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Lehman Bros chicks home to roost Oct 10 2008

As ‘George Washington’ and others are saying, Lehman Brothers’ derivatives are at the basis of much of the collapse going on here and abroad:


Earlier this evening I revisited the Solar Eclipse of Sept 11, 2007, the 9 New South Series (18Vir24) and got to thinking how difficult the Series had been for many people individually, and how its effects obviously brought along issues from past years including its initial manifestion on Jan 23, 1917 at 3AQ, the position of Inauguration 2009’s Jupiter.

Here are the dates and degrees of the other manifestations of 9 New South for reference’s sake from its 18.6 year cycle:

July 30, 1935 at 6Leo (conj US natal NN);

Aug 9, 1953 at 17Leo (Venus was at 18Leo on 9/11/01 triggering the Aug 11, 1999 Solar Ecl of Nostradamus);

Aug 20, 1971 at 27Leo (opposite US natal Moon);

Aug 31, 1989 at 8Vir, the position of Saturn on Dec 11, 2007 during the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto (28Sag24); Jupiter/Pluto =  ‘the plutocrats’ (Ebertin) who can’t get enough power and wealth under their greedy, over-achieving belts.

The 8Vir connection between 1989 and 2007 gives a possible midpoint picture…see what you think:

Sun/Moon = Saturn: addressing problems; weakened system; inhibitions.

(1989 was the year of the Great Conjunction/s of Saturn and Neptune, which began their approximately 36-year cycle for our era.)

Then the 9 New South Series manifested on Sept 11, 2007 as noted, and will next occur Sept 21, 2025 at 29Vir.

9 New South tends to bring to the surface long-term worries about loved ones, health concerns, and/or issues that concern paperwork or communications; responsibilities with paperwork or other forms of communications (stock tickers? accounting practices? oversight duties?) that come home to roost (Lehman’s chicks?), and I believe that Wall Street may have suffered some unfortunate circumstances ever since that have been brought into the open by this Eclipse…not caused by the Eclipse, but by people’s malicious and deceitful actions which can’t stay hidden forever. Peep eye!

Then on Feb 7, 2008 the ‘Unmasking Eclipse’ (10 North) came along at 17AQ45 where transiting Chiron and undermining, confused Neptune have so recently been – and 10N also has links with communications, news, and paperwork, with a tendency for inhibiting or frustrating events to occur.

Next is the Eclipse Series we’re now under, 10 South, from August 1, 2008 – the Series into which John McCain and the NYSE were born. (No! this is not a McCain’s-So-Old-How-Old-Is-He? joke)…one is a veritable institution with pretensions of grandeur, and the other one is the NYSE.

Okay, so it IS a McCain’s-So-Old joke hung upon a framework of late night TV’s Craig Ferguson’s comedy routine…

Speaking of which, did you see the Late Late Show tonight?

My favorites from the newly-minted American citizen: that AIG stands for Ain’t I Greedy…and even better: Craig played soundbites of McCain doing that odd sort of “henhh?” sound he barks juxtaposed with old footage of Burgess Meredith as the Penguin from Batman.

The scary part is that McCain and the Penguin character DO sound exactly alike…very disturbing, and apt to give penguins everywhere a bad rap. But that’s Politics – guilt by association.


Eclipse info: Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology.’

“And the other is___” lifted from Craig Ferguson’s monologue because I like Craig Ferguson jokeries.

Astrology of the Obama-McCain townhall debate 10.7.08

If the three Sparkies who read this blog are interested, they may click to read a fresh post on this Tuesday’s Obama-McCain presidential townhall debate in Nashville, TN which is now published at Stars Over Washington:


Got TV? Then you know you want to watch in fascination Tuesday evening as Midas rises in Nashville Oct 7, 2008, at 8:00 pm cdt, and February 2008’s Solar Eclipse (the ‘Unmasking Eclipse’) culminates at Midheaven for the whole world to see – perhaps a greedy Midas or two will be revealed and reviled!

Since the post doesn’t have the debate’s chart you can’t see that the 8th cusp is in Capricorn (2:23) but you will read mention of McCain’s current transit of Saturn-to-natal-Neptune. Most people and pundits are agreeing that America’s financial crisis isn’t helpful for the McCain candidacy, and Capricorn is ruled by old man Saturn who is on his transiting way to US natal Neptune in Aug-Sept, 2009. 

Asteroid Cupido, one of the significators of Corporatism, will be at 9Vir11 Tuesday night – conjunct George Bush’s natal Mars – so mention of McCain’s links with Bush are on people’s minds if not on Obama’s tongue. Perhaps audience questions will reflect this concern of more-of-Bush-policies with a McCain presidency. (A vote for McCain is a vote for Karl Rove and George Bush!)

Tuesday’s Moon is in Capricorn, too, so the people (Moon) are in a serious mood and are ambitious for improvements…Moon is in 8th house with wealth-spreading Jupiter 13Cap56 opposite US and Bush natal Suns, a time when resources dry up.

But as we saw in the last few weeks, Bush has a financial lifeline which we-the-people don’t have so he’ll weather the crisis dandily, thanks.

At Midheaven is a Fixed Star, Sualocin, of the constellation Delphinus, the Dolphin. This is a playful, helpful star which Bernadette Brady told me has an ‘artful dodger’ flavor. Celestially it resides next to the constellation Aquila the Eagle in the northern hemisphere, in an area of the heavens called The Waters.

Sualocin indicates one who is confident of mastery – a master in his own field.

The constellation Delphinus is centuries old and has many myths associated with it in various cultures: the Greeks saw it as the Sacred Fish; early Christians related it to Christ (the Fish), and in Arabia it has been called, the Riding Camel, ship of the desert. (Brady’s ‘Book of Fixed Stars.’)

Then there’s Tuesday’s chart-ruling planet of communications and speeches, Mercury, which is Rx in fair-minded Libra so we’ll have to see how the orations go as Midas rises and sadsack McCain, who says he’s most effective in townhall formats, attempts to limp over the finish line to fulfill his lifelong dream while inhibiting Saturn sits directly upon McCain’s planet of dreams, hopes, wishes, and ideals…Neptune.

However, since Astrology describes multiplicitous levels of existence, Saturn can, with some effort, bring accomplishment to long-term efforts as well as long-lasting rewards – if Mr. Accountability’s precepts have been observed and respected in the past.

So will McCain’s top-of-the-heap dreams of power and control come true at last? 

It may come down, after all is said, debated, and done, to wealthy stealthy Pluto, now unaspected and working unencumbered behind the scenes on behalf of the presidential candidate of his choice.

Because undemocratic as it is, whomever we-the-people vote for, we really vote for him.

~:~ an important note: please click Comments for this post to read astrologer Sasha’s details on the debate chart. My notes are actually based on an hour into the debate as it turns out…thanks, Sasha. I’m beginning to wonder what I’d do without ya – both you and Monica!! ;p

McCain birthday 2005

Here you’ll find a link to a YouTube video of stills from John McCain and George Bush happily sharing McCain birthday cake on Aug 29, 2005 while Neptune washed New Orleans’ Saturnian levees away and Katrina victims drowned:

http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2008/08/mccains-hard-hearted-cake-gone-stale.html#links along with my grumps on the subject of a McCain White House tenure.

This is a priceless montage of what a future McCain White House will be reminding us of if the neocons get their Beltway again in November.

John McCain. Common gooder he ain’t.

Bruce Ivins and the Quindecile Effect

Update Oct 11, 2011: The FBI’s case against Dr. Bruce Ivins continues to unravel. However, I shall make no edits in the Astrology portion of this entry.

Besides, these days it’s time to Occupy Wall Street!

Former post w Aug 2008 Update begins here:

Update August 18: Talking Points Memo points out that the FBI is backpeddling on its case against Bruce Ivins:


~original post begins here:

Time has been short this week for studying charts, reading the news, and so forth, but last evening I managed to calculate a sunrise natal chart for anthrax scientist Bruce Ivins who, says the FBI, committed suicide on the evening of July 29.

Astrology is obviously more effective when correct times are known so these mysterious cases don’t often merit many hours of study without something definite to go on. Yet the solar/sunrise chart of Bruce Ivins is very interesting, I do admit.

Did he commit suicide from the stress of being near-arrest for capital murder crimes? Or because his guilt was now, after seven years, too much to bear? No conlusive evidence has been presented by federal investigators, and Astrology is perhaps no better at proving negatives than anything else is. The proof may be under our noses and yet veiled by so many other factors in a chart.

That Ivins had psychological problems for years is well known, yet his friends and colleagues don’t seem to be buyin’ what the government (who has a lot to gain by closing this burr-under-saddle case) is selling.

And as current astrological background noise, we see that truth-loving, authoritarian Saturn is involved in two obessessive-complusive quindecile aspects (165 degr) with generational planets Uranus and Neptune. From Ricki Reeves’ book, ‘The Quindecile’ come these insights into these unconscious societal influences:

Saturn QD Uranus: may be driven toward breaking old and outdated concepts through use of innovative ideas; may break rules through defiance of law and order; may disrupt governing systems; benefits through making societal changes for the betterment of mankind.

Saturn QD Neptune: Deception may be present in societal leadership; rigid structure may disappear; idealism may dissolve old systems; compassion melds with authority; dreams may become reality.

(The above are near-quotes from Ms. Reeves’ book and you’ll agree that the Quindecile Effect is flavoring many systems and events these days – with Neptune being a generational planet this is, of course, in the atmosphere and not focused only on one man or situation – the FBI were though, to Ivins’ demise.)

There are many things more to say about the chart of Bruce Ivins and his conveniently timed death by hook, crook, or by his own hand. Perhaps his death was a suicide yet many questions remain. That he could have prepared and dried the wet antrax to make it ‘suitable for mailing’ has been debunked by scientists-in-the-know – it would’ve been impossible for one scientist to accomplish this task which the FBI says Ivins managed on his own.

And it seems the government’s case quite hinges on this impossibility even though 100+ people had access to the genetically identified spores. That Ivins tended toward depression and obsessions could just as easily have made him a likely candidate for a set-up by political types – or by the real killer/s. After all, pinning the killings on John Hatfield from the same lab hadn’t worked out at all, and the Bush administration could really use closure on the matter, couldn’t they?

A ‘War on Ivins’ might fit the bill for a crooked administration known for set-ups and lies.

On July 29, the night of Ivins’ death, saboteur/assassin Pluto did culminate in Frederick, Maryland at 10:32 pm edt – a symbolic representation of death as the goal, if nothing else.

And July 29’s Sun 7Leo19 conjunct Mercury 7Leo37 sits upon the (verified) natal Ascendant of his nibs himself, George Bush. Totally inconclusive, I heartily agree! But interesting pieces of the puzzle, all the same, especially when you look at the midpoint pictures formed with Ivins’ natal Mars/Pluto conjunction…

Mars/Pluto = Sun: passionate attack to achieve an objective; hard work; accident potential; intervention of some undeniable force or authority; upset of plans that is unredeemable; ability to work until collapse or complete breakdown; an upset or shock caused by the intervention of a Higher Power.

Mars/Pluto = Mercury: the desire to realize plans fanatically; overworked nerves or excessive nervous irritation; presence of mind; seeing is achieving; tenacious pursuit of plans; effective salesmanship; publicity. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

As always, midpoint stimulation may be ‘any, all, or none’ – and the energy may work in either direction – from Ivins or toward him, or some combination of both.

So from henceforth I shall keep the lid on my astrological curiosity and wait to hear of any more details surfacing in the case which may help open ‘time windows’ more accurately for astrological viewing. Actually, I’ve probably ‘said too much’ already for some of my more astute and expert colleagues! (insert: sardonic, rueful smiley face.)

Perhaps I’ll mosey to my Links List and click on ‘Forensic Astrology’ to see if there’s been some posting done on the sad and mysterious case of Bruce Ivins who may or may not have been the anthrax letter killer. And who may or who may not have overdosed himself with codeine in expectation of the further scrutiny and prosecution of the (not-so-trusted) FBI.

WordPress signs on Dan Lyons, the fake Steve Jobs!

Funny that I should happen to notice the announcement from WordPress about signing on ‘the real Dan Lyons’ who posed as the Fake Steve Jobs…it was exactly one year ago that I blogged on the subject after running across his blog – a very entertaining blog, I must say.

You’ll find a link to natal chart details for Mr. Jobs (his very brilliant self) by following this trail:


It’d be tres cool to have Mr. Lyons’ birth data so a comparison of their charts could be made! There are often links and correspondences between actors and the roles they play that are based on real people – Madonna with Eva Peron, etc, and you may know of others.

Yes, it’s Real Saturn vs Fake Neptune…so much in the news, so deep within our psyches as Neptunian inspiration flows into Saturnian form…and paintings are brushed onto canvases, music is written and recorded, and – glory be – blogs are created!

Written by Jude Cowell

August 6, 2008 at 2:31 am

Senate Speeches: Byrd vs McCain March 19, 2003

Perhaps you remember that the venerable Senator Robert Byrd (D-WVa) arose the afternoon of March 19, 2003 – hours before Bush-Cheney began to rain preemptive bombs upon Baghdad – and gave a stirring speech on the senate floor which condemned US military action against Iraq.

You may recall Byrd’s speech by one of the rhetorical questions he asked as he (and I along with him, perhaps you, too) wept for America:

One of his questions: “Why can this President not seem to see that America’s true power lies not in its will to intimidate, but in its ability to inspire?”

Now we notice that Byrd used, ‘not seem to see,’ a phrase which hints at his awareness of Bush’s willful disregard of anyone’s better advice – dubya was gunning for Saddam who had tried to get his father (the noive) and besides: a higher neocon/globalist plan admitted no other course of action.

Byrd was being….generous, imho. Bush did ‘see’ but he didn’t care; in fact he was counting on our courageous soldiers to be just that idealistic about liberating oppressed Iraqis whether the liberated lived through it or not. Naturally Bush must catapult our tendency toward idealism to a national fervor, for its been proven that the American people need their idealism fanned in order to march to war.

Well, it kinda worked with a bunch of tweaking and intell “sexing up” as the Brits say, while America’s might was commandeered for privatized use. I’m being generous.

Then what do you think happened on the senate floor when Senator Byrd sat down that ill-fated day?

A man rose up to defend the war plans of George W. Bush & Co. In fact, you could say he beat the war drums a few licks himself while labeling himself a Wilsonian and admitting his harbored feeling of admiration for his “hero and role model, Theodore Roosevelt.”

And that man, that Senator and water-carrier for the Bush-Cheney regime that day in 2003 was 2008 presidential candidate, John McCain, who knows a little something about war and its personal costs. Never mind that one thing he knows for sure is that, at his age, he’ll never have to serve ‘over there’ again.

His hero and role model, eh? Wonder if McCain has ever taken notice of the Teddy Roosevelt quote from my last article (just below)…the one about America’s secret, invisible government as explained by Teddy Roosevelt?

These last few years it’s become impossible for me to think of the holder of the Office of the Presidency as anything more than the tip of a submerged iceberg, a mouthpiece for announcing all manner of propaganda and decrees from on high. Mark it up and pass it on. Maybe it was always that way, but the job has been degraded in recent decades – also part of the plan of dissolving our nation.

Whichever candidate, if any, is sworn in on Jan 20, 2009 (with a meaningless pledge of Constitution-upholding) the transits to the US natal chart/s, its Progressions, etc, will still occur and her idealism will be twisted into a semblance of nationalism as needed. We will be told that the higher good demands our action even when we’ve given all we have to give and disagree with the fuzzy justifications for it all.

Mars retrograde by Progression in the US chart indicates a turning inward militarily and in other ways rather than an outreach, and the Full Moon by Progression in December is the culmination of efforts as well – we’ve reached the outer limits of our power and must retract.

And yes, our secret government may be seen in a fuller light bwo astrological terms by the upcoming Progressed Full Moon in December 2008, and later on we’ll experience the Saturn conjunct natal Neptune (ideals, visions, dreams, hopes) which is the “grim face of reality” transit. Because Saturn’s cycle is approximately 28 – 30 years in length, issues from 1979 – 1983 or so will be on the national menu along with Filet of Sole Soup (served cold and byoc…bring your own croutons.)

Old Man Saturn says, ‘deal with reality and truth – now” and we have little option to do otherwise.

History repeats (‘Saturn Rx’) as shown in astrological cycles but there are always additional factors to change the current brew which sometimes is an improvement. (That’s good because I suspect that Filet of Sole Soup isn’t very tasty, don’t you?)

Plus, we know that ‘Corporatism meets Capitalism’ is another manifestation of Saturn-Neptune although I do use the antithetical pair, like many other astrologers before me, to represent Communism itself when applicable.

And: state + corporations = fascism, as you know…a similar thing but adding the political dimension.

The pirating of America is almost complete but with much restructuring still to do (Pluto in Capricorn.)

So if you plan to vote for John McCain in November (the 2008 elections are still on, right?) please read both texts given in full by following the link I’m about to give you. The speeches are provided in full text and are fairly brief so it won’t take you more than two shakes of a lamb’s tail to peruse – and it’s an interesting limp down Memory Lane, if nothing else.

Certainly it’s good for McCain voters to remember March 19, 2003 and the senator’s arguments (must retrieve large amounts of WMD in Iraq! Now where’d I put those talking points?) against the more measured, thoughtful approach of one of our longest-serving Senators who may have lived his younger days with certain prejudices, but now seems to see that self-evolution and noble acting require serious self-contemplation before rushing off to an ill-advised war on a fool’s errand of a wild goose chase that a bully-pulpiter can’t be clear or honest about because if he were – no one would follow.

Full texts of both speeches: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article19577.htm

Teddy Roosevelt on USA’s invisible government

No, it wasn’t power mad Dick Cheney who first formed America’s invisible or secret government.

Teddy Roosevelt made a statement concerning its existence on April 19, 1906 and I’ve published his remarks in an article which may be accessed at:


and a few of Roosevelt’s natal chart details are there as well (born Oct 27, 1858; NY.)

But are we our cousin’s keeper?

Because Teddy’s cousin, suave spy Kermit Roosevelt, is said to have facilitated the overthrow of Iran’s democratically elected government thus greasing the path for the Shah to be re-installed in Tehran by the CIA…seeds of our current troubles.

Wisdom says that ‘troubles are often self-created’ (and I added ‘voted Bush but now he’s hated’ at Lim’s Limericks – meow!) so the current oil dilemma may be as an good example of this sage wisdom as any I’d care to name.

So you may wish to read my March 2007 post which considers the Arab Oil Embargo chart with the transits of March 7, 2008 as part of the discussion:


Yes, the nearly-at-Midheaven placement of Saturn in Libra and Neptune in Virgo in America’s natal chart (Sibly) has teased me for years and I know that as our nation’s MC progressed, its Saturn/Neptune midpoint (3Lib37 in both the Sco rising and Sibly charts) became part of a midpoint picture.

You could even play with the natal chart’s uncertain time – for there are several possible natal charts for America (see the Yorktown Surrender chart in Pages column with 9/11/01’s planets as transits to it; also I like the 2:21 pm chart for July 4, 1776 – the time behind Ben Franklin showing on the Independence Hall clock on the $100 bill, though some use 2:22 pm.)

The Scorpio rising chart has Saturn/Neptune at 11Sco21, with its 11:00 am hour selected astrologically by General George Washington, a Freemason with the necessary Sacred Geometry leanings. Today we call it ‘Astrology’ but in olden days it was considered to be part of a well-rounded education.

Therefore, one could use a slightly later time than 5:10 pm LMT on July 4, 1776 to plop Saturn/Neptune precisely at Midheaven. But whether that’s astrologically beneficial or not, we can be sure that government (Saturn) of the secret or invisible kind (Neptune) has been a background issue since America was created…Dick Cheney knows it, I know it, and the American people may as well know it, too.

New ‘Dreamyfish Art’ portrait emerges!

Between Astrology, Politics, and the barndoor, it’s been a while since I completed and published a tropical fish portrait…until last evening.

“New Dreamyfish Art portrait emerges”…from the depths of my 12th house imagination, that is!

For those scientist types who prefer botanical drawings to most any other genre of Art, a warning must go out: my Dreamyfish Art fish portrait collection combines the realism of a rendering done as botanically correct as I can muster (with colored pencils on black paper, a Disney-esque effect, some say) with oceanic Neptune’s imaginative faculties, such as I may contain.

This is hopefully achieved by way of visionary, colorful surroundings for these deep-denizened creatures to wander about in…as if the viewer sees them surprised and ensnared within a dream…each fish’s own fondest dream.

Often these species are found at such depths, it’s a monchrome world for the brightly marked dearies, so I created Dreamyfish Art portaits to cater to their private dreams because after all: fish dream, too.

Astrologically this Saturn/Neptune mutuality has much significance within this artist’s psyche:

Saturnian form is supplied by my natal Saturn in Virgo (details; science) in 12th house of behind-the-scenes work (and often of research.) In my natal chart are four planets in Capricorn and thus they are ruled by Saturn. They are: Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars. The latter two are posited in the 5th house of Creativity, I am glad to say, with Sun and Jupiter conjunct in 4th; Sun/Jup trine Saturn in 12th.

Artistic and mystical Neptune is in mid-Libra (she said, dating herself) and sextiles a Sagittarian Venus, also in 4th house. I like to be and to work at home on projects, as you might imagine.

Also for art-lover Venus is a trine with Pluto in Leo. When Pluto came calling on natal Venus all through 2003, I noticed a deepening effect on my drawing and I tended to know how each piece would appear as they were begun. Dreams of scenes and themes became more accessible to my waking consciousness, a neat trick improved upon by Pluto’s transformative powers!

Plus, the sculpturist feel I had noticed when drawing on 2-dimensional black paper seemed to increase into a hyper-realism at times…something about bringing light out of darkness as opposed to loading up white or light paper with darker pigments.

Yet I do still use white paper for line illustrations, of course. Who doesn’t?

That’s the best I can do to describe how my drawing and experience of drawing changed internally during my Pluto-to-Venus transit. Sitting at my drafting table and staring at a blank sheet of paper, it sort of ‘washed over me’ the day of the first conjunction (of three.) And very obviously, too, for I had not been conscious of the date’s significance until it happened–but soon suspected what was ‘up’ with my natal chart’s transits…and the Pluto transit was the “biggie” for the year, exact on that day.

My Piscean Moon’s hope is that outer results artfully tell the tale in symbols rather than mere words can do as watery Neptune sloshes into Saturnian form, and I hope you’ll find the undersea realm half full at Dreamyfish Art:


And come on, world…Let’s Save Our Oceans!



Michael Bloomberg: peep-eye!

http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2007/06/michael-bloomberg.html links to today’s post on Michael Bloomberg’s natal chart with a few personality details, if you’re interested in the mayor.

He’s being coy about announcing his deep desire to be head-cheese-in-chief but he’d love a gulp, thanks!

Much Art continues to be created around here…hope you have time to drop by http://stores.lulu.com/judecowell/

for Downloadable Art Goodness for there you’ll find a new portrait of Nina Thomas, and the Neptune-inspired drawing, Diluvian Flux which still tidals along for you.

Plus, there’s a Spycat Rendevous revealed at http://limslimericks.blogspot.com

and you don’t see those very often…seems the walls have ears and cameras too!

Now keep your wits about you this Friday as Saturn and Neptune oppose one another for the third and final time this go-round…Saturn’s starkly truthful realism vs Neptune’s nebulous and idealistic inspirations…in a word, and with many thanks to Stephen Colbert, ‘truthiness’…so much a part of today’s propaganda and so obviously full of it.

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