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Blogger won’t update Craig Ferguson post due to fear of crock puppets

If you’ve watched a recent episode of CBS’ The Late Late Show with zany Craig Ferguson, you know Craig is proudly broadcasting now in hi-def which has alarmingly necessitated a longer crockodile puppet reaching up to Mr. Ferguson’s elbow.

He says it looks as if he’s been eaten by the crock – from the other end. And he may be correct, for with HD TV we must be aware of all minute details and how they come across to a hapless at-home audience.

Even middle-of-the-night TV viewers must have their sensitivities respected, one supposes, and Craig is nothing if not sensitive to our delicate sensibilities. Must be because he’s European.

Well, a post on this blog concerning Mr. Ferguson’s natal chart and an entry addressing his and Megan’s Wedding Day Astrology Report have been quite well-viewed, thanks…Craig’s a popular guy.

So yes, an update to either or both of them is in order – to his natal details, in particular, since I didn’t get too in-depth after his nibs stated on air that he doesn’t believe in Astrology. Or that he doesn’t use it, or something like that (it was a while ago, and late – very late.)

Now this is where I point out that Astrology is not a belief system so it’s impossible to ‘believe in’ it. One may believe it works or is a useful tool or language with which to understand the world and our own psyches, but a faith-based system it is not.

Anyway, it is with fear and trembling that I contemplate updating Mr. Ferguson’s natal chart post due to my extreme fear of possibly having one long and one short crockodile puppet sent out to bedevil me, at best only a reluctant astrologer, a blogging gnat, really.

Yet as I continue to watch TV’s Craig Ferguson in the coming weeks, I will try to muster what little courage I have to neutralize this unfortunate dilemma, for Craig’s natal chart is quite interesting – and I assert that his self-revealed visits to a therapist would go even better through the use of Psychological Astrology, if the option is available to him.

After all, no less than Carl Jung used Astrology for diagnosing his patients, you know. Of course, it’s impossible to get an appointment with him these days.

So if Craig gets over his problem with Astrology, perhaps I can get over my problem with crock puppets long enough to suggest that a good star-infested wizardly Merlin the Magician puppet would fill the first 2 minutes of Craig’s show mighty sassily.

And those ‘two new light bulbs’ on The Late Late Show set would pick up a puppet wizard’s hat just right (hi-def or no) to add more mystery, sparkle, and oomph to Craig’s comedy magic.

And in case you didn’t know: Mr. Ferguson is the King of Late Night Comedy so click the above link to view a few videos of a master in action! (Complimentary puppetry included.)


Was ‘the cat’ in Kiss, not the Sex Pistols?

Guess it’s more properly ‘croc’ puppets. Anyway.

Wedding Day Astrology of Craig and Megan Ferguson

A Snowy Path

A Snowy Path

 Prancing down a snowy path and climbing out on a limb goes this reluctant astrologer by using a source ~found at last~ which gives a date for the wedding of  The Late Late Show’s Craig Ferguson and his lovely bride, art-dealer Megan Wallace Cunningham.

Astrologers know how time-consuming chart studies really are, so you know I fought using an unverified source for the Ferguson’s wedding date, and I will gladly chow down on my astrolabe if I’ve done wrong…but I was beginning to wonder if their wedding date would ever turn up.

Dec 21, 2008’s Sun in Capricorn (the older, traditional man) and Moon in Libra, sign of the artist/art-dealer and art-lover…well, you can see there’s a temptation to try out the Sun Cap-Moon Libra blend for those romantic vow-takers of Vermont.

You may wish to see what I mean by scrolling down my Pages list in the sidebar column toward the ‘Ws’…you’re seeking ‘Wedding Day Astrology: Craig and Megan Ferguson’…see what the planets have to say about this cozy and happy pair!


Sun-Moon blend details: ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzi Harvey, plus a few notes from Dr. Noel Tyl.)

Drawing from:


Craig Ferguson wedding in Vermont!

!Update: ‘Wedding Day Astrology: Craig and Megan Ferguson’ may be found in the sidebar column of Pages to your left. Original post begins here:

Congratulations and Best Wishes go out to Craig and Megan Ferguson who married at her family’s farm in Vermont last week, blizzard, kilt, and all.

When I find the date of their snowy nuptials, my inner astrologer will want to publish here a Wedding Day Astrology article for the happy couple….kind of a wedding gift they don’t want and can’t return.

And I can tell you from watching The Late Late Show tonight that Mr. Ferguson is very very happy – you might say he’s on cloud ten!

So check back soon for I’ll be sleuthing for the Fergusons’ exact wedding date, and if any of the three readers of this blog find out, please leave a comment and clue me in, would you?

‘Wedding Day Astrology: Craig and Megan Ferguson’ gives details on a Libra Moon – great for a art dealer and my use of  Dec 21’s Sun Cap-Moon Libra is based on the only citing of their wedding date I”ve found (the article citing it is linked there) so I hope Craig can ever forgive me…we’re all just very pleased for his and Megan’s happiness…may it go on and on!


Here’s a link to what I think is the best photo of the happy pair – not from the wedding, but a good snap:


Palin to pal around in Georgia

So Madame van Palin is coming here to dazzle a well-heeled crowd of the faithful at a GOP fundraiser Sunday evening (11.29), then make some promotion stops on Monday in an attempt to turn out the run off vote for Senator Saxby Chambliss.

Yeah, she did so well for McCain and all, bring ‘er on down:


It must be star power, baby! But what if, just once, they threw a Grand Old Party and no one came?

Well, as TV’s Craig Ferguson aptly put it earlier tonight: as soon as she figures out where Georgia is, she’ll be right down.

And as Charlie Daniels once sang, ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia.’ Then maybe they can pal around together.


Here’s a good resource for Georgia Politics if you can stand the heat of the Thirteenth Colony:


or go to the radio magazine I’m currently listening to here:


Obama-McCain 10.15.08 Mercury Direct Station

In New York Wednesday, Oct 15, 2008, Mercury, planet of communications such as speeches, negotiations, and debates turns Direct at 4:05:47 pm edt. At 9:00 pm edt and 10:30 pm edt, Mercury remains at the same degree and minute of Libra: 7:34…aka a Station.

And since Mercury is also the planet of thinking processes, there may be those who will make up their minds as to which candidate they’ll be voting for, independents and fence-sitters alike.

Now at 9:00 pm edt rising is 18Gem17; by 10:30 pm Cancer is rising 9:13. Also at 10:30 pm (and I’m assuming the debate may last an hour and a half) the Saturn-Uranus opposition is on the Mc-Ic axis of Career and Public Standing…Uranus conj Mc, Saturn conj Ic. That each candidate can be said to represent the establishment (Saturn) and since both say that they represent change (Uranus), my guess is that whoever shows himself to best advantage in this debate is…the Uranian.

Seriously, I suspect Obama will ‘show’ better yet there’s another method: which is more elevated, Jupiter (Republican) or Saturn (Democrat)? With that technique, Jupiter 14Cap44 begins in 8th house at 9:00 pm, and ends at 10:30 pm in 7th house; Saturn begins in 4th house and crosses the IC just prior to 10:30 pm, which is a Moon Hour.

Now there are other factors to consider: chart-ruler is Stationary Direct Mercury yet Mercury makes no applying aspects to other planets – are minds already made up? There is an applying sesquisquare (a semi-square within a square – 135 degr) from Mercury to 9:00 pm’s MC (0A33) which may be no more than ‘dynamic energy release in career matters and toward the public.’ This we would expect.

Barack Obama is more mercurial (and Uranian – he busted things up for Hillary!) than Saturnian McCain even though age-wise Obama’s just barely in the Mars range being in his mid-40s. But he’s known for his orating abilities while McCain is not, so I’ll have to “give” Mercury to Obama for this evening’s chart, so its Direct status is a good sign for the undecideds.

Now at 9:00 pm, a Mercury Hour, the midpoint of Saturn and Uranus is rising…

Saturn-Uranus = ASC: the loner’s position is established; standing alone in the world; being placed in difficult circumstances; difficulties caused by others; sharing emotional suffering with others; bereavement. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Not nice, but there it is. Bush has pretty much managed to isolate our country even while pretending to scold people who want what he labels “protectionism.” It’s America who stands alone. However you look at it, this picture describes our nation a bit too well these days. (Yet of course as always with midpoint pictures, it can be ‘all, some, or none.’)

Also at 9:00 pm overhead are Sarah Palin’s Aquarian planets. I have no plans to discuss her in detail though so I’ll leave it to someone else if they have time and stomach for it. Suffice it to say that transiting Neptune is therefore at Midheaven as well, so the usual associations of Neptune will apply in the Aspiration department: ideals, dreams, spirituality, deceptions, veils, confusion, lies, subterfuge, fraud, the masses, mass media, photography and film…and again, it’s ‘all, some, or none.’

As mentioned, Uranus ends at MC at 10:30 pm which means that at some point during the debate, the midpoint of Uranus-Neptune tops the chart which gives what I’ve always thought is an intriguing picture…

Uranus-Neptune = MC: guidance is sought from other realms or never-before-tapped sources; a peculiar disposition and strange interests; lack of stamina; a nervous breakdown; dissolution; unconsciousness; inner vision.

(This picture sometimes occurs in ‘mysterious death’ charts – just thought I’d mention it. There’s a ‘mysticism’ and an ‘enlightenment’ vibe to the Uranus-Neptune pair.)

Of course, the audience might drift off from boredom, but since this debate (and I really dislike using that word esp since we never actually have them anymore – just what passes for them) is supposed to include more discussion of practical ideas concerning our wilted economy, so surely it’ll be more revved up than that.

Job loss and the creation of them would be my idea of the first place to start.

It drives me crazier than a bedbug to think that if jobs had not been outsourced, downsized, and just basically LOST and uncreated these last few years, a lot more Americans would’ve continuing paying their mortgages and then some. Guess the CEOs and their corporate bosses didn’t care about that – or they knew  perfectly well how things would pan out, but America’s collapse really IS the plan, as I keep grousing here and elsewhere, as do others.

Well, it would be easy to go on and on about the Oct 15 debate chart for Wednesday eve but it’s time for TV’s Craig Ferguson and The Late Late Show – and a larf would be lovely about now. Even Craig’s reruns are funnier than most people’s first-runs. He has Election Fever, y’know, but it’s advanced into Election Infection.

Perhaps I can add more tomorrow before evening rolls around but here are the Sabian Symbols for Mercury – it seems to me that both ‘7Libra’ and ‘8Libra’ are instructive since we’re looking at a planetary station and both seem to apply.

So ‘7″ is emphasized now with Mercury’s Direct Station, but ‘8’ is where we’re reaching…

‘7Lib’: ” A Woman Feeding Chickens And Protecting Them From the Hawks.” GUARDIANSHIP.

‘8Lib’: “A Blazing Fireplace In A Deserted Home.” HOPE.

Lehman Bros chicks home to roost Oct 10 2008

As ‘George Washington’ and others are saying, Lehman Brothers’ derivatives are at the basis of much of the collapse going on here and abroad:


Earlier this evening I revisited the Solar Eclipse of Sept 11, 2007, the 9 New South Series (18Vir24) and got to thinking how difficult the Series had been for many people individually, and how its effects obviously brought along issues from past years including its initial manifestion on Jan 23, 1917 at 3AQ, the position of Inauguration 2009’s Jupiter.

Here are the dates and degrees of the other manifestations of 9 New South for reference’s sake from its 18.6 year cycle:

July 30, 1935 at 6Leo (conj US natal NN);

Aug 9, 1953 at 17Leo (Venus was at 18Leo on 9/11/01 triggering the Aug 11, 1999 Solar Ecl of Nostradamus);

Aug 20, 1971 at 27Leo (opposite US natal Moon);

Aug 31, 1989 at 8Vir, the position of Saturn on Dec 11, 2007 during the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto (28Sag24); Jupiter/Pluto =  ‘the plutocrats’ (Ebertin) who can’t get enough power and wealth under their greedy, over-achieving belts.

The 8Vir connection between 1989 and 2007 gives a possible midpoint picture…see what you think:

Sun/Moon = Saturn: addressing problems; weakened system; inhibitions.

(1989 was the year of the Great Conjunction/s of Saturn and Neptune, which began their approximately 36-year cycle for our era.)

Then the 9 New South Series manifested on Sept 11, 2007 as noted, and will next occur Sept 21, 2025 at 29Vir.

9 New South tends to bring to the surface long-term worries about loved ones, health concerns, and/or issues that concern paperwork or communications; responsibilities with paperwork or other forms of communications (stock tickers? accounting practices? oversight duties?) that come home to roost (Lehman’s chicks?), and I believe that Wall Street may have suffered some unfortunate circumstances ever since that have been brought into the open by this Eclipse…not caused by the Eclipse, but by people’s malicious and deceitful actions which can’t stay hidden forever. Peep eye!

Then on Feb 7, 2008 the ‘Unmasking Eclipse’ (10 North) came along at 17AQ45 where transiting Chiron and undermining, confused Neptune have so recently been – and 10N also has links with communications, news, and paperwork, with a tendency for inhibiting or frustrating events to occur.

Next is the Eclipse Series we’re now under, 10 South, from August 1, 2008 – the Series into which John McCain and the NYSE were born. (No! this is not a McCain’s-So-Old-How-Old-Is-He? joke)…one is a veritable institution with pretensions of grandeur, and the other one is the NYSE.

Okay, so it IS a McCain’s-So-Old joke hung upon a framework of late night TV’s Craig Ferguson’s comedy routine…

Speaking of which, did you see the Late Late Show tonight?

My favorites from the newly-minted American citizen: that AIG stands for Ain’t I Greedy…and even better: Craig played soundbites of McCain doing that odd sort of “henhh?” sound he barks juxtaposed with old footage of Burgess Meredith as the Penguin from Batman.

The scary part is that McCain and the Penguin character DO sound exactly alike…very disturbing, and apt to give penguins everywhere a bad rap. But that’s Politics – guilt by association.


Eclipse info: Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.’

“And the other is___” lifted from Craig Ferguson’s monologue because I like Craig Ferguson jokeries.

Craig Ferguson tickets procured!

Now here’s a coup I can believe in!

It’s confirmed: TV’s Craig Ferguson is coming to a town nearby and tickets have been purchased!!

Suave European Mr. Ferguson may now join George Carlin as one of the very few comedians I’ve seen in concert.

They’re much alike really – one is known for spouting out-of-the-mainstream foul-mouthed yet witty truisms – and the other one is George Carlin.

Written by Jude Cowell

September 2, 2008 at 3:09 pm

TV’s Craig Ferguson comedy clips link

A couple of routines by TV’s Craig Ferguson may be viewed uproariously here:


From his invisible sidekick Davis to his I KNOW~W~W! cry of the true Aquarian (who Knows), you can’t do better for your funnybone after midnight than to watch Craig Ferguson’s cheeky monkeys and other guests…although I must say he’s neglecting to use animal sound effects of late. Yes, The Late Late Show has been honored by his imaginative company of cats, kittens, dogs, monkeys, gorillas, lemurs and other furry friends.

Last evening I celebrated Madagascar Day with Craig. Hope you didn’t miss it!

The comedy smorgasbord of TV’s Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show (one too many Lates for my schedule, but sometimes only Craig will do) is for those still in withdrawal from lack of Monthy Python.

After all, one can only watch A Fish Called Wanda so many times before it becomes like white noise–which sadly goes double for The Holy Grail and The Life of Brian, one of the most underrated films of the genre since Neptune was discovered in 1846 and photography began. Could Hollywood be far behind?

Well, no. It wasn’t.

Objects Are Closer Than They Appear (warning: this post will now vere into ultimate regions, so be wary unless you’re very sure of yourself):

You know it won’t do to forget to consider asap your ultimate and true condition before our Creator who cares where each of us spends eternity. Now THAT’s the sort of fearmongering that might actually do you, and the world, some good. And happily this well-meant heads-up is of the longlasting kind, not a flash in the proverbial pan being marketed to us 24/7.

Pan…glad you wondered about where the little dickens is at this very moment…hold on a few while I go check him out in my Solar Fire software…this post will be published and I’ll endeavor to return to update with details of Pan’s current flutey location. You know he’s one of the oldest archetypal figures in any culture. You could say his myth or tale is older than the hills and you’d probably be right!

One of the trickster figures in an astrology chart (aka horoscope; map; roadmap; hologram; mandala; birth chart), Pan emcompasses the concept of the trickster element or “artful dodger,” an archetype which is strong in my own chart with Mercury as ASC and MC ruler, planets in Capricorn (the sign associated closely with Pan since Cap is the Mer-Goat, the joining of Earth and Water, the oldest elements creating the Potter’s clay of Genesis. Natally my Capr Jupiter is linked with the Fixed Star, Sualocin, another of the tricksters! This Star also relates to the playful dolphin. Perhaps he’s a bit like the playful yet invisible sidekick, Davis, for Ferguson the conedian is quite the Mercurial change artist within his skit comedy, a veritable Prometheus, it seems.

Whew! this post wandered off the path with the astrology and Scriptural stuff….or did it?


Back Down to Earth Please But With a Twist of Neptunian Dreaminess:

Finally! I’ve decided on who will be the CelebChart Queen (a featured CelebChart written upon by this reluctant astrologer) but life gets busy in summery hot Georgia, so Ms _____ will have to wait until perhaps tomorrow…day of the Sun, first day of the week. Btw: here at WordPress something stunned me yesterday. I don’t know why I had not noticed before but the Calendar in my sidebar here on Jude’s Threshold has Moon-Day MONday as if it’s the first day of the week.

Puh! Moon starts week ahead of Sunday’s Sun? East over West?  Hmm…m..m.m….the poles are in process of shifting, ’tis true, but isn’t this a bit of an obvious morph of import for WordPress to pass on to an unsuspecting astrologer-artist who only blogs for the fun of it?

Is this crazy calendar switch a young person’s interweb (thanks, Craig!) thingy? Is it a new ‘look’ for WordPress, or have I in the past assumed too much about this blog’s format? Or…is someone attempting to master time?

All I’m sayin’ is that it’s curious, that’s all. Just plain Curious with a capital C. Which is redundant if you capitalize the C…oops I did it again…as Craig says, I don’t have time to be muckin’ about here…soooo….

What Did We Learn on the Show Tonight, Craig? (meow)

Have We Got Time For An Email?

Well, combining the two, we learned that I have an email question for TV’s Craig Ferguson but will post it here since he’d never get it anyway…

Hi Craig,

After watching your show, an endless loop of your theme song plays round and round my brain.

Can you suggest an effective headache remedy without aspirin?

Just Kidding (or am I?),


Athens, Ga

ps: that’s You singing, isn’t it? Thought so.


Update 3:45 pm edt: current location of Pan 5Gem13 direct, less than 3 degrees from MIDAS 8Gem06 direct…Gemini’s trickster qualities along with its often termed ‘duplicity’ is hosting both asteroids with hoarding MIDAS being money and gold, and Pan helping to infuse markets and financial systems with more fraudulent tricks than most people imagine. These two are not the whole story but they sure are livin’ large and kickin’ butt!

an astrologer has Celeb Chart crisis!

Yes, I’ve been trying to zero in on the identity of a new celebrity candidate for Natal Chart investigation here at Jude’s Threshold  but can’t seem to decide who shall be put squirming under Astrology’s microscope, or telescope, as the case may be.

There’s something about reading details of a celebrity’s Natal Chart and I don’t mind telling you that using horoscopes of famous people is a good way to study Astrology because larger-than-life persons and grand events may be large-scale enough that their start times are duly noted in private, and perhaps in public news sources, etc.

So if I plan to post on two celebrities, one lady, one gentleman, then who should it be?

My list of nominees includes: John Cusack, Alec Baldwin, Jon Stewart, Alex O’Loughlin, David Letterman…..Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Nora Jones, Jodie Foster…you see what I’m up against….how to decide?

Now this won’t work for me unless I have some interest in the King or Queen’s chart; still, If you have an idea for nominees please leave a message here with your original suggestion (or a name or two from my nominee list) for King Celeb Chart and Queen Celeb Chart–if only because it’s been a while since I posted on the Natal Charts of TV’s Craig Ferguson and chanteuse-in-denial Amy Winehouse.

I wish Craig could help Amy…I wish somebody could.

Craig Ferguson May 17, 1962

natal chart Ferguson

TV’s Craig Ferguson, May 17, 1962, Glasgow Scotland; pictured: natal chart = Sun to Midheaven = ‘fame and prominence’ with Sun 26Tau07, Moon 1Sco48 (which means Moon could be in the last degrees of Libra and conj asteroids, Toro and Minerva if Sunrise (Solar/creative/ego recognition) chart is used.

Click to enlarge image and you’ll be crestfallen to see that I’ve scribbled some notes–hopefully not too many to be readable–upon the chart. Some things will be discussed later in an Update to this post, if all goes as planned.

So! if you watch CBS’ The Late Late Show with TV’s Craig Ferguson as do I, you’ve heard his oft-repeated “I KNOW-W-w-ww!” which sounds like a bit of Sag to me (with a lot of Aquarius) yet natal Mercury (communication; thinking; language ability) is placed in Gemini who also wants to Know and broadcast it (Sag is more nearly, The Seeker who Believes), and nearby is creative Venus 23Gem14. 

Plus, there’s a personal name asteroid, FERGUSON, in the 19 Gemini area of the zodiac…I KNOW-W-w-www!

Mercury/Venus when entwined create lovely and skilled writings, as does ‘our Craig.’ Perhaps writing and story-telling talents have been passed down in the Ferguson clan, ya think?

Moon approaching Neptune (of negative escapsim fame) reminds me of Amy Winehouse’s natal chart (you’ll see it around here somewhere.) Scars of past emotional deprivations run deep within us all, but some astrological significators are more problematic and difficult to manage well. Glad to say, Craig gave up self-defeating alcohol use years ago and now has Success at his beck and call!

I say ‘our Craig’ because Mr. Ferguson is now an American citizen but retains his Scottish citizenship as well. Colossos!

Wishing my favorite TV host-comedian a good show tonight as he hosts the White House Correspondents’ Dinner as bullishly transiting Toro culminates in Washington DC at 8 pm…Ole!

Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Dick, George, and so many more–the in-cahoots, the outta-the-loops, and the whoop-de-whoops will be perching their imminent balasts upon dinner chairs, crisp napkins underchin and really really wanting to like Craig Ferguson and to get one ot two of his jokes. Not to fret–Craig has pretty much promised to take it easy on ’em, but I hope he won’t. 

Or here’s an idea: he could host the soiree dressed in his masterful impersonation of Prince Charles.

He’d be reasonably safe–they wouldn’t dare jail him now, he’s too visible and freshly recruited and all.

And yet…

…no matter how easy Craig makes being hilarious look, Mr. Suave European will be in attendance, too. Although adept with funny accents, TV’s Craig Ferguson will have his mits full tonight trying to keep Mr. Bush from perpetrating his own (groanworthy) comedy routine upon the audience.

Yep, George fancies himself as a comedian but this may be where Letterman’s regular feature, Great Moments in Presidential Speeches, should be used instead of any monologue from W, for Letterman (Ferguson’s boss) always shows Bush babbling to disadvantage…and well-deserved. imo.

Uncomfortable for Craig tonight? Nah! He’s European.

Besides, wouldn’t That be a cushy job finding video of Bush flubbing the English language with bored people slouching in the rows behind him? Are they wondering if the lowballed $30 payment was worth becoming ensnared beyond belief within one man’s world of maniacal make-believe? As we know, it’s three hours they’ll never get back.

And Who Else is Coming to Dinner Tonight in Washington?

Cheeky monkeys so-o-ooo cheeky…they think they’re news reporters!

(cred: basically, from TV’s Craig Ferguson with a bit of Mike Myers tossed into the cheeky monkey cage. But I thank Craig for teaching me that it’s called the ‘interweb.’)

Break a leg, Craig!


For more Astrology info on Craig Ferguson here’s an article from John Townley who uses 6:10 pm as Craig’s birth time: 


UPDATE Sep 3 2008: now that our tickets have been procured for seeing Mr. Ferguson in concert in a couple of weeks, I’ll add the Images for Integration for the Sun Tau/Moon Scorpio personality blend – and three are quite dramatic!

“The Mating Season…Persephone and Pluto…’The Phantom of the Opera…Dennis Potter’s ‘The Singing Detective” (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzy Harvey.

If you’ve never seen the charismatic and multi-talented Craig’s impersonation of Jessica Fletcher ( Angela Lansbury’s detective character in ‘Murder She Wrote’) saying, “Has there been a muhrrrduh?” well, I don’t know what to say for you except you’re missing out!

Mating? No comment on the drama of divorces although his Pre-Natal Eclipse is in the 18 South Series: ‘separations, endings, and partings but leading to positive outcomes.’ (Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology’.) 

This Eclipse Series last occurred in Feb 1998 and I’m snoopy enough to attempt to find dates/s of Mr. Ferguson’s break-ups or divorces. Suffice it to say, positive outcomes seem now to be on his menu,  and I’m glad!

UPDATE Jan 7, 2009: on tonight’s show Craig announces his wedding last week to Megan (Cunningham, I assume since they’d been dating) at her family’s farm in Vermont.

During his opening monlogue, Craig showed a lovely photo of the two lovebirds, he in his sexy kilt, Megan in her elegant wedding gown – standing in several inches of snow.

He said there was a blizzard and the weather was so bad they had to cancel the reception – now that’s bad weather – especially in Vermont.

Sending out Happy Congratulations and Best Wishes to Craig and Megan Ferguson!

However,  if I find the actual date of their wedding, I’ll post a Wedding Day Astrology article for them on this blog because that’s just the way inquiring astrologers roll…rather a nosy bunch, aren’t we?

After all, a horoscope chart has four main points to it  and they correspond to the four questions: What? (Ascendant); Where? (Descendant); How? (Ic); and WHY? (Mc) which reminds me of journalism’s article-writing rules of old.

Well, I’ll close now with the hope that Craig continues to appreciate  having the GPS he says is embedded in his wedding ring. Hilarious, yes, but that’s a pretty good idea for wandering spouses if I ever heard one.

And yet I’m sure ‘the third one will be the charm’ for the Scottish-American charmer!

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