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Poll: should Geithner serve time?

Update March 16, 2010: Well, few seem ready to try or send Tim Geithner to jail over financial improprieties according to the results of this poll so far. But you, lone reader, may still vote if you wish, and leave a comment if you will!

The cat’s out of the bag! As it turns out, former NY-Fedster Timothy Geithner knew very well that Lehman Brothers’ were ‘cooking the books’ and engaging in massive amounts of fraud prior to their controversial bankruptcy filing by using ‘creative bookkeeping’ and such.

Here’s an article by Mike Whitney detailing the shortcomings of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner and you may wish to check it out before you cast your vote.

In fact, I’d recommend reading it anyway, poll or no poll. Feel free!

Senator Baucus holds the healthcare keys – G20 Summit 2009

With Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner touting on TV’s political shows this morning, I have just enough time to tell you that New York’s Robert Ellman has written an excellent article on why he’s holding Democratic feet to the fire even though he votes for them and voted for Barack Obama last November.

But that’s not all you get in one post with Rob who details health care legislation’s chances in Congress with Sen. Max Baucus (D-Montana) holding the keys of power as Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and the rhetorical platitudes Baucus has used to hide his true intent – keeping the medical industry complex’s grip on the regular American’s wallet.

In my astrological neighborhood, it’s called ‘class warfare of Pluto-Chiron’ and is a symptom of a plutocracy working to keep its claws on the helm of power. I assert that 2008’s financial meltdown was the elite class holding us hostage to our fears and using our bank accounts as ransom for a high-jacked, failed banking system that they built, then crashed so that a ‘new system’ would be called for.

The G20 Summit in London this week may tell some of the tale concerning the US dollar’s destiny – and our own. But it all depends on what the wheeler-dealers behind the scene have up their magicians’ sleeves…and it’s more than a wrinkled old arm. 

It will be interesting to hear the scripts that come out of the meetings as delivered by Pres. Obama and others – will their words ring out above violent protests? Will protests become violent in part by secret instigators working on behalf of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers?

Rome, Berlin, Paris, and London have seen protests this weekend ahead of the Summit. Europeans are angry about spiralling inequality and most are blaming America’s greed and corruption for the world’s financial problems. It’s not been a lack of liquidity, but too much money (printed by unaccountable-to-the- public central banks) being too cheap that’s caused problems and we-the-people aren’t the ones who over-printed! We’re all victims here.

And like many people, I am not pleased for the most part with the president’s choice of economic team which has too many of the players from Clinton days (and before.)

So holding Democrats in power to a populist standard isn’t a bad thing, it’s the only thing the underclass can do if it values its very existence. And by ‘underclass’ I mean anyone not of the self-exalted, hubristically inclined super-rich ‘power elite.’

Now if you’ve read this far, I know you’ll believe me when I say that Mr. Ellman explains it better here:


So once again, in the form of Max Baucus and his colleagues, we may say that on Capitol Hill corporate donations speak much louder than we-the-people — they drown us out, in fact — and Mr. Ellman is no happier with the condition than this gnat of a blogger who can’t say it nearly as eloquently as he.

Well, is Mr. Obama really moving the US government to the ‘left’ as some have charged? Apparently he should be since he was elected to do just that on behalf of the majority of we-the-people.

And who doesn’t fondly remember through 8 years of the Bush-Cheney adminstration the oft-repeated mantra of  ‘compassionate conservatives’ when faced with the prospect of being their brother’s keeper?  “All through your life, you made choices,” they intoned from their smug, high horses.

Translation: you’re on your own, sucker. I got mine. You get yours.

Sen. Pettigrew’s Triumphant Plutocracy

‘Gandhi on man’s greed and Sen. Pettigrew on American plutocracy’ has been published here:


Mohandas Gandhi you know.

But have you ever met Senator Pettigrew?

Senator Richard F. Pettigrew was born in Ludlow, Vermont on July 23, 1848 with Sun in Leo, Moon in late Aries or Taurus (birth time unknown.)

One interesting feature of his natal chart that popped out at me – especially considering his book, ‘Triumphant Plutocracy’ (first published Jan 1, 1922)  – is that his natal Mercury, planet of writers, conjuncts US natal Mercury ’25Cancer’…Sabian Symbol:

“A Leader of Men Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power” which describes well his book’s revelations on the subject of American plutocrats and their machinations in the period of 1870 to 1920.

In his book is this definition: “Capital is stolen labor and its only function is to steal more labor.” 

Makes me want to join a union and organize!

Senator Pettigrew served our nation for 50 years as congressman and senator and was the first senator from South Dakota once the Dakota Territory became states. He knew all the important people and his book, now available  in Amazon’s Legacy Reprint Series, is linked in the above post along with his WIKI bio.

Yes, the senator names names and busts myths in ‘Triumphant Plutocracy’  if you dare walk the corridors of power with a man who reports to we-the-people the shocking truth of how American power really works…and as you may imagine, it isn’t pretty.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has this morning demanded more power from Congress and he’ll get it, too.

Pres. Obama speaks on TV tonight at 8:00 pm edt with US natal Saturn rising and our nation’s natal Sun at Midheaven. This ‘brings up’ our natal Sun-Saturn square and it will be interesting to see what Mr. Obama says about it for it’s a problematic aspect which causes a deep defensiveness in our national psyche.

He may appeal to our past sense of confidence and implore us toward a positive attitude as we deal with a renewed sense of inferiority brought on by recent events. 

Americans have been sold out and we know it, and Geithner and Obama are the current public representatives of our hidden plutocrats whose pilfering of public wealth continues in earnest with the baton passed from Bush-Cheney-Paulson.

Yet our natal Saturn is exalted in Libra and the Sun loves to do business in Cancer, so don’t count us out!

And I know it’s no surprise that even a reluctant astrologer such as myself would be interested in delving into the behind-the-scenes string-pulling of US plutocrats with their contempt for, and exploitation of, we-the-people.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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