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US launches new ops against Taliban 9.15.10

For the first time, US troops have launched major operations in the region that spawned the Taliban in the Zahri district of southern Aghanistan.

Well, unfortunately for horoscope viewing, my software program never willingly gives me locations in Afghanistan where the ops began at 4:00 am local time, September 15, 2010. But the launching occurred at ‘about 7:30 pm edt’ at the Pentagon last evening (Sept 14) and a peek at the chart shows 28Pis47 rising with Uranus 28Pis53 Rx.

Uranus on ASC indicates an ability to cope with the unexpected yet this Uranus is retrograde. Perhaps the unexpected with be delayed or not definitively dealt with. That’s nothing new in the US theater of war in the Middle East, of course, plus chart-ruler Jupiter the General is at critical or crisis degree: 29Pis15 – but also retrograde, not the most strengthening picture for Jupiter the General’s war efforts.

At Midheaven (the goal point of a chart) is 29Sag20 with Sag also being ruled by Jupiter Rx. ’30Sag’ = “The Pope Blessing the Faithful” and I suppose he does though it’s of no personal interest to me. What this could mean to the US war machine is beyond the scope of this brief post.

Interestingly, Sun 22Vir03 gives a Sabian Symbol for ’24Virgo’ = “A Lion Tamer Rushes Fearlessly into the Circus Arena” which is very descriptive of our Sun worshiping culture of the West rushing in to the wilderness of the Zahri territory, described as “the heart of darkness.”

(Leo, sign of the lion, rules the heart and spine, as you know.)

Then there’s the Moon @ 18Sag56; the symbol of a Crescent Moon signifies the East. “19Sag” = “Pelicans, Disturbed by People, Move Their Habitats” and my thoughts are that the Taliban will simply move their encampments in order to fight another day and are already vamoosed: the Moon in the chart was out-of-bounds when the ‘major operations’ were launched.

Wonder if the US military knows where all the tunnels are?

(Sabian Symbols from Solar Fire software.)

9/11’s Complete Timeline

Here I sit before dashing out the door to motor into the city for appointments, and wondering if you’ve ever seen this Complete Timeline for 9/11 and before?

It’s an extensive list of Afghan/US/bin Laden/Taliban/terrorist information, with other links to details not to be forgotten or swept under the White House rug.

It appears we almost ‘lost’ George that morning, you know, when men showed up at Bush’s resort hotel in Florida saying they had a ‘poolside interview’ with the president. They were turned away…

Written by Jude Cowell

August 11, 2009 at 4:02 pm

Parallels with Bush-Cheney White House and Nixon days

There’s an op-ed by Frank Rich in the New York Times today which you’ve probably seen, but in case not:


titled, “The Real-Life ’24’ of Summer 2008.”

Parallels between the Bush-Cheney White House’s obsessions and corruptions with that of Richard Nixon’s tenure are depressingly obvious and have been part of making America less safe and have seriously undermined our nation’s reputation in the world.

Rich’s article lays it out and cites several books which tell the tale against Bush-Cheney and their unAmerican torture tactics which serve to produce false confessions and send our military on wild-goose chases.

The most glaring wild-goose chase has been the war in Iraq and now we see Taliban-Afghanistan violence ramping up with redeployment of our troops from Iraq seemingly the only option the Pentagon has. That this circumstance will be somehow fitted into GOP and Dem plans for their own selfish interests is a given for it seems political thespians never learn.

The Bush-Cheney ‘strategery’ has been appallingly shortsighted as such national myopia always will be when Politics rules and ‘unintended consequences’ are wrapped inside the shroud of plausible deniability and attended by a compulsive need to seem infallible and “not a crook” a la Nixon.

You may wish to view my August 2007 article ‘celebrating’ the 33rd anniversary of Richard Nixon’s resignation here:


for as a resident of Washington DC at the time, I can personally attest to a deep relief and a decided sense of breathing cleaner air once the crook’s helicopter had left the vicinity. And I remember precisely my reaction as I watched his ‘victory’ sign on TV – laughing and crying at the same time.

Yes, the radical Bush-Cheney regime these last Several years has given me that deja-vu feeling all over again but with emphasis on the crying side – for America and for her brilliantly devised Consitution (see NYT article.)

You’ll find that my article on Nixon contains a link to his resignation letter to Henry Kissinger who notated the time which is what I used for the Astrology chart mentioned. Too bad no one has received had such a letter from the White House’s current denizen or from his major domo, Mr. Darkside.

My SolarFire software is at-the-ready to calculate the chart if one should be sent! 

Now one of my concerns 2008 is that economic collapse, as horrid as that would be on its own, would possibly cause mass revolt from market meltdown with runs on banks and with marshall law declared by the White House (Kent State was nothing in comparison), and/or other considerations such as violent attack, a terroist tape revealed just prior to the Nov 4 elections for swaying purposes- again)  – all of which would give Bush-Cheney a pretext for staying holed up within the White House, and giving ‘bunker mentality’ a new and lower level of meaning.

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