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Dexter’s 3rd season begins Sept 28

A serial killer who kills killers, that’s Dexter Morgan. And the NYT has an article showing the ad campaign of controversial ‘magazine’ covers revamped using the Dexter character, played by Michael C. Hall:


Here are my two previous posts concerning Dexter, a TV show I tried not to like because ot its extreme violence, but ended up appreciating in spite of myself (I’ve only seen the CBS reruns -Showtime is owned by CBS.) 

The first link takes you to the astrology chart for the date that little 3 year old Dexter was found at the scene of his mother’s horrendous murder:


And here are a few notes on the natal chart of actor Michael C. Hall:


Written by Jude Cowell

September 7, 2008 at 4:59 pm

a few notes on Michael C. Hall’s natal chart

My previous post: https://judecowell.wordpress.com/2008/05/05/dexter-morgan-found-10373/

shows the chart for Oct 3, 1973, when TV’s ‘Dexter’ was found and given a new life after witnessing the killing of his mother. If you go to the post and scroll to the Comments section, you’ll find a smidge of info on Michael C. Hall’s natal placements with emphasis on possible macabre acting role influences.

It’s documented (not by yours truly, but by various astrologers through the years) that actors’ natal charts frequently (I would say, always) have synchronistic links to the roles they play. This may be especially easy to spot when the role is meant to portray a real or historical person, but see what you think about the astrology of Michael’s novel-based Dexter character.

After all, planets on Oct 3, 1973 are actually transits to Hall’s natal chart (birth time unknown, born Feb 1, 1971, using sunrise) so some links are to be expected–he was nearing three years old then. 

But do the connections describe anything that applies to his acting roles? I think they do. And even the character’s surname, Morgan, relates to the macabre having -mor at its root.

Now if I can only finagle a peek at ‘Six Feet Under’ at some point!


Dexter Morgan: found 10.3.73

Dexter Morgan found by Harry

If you’re familiar with TV’s Dexter, you know the date, Oct 3, 1973, when Harry the cop found little 3 year old Dexter in a room full of blood. Saving you the gory details, here’s the chart for that date with Sun 4 to 5 days past conjunction with powerful mobster, Pluto. I’m using 7:05:10 am because it gives this exact midpoint picture…

Sun-Pluto = ASC: a crisis of self-preservation; ruthless suppression of the environment for the attainment of one’s own aspirations; experiencing the ruthlessness and brutality of others.

If Dexter (and I do refer to the character, of course) was age 3 in 1973, a quick peek at Oct 3, 1970 showed me a good timer–Sun conj Uranus, which may relate to us some info concerning the character of Dexter Morgan. See what you think about a Sun-Uranus personality…

highly evolved self-awareness; likes to move freely within the environment and may be unmindful that others consider his uniqueness to be eccentric; willful yet shocked if anyone dares to curtail or restrain actions; if restrained, has courage to fight to regain freedom; permissive attitude could hinder success–others are impressed with brilliance and creativity, but perceive instability; maligned by some, admired by others; off-putting arrogance developed early in life along along with impatience with others; grew up quickly–a ‘short childhood’; free-wheeling and must have independence within the career to perform assigned tasks in own way  (main notes from, ‘Planets in Aspect’ by Rob Pelletier.)

To affect this Sun-Uranus conjunction, I’m using Oct 2, 1970, 3:35 pm edt, Miami, FL…and there’s a violently telling pile-up in 8th house of the macabre…

Mars-Pluto = Mercury: excessive nervous irritation; realizing plans fanatically; tenacious pursuit of plans.

As you know, Mars-Pluto IS zealous violence, while Mercury represents a young person…here in Scorpio, natural sign of the 8th house of the macabre.

In his “Natal” chart of Oct 2, 1970, 3:34 pm, Venus 19Sco46 is at the ‘accursed sign in the accursed degree’–19Scorpio.

Sun-Uranus 9Lib11 and Moon 4Scorpio–with mom as a druggie, Moon in Scorpio is descriptive–links to drugs and high finance. And Moon conj Jupiter indicates overindulgence with pleasurable things.

Rising is 2AQ12, conj 1973’s Jupiter 2AQ20, which is in fated degree and minute with North Node (of the Moon–mama) so I had to see when 1973’s Moon reached NN at 2Cap20…12:46 pm edt, with 22Sag17 rising and Pluto at Mc. And at Mc is a midpoint…

Moon-Neptune = Mc: emotional concerns from the early homelife come to consciousness–which is exactly what Dexter had happen thanks to his even-weirder brother, Brian, who masqueraded as ‘Rudy,’ foster-sister Deb’s boyfriend.

In the chart pictured here, Mars Rx is conj asteroid, Amor, in greedy, intolerant Taurus–apologies, Sun Taureans–you’re all wonderful!…but this is Mars, associated with chain saws, blood, and with violent males, and Taurus rules the throat.

Amor = intimacy, so somehow there’s a flavor of love gone wrong…horribly wrong, with a drug deal sadly complicating things. Dexter and his brother were collateral damage (and then some, if you’ve seen the show.)

And on Oct 1, 1973, Moon 5Sag 44 conjoined secretive, drug-infused Neptune 5Sag13–with both conj 3rd cusp at 7:08:30 am edt. In a real crime study, this could indicate Dexter’s mother meeting with someone of the drug culture (or simply getting high herself) and possibly could have bearing on the multi-murder which occurred a few days before the chart you see here–this chart is when Dex was found by Harry and rescued into a demi-normal family life, as it were.

Perhaps the Moon-Neptune hook-up of Oct 1 was closer to the time of the actual murders because the script says a starving Dexter was alone for a few days after his mother’s death. With Sun and Moon having links to the outer planets–Urnaus, Neptune, and Pluto, we see how circumstances can be out of personal control, and the Sun-Uranus conj indicates a separation (Uranus) from the ego, personality, vitality, and essence (Sun.) Does this conj time the actual murders? Moon (woman) = Neptune (death), as well.

Back to Oct 3, 1973…

Jupiter 2AQ20 is apex/focal planet in a Fixed T-square which indicates a very willful person with dogmatic opinions–bigoted and intolerant of other people’s belief systems. This is a habit-bound Jupiter with a one-track mind, and money may have been on it, being expansive Jupiter.

This astrology chart from Dexter’s “founding” may be taken as his Natal chart and the Sun-Pluto conj indicates ‘the extremist’ so perhaps serial killing, even if only of those who are guilty themselves, is extremist behavior, as you may agree.

As hunter or predator, Sun-Pluto conjunctions tend to fight to correct social injustices which may sum up in macabre fashion the complex character of quixotic Dexter Morgan. Or maybe not…

Here’s a link to Dexter’s Code which was given a heads-up in a comment below…check out the video interview with Michael C. Hall:


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