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Dem Convention 2008: Moon and the Dem Party’s midpoints

Continuing the Moon’s transit through the Dem Party natal chart’s midpoints during this week’s Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO, we begin just after natal Chiron is visited by Luna (perceptual shield opens wide, but there is a possibility for Wounding as well) with Moon 16Can29; Moon into Leo will be noted:

Venus/NN: a desire for complete and cordial understanding (Moon to Chiron!); expressing one’s feelings liberally.

Sun/Mars: the husband;  awareness of male/female principles in relationship; the feminine influence.

Mars/MC: changing status bwo emotional ‘feel’; publicity; impulsiveness; a desire to impose one’s will upon a woman; a lack of deliberation; premature action.

Mercury/Mars: emotions are added to the issues at hand; one needs to be heard; ‘clearing the air’ by talking it out or by quarrels; a nagging woman.

Jupiter/Saturn (‘societal planets’ and Jup = Rs, Sat = Ds): hypersensitivity about one’s ego position; easily upset; annoyance through the female sex; changing moods; a shifting relationship toward women.

Venus/Jupiter: affection and cordiality; a joyful woman; charm; pleasant circumstances.

Sun/NN; relationship dynamics between husband-wife are highlighted; compassion; homeland and people.

NN/MC (‘Individual relationships’; ‘Being recognized’): inner ties of a woman; the challenge and fullfilmentof sharing emotions with others.

Mercury/NN: desire to share/communicate one’s troubles; emotional expressions.

Venus/Neptune (‘illusions; creativity); love in a swoon’): being easily influenced or led by others; a renouncing or unhappy woman; a projection of dreaminess; chaotic emotions.

The Dem Party midpoints now begin with 00Leo05 and Uranus/Chiron, the radical reformer pair. Barack Obama’s natal Mercury is conjunct this point making him a good agenda communicator for the Dem Party.

Sun/Jupiter (‘recognition; success; joy; ego expansion; shining out one’s ideals’):harmonious expresions; a healthy mind in a healthy body; a joyful hour; a happy marriage; needs fulfilled.

Jupiter/MC: cheer; confidence; a harmonious disposition; recognition; a deserved sense of importance.

Mercury/Jupiter; talkative women; a lively exchange; pleasant communications; emotions inspre impressive ideas ands welcomed solutions.

Sun/Neptune (‘sacrifice of ego; sensitivity; weakness; remoteness; impracticality; inspiration; deception; illegalities’): high impressionability; moods are dependent on environmental factors;  disappointment through the spouse or consort; very special inner experiences not easily understood; a weakened female.

Neptune/MC: reveling in fanciful imaginings; misinterpretation of perceptions and impressions;  a dreamy nature; active imagination; a peculiar state of feelings.high sensitivity; being lost in one’s own world.

Mercury/Neptune 11Leo55 (‘special awreness; alert imagination; fantasy; sympathy; idealism; a subtle grasp; confusion perceptions; liars; self-deception): pictures and ideas from the unconscious mind; a deceived or deceptive woman; misguided imagination; personal impressions dominate thinking processes; possible paranormal awarenesses; receptivity.

And that ends the Moon’s transit this week throundthe Dem Party’s natal midpoints which fall within Luna’s range…22Gem to 16 Leo, the Lion’s Point. The ‘Lion’ archetype, with its hero’s jrney and Nemean Lion arechetypal links represent Barack Obama perfectly, imo.

And the Dem natal planet which will be triggered at midnight of August 28, the night Obama accepts the annointing?

Uranus 15Leo04 in natal 12thhouse of Karma, with only a semi-square tying the radical, disruptive, excitable rebel into the Dem Party’s natal chart bwo NN. Natal NN 2Libra13 (in n 2nd house) is this week being triggered by asteroid: LION! 

Roaring, annointing, high excitability, emotional feelings, and a percpetual shield wide open as ‘attack dog’ Joe Bidden barks to announce the coming of the annointed one, Barack Obama. And Dem natal Chiron 15Can06 – opening of the perceptual shield of Moon-to-Chiron previously mentioned – has this series of implications:

Saturn/NN = Chiron = Venus/NN withtransiting Moon triggering them all (see above.) This is a moon-tidal ‘watershed moment’ for the week, along with the Moon’s change of sign to 00Can, and into Leo as Obama prepares to speak.

Quite an emotional and moody week for America, a week which I pray is not interupted by a ‘big shock’ for there is danger in the environment for the Dem hopeful. 

Don’t like closing on such a note, but I don’t have time to add the difficult indications showing in the Aug 28/29 charts – Fay’s storm system is overhead and threatening my pc so I’ll close until the weather improves…thundering big boomers now – but you will find a mention of poison and treachery in the Moon’s transits, as well as a difficult midpoint pic for Obama here:

Tr Sun/Saturn = n Pluto: developmental inhibitions owing to illness; health threat; separation; the misunderstood person.

The entire Convention is occurring under a tough background influence:

Mars/Uranus = Pluto: interventionof the big shock; force; a Higher Power; violent interventions.

This could only relate, of course, to protesters disrupting the Convention, or to a secret hand sending out its saboteurs to make sure the Aug 28 Void-Of-Course Moon fails to achieve its goals and that any loopholes are exploited.

If this turns out to be the case, it’s ‘here we go again’ for the American public – and once again on TV? There are organizations in the world who delight in disrupting society in plain view for their power is demonstrated by pre-emptingthe natural course of things while they thinking themselves above both manmade and natural laws.

And then there’s the health of the Lion of the Senate.

Uh-oh! Fay is here…gotta go…


Where is Niobe tonight?

Mythogical Niobe is known to astrologers as Niobe, the grieving mother archetype, and she tonight ranges at 26Ari12 as the announcement extending the mission in Afghanistan for America’s warriors an extra month has come and is, one assumes, part of Bush’s desire to increase US troop numbers in the country we’ve given back to the Taliban as if the Soviets never learned anything in that stark region of the globe.

Niobe in Aries, sign of the god of war, Ares – or as we call him these days: Mars.

Here are two Martians on the world stage we’ve learned to suspect:

‘Gaze into my eyes…comrade’….Bush and Putin played disputin’ cousins on TV and yet…the US undermined the Soviets in Afghanistan and you know how that turned out for Russian soldiers, massacred as they retreat…that 25,000 captives were kidnapped is hardly ever mentioned–thus Russia has their “separatists” to fight and commit false flag ops upon when it suits the Kremlin’s purposes.

Ahhh, true motives! We’re in the final weeks of the Feb 7 2008 ‘Unmasking Eclipse’…”18AQ” season so hidden motivations are apt to be revealed once again…at least until Aug 1 or so, when the next Solar Eclipse Series occurs.

Bush’s ignore-Aghanistan military faux pas is a good example of this administration’s tendency toward misdirected energy applications. Yet with aims and motives beyond the ordinary (and which are kept secret from the mere mortal masses)  I continue to assert that the Bush Gang is not as shoot-themselves-in-the-foot as the Yosemite Sams they portray. Being touted as incompetent, stupid and/or forgetful by your media enablers and minions has been a half-decent cover for the varmints, I suppose.


You may wish to read about some possible election scenarios…pre- or during (or in December as in Travesty 2000)…for the upcoming US prez and other elections plus other brilliant articles by Morgan Wolf of Morgan’s Musings:


Saturn opposite Uranus–past vs future/the Middle East ~ esp Israel vs Palestine/new methods vs traditional ways)…November promises to turn up the heat under a cauldron simmering with bubbles of sulphur and ash in time for Jan 2009, and with forces of nature not to be left off the list, sad to say.

Plus, we always think of the sign Scorpio when autumn rolls around…with sign-ruler the lusty, testosterone-infused Mars rushing in (often foolishly) and dark puppet-string yanking Pluto rumbling in the background, the secret hand  hiding buried treasures of untold wealth, and a web of associates whose secret motives are fast becoming impossible – or unnecessary – to disguise.

Financially the upcoming August Eclipses–Solar Aug 1, Lunar Aug 16–may affect markets worldwide but are esp focused in America considering that her ‘pals’ abroad–Barclays Capital, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and Fortis–are in process of deserting us…which is, I protest, part of their plans all along.

You’ll find August Eclipse articles in my Pages list, if you haven’t checked them out yet…you may was well consider possibilities for as J.P. Morgan said:

“Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do.” Yuh. It’s all about cycles.

Therefore, it’s hardly possible that Wall Street gentry and others haven’t planned the current meltdown for their own domination-of-the-world purposes. A New Order has been called for by certain social tinkerers (my ‘nice’ name for them) these last several decades. Too bad most people never paid it any mind until now as the financial train wreck approaches in the rearview mirror.

For financial articles and analyses with a global perspective, go here (sans Astrology):


And here’s an article esp related to my financial Eclipse fuss above:


~:~ So now I’m sending out wishes for a Happy 232nd Independence Day, America! in case WordPress and my tech gremlins tussle wildly tomorrow and I can’t return as soon as I’d like…


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