read or heard indicate that only governors need apply for the office of Vice President of the United States of America.

So there go my Jim Webb-John Edwards ideas for the Dem ticket, I suppose, and what’s best for the common good need not apply either…Politics eats it for breakfast.

Then there is the commonly known tendency of senators to have exalted (aka high’n’mighty) opinions of themselves…perhaps too much so to be put in the number 2 spot by a freshly minted president with credibility issues of his/her own. But we’ve been graced with governors for prez before and see what pigs-in-pokes they turned out to be? As you know, the current one is a real oinker.

Dick Cheney even thinks himself above the office while he’s holding it and not part of the executive branch at all. Now that’s a raging case of hubris or advice from his lawyers…or both. Mildly amusing that he elevated the office in so many ways yet disavowed it when his hide was in danger. He’s a crafty little yoda pudding pile.

And with the McCain shendig in Sedona, Arizona this weekend, the guest list of governors seems to indicate that McCain has his eye monacle upon Mitt Romney, among others. Selecting him may be a political can of religious worms being opened past their use-by date.

But as previously noted, campaigning Romney did raise more money here in Georgia than McCain has to date even though the state was overrun by Republicans some years ago (oddly enough, so GA must have some cache for the GOP, eh? ‘Strategery.’ Perhaps you’ve caught the PBS series, ‘American Experience’ and the episodes on FDR which mention the “Little White House” in Georgia. But it’s the graying Big One I’m fretting about here.)

Funny that my blog stats have my ‘McCains’ Wedding Day Astrology’ article as numero uno…6,762 views so far. With the release of McCain’s voluminous health report, we are meant to be consoled that the man is fit as a fiddle, or at least as sound as a ukelele (in tune, one hopes.)

Then this week Hillary Clinton apologized for her weird remark about RFK’s assassination in mid-June as if a certain opponent may be history by June and she won’t need to drop out of the horse race.  Does she know something we don’t know?

Some say perhaps she was “tired” and thus let an unfortunately tin-eared comment slip. I think it was very strange that the month of June should bring that sad case to her consciousness at all–and that the “she’s tired” excuse is a not so backhanded critique of her gender, poor little wilting flower…she can’t quite keep up with the boys–what tripe. Sewing doubt concerning her opponent doesn’t take fatigue, just cynical self-interest and a dirty trick mentality. The win-at-any-cost Clinton Machine is no myth.

Yes, Robert Kennedy was killed while campaigning but I wonder if Clinton is sure who the victim would be if certain elements in US society orchestrated the horror again? Yet I have written here and elsewhere that Obama’s safety is a concern of mine after studying astrological charts, but I haven’t wished to add to such a discussion with particulars.

Besides, anyone who interprets astrology maps can see for themselves as they look ahead, and they know that it takes a conflagration of factors in synchronistic fashion for anything to come to pass. Otherwise it remains potential.

Then on Thursday, I watched Barack Obama’s speech aimed at Israel which was given at a Boca Raton, Florida synagogue. How much it helped him with the Jewish population and friends, I don’t know, but it seemed to be a comforting speech at the time. How shredded it ends up being bwo the media and the blogging community prior ot November, who’s to say?

Yet Obama said all the right things and touched all the right notes, and really…isn’t that what political perfect pitch is all about?

Guess our prez selection system is problematic–we get illusions and images during campaigns, but Substance may only be seen after the take over of the White House.

Unfortunately for The People, Buyer’s Remorse has become common in America and as we’ve seen with the Bush administration, a No Return, No Refund policy in high’n’mighty Washington, DC has now been set in stone–which ignores the provision in the Constitution for redressing our grievances against corrupt or incompetent administrations.

Perhaps we’re simply too apathetic or busy trying to get by to bother, but this time, let’s be sure to keep the receipt.

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