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Horoscope of Cleopatra born Jan 13 69 B.C.

Anthony and Cleopatra are being celebrated in Rome, Italy with exhibitions until February 2014 because this year is the 2,000th anniversary of Emperor Augustus’ death in A.D. 14.

Perhaps you’d like a peek at Cleopatra’s natal horoscope, shown below:


Her chart has been rectified by master astrologer and author, Noel Tyl and if you can enlarge the image, you’ll find a few basic notes penned thereupon by yours truly.

Example: Cleopatra’s Sun arose with fixed star Schedir, the queen and her Neptune Rx in Gemini arose with Rigel, one of the four Royal Stars of Persia (‘to bring knowledge’); her Ascendant @13Sco21 arose with Ras Alhague (‘to create balance; to heal a wound’).

Historical records show she was born on January 13, 69 B.C. in Alexandria. The Queen of Egypt was the last of the Egyptian pharoahs. As you see in her chart, the Elements and Hemispheres are balanced though there is an emphasis on Fixed signs showing rigidity and firm determination.

In the 7th house of Alliances/Partnerships, you see Uranus @28Tau05 Rx conjunct Pluto @29Tau51 Rx (a critical 29th degree) which imprints upon her birth the Great Conjunction of Uranus and Pluto, exact on August 26, 70 B.C. @1Gem46. This was the last of their conjunctions prior to the more familiar one that occurred in mid-Virgo in the mid-1960s–actually of influence from 1963 to 1968.

If you were born with Uranus-Pluto conjoined in your chart, you are very aware of environmental degradation and wish to create or restore balance and healing and bring order to chaos–and on some level or levels, you share such wishes with Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile!

The Queen’s Sun Cap-Moon Can personality blend supported her sensitivity (Neptune-NN = Moon–see chart, bottom left) yet added strength and toughness when needed via Saturn’s rule of Capricorn, the sign of government, law, and business. Extremely observant and witty, she was known for her facility with languages (communicator Mercury out-of-bounds in Sagittarius, ruled by expansive Jupiter.) This is the father-mother (Saturn-Moon) combination which, if well directed, assures success since it combines the positive qualities of each archetype.

Sacrificing her life to career needs (and the needs of her country) is not unusual for a Sun Cap-Moon Cancer personality though wide mood swings may have been problematic for her. An astute politician, two of the ‘Images for Integration’ for this pragmatic Earth-Water blend may apply rather well to Cleopatra:

“A politician kisses a baby without pretence.” And, “A water clock”, which could describe the annual overflowing of the Nile River which fertilized the Nile Valley. (Images from: Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Among others, the Sun Cap-Moon Can personality blend is shared natally by: Sir Isaac Newton, Mary Tyler Moore, Pablo Casals, and interestingly, by Jean Francois Champollian, known as the Father of Egyptology!

Astrology of Karl Rove – Obama adm critic

Is Republican attack dog Karl Rove more vicious now than when he was operating from the White House?

Rove’s unencumbered-by-facts critiques of the Obama administration suit the current occupants of the White House just fine – they play up their differences, to be sure.

But are there astrological factors in his natal chart to account for Mr. Rove’s way of politicking?

Mrs. Rove’s bouncing Christmas gift of a baby boy was born Dec 25, 1950 in Denver, Colorado (time unknown) with Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Cancer for the entire day and night.

This Earth-Water blend gives an innate wisdom to know what’s important and what is not – great for a strategist, but a strategist with a completely subjective view.

The shadow/unconscious side of Earth-Water is materialistic, possessive, has a limited viewpoint, and sees change and challenge as threatening.

(Perhaps the way Rove ‘resigned’ from his White House duties and the constant threat of indictment – if real – has something to do with his current strategy of playing an offensive game – successfully, he hopes. And Rove has been a player in Washington long enough to have ‘the goods’ on them all. Or perhaps he just can’t help himself.)

Sun Cap-Moon Can is a blend that is highly sensitive to the opinions of others (surprised?) and bestows on Mr. Rove strong powers of observation.

(Well, no one has ever accused him of being stupid – I say he’s one-sided and cares nothing for the bigger picture which fairly should include Everyone, not just neocon Zionists.)

An extremely capable manager, this blend is ambitious and conservative yet open to new ideas (as long as they promote the GOP, I’m guessing.)

Loving tradition, Cap-Can is not adverse to new technologies that aid in better doing what it wants to do.

This is a self-reflective personality with an exalted Moon in her own sign of Cancer, and Sun ruled by traditional, status-quo-loving Saturn which gives it a tough vs tender demeanor. Said to be loved by his friends, Mr. Rove is something of a softie inside!

Yet career often takes precedence over the personal side of life and rules the day.

His reflective moments are spent assessing his own goals and needs and the best way of satisfying them – not necessarily a negative thing for anyone to do, but some folk seem to be driven to do it to the point of harming or disenfranchising others, don’t they?

Basically, this blend operates on the theory that much of life is harsh, challenging, and unsentimental and that one must end with real achievements to one’s credit. It thrives on having ‘a mission’ which may be one factor that gives Rove his zealous streak (another being Mars/Chiron = Mercury, with Mars/Chiron being the ‘sacred warrior’ archetype, Mercury = thinking processes; communication style. There is also an out-of-sign conjunction of Sun and Chiron in Sag – a crusader aspect.)

One talent of the Cap-Can combo is an ability to combine hard facts with imagination – and his critical comments on the current administration certainly mix truth with wild fiction to muddy issues (and Earth-Water = mud.)

To me, Rove (and Cheney) seem to be taking the “sour grapes Republicans” thing to greater depths than they’ve ever been taken before.

Now, for the sake of brevity, here are Mr. Rove’s natal aspects to his Sun and Moon based on a Noon chart, Dec 25, 1950, Denver, CO mst:

Sun sextile Jupiter (0A09): the closest applying – defining – aspect to his Sun (Noon or not) which gives him self-confidence, seriousness about life direction, great communication ability, devastating debating skills, intellectual enthusiasm, a quick response to opportunities, and a love of sports.

Sun opposite Uranus (4A11): high-strung, irritable, nervous disposition; fear of competition; undermines the previously mentioned self-confidence; difficulty compromising with others which may hinder plans; lack of recognition of other’s viewpoints which may be just as valid; refuses to be confined yet confines others; needs frequent relaxation.

Sun sesquiquadrate (135 degr) Pluto (1A10): applying, this interlaced square gives extreme awareness and an urge toward dynamic interactions and the promotion of one’s ideas; plus, powerful connections with others.

Sun square Saturn (1S37): early conflicts about self-worth become self-assurance in adulthood; naturally defensive; comes on strong.

There are two squares to natal Moon which indicate a possible T-square between Mercury 17Cap44 Rx opposing Moon, and Neptune 19Lib20…

Moon-Mercury = Neptune: an active imagination; whims and notions; wrong thinking; hypersentience; falsehood; exposure to lies and calumny.

Moon square Neptune: difficulty separating fact from fiction; a highly developed imagination causes confusion when faced with facts; reality is ‘adjusted’ to make it emotionally tolerable; an escapist.

Mercury square Neptune: imagination interferes with logical thinking; fear of responsibility can cause emotional and material problems; supposedly logical arguments can convince the self that an unbearable reality doesn’t exist (Rs lost lost and more lost?); distortion complicates matters so that truth is completely hidden; extreme sensitivity causes superficial problems to become exaggerated; fear of competition (this keeps turning up in his chart) but self-control and developing confidence mitigate the fear; too many interests at once can bring out weakness under pressure.

Plus, Moon opposing both Mercury and Venus causes emotional issues which I won’t go into here except to say that Moon-Venus oppositions tend toward minding other people’s business too much!

Actually I had hoped with the Bush administration’s day passed that I would never have to mention Karl Rove or his natal chart again, but little did I know he’d soon be on TV to pontificate his confusions and diversions to the detriment of the country.

Why, it’s deja-poo all over again!

Now you may wish to check out a real time post I wrote on the occasion of Karl Rove’s last official day in Washington which includes a few notes on his Secondary Progressions and a couple of midpoint pictures from his Minor Progressions (mental plane) for August 31, 2007 – this post contains no edits or updates, just so ya know.


Sources: Sun-Moon info – ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ Charles & Suzi Harvey; ‘Planets in Aspect,’ Robert Pelletier; sesquiquadrate info: ‘The Astrology of Relationship’ by Michael R. Meyer. Many thanks!

Full Moon Jan 10, 2009

Just brief heads-up that I’ve just published the Full Moon chart of Jan 10, 2009 at Stars Over Washington, if you’d like to see it.

The chart has my usual chicken-scratch notes upon it along with more details in the text for you to read – click chart to enlarge.

This Full Moon should be especially lovely and occurs at 10:26:42 pm est in Washington, DC which is the location I’ve used in my astro-political role of grumpy American dissenter.

Yet as you’ll find, there’s a helpful Mystic Rectangle pattern which lays directly over a YOD formation, a configuration of fork-in-the-road dimensions.

This YOD, or ‘Finger of God’ is pointing toward Neptune, planet of gas, oil, other liquids including water, and is indicative of someone hiding in an ivory tower…you’ll see, so check it out, if you get a mo!

One thing I neglected to mention in the post is that the Full Moon is exact during a Mars Hour and Mars is out-of-bounds so he’ll be working on his own and may perform record feats – or merely anti-social ones.

And he’s at  ’11:11’…11Cap11…which may have karmic implications relating to Mars, the Warrior.

Are you familiar with the ’11:11′ phenomenon: seeing 11:11 everywhere you look? It began occurring years ago, and I am one of the 11:11-ers myself. There are books written on the subject (although their Uranian flavor prevents me from recommending one over the other – you decide. I’m just a  Saturnian astrologer with a hopeful eye on Eternal Life, and spreading info freely to the collective.)

Most simply, I believe ’11:11′ relates to a call to work on behalf of the collective, and to the lateness of the hour for mankind. But you may take that with a grain of salt, if you like – I wouldn’t if I were you – but it’s totally your call and your life!

For your convenience, here’s the link to the Full Moon chart and post although it should show up soon in my SO’W feed in the sidebar:


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